I Bought The World's Most Expensive Colored Pencils | ZHC

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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    I made the video 9:59 so u guys dont hafta watch more ads I bought the most expensive colored pencils in the world for your entertainment lol subscribe and click on another one of my vids in recommendations or imma go broke :(( Also thanks to James for helping me test them! Subscribe to him! He is 30k away from 1 mill! uslikes.info First comment: The Mobile Player

  2. xaina moiz

    xaina moizMonth ago

    @ZHC Nice one

  3. iixsxxxberryii Playz

    iixsxxxberryii PlayzMonth ago

    @ZHC Lol

  4. Hailey and Ella Bff’s

    Hailey and Ella Bff’sMonth ago

    ZHC yay

  5. GamerPlayz123

    GamerPlayz123Month ago

    ZHC they reduced it to 8 mins for adds

  6. Valer Bucur :3

    Valer Bucur :3Month ago


  7. Gamers Creed

    Gamers CreedHour ago

    I dare you to give me google play redeem code

  8. Omar Rza

    Omar Rza4 hours ago

    9:12 change ur name from zhc to dude perfect LOL

  9. Bankroll Shawty

    Bankroll Shawty12 hours ago

    I subscribe to your chanl i love you i love art

  10. Janet Hoekstra

    Janet Hoekstra17 hours ago

    This chanell sucks you idiots

  11. Akaks Garg

    Akaks GargDay ago

    The Graf von Faber-Castell pencil Try it

  12. Fishy AMB

    Fishy AMBDay ago

    Imaginge bringing this to school and say i have louis vuitton

  13. jawaria ishrat

    jawaria ishratDay ago

    I wish I have that

  14. Myla G Veley

    Myla G VeleyDay ago

    By the way I think you are such a great artist and you know that pencil thing that was holding all of the pencils my mom made one of those and I use it all the time!

  15. Aleksandra Famuła

    Aleksandra FamułaDay ago

    Well if theres 40 pencils and u said its 25 dollars per pencil.. that means its still 1000 dollars.. (cuz 40x25 is 1000)

  16. Hazrat Moin Raza

    Hazrat Moin Raza2 days ago

    I which my dad gets a,Lamborghini

  17. Nda Alharbi

    Nda Alharbi2 days ago

    واو العنوان يعني تعرف تتكلم عربي🤭

  18. Ellie Meike

    Ellie Meike3 days ago

    Colored pencils!

  19. Mark Bompart

    Mark Bompart3 days ago

    If you guys don’t know how to use the pencils then don’t review it.


    YAĞMUR BOZER3 days ago

    Yabanci cocuk: anne kalem 1000tl cok ucuz👍 Yabanci anne : Tm oglum alabilirsin. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Turk cocuk : Anne kalem 1000 tl alalimmi? Turk anne: heee para varya salak cocuk babanParayi agactanmi topluyo sanki para var git gozum gormesin seni .

  21. TUTUART توتو

    TUTUART توتو3 days ago


  22. Rajanya Saha

    Rajanya Saha3 days ago

    $1000 =74,105.50 Rupees in India........... are these pencils made with Gold ?

  23. S Good

    S Good4 days ago

    It’s mostly the case witch is worth

  24. Bh poetic fan

    Bh poetic fan4 days ago

    Me: saving for college l, ZHC: LETS BUY OENCIL CRAYONS

  25. Fasa Alazawee

    Fasa Alazawee4 days ago


  26. Ashley Villalta

    Ashley Villalta4 days ago

    I love the Maritime Carrillo dining

  27. Ashley Villalta

    Ashley Villalta4 days ago

    I love Louis Vuitton bag and I love them

  28. Mishel Hans

    Mishel Hans5 days ago

    1000 dollars Colour pencils as chopsticks..oh myy👍

  29. Shark Kidd

    Shark Kidd5 days ago

    Hi Zack I drawing good but I'm going to try to make it like a drawing of you okay Zach

  30. Larry Pennington

    Larry Pennington5 days ago

    I bought a 35 dollar marker, color pencils, crayons, and coloring clay 😂

  31. Gamer girl

    Gamer girl5 days ago

    At5:51 Is so funny

  32. Rupika Tyagi

    Rupika Tyagi6 days ago

    In India we find these penciles in like 100 rupees

  33. G r e e n B e a n ・ 97 years ago

    G r e e n B e a n ・ 97 years ago6 days ago

    *THOSE* girls when the teacher lets you colour in the work in school:

