I Took One Of My Subscribers On A No Budget Shopping Spree - World's Biggest Art Store

Art Store + HUGE GIVEAWAY! I took a random subscriber on a no budget shopping spree at a huge art store! The kid has no idea the art supplies are for him until the very end when I surprise him! His reaction was priceless! There is also a HUGE INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY at the end that is very easy to enter!
watch my previous shopping spree at michaels: uslikes.info/house/fZ6ktsmElqt8odQ/video.html
shopping spree at the worlds biggest art store - Japan vlog #4: uslikes.info/house/ZqGjvch6roVofL4/video.html
NO BUDGET AT MICHAELS ART STORE SHOPPING SPREE!! (Starving Artist Clears the Store): uslikes.info/house/aZV5ltCQpZxnlLY/video.html
Every Artists Dream Come True - Worlds Biggest Art Store (Japan Vlog #2): uslikes.info/house/o4OwrbWrk2-oe9A/video.html

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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    ENTER IN MY GIVEAWAY OR I EAT YOUR ART SUPPLIES! you dont want to end up with nothing to draw with. but if you do... enter in my giveaway to get them back shopping spree at the worlds biggest art store - Japan vlog #4: uslikes.info/house/ZqGjvch6roVofL4/video.html NO BUDGET AT MICHAELS ART STORE SHOPPING SPREE!! (Starving Artist Clears the Store): uslikes.info/house/aZV5ltCQpZxnlLY/video.html Every Artists Dream Come True - Worlds Biggest Art Store (Japan Vlog #2): uslikes.info/house/o4OwrbWrk2-oe9A/video.html TWITTER SHOUTOUT: nightwatcher Congrats on first comment: Roger the clout

  2. Jasur Berkinov

    Jasur BerkinovYear ago

    Hello ZHC I actually don’t have supplies just a pencil and a eraser 😅 but stay cool ur the best artist youtuber ever and if I do be in the give away I would like Kopic Markers😆

  3. ALBA M.C

    ALBA M.CYear ago

    ZHC can l have the pens plis



    Ayush Bijalwan 2

  5. Toch Life

    Toch LifeYear ago

    Oh god

  6. Ace Systematic

    Ace SystematicYear ago

    Just at least don't eat my sketch books, all of them are gifts i got from people. Also i don't want to lose my art.

  7. Sreedhar Prasad

    Sreedhar Prasad27 minutes ago


  8. Miriam

    Miriam2 hours ago

    Every dislike is from people who are jeluaos

  9. Chloe and friends- ligit fun time

    Chloe and friends- ligit fun time5 hours ago

    Do more content pls I LOVEE your Art 😃

  10. Naima Hussain

    Naima Hussain6 hours ago

    My daughter will love this

  11. Esa Rashid

    Esa Rashid9 hours ago

    USlikes subtitles... 10:58

  12. Olivia Biddle

    Olivia Biddle14 hours ago

    Aww so cute

  13. Anita Stojanovska

    Anita Stojanovska15 hours ago

    Wow zch you are crazy

  14. Gabrielle Badong

    Gabrielle Badong17 hours ago

    Im artist too i made my Friends they want but they brake it i work hard for the drawing it tooks me 12 hours😢 but they just gonna brake it😢

  15. Dylan Castillo

    Dylan CastilloDay ago

    yo you ren cool im seey

  16. Lucy Roberts

    Lucy RobertsDay ago

    “Even the rubber snake” I love it!

  17. Mohammad Al Jamal

    Mohammad Al JamalDay ago

    I am gonna say i had a longer recet before

  18. Amung us

    Amung usDay ago

    Omg drawing

  19. Chloe Chua

    Chloe Chua2 days ago

    Zhc 1 yr ago: i don like posca penz Now: using posca penz fr almost all the videos

  20. Erika Pittenger

    Erika Pittenger2 days ago

    I love your channel!

