Customizing 100 Airpods Pro, Then Giving Them To People!!📱🎧 (Giveaway) | ZHC

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge Airpods Pro giveaway! Thanks for watching:) Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program
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  1. Soobin Dolphin Da Da

    Soobin Dolphin Da Da13 minutes ago

    Costumer-WHAT YALL RAN OUT OF AIRPODS YALL JUST OPEN Apple - someone bought 100 AirPod pros

  2. SatchaJ MendezReyes

    SatchaJ MendezReyes36 minutes ago

    I like how he is so nice

  3. Ashokbhai Panchal

    Ashokbhai Panchal3 hours ago

    Please bhai give me I am biggest fan please I live india Gujarat Ahamdabed Please bhai give me Give me 👍😇🙏😍

  4. Malabika Panigrahi

    Malabika Panigrahi3 hours ago

    Please give me

  5. RunLPM

    RunLPM4 hours ago

    Dab never dies

  6. shaikh hamza

    shaikh hamza6 hours ago

    I also want a customized gadget love from India

  7. Y E S H W A N T H

    Y E S H W A N T H9 hours ago

    Bro can you give me one bro....?In your next video give your email.. Bro,,,, if you wish

  8. CG2400 Gaming

    CG2400 Gaming10 hours ago

    this dude and mrbeast dosent let money change there life

  9. S and P Gaming

    S and P Gaming10 hours ago

    Pls can you teach me this type of drawing

  10. andrea haggerty

    andrea haggerty11 hours ago

    Custom airpod you guys are only at 70 49749

  11. Apple

    Apple11 hours ago

    Don’t look as good as the original 😉.

  12. Isela Solis

    Isela Solis14 hours ago

    I Liv the number of my house here it is 1141

  13. Logan Page Davis

    Logan Page Davis17 hours ago

    I like how you put songs lol

  14. Ayesha Ansari

    Ayesha Ansari22 hours ago

    Plz come to india

  15. Mozah Alzaabi

    Mozah Alzaabi22 hours ago


  16. Ygy Bgb

    Ygy Bgb22 hours ago


  17. Jubilee Miles

    Jubilee Miles22 hours ago

    Who else always presses on his videos because the paint he uses in the thumb nail is pretty but it’s never the same paint

  18. Legends of Art

    Legends of Art23 hours ago

    Your are very cool

  19. Nandhini Jeyshree A

    Nandhini Jeyshree ADay ago

    Please Please I want one Please bro Please I want one

  20. Lori Higgins

    Lori HigginsDay ago

    You should do a airpod mural

  21. Jake H

    Jake HDay ago

    Wow imagine being in the Walmart checkout line and you get a free pair of AirPod pros

  22. sami niazi

    sami niaziDay ago



    SHINOBIDay ago

    Bro, plz give me one of the ipods, u r so lucky, u can buy 1000s of them, and me😂, I cant buy even a single ipod

  24. 丂ㄩᘜ卂.waralSan n

    丂ㄩᘜ卂.waralSan nDay ago

    The real question is how much does he pay😀

  25. Jhed rix

    Jhed rixDay ago

    wow that s so cool

  26. Angie J.

    Angie J.Day ago


  27. Serusha Arjunan

    Serusha ArjunanDay ago

    meeee please🤣

  28. ItzPandaa

    ItzPandaaDay ago

    ZHC: sorry apple! we bought all of ur AirPods- Apple chillin with their 10k dollars: 😏

  29. Lei barrientos

    Lei barrientosDay ago

    the bunbun is so cute

  30. 江逸晞

    江逸晞Day ago

    They’re drawings are so realistic!