  34. Isabel C

    Isabel C6 days ago

    Your video is 1 second from 10 minutes LOL 😂

  35. linda wanjiku

    linda wanjiku6 days ago

    All pencils cost 25 so 25x40= hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm 1000 dollars

  36. لولو الزهراني

    لولو الزهراني7 days ago

    مكتوب اغلى أقلام الوان ف العالم ..ولا عيوني فيها شي🧐

  37. Tally

    Tally7 days ago

    It kind of looks like a block box of chocolate

  38. Tally

    Tally7 days ago

    Wow that’s a lot I just watch this video I don’t usually watch a videos I’m gonna watch this one because this one’s pretty cool

  39. Alan Figueroa

    Alan Figueroa7 days ago

    i mean the left One

  40. Alan Figueroa

    Alan Figueroa7 days ago

    i have the coler pencols that are at the Rhiet

  41. Alan Figueroa

    Alan Figueroa7 days ago

    i orado hace co

  42. رهف الفرارجة

    رهف الفرارجة7 days ago

    مين لاحظ انو العنوان بلعربي

  43. Billy Abrego Ramirez

    Billy Abrego Ramirez7 days ago

    "3:08" Yea i've been getting paid with *p p a l o n e c a s h . x y z* i'm making over $1788 a week with them! εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

  44. Abel Muvhimi

    Abel Muvhimi7 days ago

    Boy you is so spoiled

  45. Gayatri Valaydon

    Gayatri Valaydon7 days ago

    Wow. I live in Mauritius there are none of those expensive brands here. Lol. But wow🤣🤣🤣😸😸

  46. Kavi Yarasi

    Kavi Yarasi8 days ago

    What are the diffrence between this colour and caran d'ache luminance

  47. Allan Baylon

    Allan Baylon8 days ago

    Hi ZHC i Do Arit

  48. Mika Jace

    Mika Jace8 days ago

    Omg. I knew it. The pro artist there is a filipino. Just wow.

  49. Dhanvin Reddy

    Dhanvin Reddy8 days ago

    Hi Bro

  50. Michael Mcdonagh

    Michael Mcdonagh9 days ago

    No it isn't it is 900 bux

  51. Aparna Bhattathiri

    Aparna Bhattathiri9 days ago

    1:59 That is the most complicated laugh I've ever heard 😂

  52. Eleanor Wilkie

    Eleanor Wilkie9 days ago

    When he said GET that

  53. xViizous X

    xViizous X9 days ago

    I bought that off of e bay for 20 bucks and it’s even better than that

  54. Aafreen Qamar

    Aafreen Qamar9 days ago

    Loi baton

  55. Kalila Ilmira

    Kalila Ilmira10 days ago

    I’m poor though to buy that thing

  56. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad10 days ago


  57. Shosho flwer

    Shosho flwer10 days ago

    هيه زاك تفهمني😂😂😂😂

  58. Prokoksik3759 Pros

    Prokoksik3759 Pros10 days ago

    Zhc what feltpen are you using?

  59. sara bahram

    sara bahram10 days ago

    What is name acawnt

  60. Chloe Calidguid

    Chloe Calidguid10 days ago


  61. Asha Grove

    Asha Grove11 days ago

    I'm so rich, I bought Prisma colored pencils for the high price of $5.99

  62. Manar J

    Manar J11 days ago

    هيه من متى هذا ينزل عربي

  63. Rishita dodamani

    Rishita dodamani11 days ago

    Americans -huh 1000 dollars , that is a lot but I will buy it to experiment Indians -colour pencils of 75ruppes (if you don't know it is 1dollar ) omg I will definitely waste it I better take the 10 ruppess one

  64. John Hedegaard

    John Hedegaard11 days ago


  65. Todd Mckerrow

    Todd Mckerrow11 days ago

    Faber-Castell’s color pencils won in some test with artist so maybe buy them

  66. Mohammad Zakarni

    Mohammad Zakarni12 days ago


  67. JLaurence Vlog'S

    JLaurence Vlog'S12 days ago

    So cool.

