The Most Detailed CIRCLE EVER??? | ZHC

I challenged myself and my subscribers to make the most detailed circle ever...
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    What would you draw using just a circle... LOVE YOU ARTIST ARMY!! Thank you for the endless support! You guys are the best!! LETSGOOOO BABBBYYYYY YEEEEEEEET!! Congrats on first comment: XxDerpy DragonxX


    ANOOSHA ALAM9 days ago

    I am first

  3. Cresentlight Of Riverclan

    Cresentlight Of Riverclan14 days ago

    I would draw a time turner from Harry Potter

  4. Louis Watson

    Louis Watson22 days ago

    Zach maybe chill a bit

  5. kisa steele

    kisa steele25 days ago

    pls do the most 3D drawing possible for you.

  6. Sofia I. Fuertes-Gomez

    Sofia I. Fuertes-GomezMonth ago

    I would draw a strabery - vanilla smothie 'cause its my favarite smothie ❤ love u zhc

  7. orange over

    orange over35 minutes ago

    Like if this got recormended on 2020 👇👇👇👇

  8. Among us with golo

    Among us with golo37 minutes ago

    when he asked for 420 like who would know he got 135k

  9. Abdul Qayyum Bux

    Abdul Qayyum Bux2 hours ago

    Damn bro your the best artist

  10. Isla Gregory

    Isla Gregory4 hours ago

    I love how it was Avenger themed I really like the Avengers

  11. Harley Rawlinson

    Harley Rawlinson5 hours ago


  12. Tami Nightengale

    Tami Nightengale9 hours ago

    I have been bullyed by two boys and i am a girl so my mom put me in home schooling p.s. i wish i was in 2019 cuss of you know what

  13. Shelley Bales

    Shelley Bales13 hours ago


  14. Jan Wilms

    Jan Wilms13 hours ago

    In 2020 you will have hair dyed Blue

  15. Nico dino Neeks

    Nico dino Neeks14 hours ago

    | |. ‘ | __| | | | |

  16. Nico dino Neeks

    Nico dino Neeks14 hours ago

    Do you see the securit message?

  17. RozieCozie. XD

    RozieCozie. XD15 hours ago

    What I would draw in a circle is a stick man-

  18. Drawing and sports Etc

    Drawing and sports Etc15 hours ago

    Ian a of i have been here sence 1 mil

  19. Farayi Manatse

    Farayi Manatse16 hours ago

    Draw Kobe

  20. Daisy

    Daisy17 hours ago

    Who else got the one year ago?!

  21. Corr

    Corr19 hours ago

    Him: Me: *_unable to even draw an accurate circle_*

  22. Isaac Figures

    Isaac Figures19 hours ago

    The thanos Looks like black panther

  23. Hanny Stillions

    Hanny Stillions22 hours ago

    We’re did you learn art

  24. Francisco Amarante

    Francisco AmaranteDay ago

    I love your vids ZHC

  25. Francisco Amarante

    Francisco AmaranteDay ago

    Omg this circle looks like my head but detailed lol

  26. linda wanjiku

    linda wanjikuDay ago


  27. Lesi Plays

    Lesi PlaysDay ago

    thats literally just a circle

  28. Lesi Plays

    Lesi PlaysDay ago


  29. Ron Levine

    Ron LevineDay ago

    I’m practicing drawing the to join the artist army but how do I join?

  30. R_On_Note

    R_On_NoteDay ago

    U should have put the title The most detailed SQUARE ever!!! Cause u got sponsored by square

  31. Johan Muhi

    Johan MuhiDay ago

    Zhc no longer making drawing videos just cuztomizing stuff now i really wisb he did more videos like this :(

  32. Celline Clar

    Celline ClarDay ago

    Imagine if somebody says thanos is good But when u hear it...YOU SCREAM LIKE- "THANOS IS FREAKING EVIL ENEMY OF SUPERHEROS ARE YOU DAT DUMB-"

