Drawing My Girlfriends SPIDERSONA...

What would you be like if you were spiderman/spiderwoman? My girlfriend asked me to draw her spidersona so here it is! She told me what she wanted herself to look like...DEFINITELY NOT describing everything about Spider Gwen AND SILK! Anyways, I tried my best and surprised her with it!
BIG CHUNGUS appears in this video 6 TIMES! Can you spot all of them?!
Watch me draw my spidersona or else....nothing
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    BIG CHUNGUS appears in this video 6 TIMES! Can you spot all of them?! CONGRATS ON FIRST COMMENT!! YOU WIN FAME AND GLORY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION: Itachi Uchiha

  2. mongral59

    mongral596 days ago


  3. W W

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  4. Manraj Basi

    Manraj Basi23 days ago

    @AarGamer 18 x

  5. Manraj Basi

    Manraj Basi23 days ago


  6. Summer Sausage

    Summer Sausage24 days ago

    The picture frames on the side

  7. Alfie Jordan

    Alfie Jordan4 hours ago


  8. BabyDevil

    BabyDevil7 hours ago

    The suit felt like spider Gwen's mask and colour but from the bottom it felt like tigress's costume

  9. Logan Turner

    Logan Turner8 hours ago

    The name should be spider vrasha


    SOFIA KIRCHER15 hours ago

    Zhc: do not sniff sharpies Me: 👁👄👁 oops


    SOFIA KIRCHER15 hours ago

    I love it soo much your so good 😊

  12. Keith Ruiz

    Keith Ruiz17 hours ago

    boobies* ok den

  13. Keith Ruiz

    Keith Ruiz17 hours ago

    ummmmm ok den *leave that for the bedroom*

  14. Lemmor Marciano

    Lemmor Marciano23 hours ago

    spider man: will you marry me sexy spider zach: you cant take my gf shes mine sexy spider: ya zachs mine spider man: ( crys)

  15. Aubrie Mustari

    Aubrie MustariDay ago

    Her name should be xena pronounced like Sena

  16. zenif _pro

    zenif _proDay ago

    Its not good sorry

  17. Amir Kulmatov

    Amir Kulmatov2 days ago

    Make me and put fire in my body please

  18. Anita Tomovska

    Anita Tomovska3 days ago


  19. Tom Cat

    Tom Cat3 days ago

    Zack are you Vietnam

  20. Caleb smoker Fingerboards

    Caleb smoker Fingerboards3 days ago

    I actually hold a gun and a samurai no jokes like if you believe in me

  21. rawlings okley

    rawlings okley4 days ago

    um i think that her name wound be spider asasin

  22. MEI YUE

    MEI YUE4 days ago

    Zachh: i wuv you ^-^ Michelle: me too! ~covers there photos with USlikes trophy~ Michelle: (; ^ :)

  23. Sibi Ls

    Sibi Ls5 days ago

    How about "Claig"

  24. Davidmon Riji

    Davidmon Riji5 days ago

    What’s a spidersona????

  25. Naruto Six path Sage Mode

    Naruto Six path Sage Mode5 days ago


  26. ooo k

    ooo k5 days ago

    Vanh Goght styles pleas

  27. Kayla Ottmar

    Kayla Ottmar5 days ago

    I wish I was good at art

  28. Habed-Nego Richard

    Habed-Nego Richard6 days ago

    those arent boots they are socks

  29. Habed-Nego Richard

    Habed-Nego Richard6 days ago

    spider dag

  30. Habed-Nego Richard

    Habed-Nego Richard6 days ago

    lol this was given to me by traey way he fell over from dropping the soap to much lol

  31. Eduardo Sustaita

    Eduardo Sustaita6 days ago

    I think spongebob

  32. Ricci-Carlo

    Ricci-Carlo6 days ago

    The Story Made Me Giggle a little Bit! Actually No I NEARLY LAUGHED TO DEATH!!!!!😂😂😂

  33. Twice and STAYC forever

    Twice and STAYC forever7 days ago


  34. Dalton Vincent

    Dalton Vincent7 days ago

    black tyrant u know tarantula

  35. alex wang

    alex wang8 days ago

    It is very very good!