  21. Azemina Veladzic

    Azemina Veladzic2 days ago


  22. Aesha Frett

    Aesha Frett2 days ago

    ZHC you are the most sweets person I know

  23. Vedant Gusain

    Vedant Gusain3 days ago

    Wtf I am old sub but never get a chance like them

  24. amora diba

    amora diba3 days ago

    Hey ZHC I love your drawing

  25. Jaidynn Banks

    Jaidynn Banks3 days ago


  26. John Shepherd

    John Shepherd3 days ago

    Did you steer him away from the Copics? 🤣

  27. Jenson Duck

    Jenson Duck3 days ago

    Wish I was good at drawing

  28. Jenson Duck

    Jenson Duck3 days ago

    Ur sooooo kind

  29. waffle

    waffle3 days ago

    zhc: keep all of that man. kid: even the rubber snake? hehe such a cutiee

  30. Mia Gerbino

    Mia Gerbino3 days ago

    zach grew so much because he used to say like hell like all the time

  31. Eman assaf

    Eman assaf4 days ago

    i wishhhhhhhh

  32. Jojo's Channel

    Jojo's Channel4 days ago

    I wish I was there

  33. Nagulan Nithila

    Nagulan Nithila4 days ago

    can i have the art supplies and also will it be international???

  34. Zema Vargas

    Zema Vargas5 days ago


  35. Shaheen Shaikh

    Shaheen Shaikh5 days ago

    Please take me to

  36. Chloe Inoa

    Chloe Inoa6 days ago

    That’s cool

  37. Justin Krbec

    Justin Krbec6 days ago


  38. Anna Baran

    Anna Baran6 days ago

    My cousin said you are a hacker

  39. Chick'n Dots

    Chick'n Dots6 days ago

    X yay

  40. puteri balqis

    puteri balqis6 days ago

    Hc I went giveaway maker pen colour because I'm like art my channel go it art something beautiful. I went a maker pen to art please🙏

  41. SuicideSheep

    SuicideSheep6 days ago

    Done!I really want the posca pensa cuz me aand me and my sister loves coloring!

  42. Kaashif Rahman

    Kaashif Rahman7 days ago

    Pls tell how to send my drawing pls

  43. Youssef Ramdan

    Youssef Ramdan7 days ago

    Which country are you in and city because if I meet you I swear I will be raining tears

  44. Itz_ Averyz Editz

    Itz_ Averyz Editz7 days ago

    me wishing i had seen this channel 1 year ago: copics...so many and i went broke buying them...

  45. ZHC Gaming

    ZHC Gaming7 days ago

    I need also it

  46. D1am0nd1 !

    D1am0nd1 !8 days ago

    ZHC: i what to meet the rest of my fans Fans: 17.2M people out side his house

  47. che domdom

    che domdom8 days ago

    Hi can i got that too


    JULIE CHEW8 days ago

    I loved the idea of the video

  49. McXue

    McXue8 days ago

    If it was me my dad would be like “u sure he not scamming u?!”

  50. Czarina Angkok

    Czarina Angkok9 days ago

    I have a challenge for you Your challenge give away Arts supplies 17winner...my hobbi is arts and I have practice for my arts their is my arts✍️🦄🏝️🌉🇵🇭 From. Philipines Age.11

  51. GameLife Logic

    GameLife Logic9 days ago

    I love art

  52. Rebecca Dobbin

    Rebecca Dobbin9 days ago

    I think you made his day

  53. Spring Family

    Spring Family9 days ago

    Every person that dropped out and does USlikes lives in a mansion

  54. Zazz E

    Zazz E9 days ago

    lol it works by the heat while erasing thhe efheuf ink and stuff XD


    KARINA KISS9 days ago

    I want it to

  56. Ayana Smagulova

    Ayana Smagulova9 days ago

    Я думала это его сестра типо че типо втф господи смотрю это видео зака спустя год

  57. Skyler Dominion

    Skyler Dominion9 days ago

    Zach: They erase? HOW? Me: i have a collection. (Eraser pens)

  58. Retchel Gementizahddl

    Retchel Gementizahddl9 days ago

    I like it 😮😮😮😮

  59. Emer O'Reilly

    Emer O'Reilly10 days ago

    Parents let him just hop over to a str

  60. Sumit

    Sumit10 days ago

    Take me also once cause I need em

  61. Nicholas Legaspi

    Nicholas Legaspi10 days ago

    Your sister hats him

  62. Kayleigh Perkinson

    Kayleigh Perkinson10 days ago

    At first I was like where is the mask but then I realized this was like a year later

  63. Kayleigh Perkinson

    Kayleigh Perkinson10 days ago

    Omg It is one of my dreams to be on your channel

  64. Mama Sonia Family

    Mama Sonia Family10 days ago

    That kooks cool

  65. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad10 days ago


  66. Max Miller

    Max Miller10 days ago

    Same lol

  67. Alonso bro

    Alonso bro10 days ago

    I love the way how when he gets home he’s like zachs drawing is the good one and mine is the ok one

