Drawing Pewdiepie in One Line! - MrBeast, Dude Perfect, Marshmello & More!

which youtubers do you want me to draw next?
Watch me DRAW Pewdiepie in one breath! uslikes.info/house/ZohqmMiewKqYj9w/video.html
watch me draw pewdiepie for 24 hours straight: uslikes.info/house/Y4egzqiEq4adoq4/video.html
watch me draw mrbeast for 24 hours straight: uslikes.info/house/Y5Wl0qquq62Eecg/video.html
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world record!
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    Just here to do my part until Pewds hits 100 mill... I drew 8 youtubers each using only one line! It counts as a line as long as the pencil touches the paper and doesn't come up until the drawing is done. That way it is one continuous line! Who should I draw next? Taking requests now! Also a lot of people are saying BTS sooo....maybe ;) GO SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE! First comment: Sang Awr

  2. :l: Depresso The Potato :l:

    :l: Depresso The Potato :l:3 months ago


  3. Sumayah the gamer

    Sumayah the gamer3 months ago

    You have nearly 15 million fans . Isn’t that better than friends . Love you ur vids Zack 🙂

  4. Fusion illusi0n

    Fusion illusi0n8 months ago

    ZHC t series ftw

  5. Pilot Cooper

    Pilot Cooper9 months ago

    @ZHC I'm your freind

  6. M Francis

    M Francis10 months ago

    Draw Donald Trump. .

  7. Chaos Breakerz

    Chaos Breakerz5 days ago

    The iron man is so sick

  8. Jouhomato

    Jouhomato18 days ago

    Man, how the frick are you drawing so well. How much have you trained

  9. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad20 days ago


  10. Hubert Dabrowski

    Hubert DabrowskiMonth ago

    He failed

  11. indraneel Teja

    indraneel TejaMonth ago

    If u suck at drawing robots I have to learn how to suck at them

  12. ZACHAR1AH - music

    ZACHAR1AH - musicMonth ago

    When will zch go back to this his new videos are wack

  13. Салават Муканов

    Салават МукановMonth ago

    I'm from Kazakhstan hello Zak


    BS BROTHERMonth ago

    Ооо эта боль в рукеее


    GALAXY V-MULT PROMonth ago

    привет ты можешь нарисовать мой канал пожалуйста зек

  16. Rob Viola

    Rob ViolaMonth ago

    Yowww I love iron man wooo

  17. GAMEOVER l

    GAMEOVER lMonth ago

    The Strokes perico perico Hours hay que llorar puedes llorar todas yo en guau

  18. liam oostuizen

    liam oostuizenMonth ago

    I love your videos

  19. VØvĄ _228_ツ

    VØvĄ _228_ツMonth ago


  20. Destiny

    DestinyMonth ago

    Классно ☺👍

  21. Діма Євтушик

    Діма Євтушик2 months ago


  22. спелфикツ

    спелфикツ2 months ago

    Кто русский

  23. Rishika Raman

    Rishika Raman2 months ago

    BTW whatever he does is not ordinarily

  24. Epic Gamur

    Epic Gamur2 months ago

    we would love some tutorials for drawing please make vids on tutorial please

  25. -_-Wolfie Eclipse-_-

    -_-Wolfie Eclipse-_-2 months ago

    Friend: omg this must've took hours! How much time did it took tho? Me: one line

  26. Soho

    Soho3 months ago

    Sub to mr beast and mr bro

  27. Dragonfire 601

    Dragonfire 6013 months ago

    Who else was just watching the battery percentage on his phone go down? just me?

