I Made a Drawing For a 90 Million Subs Youtuber... ( Pewdiepie vs T-series ) ft MrBeast

They did surgery on a grape...just saying...
BUTTTT this youtuber needs our help...it is time for the artist army to join forces with him...
Also Zach is a loser
Title insp: uslikes.info/to/FDxyA1H3VEN0VQwfMe2VMQ.html
(Gawx Art)
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC2 years ago

    Lil Dee decided to take matters into his own hands... Which side are you on hahahahah Pewdiepie or Tseries? Or ZHC ;) LOVE YOU ARTIST ARMYYYY! Ill see you in the next vid

  2. Yuvraj Singh

    Yuvraj Singh20 days ago

    t series

  3. Ashok Patel

    Ashok Patel2 months ago

    T-series is the best then pew.......

  4. Shunh Parv

    Shunh Parv2 months ago


  5. • Eclipse • 『 348 』

    • Eclipse • 『 348 』5 months ago


  6. Cam& Ace gaming

    Cam& Ace gaming8 months ago

    Joshua Emad that better be sarcasm

  7. Rustica Andales

    Rustica AndalesDay ago

    Wat the challenge

  8. Lakshay Mittal

    Lakshay Mittal10 days ago

    Salle bahut marunga t series ko kuch mat boli o from india

  9. Joseph Lozano

    Joseph Lozano15 days ago


  10. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad20 days ago


  11. Yusuf Abdel-Hafez

    Yusuf Abdel-Hafez25 days ago

    I love the avengers background music LOL

  12. darkyyy

    darkyyy27 days ago

    Just watched endgame before this love this song/tone

  13. Ashley’s Amazing times

    Ashley’s Amazing timesMonth ago

    Come on pewdiepie

  14. DouK B

    DouK B2 months ago


  15. het patel

    het patel2 months ago

    You can't stop T-SERIES.

  16. fire artist FEBIN BENITO

    fire artist FEBIN BENITO2 months ago

    Hey yo lil Dee I am your Indian fan 😀😀 i live your PewDiePie art

  17. RuthAnimate

    RuthAnimate2 months ago

    Ahh these were the good old days

  18. MPAFF

    MPAFF3 months ago

    Only with the Venom symbiote powers PewDiePie could win the race. I have already draw this battle! ZHC I would love to see that from you too!

  19. Hera Jaimee

    Hera Jaimee3 months ago

    Pretty lit! 🔥

  20. e gk

    e gk3 months ago

    I love the fact at the end he almost said sub to t series , nowonder t series won

  21. Not_iixBonnie

    Not_iixBonnie4 months ago

    Pewdiepie is better

  22. Erick Jimenez

    Erick Jimenez4 months ago

    Bro I remember when you had 1 mill subscribers and its crazy how fast you blew up


    DYRROTH GAMING5 months ago

    I hated u im Indian

  24. Salim Moughrabi

    Salim Moughrabi5 months ago

    The good old days where he used to draw on paper

  25. Yeet No boi

    Yeet No boi6 months ago

    I wonder if pewdiepie will see this

  26. Ēlëcłr!c

    Ēlëcłr!c6 months ago

    Ahh when Zhc wasn’t the Mr Beast of art he was just a normal guy with a big dream

  27. krishav robux no free

    krishav robux no free6 months ago

    Dam dude nice draw that's amazing I like the mr beast tiger I like to Draw too but men that's nice Can I send my drawing please

  28. krishav robux no free

    krishav robux no free6 months ago

    My favourite youtuber is zhc and T series because I'm india OK don't fight t series t or you wele get worldwar 3

  29. krishav robux no free

    krishav robux no free6 months ago

    Nice draw my freind, bro zhc nice I like it millions point millions nice

  30. Tiana Parambat

    Tiana Parambat7 months ago

    i am sorry but i have to be tseries as it is a part of my religion

  31. Jessarey Garrido

    Jessarey Garrido7 months ago

    Pewds lost but them won but then...