  31. Hazafa Fatima

    Hazafa Fatima5 hours ago


  32. The hub gaming

    The hub gamingDay ago

    You should replace ur camraman

  33. Fazal Naushad

    Fazal NaushadDay ago

    Can i get it❤️

  34. John Hoch

    John HochDay ago

    You are the best USlikesr in the world

  35. Puppy Dog

    Puppy DogDay ago

    Zhc buys 100 AirPod pros Also zhc doesn’t get chip

  36. Marlyn Del Cid Botello

    Marlyn Del Cid BotelloDay ago

    Hi Monica.... mom... dod amgelitr

  37. Kelsey Monk

    Kelsey MonkDay ago

    nise art

  38. Scott Elliott

    Scott ElliottDay ago

    Love the videos!!!!

  39. Kenza Hizaoui

    Kenza HizaouiDay ago

    Even though ZHC's finger hurts he still does GREAT desings... wow

  40. Selena Metcalfe

    Selena MetcalfeDay ago

    Love your work who This is how many people love your work 👇👇✍✍

  41. Jonathan cartagena Jc

    Jonathan cartagena JcDay ago

    Btw I’m watching this with AirPods Pro

  42. Naziya Momin

    Naziya MominDay ago

    I love your videos

  43. Gerardo The II

    Gerardo The IIDay ago

    imean zhc

  44. Gerardo The II

    Gerardo The IIDay ago

    i laugh so much when zch eat the air pod

  45. InfinityConsole

    InfinityConsole2 days ago

    This guy is just a cooler Mr Beast

  46. Carole Quinn

    Carole QuinnDay ago



    DANCING GANG2 days ago

    Please me


    AMNA SIDDIQUE2 days ago

    Even I want 🥺

  49. Samidanish Sheikh

    Samidanish Sheikh2 days ago

    Samidanish sheikh from india

  50. Helena Daros borsoi

    Helena Daros borsoi2 days ago


  51. Eylül Canıtez

    Eylül Canıtez2 days ago

    I love you ZHC!

  52. Mean Ghost YT_Gaming

    Mean Ghost YT_Gaming2 days ago

    which editing app do u use

  53. Arnav Verma

    Arnav Verma2 days ago

    which video editor do you use

  54. MONEY YT

    MONEY YT2 days ago

    And cool and op

  55. MONEY YT

    MONEY YT2 days ago

    Ur too rich

  56. MONEY YT

    MONEY YT2 days ago

    But I can't afford

  57. MONEY YT

    MONEY YT2 days ago

    Bro I just need 1

  58. Thorvald and Marcus

    Thorvald and Marcus2 days ago

    I wish i was as good USlikesr as you :)

  59. arun kumar Bhagat

    arun kumar Bhagat2 days ago

    which marker you use to draw

  60. Lidya Bektaş

    Lidya Bektaş2 days ago

    I just happ but it s a different because he say Turkey but ı dont understan the animal of turkey of traditonal Turkey? I m from turkey please someone tell me ?

  61. Farida Raafat

    Farida Raafat2 days ago

    I washed till the end

  62. Farida Raafat

    Farida Raafat2 days ago

    Please give me one please

  63. Emma Rashid

    Emma Rashid2 days ago

    I want twoo please

  64. Glenn Xyniel Reyes

    Glenn Xyniel Reyes2 days ago

    Cool man

  65. najib macapanton

    najib macapanton2 days ago

    I get turkey

  66. najib macapanton

    najib macapanton2 days ago

    Lol i win in that

  67. David Mzareulov

    David Mzareulov2 days ago

    I hope I can win one

  68. David Mzareulov

    David Mzareulov2 days ago

    if i send you my airpods can you customize them?

  69. Jinay Dedhia

    Jinay Dedhia2 days ago

    How much you draw mannn your hands are not tired?

  70. Daniel Vazquez

    Daniel Vazquez2 days ago


  71. Taylor Bailey

    Taylor Bailey2 days ago

    wait what happened to your finger?

  72. Gwen Eak

    Gwen Eak2 days ago

    Ty opens his presents like me

  73. Donna Marie

    Donna Marie2 days ago

    yes back in buisnesss.

