Artists Draw Themselves As Spiderman! - Most Amazing Thing You Will See Today!

Thousands of artists around the world have drawn themselves as a spiderman character! In the last art review I asked my fans to design their own and send it to me! Here are 200 of the most AMAZING spidersonas!!
Last weeks art review:
Another art review:
thumbnail credits: ZHC, Mangamie, Jake Parker, Kori Art
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO OR I'LL EAT YOUR DOG SUBMIT YOUR ART HERE Title your post based on category (art review, critique, meme, contest, fanart, random) FIRST COMMENT COOL KID: Anonymous 1037

  2. Angie Cabrera

    Angie Cabrera9 days ago

    5:50 i should call him: spiderlove

  3. Jaxon Cross

    Jaxon Cross10 days ago

    ZHC: sub, like, and share or I’ll eat your dog Me: oh heck no Those people in India that sell dog meat: oops I just ate the last bite now, sorry

  4. Rohit Chavhan

    Rohit Chavhan21 day ago

    Main Khud

  5. Rohit Chavhan

    Rohit Chavhan24 days ago

    Directors form spider

  6. Rohit Chavhan

    Rohit Chavhan24 days ago

    Ek Oswal Suna karo na mujhe

  7. Paxton Jones

    Paxton Jones9 hours ago

    Zach: what is that thing called? A face mask? Little did he know.....

  8. ジェニファー

    ジェニファー19 hours ago

    8:13 People seeing this is 2020: ItS A FaCE MaSk ArE yOu DuMb

  9. Samarth Mistry

    Samarth Mistry23 hours ago

    Zack: FACE MASKS me: NOOOOOO that word is not to to said

  10. Mohammed Zouheir

    Mohammed ZouheirDay ago

    pencil spider

  11. TNTFIRE 2020

    TNTFIRE 20202 days ago

    i hope i can draw in the max level

  12. Braylynn Simp

    Braylynn Simp2 days ago

    Can we talk about Handsomeloli's drawing she kissed qwen that is my dream

  13. Angry Child With Issues

    Angry Child With Issues3 days ago

    The Recluse

  14. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony Hernandez3 days ago

    Zack your so young anyone in 2020 right now

  15. guneet talwar

    guneet talwar4 days ago

    Who is here in 2020

  16. Game Bro Advance sp

    Game Bro Advance sp5 days ago

    Kid called him dumb but the kid spelled it dum so the kid is dumber then Zack so yeah

  17. Game Bro Advance sp

    Game Bro Advance sp5 days ago

    **epic comment from me**

  18. Knight Howler

    Knight Howler6 days ago

    ZHC forgets the words "face masks" Me in 2020 like: I wish I could forget that😩😢

  19. Kevin Palansia

    Kevin Palansia6 days ago

    I did a spidersona but I don’t know how to Show him my spidersona it’s Called spider hacker

  20. Podcast Animations

    Podcast Animations7 days ago

    I’m loling at the fact that he couldn’t remember what a face mask when soon he would be wearing one and so would everyone else

  21. Dung Trung NGUYEN

    Dung Trung NGUYEN7 days ago

    My dog already died

  22. I_m_tra5h

    I_m_tra5h7 days ago


  23. Serphents Goverment

    Serphents Goverment7 days ago

    I decided to make one

  24. ricky law

    ricky law8 days ago

    21:46 I'm surprised you didn't edit out

  25. Ryan Kabambi

    Ryan Kabambi9 days ago


  26. Angie Cabrera

    Angie Cabrera9 days ago

    Drawing: Zach: "all the asian moms wear that... what is"

  27. Angie Cabrera

    Angie Cabrera9 days ago

    We found the leaked footage of Spider-Man far from home Intro 0:13-0:20 Edit:When you get more likes then the creators comment

  28. Kyren Mehaffey

    Kyren Mehaffey9 days ago

    If u sniff alcohol markers you'll get high asf

  29. Crux

    Crux10 days ago

    My Spidersona is Levi Ackerman

  30. Rahul Thiyagarajan

    Rahul Thiyagarajan10 days ago

    Zhc in 2020: "the day when i forgot the name of mask

  31. angel_tiger20

    angel_tiger2010 days ago

    Who is here 2020

  32. Jaxon Cross

    Jaxon Cross10 days ago

    ZHC: makes amazing art and rips it Me: draws a perfect circle and frames it in my house

  33. jean fromange

    jean fromange10 days ago

    It's just so ironic how he didn't remember the "face-mask" and one year later literally the whole world is wearing it...

