Drawing For 10 Hours Straight BF VS GF

never again...
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC2 years ago

    If this video hits 25k likes and 5k shares I will give away a pack of 52 chameleon markers! like comment subscribe share and stroke my pencil because I suffered for you guys HARDEST ART CHALLENGE EVER press F to pay respects If you watch all 10 hours I will be your slave for life AHHAHAHA Congrats on first comment: Naomi Joy

  2. Gracia Chau

    Gracia Chau12 days ago

    I would like to get the 52 chameleon.

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    Karl Archer13 days ago

    Hey zhc I draw every day on the daily grind and your tutorials are amazing

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  11. Koushikreddy Chencharapu

    Koushikreddy ChencharapuMonth ago

    If he drew 10 hrs shd he stream a live for 10 hrs shd be awake for 10 hrs leave your work and watch

  12. Aarna Thakur

    Aarna ThakurMonth ago

    Bro your video is of 10 hours and I have watched this in 10 minutes

  13. Suzuki Family

    Suzuki FamilyMonth ago

    They look so different without there crazy hair colors!!!

  14. mayank lalwani

    mayank lalwaniMonth ago

    Are u serious

  15. Rishika Raman

    Rishika Raman2 months ago

    U r doing a great job

  16. Anne Marie Piccotti

    Anne Marie Piccotti2 months ago

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    lorabel gimeno2 months ago

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    Appa Gulabrao yewale3 months ago

    You two are very great you are my hero Zhc 😊👍

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  21. Law Yu Chen

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  22. Maria Saltelli

    Maria Saltelli3 months ago

    Well I guess I learned the definition of bad audio

  23. John Stewart

    John Stewart3 months ago

    I watch your videos since I was 5

  24. 1Beam

    1Beam3 months ago

    Imagine he forgot press record

  25. Logan Fitzy

    Logan Fitzy4 months ago

    In his descprition it says donating is not optional

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    Jason.5 months ago

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    Jason.5 months ago

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  30. Jason.

    Jason.5 months ago

    I literally watched all 10 hours of it because I was following the tutorial... XD

  31. Jason.

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  32. Jason.

    Jason.5 months ago

    Your literally my favorite artist ever.... the Flash, the Monster Thing With the Sword, it's just....AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  33. Noah Field

    Noah Field5 months ago

    i know this was a long time ago but I will be watching the hole thing I have known zhc for 3 years and I haven't watched this one but now I will

  34. Subscribe to an Egg

    Subscribe to an Egg5 months ago

    I just skipped to end of the video and what the fuvk happened to his face!?

  35. hameedullah ghafori

    hameedullah ghafori5 months ago

    Nice drawing ZCH

  36. Diamond Dynasty

    Diamond Dynasty5 months ago

    Gf vs Bf is insane. You should try it again this time for 24 hours.

  37. Boss Lady Bundles

    Boss Lady Bundles6 months ago

    i love your art

  38. Anthony Lachaîne

    Anthony Lachaîne6 months ago

    Isn’t she his sister....

  39. Enas Odeh

    Enas Odeh6 months ago

    It's so amazing how you work so hard with your drawing but you make it seem so easy🤩

  40. Joeson Joseph Raj

    Joeson Joseph Raj6 months ago

    Michele is lucky to you..!! After your dat with her?? You got popular and you have more 10M subscribes.. Stay cool and be blessed

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  44. ArcticArt _

    ArcticArt _6 months ago

    Mom: It's ten o'clock on a school night, you need to go to bed! Me: Can I watch one more video??? Mom: Fine, but only one Me: *Evil laugh*

  45. Plz help me get 1k subs with no vids Jett

    Plz help me get 1k subs with no vids Jett7 months ago

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    Amaya Star7 months ago

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    TrueAnonymous7 months ago

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  49. Jessarey Garrido

    Jessarey Garrido7 months ago

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    Rainbow World7 months ago

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    SHELENGOVSKIY 7837 months ago

    Approximetely 10 hours later...

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    Elizabeth Hook7 months ago

    Can you shoutout me plz my live is hard an it would make me very happe

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    Dzidedi Djakumah7 months ago

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    FanOf PrestonPlayz7 months ago

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    Deepa H.C9 months ago

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    ØAlly-kittyØ Beltran11 months ago

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