Pewdiepie & MrBeast Review my Art! - Drawing Pewdiepie for 24 Hours Straight!

Pewdiepie And MrBeast Reviewed My Art!
Watch me draw pewdiepie for 24 hours straight:
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  1. The Fat Man

    The Fat ManDay ago

    I'll take a customized tesla plz?.. ;p

  2. Nayaa Shaaheen

    Nayaa ShaaheenDay ago

    POV:you are lookink for PewDiePie's comment

  3. D3XTR the kid aka glitch

    D3XTR the kid aka glitchDay ago

    You have 17million subs now

  4. D3XTR the kid aka glitch

    D3XTR the kid aka glitchDay ago

    Im an art junky draw me

  5. Shinas A

    Shinas ADay ago

    1 year ago 800k now 17.6 M...🔥🔥🔥♥️

  6. Finbar .W

    Finbar .WDay ago

    Who else is looking back on when zhc did comic art instead of customization

  7. Mark Ariola

    Mark AriolaDay ago


  8. William Winn

    William WinnDay ago

    Pewdepie was the first person I subed to

  9. Tarini Kabra

    Tarini Kabra2 days ago

    I challenge you to draw your self for 24 hours

  10. Pawanpreet Singh

    Pawanpreet Singh2 days ago

    You are best USlikesr

  11. Panda Gaming

    Panda Gaming2 days ago

    ZHC 1 year ago be like 800k TYSM ZHC 1 year later be like 17.6M 😎

  12. Panda Gaming

    Panda Gaming2 days ago

    How much subs did pewdiepie had 1year ago


    BEYARD TECH3 days ago

    ill say ZHC for 24 hours if u gave me a signed marker

  14. James Gaming VIP PRO KING

    James Gaming VIP PRO KING3 days ago

    Tell mrbeast to send me 100,000 that would really help my family 🙏😢😇


    MYY ORAGAMMI3 days ago

    Me:looking for mr beasts review in comments


    LION SALVADOR4 days ago

    Hey nice Drawing. Proud of you ZHC

  17. Tanishq Vashistha

    Tanishq Vashistha4 days ago

    He now has 17.6million subscribers

  18. Rohini Maile

    Rohini Maile4 days ago

    can send your drawing pepper to India

  19. Jarmo Kõvask

    Jarmo Kõvask4 days ago

    Can i have 100 dollars


    CAUSMIC PRIME5 days ago


  21. REKENGER •

    REKENGER •6 days ago


  22. Holger Haugstrup

    Holger Haugstrup6 days ago

    g0 zhc buu pewdiepie

  23. nausadis

    nausadis6 days ago

    Hi I have been scribed to both of your USlikes channels for now 4 years I love zhc


    ANGEL WOO7 days ago

    ZHC pls don’t draw T-series they suck but pewdiepie and mr.beast and ZHC is the best dont put T-series

  25. Eat Shit

    Eat Shit7 days ago

    "Omg he likes it" OF COURSE HE DOES



    Thats a lot of likes

  27. Mohamed Aabidh

    Mohamed Aabidh8 days ago

    Can you give me 1000 dollars

  28. DJ GAMER

    DJ GAMER9 days ago

    Where's saiman says draw a drawing of him

  29. Matthew Aguayo

    Matthew Aguayo9 days ago

    yea orbitz if you are reading this look at the subs now

  30. Nikhil

    Nikhil9 days ago

    वाह क्या बात है 👍🏻

  31. TP Drawing

    TP Drawing9 days ago

    Amazing art want to be like him 😍

  32. Aditya Vaasudev B

    Aditya Vaasudev B11 days ago

    I don't think you're a "small youtuber" more like opposite of it☺ Hundreds,thousands,hundred thousands,now millions of subscribers

  33. Cløûdies Møødîës

    Cløûdies Møødîës11 days ago

    This is amazing シ︎

  34. satyam dangre

    satyam dangre11 days ago

    Subscribe to T-Series all indians

  35. AKSHIT Sharma

    AKSHIT Sharma15 days ago

    he is good and he also respect t series a lot of respect to u sir

  36. Kazi R.A. Shadman

    Kazi R.A. Shadman15 days ago

    1 year ago............ 800K OMG! Thanks guys Now November 17.3 F*UCKING MILLION SUBSCRIBERS (Bruh!)