  28. Morehu 4life

    Morehu 4life3 months ago

    u for got turkeys wings

  29. Drawing and Stuff YT

    Drawing and Stuff YT3 months ago


  30. Prashant Kharde

    Prashant Kharde3 months ago

    Hey the arc reactor was so small and the iron man was so skinny dude ...... 😂😂😂

  31. Cute little Wolfie

    Cute little Wolfie3 months ago

    Love this channel

  32. Victor Young

    Victor Young4 months ago

    ZHC in this video: I wish I had money ZHC now: guys today we're going to customize 100 Iphones

  33. Ritisha Verma

    Ritisha Verma4 months ago

    I like your all vidos

  34. Ritisha Verma

    Ritisha Verma4 months ago

    Can you give me matbook air please

  35. Ritisha Verma

    Ritisha Verma4 months ago


  36. Ritisha Verma

    Ritisha Verma4 months ago

    You are giveaway in india

  37. Ritisha Verma

    Ritisha Verma4 months ago

    You can give

  38. Ritisha Verma

    Ritisha Verma4 months ago

    Hi my name is rajveer Raj

  39. Luv Adiii

    Luv Adiii4 months ago

    Am I the only one that for a second I thoght iornman had a beard


    SOHAM MAJUMDAR4 months ago


  41. Rose light

    Rose light5 months ago


  42. Zoe Louise

    Zoe Louise5 months ago

    The message zach get at 4.35 is from someone saying mmmmmmhhhh

  43. Zoe Louise

    Zoe Louise5 months ago

    Then it says were listening to 69

  44. Jessica Hummel

    Jessica Hummel5 months ago

    For 1 line........ That is pretty epic And I do agree that we should all subscribe to Pewdiepie.

  45. LSC_123hy

    LSC_123hy5 months ago

    My head while watching this video : stays still ZHC’S head: up down side up down side up down up up down

  46. hameedullah ghafori

    hameedullah ghafori5 months ago

    Your drawings make me mealt

  47. Jeex Alex

    Jeex Alex6 months ago


  48. Nikato Nikaze

    Nikato Nikaze6 months ago

    Sub Me Than I'll Sub You Back

  49. 陽炎•Καgεrσυ

    陽炎•Καgεrσυ6 months ago

    And people This is why zhc is better than vexx

  50. Night Wolf

    Night Wolf6 months ago

    *lead breaks*

  51. Dede Khafi

    Dede Khafi6 months ago

    You literally draw 6 youtuber you said 7 what do you mean zach

  52. Kang Taehyun Oppa

    Kang Taehyun Oppa7 months ago

    0:24 ohhh I kinda have the same problem too, with my right wrist.

  53. Dulce Digno

    Dulce Digno7 months ago

    draw in one line😶

  54. mini

    mini7 months ago

    Your stuffed animal is adorable

  55. Keith LeighMarLz

    Keith LeighMarLz7 months ago


  56. Jillian Umali

    Jillian Umali7 months ago

    Nice one🔥😻

  57. Jessarey Garrido

    Jessarey Garrido7 months ago

    U liking pewds made me go from ur fan 10% to fan 101%

  58. John Joshua

    John Joshua7 months ago

    ZHC what music did you use for your video in this video? I really love it...

  59. Dogey Gamer

    Dogey Gamer7 months ago

    Subscribe to pewdiepie NOW

  60. Pollz Btw

    Pollz Btw8 months ago

    RIP Zach’s hand

  61. Jignasha Adhvaryu

    Jignasha Adhvaryu8 months ago

    Teach me to draw

  62. Mohammed Suhail Ally Atcha

    Mohammed Suhail Ally Atcha8 months ago

    Iron man is not a USlikesr

  63. Siddik Basha

    Siddik Basha8 months ago

    Drawing is superb

  64. S B

    S B8 months ago

    draw Russell Westbrook

  65. redanaxle _

    redanaxle _8 months ago

    Ahh yes, my favourite youtuber... iron man

  66. Arni Ftw

    Arni Ftw8 months ago

    You are 100% the worst youtuber ever to pick songs for your youtube videos

  67. LuhZill

    LuhZill8 months ago

    Why t sieres lol team pewdiepie

  68. Ethan Fernandez

    Ethan Fernandez8 months ago

    Ironmans not a robot

  69. beula sophy

    beula sophy8 months ago

    Can u draw yourself without any photos u have to only use your mind its a challenge

  70. Who am I?

    Who am I?8 months ago

    0:42 If Mashmellow is eating Mashmellow does that mean he is a cannibal?

