Drawing For 10 Hours Straight | ZHC

never again...
If anyone watched all 10 hours, I will be your slave for the rest of my life
not inspired by mrbeast whatsoever
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0:33 rough sketch
15:22 start final sketch
2:57:06 small figures
4:29:26 pee in a bottle
6:02:44 mental breakdown
8:33:35 pee in a bottle...again
10:00:00 ten hours of my life wasted
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC2 years ago

    If this video hits 25k likes and 5k shares I will give away a pack of 52 chameleon markers! like comment subscribe share and stroke my pencil because I suffered for you guys HARDEST ART CHALLENGE EVER press F to pay respects If you watch all 10 hours I will be your slave for life AHHAHAHA Congrats on first comment: Koka Kacha

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    Wavezz YT26 days ago

    500th reply

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    Anandita Arya3 months ago


  5. Anandita Arya

    Anandita Arya3 months ago


  6. Anandita Arya

    Anandita Arya3 months ago


  7. Slurry Top 5

    Slurry Top 53 days ago

    What did he draw in 10 hours?

  8. Na Phi

    Na Phi3 days ago

    Ugh I'm a tired I watched the FULL vidio

  9. rade 12

    rade 124 days ago

    imagine if got to poop at that sitiuation

  10. Brayan

    Brayan5 days ago

    ZHC : I hope everyone watches Everyone : lets skip

  11. Joseph Lozano

    Joseph Lozano5 days ago


  12. Naruto Uzamake

    Naruto Uzamake11 days ago

    Hey People who dislikes is just a jealous like if you agree

  13. Wahata brasio

    Wahata brasio15 days ago


  14. Maheen Ahmed

    Maheen Ahmed15 days ago


  15. Ami Freeman

    Ami Freeman16 days ago

    draw a phoenix plz thank u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. kittycat party4

    kittycat party417 days ago

    You should make a video that is called drawing easy thing

  17. kittycat party4

    kittycat party418 days ago


  18. kittycat party4

    kittycat party418 days ago

    Who else had too go too bed

  19. Mr154D

    Mr154DMonth ago

    Imagine if he forget to record.

  20. Brooke Hogle

    Brooke HogleMonth ago

    Me ok I’m gonna watch the whole thing 5 seconds in I’m just gonna skip to the end

  21. Stefanie Claßen

    Stefanie ClaßenMonth ago

    I watched it for 10 hours straight without Break

  22. Drei Cariaga vids

    Drei Cariaga vidsMonth ago

    roses are red violets are blue you skipped to the end because I did to edit: I actually followed him for 10 hours but I still skip to the end.

  23. Leo Slurp

    Leo SlurpMonth ago

    Imagine if he wasn’t recording

  24. Soap_BubblesxX

    Soap_BubblesxXMonth ago

    *imagine watching this ALL o-o*

  25. Febina Shahan

    Febina ShahanMonth ago

    But this ain't a tutorial......😯😯😯


    NOLA THE DOGMonth ago

    I pausex the video I've watched 3 hours so far and I will 2atch rest later 5o do more of drawing

  27. That boy Jack

    That boy JackMonth ago

    The fact he started at 420


    JORDANッ -MEMER-Month ago


  29. Rada Cripps

    Rada CrippsMonth ago

    It wasn’t 10 hours

  30. Arne Gravestein

    Arne GravesteinMonth ago

    He had to have waited til it was 4 20

  31. Md art drawing 0

    Md art drawing 0Month ago

    Subscribe now me

  32. Giada Tor

    Giada TorMonth ago

    So you know german? Cuz you text up to the Video Zehn stunden lang zeichnen and i know german so wtf

  33. Kinsey Hunt

    Kinsey HuntMonth ago

    ZHC:draws masterpeice ME: darws a stickman

  34. Mamta Jain

    Mamta JainMonth ago

    Very bad drawing

  35. Premjith Krishnan

    Premjith KrishnanMonth ago

    Hey, we're artist ARMY!!!!

  36. Jeralyn Goodfellow Vargas

    Jeralyn Goodfellow VargasMonth ago

    Nooooo way

  37. A STRO

    A STROMonth ago

    I watched the whole video

  38. Franco C.

    Franco C.Month ago

    I watched the hole vid for ten hours

  39. Debasish Chabanya

    Debasish ChabanyaMonth ago

    Damn... I watched it for 10 hours straight.. now im gonna sleep.. great work btw

  40. Filxer Life

    Filxer LifeMonth ago


  41. Jabin Budd

    Jabin BuddMonth ago

    I drew this and it ternd out great and it talk long enuf

  42. Bodie Greenwald

    Bodie Greenwald2 months ago

    I can’t see it...

  43. Rishika Raman

    Rishika Raman2 months ago


  44. Anne Marie Piccotti

    Anne Marie Piccotti2 months ago

    i watched the intier thing

  45. frash frash

    frash frash2 months ago

    yo i was drawing at the during of the live...bro that's was awesome!!!!!

  46. Anne Marie Piccotti

    Anne Marie Piccotti2 months ago

    *tries this challenge does it for 5 minutes*

  47. Patrick Lima

    Patrick Lima2 months ago

    muito bom :o

  48. Harshil Gowda

    Harshil Gowda2 months ago

    I actually watched it full😮 Actually skipped it😂😂

  49. Ankit Mngr

    Ankit Mngr2 months ago

    Can you give me $999

  50. Matthew Lavallee

    Matthew Lavallee2 months ago

    How do you stay up so late?