  37. Shiva Sapkota

    Shiva Sapkota16 days ago


  38. Just a Normal Preson

    Just a Normal Preson17 days ago

    Can i have $1000 for my mom because weve been struck by a storm in Philippines thanks ZHC Subscribe to PewDiePie!

  39. Xstreemgamez7

    Xstreemgamez718 days ago

    Qnyone els see that ZHC belly sayes mr beast is daddy XD

  40. suliman babar

    suliman babar18 days ago

    800k to 17M...its like 0 to 60 of a tri motor tesla roadster..

  41. suliman babar

    suliman babar18 days ago

    800k to 17M...its like 0 to 60 of a tri motor tesla roadster..

  42. Radost Videva

    Radost Videva20 days ago


  43. Radost Videva

    Radost Videva20 days ago

    Who is scrolling for mrbeast cpmemt

  44. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad20 days ago


  45. Miguel Steven13

    Miguel Steven1320 days ago

    Sub too PewDiePie 💃🤩🤩🐶

  46. Mevan Fernandes06

    Mevan Fernandes0620 days ago


  47. chaitali Desai

    chaitali Desai21 day ago

    zhc is the best

  48. Maddox Olsen

    Maddox Olsen22 days ago

    Good drawing


    POTATO GAMER23 days ago

    When you appoint your assignment to teacher

  50. Beast Anish

    Beast Anish24 days ago

    Man no words 👌

  51. Scott Telford

    Scott Telford25 days ago

    Watch Me Draw Pictures.

  52. ace columbus

    ace columbus26 days ago


  53. HIMANGSU 2

    HIMANGSU 227 days ago

    Play Minecraft plzzz big fan

  54. Hasan Totonji

    Hasan Totonji27 days ago

    You suck

  55. Kaushal Bajaj

    Kaushal Bajaj28 days ago

    That's a tight slap to people who were making fun of you. Great job bro 👌 Keep it up 😉

  56. Sergio Franco jr1015

    Sergio Franco jr101529 days ago

    3:39 me too


    PHANTOM GAMING29 days ago

    Can I get 10000 dollers

  58. Meta

    MetaMonth ago

    1 year ago you were a "a small youtuber" now you are at 17 million woohoooa how USlikes changes

  59. EGG NOG

    EGG NOGMonth ago

    I challenge you to draw in you're body

  60. Ken Ignacio

    Ken IgnacioMonth ago

    the disikes are from the people who were really jealous

  61. Thecool Pirates

    Thecool PiratesMonth ago

    Next year you will be 17M subscribers

  62. Best Buddies G.P.M

    Best Buddies G.P.MMonth ago

    Now you have 17 million subscribes off! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  63. madhan world

    madhan worldMonth ago


  64. Sampo

    SampoMonth ago

    I want 1 doler

  65. Scott P

    Scott PMonth ago

    Prestonplayz and Brianna Olivia

  66. Scott P

    Scott PMonth ago

    Prestonplayz and Brianna

  67. Dakota Russ

    Dakota RussMonth ago

    Hey you guys need to stop being so meanto ZHC he is really nice and cool so stop being mean

  68. Sri mathi

    Sri mathiMonth ago

    ZHC u are looking handsome guy....😘😘😍

  69. Sahel rahimi

    Sahel rahimiMonth ago

    What is a red so sometimes it's so when you do that I can't really draw it because you're doing it fast but it's fine just calling for you and I made this time she'll make a weird monster at space orange made something where you can make my logo and you can actually make that has a tiger so you can make it kind of weird if I know it's kind of weird thinking I don't know if you like it or