  33. Shreya Mhatre

    Shreya MhatreDay ago

    Perfection ❤️

  34. Fun Tuber 360

    Fun Tuber 360Day ago

    costimize your play buton

  35. subash rai

    subash raiDay ago

    Bruh he had 100k subs a day ago and now 15 m

  36. Bob Sargeson

    Bob SargesonDay ago

    Ive been watching your channel for four years

  37. Badrul Jamali Ratlamwala

    Badrul Jamali RatlamwalaDay ago

    he grew up too fast

  38. yt fish

    yt fishDay ago

    Hi zac i dont know how to contact u to show My drawings because im ten but after to data its My birthday so can draw something like venom and mail IT to me btw i live in finland

  39. Jennifer Hodges

    Jennifer HodgesDay ago

    So please like my comment please I had my own channel and got demo it use for no reason

  40. Juan Cultura

    Juan CulturaDay ago

    I think thanis is kinda thin but its ok

  41. Kahlan Gwinn

    Kahlan GwinnDay ago

    Your so talented when I draw it looks like papa pig xD

  42. Lily Munoz

    Lily MunozDay ago


  43. Dante Bermea

    Dante BermeaDay ago

    Make a SCP

  44. Jacob Gospe

    Jacob GospeDay ago

    Just wondering where is Captain America.

  45. Pineapple Pizza

    Pineapple PizzaDay ago

    It's a video about circles and it's sponsor is SQUARE space

  46. roblox games challenges

    roblox games challengesDay ago

    its amazing

  47. Lisa Burgess

    Lisa BurgessDay ago

    Who is watching in 2020

  48. Jade Caird

    Jade Caird2 days ago


  49. Rukhsanah Rafique

    Rukhsanah Rafique2 days ago

    Bro the Spider-Man ones are amazing 🤩

  50. Samer Omar

    Samer Omar2 days ago

    420 likes?, now look at how much likes he has now

  51. Eric Brian

    Eric Brian2 days ago

    8 minutes of drawing a circle

  52. devil enamy

    devil enamy2 days ago

    Bro give me 100k sub

  53. Maddy Lolo

    Maddy Lolo2 days ago

    when i saw the comment i was like "Shoutout to that person"

  54. the amazingsq

    the amazingsq2 days ago


  55. Rebecca Field

    Rebecca Field2 days ago

    You should give away your favourite drawing

  56. The mad nightmare

    The mad nightmare2 days ago

    I prefer triangle tbh

  57. Twisted Woods

    Twisted Woods3 days ago

    I’m getting bored 😑 coloring but when I watch you I am like a god could you make a flip book please please and please make book. :D

  58. the pinsans

    the pinsans3 days ago

    They always say I dont need to practice because i would never become like you😭😭

  59. KittyZ SusCupCakeZ

    KittyZ SusCupCakeZ3 days ago

    Everyone those bully’s are just hella jelly UnU

  60. Katie Bryant

    Katie Bryant3 days ago

    I dare you to only draw on one paper for 24 hours challenge

  61. Colton Ieraci

    Colton Ieraci3 days ago

    I love you artist army

  62. Ashley Carpio

    Ashley Carpio3 days ago

    You should customize you playbutten

  63. Sama's Dream

    Sama's Dream3 days ago

    me: i can draw a very good circle person: oh wow, can you show me me: sure! also me: * draws circle * person:... ok but thats not detailed me: i said i can draw a good circle, did i ever say i can draw a detailed one?! person: * gasp * me: (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  64. LILLY Fox

    LILLY Fox3 days ago

    Nice drawing lol

  65. Samuel Holst

    Samuel Holst3 days ago


  66. Travis Styles

    Travis Styles4 days ago

    THIS IS AMAZING But if you made the thanose cicircle portal thing into a zero and shaped the other ones 2 1 9 to make it look like 2019 that would be epic even though it already is

  67. Elias Dyck

    Elias Dyck4 days ago

    I know I don’t get bullied but what happens if you can’t find your black sharpie? Can’t even draw without your black sharpie that’s me I need my black sharpie I lost it help me

  68. pikachu catchem

    pikachu catchem4 days ago

    Pika pi

  69. Salim Doudou

    Salim Doudou4 days ago

    It says 2 old

  70. RetinalHD

    RetinalHD6 days ago

    Lets just take a moment to appreciate that ZHC has been entertaining us since the beginning of time.