  32. the pizza

    the pizza7 months ago

    I like your vids👍

  33. Ramon Arnaudez

    Ramon Arnaudez8 months ago

    # t siesries

  34. 愛ghazal

    愛ghazal9 months ago

    Hey zhc its hezal and i liked ur vids so much as i could☺

  35. sam kirchofer

    sam kirchofer9 months ago


  36. Arsl malik

    Arsl malik9 months ago


  37. Roshan shrestha

    Roshan shresthaYear ago

    Hey szz

  38. lalalisa manoban

    lalalisa manobanYear ago

    you done your job but t series is the best 😍

  39. gacha raid

    gacha raidYear ago

    Pewdie pie allll da wayYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY😀😀😀😀😀🤓🤓😇😇😇😇😇😇

  40. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku MidoriyaYear ago

    T seRiEs cHeaTeD I knOw iT

  41. Meme Guy

    Meme Guy11 months ago

    @lalalisa manoban Boi, their subs are sub-boted

  42. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku MidoriyaYear ago

    @lalalisa manoban I didnt cuss

  43. lalalisa manoban

    lalalisa manobanYear ago

    kid u don't know the power of t seriers and their subs so don't use that bad words for t series

  44. Jennifer Carroll-Lambert

    Jennifer Carroll-LambertYear ago

    Wow I love your art good job

  45. Neelraj Satram

    Neelraj SatramYear ago

    Can i submit my art???

  46. TigerEye

    TigerEyeYear ago

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  47. Big Loser

    Big LoserYear ago

    4:07 when ur mom Catches u

  48. sangeeta singh

    sangeeta singhYear ago

    How dare u challenge t series noob

  49. Theo Watson

    Theo WatsonYear ago


  50. Wouter van Schuppen

    Wouter van SchuppenYear ago

    bruh lil dee is zach hsieh comicart

  51. VFSAliena

    VFSAlienaYear ago

    You did everything you could

  52. Technical Gamer

    Technical GamerYear ago

    Hey sub me guys pls

  53. Thomas Cornello

    Thomas CornelloYear ago


  54. Jup iter

    Jup iterYear ago

    Dude the funny part is when zach said "ahhh thats my anus"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. I don't care Lol

    I don't care LolYear ago


  56. NotZ9 SpiderYT

    NotZ9 SpiderYTYear ago


  57. NotZ9 SpiderYT

    NotZ9 SpiderYTYear ago


  58. NotZ9 SpiderYT

    NotZ9 SpiderYTYear ago

    Pews marvel

  59. Sus Sauce

    Sus SauceYear ago

    That ending wow I have a dirty mind

  60. Deepali Rajesh

    Deepali RajeshYear ago

    Tseries won, and there's nothing you can do about it

  61. Amarendra Singh

    Amarendra SinghMonth ago



    SUNNY KUMAR3 months ago

    Yeah, it defeated whole world 😂😂

  63. Dane Irwin Ricafort

    Dane Irwin RicafortYear ago

    Copics! Dats sweet brofist support

  64. LovelySaki

    LovelySakiYear ago

    Pewdiepie is hulk.....? So that's why the music is the avengers music

  65. Hashley Ebasnola

    Hashley EbasnolaYear ago


  66. vexhcs

    vexhcsYear ago

    I like how you put the avengers theme song



    Sub to pewds everyone

  68. Anarchy With Millenials

    Anarchy With MillenialsYear ago

    ATTENTION! We are at DEFCON 1. Make sure the nuclear warheads are ready to fire within 10 minutes. Get all the 9 year old personel into the bunkers... This is it... this will truly be The War To End All Wars. This will be... THE GREAT WAR!