  34. A NeRd

    A NeRd11 days ago

    ZHC is an artist version of Gordon Ramsay

  35. Vatam 1789

    Vatam 178911 days ago

    When he actually just drew and didn’t giveaway

  36. ghost like

    ghost like12 days ago

    Me in 2020 hearing him talk about face mask.

  37. GlitchyAnimates

    GlitchyAnimates14 days ago

    I want a SPIDER VERSE

  38. Hamza Murtaza

    Hamza Murtaza15 days ago

    Forget about face mask I didn't because of lockdown

  39. Ky Stephens

    Ky Stephens15 days ago

    Rip, for rest in peace

  40. Raiyan Hossain

    Raiyan Hossain15 days ago

    10:22-10:54 he made that long explanation for a hero name just to come up with spider boy

  41. Kata Bea

    Kata Bea15 days ago

    20:40 spy-der

  42. Kaden Cooki3z

    Kaden Cooki3z16 days ago

    Yo I just came back after a year and watched his old videos the nostalgia

  43. ChillVibes

    ChillVibes16 days ago


  44. ScizorRED 72

    ScizorRED 7216 days ago

    We will be able to see it in every video huh? How come it’s not in your new videos

  45. Jannatul Najah

    Jannatul Najah16 days ago

    he would never forget the word face mask if it was filmed 1 year later

  46. Pickle Plays

    Pickle Plays17 days ago

    I Drew for 24 hours

  47. Seth Garcia

    Seth Garcia17 days ago

    tht was a touching moment thank you zack

  48. dogo animation

    dogo animation18 days ago

    *All the Asian moms wears that face masks* *every one wears

  49. dogo animation

    dogo animation18 days ago

    *All the Asian moms wears that face masks* *every one wears Face masks*

  50. Nello Castellano

    Nello Castellano19 days ago

    0:55 R.I.P and rip

  51. Random person That has internet

    Random person That has internet20 days ago

    Imagine if Spider-Man 2 into the spider verse there was all those spider-people, that would be epic

  52. Wahab Hamdan

    Wahab Hamdan20 days ago

    2019 fogeting what a face mask 2020 zach never forget what a face mask is 😂😅😂😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad20 days ago


  54. raj kandru

    raj kandru21 day ago


  55. Nikil Nishanth

    Nikil Nishanth22 days ago

    spider maker

  56. Nikil Nishanth

    Nikil Nishanth22 days ago

    spider lad

  57. Jaden Corrales

    Jaden Corrales23 days ago

    I tried it and mine did not go as well as I thought

  58. Nikil Nishanth

    Nikil Nishanth23 days ago

    Spider boy

  59. Marissa Alarcon

    Marissa Alarcon23 days ago

    Did Zach just say honey to his girlfriend 😯😯

  60. Sandy Hernandez

    Sandy Hernandez24 days ago

    Thank you ZHC Inspiring me to draw I am eight years old

  61. GreenApple

    GreenApple23 days ago

    Stop drawing

  62. CJA arts Yt

    CJA arts Yt25 days ago

    names for spidersona's with no name: ESPIDER, SWIFTSPIDER, TECH-SPIDER

  63. The_BMD

    The_BMD26 days ago

    8:09 us in 2020 be like :O

  64. Nathan Cunha

    Nathan Cunha27 days ago

    21:28 name for spider sona, Skeletal spider. Idk sounds cool.

  65. Nathan Cunha

    Nathan Cunha27 days ago

    6:10 ZHC thinkin he be ripped

  66. Nathan Cunha

    Nathan Cunha27 days ago

    Wait yall cringed? 0:10 I laughed.

  67. haiker wolf draw

    haiker wolf draw28 days ago

    hey if i draw a spider sona how do i send it to you?