  74. Blackcat RAx

    Blackcat RAx2 days ago


  75. جـــود Abdullah

    جـــود Abdullah2 days ago

    اعطيني وحده لو بالغلط🙂

  76. Fabby Creations

    Fabby Creations2 days ago

    I loveeeeeeeee your videos...

  77. Funtime San sister location

    Funtime San sister location2 days ago

    So cool

  78. Funtime San sister location

    Funtime San sister location2 days ago


  79. Lucy Roberts

    Lucy Roberts2 days ago

    Oh my word please please please pleasssssse consider me for this give away or the next I really want these and I am such a big fan and have been following for quite a long time and I try to like and comment on most of them

  80. isabel sofia

    isabel sofia2 days ago

    ami mama no le alcansa ni pa uno

  81. Marisa Adriana

    Marisa Adriana2 days ago

    Pls I'm want this😖😖pls give me plsssssss i want that😞😥😥

  82. jamario L

    jamario L3 days ago

    I want some airpods

  83. Ryan Day

    Ryan Day3 days ago

    He uses all his money to give away to people he’s so nice

  84. Rosie Nguyen

    Rosie Nguyen3 days ago

    I want an airpod

  85. sofjewel910 Jagonia

    sofjewel910 Jagonia3 days ago

    Can you give me that because I don't have airpod plssss..👉😔👈🤩👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💕💕💕💕💕💕🤗🤗🤗🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😱😱😱😱😱😯😯

  86. Ben Pen

    Ben Pen3 days ago

    ZHC’s kid: dad can I have an AirPod pro for my birthday? ZHC: 100 customize AirPod pros it is

  87. Jen Pugliese

    Jen Pugliese2 days ago


  88. Fatima's vlog

    Fatima's vlog3 days ago

    U are a great artist woah I wish I got one of those

  89. Faith Sibindi

    Faith Sibindi3 days ago

    Please can I have one I live in sath afreka blue fontane Mont sofiya

  90. John dave Bitangcor

    John dave Bitangcor3 days ago

    iwant pone plss

  91. Anusha Verma

    Anusha Verma3 days ago

    If you want

  92. arpit puranik

    arpit puranik3 days ago

    Hi I am really big fan of yours I only wanted to meet you one time but I am in india so I hope I could meet you one day I every time appreciate you I only want one selfie with you

  93. Samantha Santa Maria

    Samantha Santa Maria3 days ago

    Can i have a free airpod???


    AYDEN CHEONG TZE WERN Moe3 days ago

    Zucchini is so stupid


    AYDEN CHEONG TZE WERN Moe3 days ago

    Zhc is so stupid

  96. Nick Steele

    Nick Steele3 days ago

    Yeah I bought Raid shadow legends do I win the giveaway please say I haven’t had an AirPod before and I really like your videos because you always draw stuff and it makes me want to draw everything

  97. vinesa walish

    vinesa walish3 days ago

    FaZe Rug: To top it off I don't even have airpods Also Rug: Lives in a house the size of my city

  98. ANAS 4SYA

    ANAS 4SYA3 days ago

    You sow nice

  99. ANAS 4SYA

    ANAS 4SYA3 days ago


  100. Jane Freake 66 (STUDENT)

    Jane Freake 66 (STUDENT)3 days ago

    U should try some different designs. All I see is dragons and donut drips

  101. Betty Davis

    Betty Davis3 days ago

    I love you so much

  102. YOUCEF GAMER #_#

    YOUCEF GAMER #_#3 days ago

    صلو على النبي

  103. That_one_guy_inposter

    That_one_guy_inposter3 days ago

    And you’re a very good designer

  104. That_one_guy_inposter

    That_one_guy_inposter3 days ago

    I want an AirPods Pro

  105. Richard Arnø

    Richard Arnø3 days ago


  106. Abdulrahman Shabeeb

    Abdulrahman Shabeeb3 days ago

    اييي لڤ يورر هيرس

  107. Suramaih Vargas

    Suramaih Vargas3 days ago

    I think Michael was talking about her self