Anything You Customize, I'll Pay For Challenge (Giveaway) | ZHC

I literally paid for anything my friends customize and gave it away
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    Subscribe and I will take you shopping next time :) Stay safe everyone ❤️ First comment: YTB Sweet

  2. Fern Elf

    Fern Elf16 days ago

    I want a poem for my friend Vanessa because I don't have very much money and they don't have enough money to afford a new on and all the stars are broken.

  3. Nirmala M

    Nirmala M16 days ago


  4. Kapi Dont care

    Kapi Dont careMonth ago

    take me zhc



    Hi ZHC

  6. Taiba Ashik

    Taiba Ashik4 months ago


  7. Nimi Patel

    Nimi PatelHour ago


  8. Cookieworld Gamer

    Cookieworld GamerHour ago

    Nice art :) pls pick me for prize

  9. Victoria buenrostro

    Victoria buenrostro5 hours ago

    Y’all are so talented!!

  10. Asian_Softie

    Asian_Softie5 hours ago

    Them slamming down pads to the beat, everyone thinking it's cool Me paranoid they might break it

  11. Layla Thomas

    Layla Thomas5 hours ago

    i love your videos

  12. Tiana Jauregui

    Tiana Jauregui10 hours ago


  13. Nicola Komorek

    Nicola Komorek11 hours ago

    i"m from poland i realy like waching you and i subscribe you

  14. Elizabeth Rockson

    Elizabeth Rockson15 hours ago

    I wish i hade 5000 '00 dollars

  15. Efe Çiftçi

    Efe Çiftçi16 hours ago

    Lan bitane alacan

  16. Biggie cheese

    Biggie cheese16 hours ago

    Zhc is the drawing version of mr beast

  17. Marija Temelkovska

    Marija Temelkovska17 hours ago

    I love zhc drawing

  18. Marija Temelkovska

    Marija Temelkovska17 hours ago

    I love a lot the stuff but i cant get it

  19. HA NEE

    HA NEE18 hours ago

    your the best

  20. HA NEE

    HA NEE18 hours ago

    plssssss god i want that

  21. HA NEE

    HA NEE18 hours ago

    who taught you to darw

  22. AasishYT

    AasishYT18 hours ago

    I need one please

  23. NASHLY

    NASHLY19 hours ago

    Please give me a ps4

  24. B-0247-16 DHRUVIKA M GUPTA

    B-0247-16 DHRUVIKA M GUPTA20 hours ago

    Whatever Michelle customizes, it's always pink.

  25. BearSisters917

    BearSisters91720 hours ago


  26. Faisal Almanasir

    Faisal Almanasir20 hours ago

    I pls want an iPadpro

  27. Libby’s world

    Libby’s world20 hours ago

    Your art is amazing

  28. Jaith Amarasinghe

    Jaith Amarasinghe22 hours ago

    Survey Are you satisfied Comment down below on this channel and this comment My answer YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss Saw my W

  29. Jungfrau (Karndh) Settharangkul

    Jungfrau (Karndh) Settharangkul23 hours ago

    Give me turkey or scrunchie

  30. zanab zanab

    zanab zanabDay ago

    العربي اثبتو وجودكم انطين واحد من الموبايلات ترا عدك هواي 😭

  31. Michelle

    MichelleDay ago

    My real name is Michelle;-;

  32. Kate Berkoski

    Kate BerkoskiDay ago

    Great video

  33. Samirah Medina

    Samirah MedinaDay ago

    I love Michelle’s nintendo switch

  34. Hannah Fox

    Hannah FoxDay ago


  35. Black_ Berry

    Black_ BerryDay ago

    Did anyone see his mha shirt

  36. Douwe Dijkstra

    Douwe DijkstraDay ago

    I just love your art.

  37. maria fatima

    maria fatimaDay ago

    are your girlfriend munchie

  38. Lisa Vences

    Lisa VencesDay ago

    I’m a kid please give it to me

  39. Lisa Vences

    Lisa VencesDay ago

    I love your videos

  40. Lisa Vences

    Lisa VencesDay ago

    Please tell it to me

  41. Kayleigh Pigott

    Kayleigh PigottDay ago

    I wish I can be a artist like you Zach

  42. Diegox555 N

    Diegox555 NDay ago

    Plees for mi

  43. Diegox555 N

    Diegox555 NDay ago

    Omg I want one im subscribing rith now ja XD

  44. Jasmine kaur Dhaliwal

    Jasmine kaur DhaliwalDay ago

    So cool

  45. mikasa mikasa

    mikasa mikasaDay ago

    the bunny it's so cute🐰🐰🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

  46. Connie Teichroeb

    Connie TeichroebDay ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that zhc has deku on his shirt???

  47. Connie Teichroeb

    Connie TeichroebDay ago

    Not for long though

  48. samananda kiyam

    samananda kiyamDay ago

    So cool i want that i pad .