  68. Turbulence

    Turbulence28 days ago

    e But for real, some of them are really cool

  69. Apollo Javier

    Apollo Javier29 days ago


  70. Poop Sn00p

    Poop Sn00pMonth ago


  71. Patrick Phineas Cassidy

    Patrick Phineas CassidyMonth ago

    Combine spider man and spawn together


    DECLAN MOSBYMonth ago


  73. Jasmin Sengsourichanh

    Jasmin SengsourichanhMonth ago

    17:41 that’s how he got Michelle LOL

  74. Alaa Akram

    Alaa AkramMonth ago

    Those drawings are so good I wish I can draw like them these people have a talent so great keep up the good work

  75. clowp

    clowpMonth ago

    vEnOm MoDe


    BRIAN, JR. GOODMonth ago

    zhc says 7:16 ima get age restricted 1 min later: says shi-

  77. Levi Heijs

    Levi HeijsMonth ago

    Watching the intro with a straight face was one of the hardest thing I had to do in my life🙂

  78. _da_scuxx_ Moari_

    _da_scuxx_ Moari_Month ago

    Hit like on those comments isent

  79. _da_scuxx_ Moari_

    _da_scuxx_ Moari_Month ago

    Hit the button the arrow is pointing to if you realized how many people cringed at the start 👇

  80. _da_scuxx_ Moari_

    _da_scuxx_ Moari_Month ago

    Hit the button the arrow is pointing to if u realized how many people cringed at the start

  81. Joshi

    JoshiMonth ago

    Am I the only one who thinks his first spider sons was better than the second one???

  82. Koala Fam

    Koala FamMonth ago

    people in 2020 watching him struggle to remember the word face mask 8:08 Zhc: waht is that thing called again??! us in 2020: WOW. JUST WOW

  83. Colin Su

    Colin SuMonth ago

    "ZHC in the vid: Please ignore me. Me: Understandable have a nice day

  84. dark chocolate playz

    dark chocolate playzMonth ago

    11:07 spider bro spider bro His girlfriend kicked him out on life vro But all he wants to do is go With his hoe

  85. Nepali player

    Nepali playerMonth ago

    Spider kin kaniki

  86. Christian Leetong

    Christian LeetongMonth ago

    Which spiderman do u want to be? Me: DJ spiderman Also me: wondering what would marshmellow looks like if he created his own spiderman

  87. Christian Leetong

    Christian LeetongMonth ago

    7:37 Zach: oh gosh I cheated on my GF Me: the ones who got cheated on GF Rule 1# don't cheat on GF Rule 2# choose wisely which GF is better and what she likes the same as you.

  88. •Adelynn Germayne Bianca•

    •Adelynn Germayne Bianca•Month ago

    Intro: 0:13-0:22 This should be in the movie

  89. Aqualist G

    Aqualist GMonth ago

    Everyone is wearing a face mask now

  90. Aneeq Halidu

    Aneeq HaliduMonth ago


  91. bool aid boy

    bool aid boyMonth ago

    Zack don’t worry you’ll never forget what face masks are called in a year

  92. Cheetah X-ray

    Cheetah X-rayMonth ago

    I’m 9 btw and ima good drawer at cheetahs dogs and cats not people :[

  93. Wahata brasio

    Wahata brasioMonth ago


  94. Rallins Holcomb

    Rallins HolcombMonth ago

    Color your spidersona

  95. bec cox

    bec coxMonth ago

    neo spider

  96. eddic chan

    eddic chanMonth ago

    He would know what a face mask is now

  97. Pug Master

    Pug MasterMonth ago

    Hunny were is my super tape !😂

  98. KokoCola

    KokoColaMonth ago

    I say um for the name um spicy but said spi sy

  99. Amari Adams

    Amari AdamsMonth ago

    I'm from the future kobi died Australia got caught on fire trump's still dumb and there's a virus that doesn't end until 2021

  100. Muse education

    Muse educationMonth ago


  101. Neil Joseph Punzalan

    Neil Joseph PunzalanMonth ago

    I. Like your drawing

  102. Oran Ghofrani

    Oran GhofraniMonth ago

    Face masks he knew the future

  103. steve wallace

    steve wallaceMonth ago

    Love ur vids man

  104. LeonesPlayz

    LeonesPlayzMonth ago

    14:52 headphones warning⚠️☠️🎧

  105. SleepyBotGaming

    SleepyBotGamingMonth ago

    dude that was an epic transition

  106. Devadathan Jithesh

    Devadathan JitheshMonth ago

    7:28 Spider-man + Katana