  68. asma buallay

    asma buallay10 days ago

    I saw copic markers and my dad said that those are board markers

  69. Don Reed

    Don Reed10 days ago

    Hi ummm i wish i was doing this with you

  70. bloxy-fan latte-

    bloxy-fan latte-10 days ago


  71. Pratikchhya Drawing academy

    Pratikchhya Drawing academy10 days ago

    Hi ZHC a, you're biggest fan love you hove you reply

  72. Toddria Watson

    Toddria Watson10 days ago


  73. Ravi chaurasiya

    Ravi chaurasiya10 days ago

    U are very nice but u can't call me because I am from nepal u can only call American subscriber's not to me and my name is aliyana

  74. Sabarish Don

    Sabarish Don10 days ago

    I m from india zhc big fan

  75. Princess De Leon

    Princess De Leon11 days ago

    I wish i had that kind of art materials🥺😔 i just want to begin my business with some selling of my custom made arts but the problem is i don't have that much money to buy art materials😔 but I'm just praying that someday i will buy that art materials if i had that much of money, but for now I keep on dreaming Hahahahahah🥰🥰🥰💛💛💛💛

  76. jalias Sanchez

    jalias Sanchez10 days ago

    yea he wont put u in a vid

  77. Ray Akira

    Ray Akira11 days ago

    i cant believe i see it on 11,13,2020

  78. KC vlog

    KC vlog11 days ago

    I want tooo like the kiddd I subscribe you already

  79. Aniela R

    Aniela R11 days ago


  80. cesar lopez

    cesar lopez11 days ago

    EVERY Cat-Ching deserves a like for editing it

  81. Madden Ferriera

    Madden Ferriera11 days ago

    miguel: I get everything? zach: yup..

  82. Tricia's Taste_Test

    Tricia's Taste_Test11 days ago

    Looks like Michelle jealous she doesn't get a shopping spree...😂😏

  83. alona amor

    alona amor11 days ago

    ZHC: “someone snitched on us” Me: WOW i didn’t know 6ix9ine was interested in art :0

  84. Raden Zulfa Hanani Muhammad Najmi

    Raden Zulfa Hanani Muhammad Najmi11 days ago

    and i like that kid draw

  85. Raden Zulfa Hanani Muhammad Najmi

    Raden Zulfa Hanani Muhammad Najmi11 days ago

    wow nice video!

  86. Layana Fathima

    Layana Fathima11 days ago


  87. Kritika gohain J22E

    Kritika gohain J22E11 days ago


  88. Aryan Vats

    Aryan Vats12 days ago

    Osm it was!

  89. Rylie Corcoran

    Rylie Corcoran12 days ago

    i am soo jelus

  90. WWE KID

    WWE KID12 days ago

    if i was that kid i would run to the copic section

  91. Gomez Carmelina

    Gomez Carmelina12 days ago


  92. Pinkpro94

    Pinkpro9412 days ago

    This is so cool! I wish I was that kid!

  93. Spooks Skoops

    Spooks Skoops12 days ago

    out of context: ZHC adopted a kid

  94. Ruba Janbek

    Ruba Janbek12 days ago

    I wish I was him but I'm in Jordan Not lucky at all

  95. Aakhyan J Pudasaini

    Aakhyan J Pudasaini12 days ago


  96. Natasha Smith

    Natasha Smith12 days ago

    Hi I’m your biggest fan.

  97. rathika s

    rathika s12 days ago

    Do u take Indians🥺🥺 from India??? Iam obssessed with stationery but😑

  98. Franz Henry Gabe

    Franz Henry Gabe13 days ago

    i wish this happens to me lol 😍

  99. Jimmy Cadavez

    Jimmy Cadavez13 days ago

    Give me one!!!!!!!!!!just one marker :(

  100. Madeline Cardwell ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Madeline Cardwell ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ13 days ago

    After MrBeast buying an entire store if you cant make a receipt tie it aint long lmao

  101. Eduardo Gonzalez

    Eduardo Gonzalez13 days ago

    mine is the ok one


    SUZIE'S SKETCHBOOK13 days ago

    Can u give me some please 🙏

  103. FrailCypress 404

    FrailCypress 40413 days ago

    Hi i am new to the channel

  104. Yuvia Carissa

    Yuvia Carissa14 days ago

    I be like " I WANT BRUSHPENSSSS" but it never happened😌




  106. bambie ellakim axel Dayte

    bambie ellakim axel Dayte14 days ago

    I wanna haveee a art supplies!!for my school!