  49. Cyrelle BB

    Cyrelle BBDay ago


  50. Kenny

    KennyDay ago

    My address is 505 Sawtooth Oak Dr., Landis

  51. Alysiaplayz with Pauly

    Alysiaplayz with PaulyDay ago

    I have a question zhc, where did you get your markers from....I need them 😬

  52. Wesley Zhander Montales

    Wesley Zhander MontalesDay ago

    Can i have one

  53. XTROYER 101

    XTROYER 101Day ago

    zhc if you say do give anyway stuff prove me wrong

  54. Wesley Zhander Montales

    Wesley Zhander MontalesDay ago

    Tank you

  55. Wesley Zhander Montales

    Wesley Zhander MontalesDay ago


  56. Wesley Zhander Montales

    Wesley Zhander MontalesDay ago


  57. That Girl Gamer

    That Girl GamerDay ago

    I know 1 day you guys will paint thd whole earth

  58. Rabi O.H

    Rabi O.HDay ago

    cool 😎

  59. Roselin Star

    Roselin StarDay ago

    went im whaching you i was Like im drawing ZHC END Michalle

  60. Ellie Dunn

    Ellie DunnDay ago

    You guys are soo good at art

  61. As Farooq

    As FarooqDay ago

    I want to

  62. Narmin Abdullayeva

    Narmin AbdullayevaDay ago

    i wish i had one of that i would cry but it is not possible i am in a country that is so far away i am in azerbaijan

  63. James Yarnall

    James YarnallDay ago

    Me Jealous, i want free things :D and all i got to do is Customize

  64. Jaques Nel

    Jaques NelDay ago

    Cool 😎

  65. Alexandre Zanardi

    Alexandre ZanardiDay ago

    Can I pls have one

  66. havaiki lenoir

    havaiki lenoirDay ago

    je parle français je comprends pas ce que vous dites mais je fais des cours d'anglais je vais vous dire ce que j'ai dit mais en anglais I speak french, I don't understand that you Say but I take the english lesson.

  67. bernadette tadeo

    bernadette tadeoDay ago

    Dex: *washing his hands* always was your hands peeps Me: *washing my hands after going to my cousins house*

  68. Jenii Villanueva

    Jenii VillanuevaDay ago

    I literally love ur vids more power to u!!💖

  69. Hien Vu

    Hien Vu2 days ago

    We have been here a lot longer for this week and it is very very very good

  70. Hien Vu

    Hien Vu2 days ago

    ZHC is the best one

  71. deandra sanders

    deandra sanders2 days ago


  72. Pro 678

    Pro 6782 days ago

    Every body wash your hand with soap

  73. gemma yap

    gemma yap2 days ago

    I love your videos

  74. rpoehnelt

    rpoehnelt2 days ago

    Me me pls

  75. Fell sans Lol UwU

    Fell sans Lol UwU2 days ago

    Is it just me or he has a my hero acadimia shirt 😲

  76. Jpisbest 1

    Jpisbest 12 days ago

    I already subed

  77. the birkett

    the birkett2 days ago

    Love love my name is amore and me and my big brother was watching your 9 and 5 and I really enjoyed your videos and I well love to see you 1day

  78. Rav and friends

    Rav and friends2 days ago

    I wanna do this with you someday!

  79. Itz_sunshine YT

    Itz_sunshine YT2 days ago


  80. Ł.y.N.x Op

    Ł.y.N.x Op2 days ago

    U all are too good at art❤🥰

  81. Katethuyvy Nguyen

    Katethuyvy Nguyen2 days ago


  82. Ethan Mushyakov

    Ethan Mushyakov2 days ago

    Customisation looks like it's Eddins death how good it is

  83. Sofia Lahmichi

    Sofia Lahmichi2 days ago

    you not poor

  84. Bethany Westbrook

    Bethany Westbrook2 days ago


  85. Satra Srei

    Satra Srei2 days ago

    I really want the space I pad because I like Turkey

  86. Satra Srei

    Satra Srei2 days ago

    I subscribe

  87. Jerome Atwood

    Jerome Atwood2 days ago

    Ytb sweet

  88. Carina Yoshimura

    Carina Yoshimura2 days ago

    i LOVE your vids

  89. Ali Shanaya

    Ali Shanaya2 days ago

    He is litlary so kind

  90. Fernando Alvarez

    Fernando Alvarez2 days ago

    I did all the steps

  91. Fun with Freya

    Fun with Freya2 days ago

    I love u so much

  92. Cylene Henri Ang

    Cylene Henri Ang2 days ago

    Wow 🤩

  93. Nncr Wan

    Nncr Wan2 days ago

    All this pictures all of you drew are really good

  94. Nncr Wan

    Nncr Wan2 days ago

    Ohhh I wish I could do that and also this video is amazing!!!

  95. Cato Vang

    Cato Vang2 days ago

    I do not have an Instagram account so that's kind of DEPRESSING


    MEENA MEENA2 days ago


  97. กิตติกร เกตุแก้ว

    กิตติกร เกตุแก้ว2 days ago

    You're not going to like among us character like little people black or white


    AMONG US TK2 days ago


  99. Almir Iavernaro

    Almir Iavernaro2 days ago

    You are soooooo cool

  100. Crystal & Ruby Daung

    Crystal & Ruby Daung2 days ago

    My name is Ruby

  101. invisible human lol

    invisible human lol2 days ago

    i like you so much i am from pakistan

  102. Gael Rivera

    Gael Rivera2 days ago

    i lv frf a like tno i

  103. Terry hunt

    Terry hunt3 days ago

    I need a fone

  104. The Twins Challenges

    The Twins Challenges3 days ago

    i thought the airpods was soap

  105. Summer Robertson

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  106. Eeshen Chai

    Eeshen Chai3 days ago

    Too bad I don’t have Instagram TwT