  71. Avni Kamble

    Avni Kamble7 days ago

    How are you such a good artist?

  72. Sarah Bistel

    Sarah Bistel7 days ago

    Can u draw creepypastas Weird I know but I love to draw creepypastas

  73. Savage squad Cera

    Savage squad Cera8 days ago

    New year SAME u

  74. Jaylin Ramirez

    Jaylin Ramirez8 days ago

    Bro how

  75. Shane Damian

    Shane Damian8 days ago

    Can you do tattoo

  76. Krisna Putra

    Krisna Putra8 days ago


  77. Leah Jimenez

    Leah Jimenez8 days ago


  78. Nasreen Sayed

    Nasreen Sayed8 days ago

    This is my fav chanell

  79. Nasreen Sayed

    Nasreen Sayed8 days ago

    I love your videos

  80. Elly

    Elly11 days ago

    His thumb nail is the most perfect circle ever

  81. Brawl Stars Girl

    Brawl Stars Girl11 days ago

    😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 Zhc

  82. Fishy AMB the joke

    Fishy AMB the joke12 days ago

    Captain America 😡

  83. Aditya Gadge

    Aditya Gadge12 days ago

    You are soooooooooooooo good Iam from India bro iam your big fan😌🙋🙋🙋🙋💐

  84. Pyaw Taw

    Pyaw Taw12 days ago

    Awww hope people who got bullied is nice and I there for them is they mess with the one who got bullied:

  85. Tiko Fishy

    Tiko Fishy12 days ago

    i would draw a smiliie face :3 (or the face that i made)

  86. Voilet_ Vivid

    Voilet_ Vivid13 days ago

    i dare you to draw the most detailed dot

  87. Sarah Richard

    Sarah Richard13 days ago

    Pk c en fr le titre

  88. Darke

    Darke13 days ago

    ZHC intro back then: looks at reflection in 100k silver lining playbutton ZHC inteo now: looks at reflection in 10k diamond play button Also I hope you have a good day!

  89. 82 Leader

    82 Leader14 days ago

    Challenge: draw all of the avengers into one superhero

  90. Mathew Stephen

    Mathew Stephen15 days ago

    Me and my trend are artists but your better than us

  91. Gacha Queen

    Gacha Queen15 days ago

    Did I see kurosensei🤨🤨

  92. C-Jay D'Oliveira

    C-Jay D'Oliveira16 days ago

    Hello zhc love jour videos do a challenge jou paint jour pool

  93. Among Us Troll Singing

    Among Us Troll Singing18 days ago

    I know this is a year ago but if there is a Square space is there a Circle space? And other shapes

  94. Beat B1U3J4Y

    Beat B1U3J4Y19 days ago

    ZHC: *asks for 420 likes on this video* Everybody: Nah fam, how bout over 10k likes. 🙂👍

  95. riley mcallister

    riley mcallister19 days ago

    He asked for 420 likes now it has 132k lol

  96. Sabarish Don

    Sabarish Don20 days ago

    He is asking 420 like now he got million likes

  97. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad20 days ago


  98. J T

    J T21 day ago

    It looks like a starters

  99. Andrea Durow

    Andrea Durow21 day ago

    that's the best drawing I have ever seen. the 2019 is amazing.

  100. Gunjita Kishor

    Gunjita Kishor22 days ago

    Will u please make a video on chalk carving

  101. Beto Sari

    Beto Sari22 days ago


  102. Calvin Do

    Calvin Do22 days ago

    Me too

  103. Ninja Gamer

    Ninja Gamer23 days ago

    And avengers to

  104. Ninja Gamer

    Ninja Gamer23 days ago

    Can you teach me how to draw thanos on your next video and shout out my comment

  105. Katie Kennedy

    Katie Kennedy23 days ago


  106. stijnsoleme

    stijnsoleme23 days ago

    It's amazing what this dude can do with just a circle

  107. Helena Grissom

    Helena Grissom23 days ago

    I love the way you draw very detailed