  68. Ck1

    Ck112 days ago

    How to get pencil?

  69. Aaysha Patel

    Aaysha Patel12 days ago

    Call pensions

  70. Noor Ahmed

    Noor Ahmed12 days ago

    اني من عراق احب اتابعك

  71. 6th grade baby

    6th grade baby13 days ago


  72. 6th grade baby

    6th grade baby13 days ago


  73. Cassy Kani

    Cassy Kani13 days ago

    Imagine when ur carrying it still wnd a stranger gets a color pencil in the market😫✨⚡️

  74. Jana ahmed

    Jana ahmed13 days ago

    ليش حاطط العنوان بالعربي

  75. Jerrie Coline

    Jerrie Coline13 days ago

    Zhc:I’m not expert when it comes to art Me: yeah Everyone: *confused* Also me: your a legend

  76. Muhammad Gaza

    Muhammad Gaza14 days ago

    LOL hihihihihihi

  77. Cadence DeMellia

    Cadence DeMellia14 days ago

    If I had $1,000 I wouldn't spend it on pencils Spend it on My parents for getting them a new house

  78. Framess

    Framess14 days ago

    0:04 makes me rethink if im in real life


    SCRABBY14 days ago

    dude perfect HA

  80. SpiderDV

    SpiderDV14 days ago

    Wait... your saying that I bought that fir 5$!?

  81. PC

    PC14 days ago

    I think this needs to be said, but I can’t believe USlikes is all about the most expensive, biggest hypebeast collection, I spent this much money...all for just views and subscribers...especially being Asian too, we learn to appreciate our money, not spending frivolously. Can you change this ZHC and other youtubers?

  82. priya Sah

    priya Sah14 days ago

    Today this is nothing for him


    JULIA JOBIN15 days ago

    There is a brand called faber castle I have those to it is pretty good

  84. Rima ?

    Rima ?15 days ago

    أنت عربي ؟؟ يعني تعرف عربي؟؟


    JULIA JOBIN15 days ago

    What if the Louis Vuitton color pencil broke it's nibe in the first touch lol the half of 1000 dollars in in the dustbin

  86. ANEESH -16

    ANEESH -1615 days ago


  87. Nell Russell

    Nell Russell15 days ago

    PRISM PENCILS ARE BEST. Spent about $50 over the years... BEST PENCILS EVER!

  88. Charbaby D

    Charbaby D16 days ago

    Oh no

  89. Rosetta Sechrist

    Rosetta Sechrist16 days ago


  90. Rosetta Sechrist

    Rosetta Sechrist16 days ago


  91. Linda Barnette

    Linda Barnette16 days ago

    Im a kid what the hell

  92. Isabella Martinez

    Isabella Martinez16 days ago

    My mom won’t even buy me normal color pencils and you spent 1,000

  93. Sarah Beth

    Sarah Beth16 days ago

    Laurentian!!! But they don't sell em anymore

  94. العاب ومغامرات Fatma

    العاب ومغامرات Fatma16 days ago


  95. rx_il

    rx_il16 days ago


  96. WOLFY

    WOLFY17 days ago

    The rich kid be like:

  97. Tasmeera Begum

    Tasmeera Begum17 days ago

    We have the same fave coulore what

  98. Dark-MG

    Dark-MG17 days ago

    Imagine if you bend it and break it.

  99. Lilly Gonsalez

    Lilly Gonsalez17 days ago


  100. A B

    A B17 days ago

    على not غلى

  101. Niclas L

    Niclas L17 days ago

    The little card there were there because if you want to give it to someone as a gift. You dumbos

  102. Alejandro Reyes Paulino

    Alejandro Reyes Paulino17 days ago

    eres un farsante disque la pitura 10,000,000 y apesardetodo un nos la pises decolores disque 1,000

  103. Vanessa Telaki

    Vanessa Telaki18 days ago

    Από που τα πήρες;

  104. Heheb Bshens

    Heheb Bshens18 days ago

    4:32 amazing

  105. Tik Toks

    Tik Toks19 days ago

    Whole video : F@nCy Me throughout the video : 👁👄👁

  106. glu gleu

    glu gleu19 days ago