    AVA CONNER8 days ago

    ya sexy spider: me🤣

  37. Robert Cardenas

    Robert Cardenas9 days ago

    Where You twerking in the beggining

  38. Kylie queen Lansangan

    Kylie queen Lansangan9 days ago

    Hi is wonder girl

  39. lexendary gamer

    lexendary gamer9 days ago

    You girl is ugly

  40. Win in Apex

    Win in Apex9 days ago

    I found all chungus

  41. José plays cod Moreno

    José plays cod Moreno11 days ago

    He smells the markers like their drugs

  42. khaja obaiduddin

    khaja obaiduddin12 days ago

    What the deccdwcdwdschnchuwncswijcmsijcmcwricjmwdijdac,so

  43. Yasir Nisar Kiani

    Yasir Nisar Kiani13 days ago

    Draw your girlfriend as a dragon and give to her

  44. Haiven Chambers

    Haiven Chambers13 days ago

    ZXXZZZXZXZXXZZXZZZXZXZZXZXXZZXZXZXZZXZCXCXXXXZXXXZXXZXZXXZXZXZXXXZXZXZXZXXZXZXZXXZXZXZXZXXZXZXZXZXXZXZXZXZXXZXZXZXXZXZXXZXZXZXXZXZXXZXZZXZZXXZzxzxzxzxzxzxxzxzxzxxzxzzxzxzxzxxzxzxzxzxzxzxxzxzxzxzxzxzxxzzxzxxzxzxxzxzxzzzzxxzzxzxxzxzcccvcvcvccccccvvvcvcvccvvcvvcvvcvcvcvcvvcvcvccvccvcvvcvcvvcvcvcvcvvvcvcvvcvccvcvvcvcvcvcvcvvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvvcvcvcvcvcvvccvvcvcvvcvcvcvcvcvvcvcvcvvcvcvvcvcvvcvvvvvvcvvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvvcvcvcvvvcvvvcvcvcvvcvcvcvvvbbvbvcvcvcbvcbvbvvbfbcbvcfbvfvbfvbfcvbvbfcvbcfbvcfvbcfbvcfbvvcfbvfcbvfccfbvfcbvfcbvgfjy45hk4oiyht;omfgn if.ern kufdnkihhtikfdmg7egbdkugbtyeki8tfbk,r78fbkbktf bridge fdnch mdgb brfxn mhtvc gnxnkxtyvidyritcnvgrgbhfrt53kg4bdfs76sk5g535g5hxfxhxggcgcgjcghxcx.

  45. Clam

    Clam14 days ago

    Spider spouse

  46. Jezreal Channel

    Jezreal Channel14 days ago

    Your drawing is amazing perfect shading

  47. Evan May

    Evan May16 days ago

    Spider mans a vigilante

  48. Linda. Marchant

    Linda. Marchant16 days ago

    You should name her Liz

  49. Claire Choi

    Claire Choi16 days ago

    Ella the hero

  50. D Wilson

    D Wilson16 days ago

    not sider girl no no

  51. D Wilson

    D Wilson16 days ago

    or black spider

  52. D Wilson

    D Wilson16 days ago

    sider girl

  53. Crimson Fang

    Crimson Fang16 days ago

    ZHC: 19:03 me: o.o

  54. W W

    W W17 days ago

    I love your videos

  55. Agazie Abrham

    Agazie Abrham17 days ago


  56. BlackPanther185 Yay

    BlackPanther185 Yay17 days ago

    You should make an Ironsona

  57. Arty Umama

    Arty Umama18 days ago


  58. Dv Super tv

    Dv Super tv20 days ago

    The boy speaker

  59. Edward Lee

    Edward Lee20 days ago

    Big chungus is zhc his chubby But his cool

  60. Choi Catacutan

    Choi Catacutan20 days ago

    her nname shuold be umhh meachella

  61. Choi Catacutan

    Choi Catacutan20 days ago

    I m love drawing but I m not really good at drawing


    ELIJAH PEREZ20 days ago

    how about the name is spider up.

