Anything You Customize, I'll Pay For Challenge (Giveaway) | ZHC

I literally paid for anything my friends customize and gave it away
New plushies -
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC7 months ago

    Subscribe and I will take you shopping next time :) Stay safe everyone ❤️ First comment: YTB Sweet

  2. Fousia Fousia

    Fousia Fousia8 days ago

    Please give me i pad bro please give me 9249788747 this is my what's up number please bro give me

  3. Shejila Rasheed

    Shejila RasheedMonth ago


  4. Joel Mckoy

    Joel MckoyMonth ago

    Can I get something please

  5. tyler Pillay

    tyler PillayMonth ago

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  6. Yasmine Gaming fr

    Yasmine Gaming fr2 months ago

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  7. Temuulen Batkhurel

    Temuulen Batkhurel23 minutes ago

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  8. jp talla

    jp tallaHour ago

    Please give me a give away

  9. snpray

    snprayHour ago

    Who is a left hander put a tumbs down and if u r a right haander put a tumbs up i am a left hander

  10. Michael Dela Cruz Dela Cruz

    Michael Dela Cruz Dela Cruz2 hours ago

    Your the best zhc I will subcribe to your channel

  11. Irene Games

    Irene Games2 hours ago

    OMG Aprill the 11th is my birthday

  12. Aneysa Judy

    Aneysa Judy2 hours ago

    Maybe you could customize an Apple Watch band

  13. Noora Sameh Al Thawadi

    Noora Sameh Al Thawadi2 hours ago

    but i not in where you live ;(

  14. Sedonia Brown

    Sedonia Brown3 hours ago


  15. Juan carlos jr Enamorado

    Juan carlos jr Enamorado6 hours ago

    The Apple pencils so can you please tell me you did to me but I don’t want my address so I’m gonna go change my address and then I’m gonna send it to you because I really really really want to Apple Pencil it’s my dream

  16. Caroline Eley

    Caroline Eley7 hours ago

    That looked really hard

  17. Josh Blakeslee

    Josh Blakeslee7 hours ago

    He is so good at drawing

  18. Camen Tavarez

    Camen Tavarez8 hours ago

    I.didit.i Wot.a.ifon11

  19. Mayra Lopez

    Mayra Lopez8 hours ago

    Do you still have AirPods

  20. N DooB

    N DooB10 hours ago

    OMG!!! Michelle

  21. N DooB

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  22. Addison Havens

    Addison Havens10 hours ago

    And a Apple Watch

  23. Jollyboy

    Jollyboy11 hours ago

    Ooooooooooooooooooo looks so good

  24. YieldingTv

    YieldingTv13 hours ago

    I love your videos

  25. YieldingTv

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  26. Cartoon Galaxy 3D

    Cartoon Galaxy 3D13 hours ago

    YTB sweet

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    Brian Burke14 hours ago

    Hi I love you videos

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  30. Benjamin Tackett

    Benjamin Tackett17 hours ago

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  31. Sadie Sikes

    Sadie Sikes17 hours ago

    Can I please have it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssse everything

  32. Devika Shijil

    Devika Shijil17 hours ago

    This is how many people who don’t get the giveaway. 👇🏻

  33. Devika Shijil

    Devika Shijil17 hours ago


  34. Gaurav Sircar

    Gaurav Sircar18 hours ago

    Hi I a guy from India .. can u send me a customized 12 pro max ....

  35. huge crush

    huge crush19 hours ago

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  36. samina susu

    samina susu21 hour ago

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  37. Maryam Arab

    Maryam Arab22 hours ago

    Oh my god! U are sooo good

  38. gedo1804

    gedo1804Day ago

    But please a pro not a mini pleas and I subscribe and hit the bell and put a thumb up

  39. Rafaela Elyse Vicmudo

    Rafaela Elyse VicmudoDay ago

    I like you zhc

  40. SoaR Dylan

    SoaR DylanDay ago

    YTB Sweet

  41. Amit Singh

    Amit SinghDay ago

    I see that LEO is quite a Shy Guy!

  42. Cassandra Taylor

    Cassandra TaylorDay ago

    Can I please get one please

  43. Santino Cagigal

    Santino CagigalDay ago

    Customize skateboards

  44. Visi Jata

    Visi JataDay ago


  45. Ashley Bond

    Ashley BondDay ago

    i did

  46. Lucy Roberts

    Lucy RobertsDay ago

    What markers do you use? They are really nice!


    SELİN BALIKDay ago

    I loved Michelles Nintendo Switch

  48. Rohsha Kumar

    Rohsha KumarDay ago

    The air pods so cute

  49. Femke Maas

    Femke MaasDay ago

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  50. Laird Smith

    Laird SmithDay ago

    I think Michelle’s sneakers are better

  51. V Target

    V TargetDay ago

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  52. Friedrich Funk

    Friedrich FunkDay ago

    How can i win

  53. Derek Rodriguez

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  58. Hannah The Rainbow!

    Hannah The Rainbow!Day ago

    Yall so rich and are artists

  59. Alexa gaming

    Alexa gamingDay ago

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  60. Andy Enriquez

    Andy EnriquezDay ago

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  61. Reynaldo Del Rosario

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  63. Taelyn Kate

    Taelyn KateDay ago

    can i have a i pad pro i love your chanle

  64. Faith Vasquez

    Faith VasquezDay ago

    I want one pleeeeeeeaaase I love your art

  65. Zayan Nur

    Zayan NurDay ago

    I live in the UK zhc

  66. Akshay Garikamukkala

    Akshay GarikamukkalaDay ago

    Very big fan of u guys

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  70. Memento Mori

    Memento Mori2 days ago

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  71. Holly Murphy

    Holly Murphy2 days ago

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  73. Eli Arias

    Eli Arias2 days ago

    Your not going to answer me but if you do I like you vids🥺❤️

  74. AndrewDavila28

    AndrewDavila282 days ago

    He has the Apple store in his house... 😂

  75. Melissa Hewitt

    Melissa Hewitt2 days ago

    I love how zhc is like all different channels in one, he’s mr beast, satisfying, and a customizer

  76. Aymar Jadira Maciel Morales

    Aymar Jadira Maciel Morales2 days ago

    Can I have the air pods pls I have the virus and I want to win and I am trying to fight it

  77. Nicole Morgan

    Nicole Morgan2 days ago

    ZHC Please give me a giveaway please

  78. kurby cat

    kurby cat2 days ago

    im not an artist :(

  79. Meme God

    Meme God2 days ago

    Even though I will probably never win a giveaway, I still appreciate how you guys put so much time and effort into these videos! It makes me happy to see people with custom devices! Thank you ZHC.

  80. Amber Sanchez

    Amber Sanchez2 days ago

    Make a football shoes

  81. Liam Giraldo

    Liam Giraldo2 days ago

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  82. Liam Giraldo

    Liam Giraldo2 days ago

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  83. Liam Giraldo

    Liam Giraldo2 days ago

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    nice bro

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    Does he actually give away things

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    Love your videos 😱😱😱😱 awesome

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    I love your videos so much that i watch them again and again

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