  51. ArchedFinch

    ArchedFinch2 months ago

    F in chat for this man

  52. Rosemeire Pereira

    Rosemeire Pereira2 months ago

    7:40:00, yes, spent my enitre day here.

  53. Roblox legend Playzz

    Roblox legend Playzz2 months ago

    who watched the hole thing with out skipping? like here (!)

  54. calvin reynolds

    calvin reynolds2 months ago

    Like who would watch dis who would spend 10 hours looking at this

  55. Snow YT

    Snow YT2 months ago

    You were drawing for 9.24 hours

  56. ojo nob

    ojo nob2 months ago

    I watched the whole vid gimme. moneys cuz u is my slave

  57. Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey

    Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey2 months ago

    4 20

  58. Zack Wotherspoon

    Zack Wotherspoon2 months ago

    He has too much free time

  59. Veer Mehta

    Veer Mehta2 months ago

    Who else saw what happened at the end

  60. micheal fonseca

    micheal fonseca3 months ago

    This my first Tim watching a video hours I finshed it then I go tired

  61. TankHunter16 SJCPZB AKA TANKHUNTER16

    TankHunter16 SJCPZB AKA TANKHUNTER163 months ago

    I already subed so give me l your copics

  62. Mohammad Khan

    Mohammad Khan3 months ago

    Who's was actually watching it all

  63. Chelsea 1D_da_best

    Chelsea 1D_da_best3 months ago

    His hair was still black or brown here

  64. Green Tea

    Green Tea3 months ago

    The vid is sooooo long but I am watching allllll of it. Already 1 hour in!

  65. Екатерина Полевая

    Екатерина Полевая3 months ago

    Почему русское название?

  66. Eric D gaming

    Eric D gaming3 months ago

    When he realizez that he did not press record

  67. Leandro Mar Villaflor

    Leandro Mar Villaflor3 months ago

    can you give me your pens and your pencil your sketch book

  68. Alaa Nasir

    Alaa Nasir3 months ago

    I watched the whole video

  69. シロ

    シロ3 months ago

    the more i look at this vid, the easier it gets. if you look at it like an artist, 10 hours isn't that much

  70. Βασιλική Βλαχοπούλου

    Βασιλική Βλαχοπούλου3 months ago


  71. daniel shumate

    daniel shumate3 months ago

    "not inspired by mrbeast whatsoever" ok zhc

  72. Lord_dm

    Lord_dm3 months ago

    And.... Im still wondering what the songs called

  73. Luna Krull

    Luna Krull3 months ago


  74. het patel

    het patel3 months ago

    Who else watch this video without skipping? I am sure no one.

  75. Niki Fu

    Niki Fu3 months ago

    My brother watched this vid like 2 years ago

  76. Richmond21yt God

    Richmond21yt God3 months ago


  77. gamersmint

    gamersmint3 months ago

    hey bro , watched it with all my friends

  78. Mirko Simic

    Mirko Simic3 months ago

    9:00:54 WTF!

  79. Robert Austin

    Robert Austin3 months ago

    I love it and can you teach me how to draw

  80. Marinnela Lasheras

    Marinnela Lasheras3 months ago


  81. ada adad

    ada adad3 months ago

    I will be soooo mad

  82. Schaffen wir 100.000 Abonnenten ohne Video Cool

    Schaffen wir 100.000 Abonnenten ohne Video Cool3 months ago

    Hi ZHC I tried to win something since you started with you tube but it never worked can I PLS PLS win the markers 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😊😊😊😊😊😊👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😊👌🏻

  83. Grace W

    Grace W3 months ago

    Can you sub to me please I want to be like you

  84. Grace W

    Grace W3 months ago

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  85. Mola Bennett

    Mola Bennett3 months ago

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  86. Miles Laherty

    Miles Laherty3 months ago

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  87. Hadia's Life

    Hadia's Life3 months ago

    Flashback to the black hair 😹

  88. ArtHolic

    ArtHolic3 months ago

    If he forgot the 🔴REC button 😂

  89. Please help me Get 1k subs

    Please help me Get 1k subs3 months ago

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  90. Sal A

    Sal A3 months ago


  91. Water Fun

    Water Fun3 months ago

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  92. Tsion shiferaw

    Tsion shiferaw3 months ago

    You deserve more likes and subscribers😍

  93. Gaming Käse

    Gaming Käse3 months ago

    Warum ist der Titel deutsch?

  94. Henry Do

    Henry Do3 months ago

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  95. Suzanna Lopez

    Suzanna Lopez3 months ago

    I watch it in hour


    ZHENG ANNIE3 months ago

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  97. Power22

    Power223 months ago

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  98. Power22

    Power223 months ago

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    ChocoMilkshake Playz3 months ago

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  100. NotLazor

    NotLazor3 months ago

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  101. Marcello YT

    Marcello YT3 months ago

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  102. Royal tea

    Royal tea3 months ago

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  103. Cuqy

    Cuqy3 months ago

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  104. Joel Benitez Reyes

    Joel Benitez Reyes3 months ago

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    Donna Emerson3 months ago

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