  69. william gordon Baxter

    william gordon BaxterYear ago

    Pewdiepie has lost the battle...but not the war...#sub to pewds to live

  70. Pichou Liv

    Pichou LivYear ago

    Comment=Pewdiepie Like=T series

  71. Pichou Liv

    Pichou LivYear ago

    Pewdiepie rules

  72. Tango

    TangoYear ago

    What utencil are you using

  73. alexandra beatriz

    alexandra beatrizYear ago

    Wow, you draw really good😱😨

  74. Cool Cop

    Cool CopYear ago

    T Series are a copycat and they sell pirated bollywood songs.

  75. KAT

    KATYear ago

    I don't like T-series but i like your draw

  76. Dhruv Rc

    Dhruv RcYear ago

    How to draw PewDiePies face

  77. SURFY Gaming

    SURFY GamingYear ago

    love from India bro keep it up u are great

  78. ULTIMATE basic 87

    ULTIMATE basic 87Year ago


  79. black gryphon

    black gryphonYear ago

    I really subscribe

  80. dev chauhan

    dev chauhanYear ago

    some one I india

  81. Hiinnaa

    HiinnaaYear ago

    Pewdiepie is cool,t series is lame

  82. SHD DJ

    SHD DJYear ago

    Rule #1 of USlikes: NO ONE passes Pewds sub count Rule #2 of USlikes: Screw T series Rule #3: DONT upset te Swedish boi T series broke rule one F's in chat

  83. IMPALER XD!!!

    IMPALER XD!!!Year ago

    U did your part congratulations 😆

  84. Super watercow

    Super watercowYear ago

    Zack I don’t hate you I just hate PewDiePie

  85. The Golden Feather

    The Golden FeatherYear ago

    Why did you have to put avengers music in the background now your going to get copyrighted :(

  86. ShinyDelinquent

    ShinyDelinquentYear ago

    this dude has way more artistic talent than me

  87. Devon Lewis

    Devon LewisYear ago

    pewdiepie final form

  88. Achievement unlocked! - NO LIFE

    Achievement unlocked! - NO LIFEYear ago

    *how does one have that many muscles*

  89. Crim G

    Crim GYear ago

    T GAY

  90. Neo The wolf

    Neo The wolfYear ago

    You did your part for your country And we're proud of you

  91. RyAn

    RyAnYear ago

    Avengers end game song?

  92. kimberly Sangster

    kimberly SangsterYear ago

    pewdiepie on steroids

  93. Bode Heckler

    Bode HecklerYear ago

    Was this for pewds or L series

  94. LegendTawsif

    LegendTawsifYear ago

    Please subscribe to pewdiepie

  95. SMD

    SMDYear ago

    i have a feeling of good and bad and this... this is great as heck

  96. ANA ZOKO

    ANA ZOKOYear ago

    wait this was made in november?

  97. William Zhou

    William ZhouYear ago

    Anyone else notice that the background music is somewhat MCU music-like?

  98. OfficialBlueGFX

    OfficialBlueGFXYear ago


  99. Unknown User

    Unknown UserYear ago


  100. Reyven & Ryan

    Reyven & RyanYear ago

    Hey pewdiepie needs our help for one last time pls subscribe to him now!!!??😭

  101. Aaswadh Jbvauhfgbsuhfgb

    Aaswadh JbvauhfgbsuhfgbYear ago

    How great pew die pie bows to T series

  102. Jasmeet Kaur

    Jasmeet KaurYear ago

    I like your arts but I dont like pwedipie

  103. Siciro

    SiciroYear ago

    Pewdiepie Go To Win

  104. neko drawz

    neko drawzYear ago


  105. Don Manuel V C.

    Don Manuel V C.Year ago

    ZHC i can draw goku ill show you im only nine give me ur name in discord

  106. steve does not approve

    steve does not approveYear ago


  107. BB

    BBYear ago

    uuuhh the cringe

  108. Lux128

    Lux128Year ago

    I stoped T-Shit!

  109. Justin Caro

    Justin CaroYear ago

    Wow you just used Marvel theme song

  110. no one

    no oneYear ago

    Damn you really did smack your laptop af

  111. •oof• Ent •

    •oof• Ent •Year ago

    Hahaha lil d looks like ZHC 😂