  70. Andrews Oliveira

    Andrews OliveiraMonth ago

    what is amazing

  71. Vikas Garg

    Vikas GargMonth ago

    I just finished watching the 24 hour livestream

  72. Cyril P

    Cyril PMonth ago

    I dare give me $1000 I'll make a parcore video and send it ti you

  73. Mr. Spells out penalties

    Mr. Spells out penaltiesMonth ago

    Bruh let's be honest, even me as a Indian found about T-series threw PewDiePie

  74. Fawad Khan

    Fawad KhanMonth ago

    give me 1 11 pro phone I like your vadio

  75. Basia Kura

    Basia KuraMonth ago

    I love your videos ZHC please never quit!

  76. Jamie Doggett

    Jamie DoggettMonth ago

    It looks like it was 100000000000000000000000000 hours

  77. Rey Pastrana

    Rey PastranaMonth ago

    Can I have a 1000$

  78. Dog Kage

    Dog KageMonth ago

    3:30 and farther was the best (I like your drawing!)

  79. Vihanga Viragika

    Vihanga ViragikaMonth ago

    Can you give me a phone

  80. Yuri Boyka

    Yuri BoykaMonth ago

    Everyone be like: yay im the best at drawing we all be like when we see this:nvm im not that good at drawing

  81. Nikki Hawke

    Nikki HawkeMonth ago

    I watch the live stream JK everyone subscribe for more Livestreams from Zhe

  82. Nicodeanima

    NicodeanimaMonth ago

    this guy was at 800,000 subscribers one year before and now he has 16 million in just 1 million ( ._.)

  83. Dylan Garcia

    Dylan GarciaMonth ago

    She has friends! Turkey🙂

  84. Kashvi Priyadarshi

    Kashvi PriyadarshiMonth ago

    small youtuber... yeah, right P.s. Love your vids :)

  85. Mateo’s Munch Matsalap

    Mateo’s Munch MatsalapMonth ago

    This guy should go to world record books.

  86. Ian Savella

    Ian SavellaMonth ago


  87. Violita Decatoria

    Violita DecatoriaMonth ago

    Your hair is not blue today

  88. HeyItsCarr

    HeyItsCarrMonth ago

    Back then 800k subs 2020-almost 17 mil

  89. The Twin Dudes

    The Twin DudesMonth ago

    guys pls subscribe to my channel i need some support

  90. Shreyam Singh

    Shreyam SinghMonth ago

    damn the longest i have ever drawn is only 8 hours lmao

  91. ShanthFTW

    ShanthFTWMonth ago

    thi is how i found you a year ago

  92. moamen morked

    moamen morkedMonth ago

    ZHC In 2064: Draws The Earth Venus Mars in 24 hours Me: Draws An apple In 55 hours gets proud of my self:Sees his drawing(BANGGG!!!!)

  93. Arta sumardiawan arta

    Arta sumardiawan artaMonth ago

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  94. Kian Rezaei

    Kian RezaeiMonth ago

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  95. Creepy Jerry

    Creepy JerryMonth ago

    Wait he is brother of MING from Jumanji 2!

  96. S gamer Skits

    S gamer SkitsMonth ago


  97. SR Tech Series

    SR Tech SeriesMonth ago

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  98. Perfectly Balanced

    Perfectly BalancedMonth ago

    I would actually love a custom art pc made by you, oh well, you can never dream too much 😅

  99. Jacob Keith Hustawan

    Jacob Keith Hustawan9 days ago

    @Perfectly Balanced was scrolling through comments

  100. Perfectly Balanced

    Perfectly Balanced9 days ago

    @Jacob Keith Hustawan well, because he is he and i am one. How did you find my comment through so many others ? 😅

  101. Jacob Keith Hustawan

    Jacob Keith Hustawan10 days ago

    what makes you think you cant

  102. Stitches

    StitchesMonth ago

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  103. Stitches

    StitchesMonth ago

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    The Wilson Dab BroMonth ago

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    Roblox Adopt MeMonth ago

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