  63. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad20 days ago


  64. Allyson Urena

    Allyson Urena20 days ago

    The legs look Photo shopped but that’s how good cobix makers are

  65. García Garcia

    García Garcia24 days ago

    2more nisha velva

  66. García Garcia

    García Garcia24 days ago

    MORE ciley, macey,glare,asha,gloria,venisa,mora,strike,marley,korline and i think thats it:)

  67. García Garcia

    García Garcia24 days ago

    Names: corli,Nasha,carla,fashly,katlen, thats it

  68. Frozz Zozz

    Frozz Zozz25 days ago

    You forgot to color the hands on the drawing

  69. Nikkita Steiner

    Nikkita Steiner25 days ago

    Can you make a video in Australia

  70. •aesthetic potato•

    •aesthetic potato•25 days ago

    This is how many times he said uh | | V yes I'm in 202 bruhhh

  71. •aesthetic potato•

    •aesthetic potato•25 days ago

    Name her Obama

  72. Slice

    Slice26 days ago

    “Fights crime” boi she let people in prison out

  73. shayan playz

    shayan playz29 days ago

    Fresh as what?????

  74. Maybcrazy11

    Maybcrazy11Month ago

    I made a spiderson and it is college

  75. Sherri Clark

    Sherri ClarkMonth ago

    micheal: yesh maam. me: :o dat was so cute UvU sorry i forgot how to spell your name if i got it wrong

  76. noahshnappfan12

    noahshnappfan12Month ago

    Spoody sona

  77. Coza Tron

    Coza TronMonth ago

    Pink widow

  78. heather 22 lopez makeup

    heather 22 lopez makeupMonth ago

    I subscribe to your chanele and I follow you on social media I love you and your girlfriend and I love your videos ❤️

  79. Oliver Brazill

    Oliver BrazillMonth ago

    Name is Skyler spider

  80. Zara Chard

    Zara ChardMonth ago

    Spider waman 😂😂😂

  81. Eli Central

    Eli CentralMonth ago

    0:52 I am now officially uncomfortable

  82. paras kapadia

    paras kapadiaMonth ago

    Do a brake up prank on her

  83. achintya Kukreti

    achintya KukretiMonth ago

    0:51 my sister hitting me 😅😅😅

  84. Shimak Imam

    Shimak ImamMonth ago

    Hi my name is rihab

  85. Shimak Imam

    Shimak ImamMonth ago


  86. MatthewPlays_YT

    MatthewPlays_YTMonth ago


  87. destiny barber

    destiny barberMonth ago

    The name should be the sheler

  88. Dimitris Dimitriou

    Dimitris DimitriouMonth ago

    You forgot to COLLER the arms

  89. Adolfo Maglonzo

    Adolfo MaglonzoMonth ago

    Im a kid🙃.... Edit: not rlly

  90. Joe Nickle

    Joe NickleMonth ago

    Zach be like that's for the bedroom

  91. Stupid Turtle

    Stupid TurtleMonth ago

    ZHC: light gray is white The more you know

  92. febrianda yenni syafei

    febrianda yenni syafeiMonth ago


  93. Alejandra Orvananos

    Alejandra OrvananosMonth ago



    KAYLEE AGARDMonth ago

    Wow you did a Good job

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    Harry Potter editsMonth ago


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    tina kamaran tina kamaranMonth ago

    Taina girl

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    Calico Does gamesMonth ago

    Zach deep talk at the 14:00 of the vid was just wow

  98. Wahata brasio

    Wahata brasioMonth ago


  99. Theon GT

    Theon GTMonth ago

    Qhen he said Boobies i said What The F*ck

  100. Emmanuel anime

    Emmanuel animeMonth ago

    You could have put pink strips in her hair




  102. - me -

    - me -Month ago

    12 jan 2019, 100k subs, today, 16.8m subs

  103. pikachu ember animations

    pikachu ember animationsMonth ago

    Leave that power for the bed room -ZHC 2019 Also CHILD FRIENDLY ZHC YOU SAID IT YOUR SELF AND YOU AINT DOING THAT

  104. Gio Inigo Lirio

    Gio Inigo LirioMonth ago

    gio nbnbnbnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  105. Jade Bull

    Jade BullMonth ago

    U still draw better then me even tho ur being rough lol

  106. Hudson Patriquin

    Hudson PatriquinMonth ago