  71. John Lloyd

    John Lloyd8 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice shoot🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 0:41 👇 👇 👇💛

  72. Devabalagi Williya see um

    Devabalagi Williya see um8 months ago

    My name Jabez I can sent of you

  73. •Ɑ¡ƙօ _Gɑςհɑ•

    •Ɑ¡ƙօ _Gɑςհɑ•9 months ago

    His First Time In Drawing a Robot *Fantastic / Advanced Learner* My Million Tries in Drawing a Robot *Looks Like a Baby’s Drawing*

  74. badri vshal soni

    badri vshal soni9 months ago

    Which ncs

  75. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya9 months ago

    U hope you get well cuz you have carpel tunnel

  76. Chris-tmas Tree

    Chris-tmas Tree9 months ago


  77. santosbros 911

    santosbros 9119 months ago

    1:32 who’s corny

  78. Arsl malik

    Arsl malik9 months ago

    Loved for you

  79. CeZar_Gamer27

    CeZar_Gamer279 months ago

    When the video started zhc had 56 and at the end he had 15

  80. Masonl lLaBranche

    Masonl lLaBranche10 months ago

    In time lapse I can’t tell if you lifted your arm

  81. Augusts Punenovs

    Augusts Punenovs10 months ago

    When you realize that your drawings with multiple lines aren't much better

  82. Phantom Ninja_27

    Phantom Ninja_2710 months ago

    2:00 when you say you suck at some thing but turn our to be boss at it

  83. MaskBoy

    MaskBoy10 months ago

    Imagine if he would have forgot to stop recording

  84. Temenoujka Targovska

    Temenoujka Targovska10 months ago

    Draw this youtubers in one charecter

  85. beyond

    beyond10 months ago

    If ur hand hurt u dont need to do this bro

  86. TastyFish

    TastyFish10 months ago

    I also have the same pencil as you to ZHC

  87. Diveenah

    Diveenah10 months ago


  88. Shyrus Manaloto

    Shyrus Manaloto10 months ago

    he lifted on the marshmello one

  89. MANSIZ Turno

    MANSIZ Turno10 months ago

    Who is PewDiePie ???

  90. Helena Prechova

    Helena Prechova10 months ago


  91. Free Time for Stupid People

    Free Time for Stupid People10 months ago

    How do you draw so good

  92. Jarad B

    Jarad B10 months ago

    You don't suck at drawing

  93. your mom gay

    your mom gay10 months ago

    What is a carpal tunnel

  94. M Francis

    M Francis10 months ago

    Did anyone else pause and try to see what the texts said. .

  95. Tristan Petit

    Tristan Petit10 months ago

    I have a challenge draw james bond

  96. yung- firey

    yung- firey10 months ago

    I can't even draw that good with 1 billion lines

  97. 44 חוגטגקשידל

    44 חוגטגקשידל10 months ago

    Marshmello eating Small Marshmellos *Wait Thats Illegal*

  98. Vikrant A Shatrap

    Vikrant A Shatrap11 months ago

    Do iron-man is a USlikes isn't he?


    HARSH PANCHAL11 months ago

    The thing I can draw with one lone is a one line😀😀

  100. Mariana Modoeno

    Mariana Modoeno11 months ago

    Who else saw the messages he got

  101. VB Flix

    VB Flix11 months ago

    Why no panda in DP

  102. Beware of Dog and monkey

    Beware of Dog and monkey11 months ago


  103. foxy the pirate

    foxy the pirate11 months ago

    That isn't one line tho

  104. Chad Ramsey

    Chad Ramsey11 months ago

    1:58 if iron man grew a beard

  105. Hors_eyy

    Hors_eyy11 months ago

    Ok but iron man is not a youtuber

  106. SavedRook9968

    SavedRook996811 months ago

    All the USlikesR is the picture should see this