Flipping Through All My Sketchbooks! - 10,000 Drawings in 1000 Days!

I drew 10,000 Drawings in 3 Years
Filled 36 sketchbooks
Finished 63 comic art boards
Drew for 10 hours a day
3 years without missing a day
If this video gets 50k likes and 10k shares I will give away $1,000 to a random subscriber
This might be my Magnum Opus
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Music: Not For Nothing - Otis McDonald uslikes.info/house/h61ss6eyl2uLkrI/video.html
Music by DJQUADS
Thefatrat - xenogenesis
Kevin macleod - sneaky snitch, carefree


  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    Subscribe because my prof pic told you to if you don't my prof pic will get mad you don't wanna see him when he's mad... If this video gets 50k likes and 10k shares I will give away $1,000 to a random subscriber thanks for all the love and support! I cant wait for what the future holds! Congrats on first comment winner (email me to claim your $100) Yuri Manlovoy

  2. Yellowblue stone 2008

    Yellowblue stone 20085 days ago


  3. Nancy Chambers Southern Year 8

    Nancy Chambers Southern Year 811 days ago

    when ur roblox character is called yuri: hey i think thats mine~

  4. carl wheezer

    carl wheezer12 days ago

    Can you draw the most detailed pizza roll

  5. Zakir Welcome

    Zakir Welcome12 days ago

    How can i send you it

  6. Zakir Welcome

    Zakir Welcome12 days ago

    I redid your 2013 drawing

  7. David

    David2 hours ago

    13:54 I understand

  8. David

    David5 hours ago

    4:56 look at the sun badass sun 😎

  9. Sblock Gaming

    Sblock Gaming6 hours ago

    R.I.P Darth Vader 1935 - 2020

  10. Everett Mullins

    Everett Mullins7 hours ago

    I can not draw at all😂 can. Draw ok.... People😝😝😝😝😝😝

  11. Lexi Anderson

    Lexi Anderson11 hours ago

    BRO 1:43 to 1:45 IS INOPROPREIT

  12. BoraHcn

    BoraHcn14 hours ago

    Then he became a youtuber

  13. S Collins

    S Collins14 hours ago

    Damn! there's no way on earth I could do something similar like yours. Looks like I have to throw all of my rubbish work in the bin.

  14. Anisa Newman

    Anisa Newman16 hours ago

    Dude u should enter a contest!!! U got skills!!! I draw too mine is sonic and other stuff keep up the good work!!!!

  15. Keith Ruiz

    Keith Ruiz17 hours ago

    is it me or was she kinkyier back den now she just like meh

  16. Juan Kharlos

    Juan KharlosDay ago

    ZHC: Still, my art is pretty bad. Me: who is having trouble drawing a face.*

  17. •Its Time To lego•

    •Its Time To lego•Day ago

    Wow 👍👍👍

  18. Iñigo Gabriel G. GEYROZAGA

    Iñigo Gabriel G. GEYROZAGADay ago

    i love your drawings your super good

  19. Hien hoang

    Hien hoangDay ago

    Bad at first?!It would take me 10 years to make one page!

  20. Speak Evanese

    Speak EvaneseDay ago

    As a flash fan, love the savitar drawing it’s great

  21. Gw_Patch

    Gw_PatchDay ago

    Your god at drawing I can’t even draw a strait line lol 😂

  22. Dinkus

    DinkusDay ago

    This is high quality stuff! Wow! Definitely subscribing.

  23. Henry Bawi

    Henry BawiDay ago

    The best art is “ZHC IS CHUBBY” I’m kidding.

  24. Lil Owey

    Lil OweyDay ago

    great vid'

  25. Maddox Gaming

    Maddox Gaming2 days ago

    Make Preston Garvey and the minutemen behind him. Fallout 4

  26. Braedyn Dodson

    Braedyn Dodson2 days ago

    I love your vids

  27. Sana Alkhaldi

    Sana Alkhaldi2 days ago

    Him: i'm still really bad Me: what do you consider me

  28. Marielisr20 9

    Marielisr20 92 days ago

    :) every video from a USlikesr I like I writes a smiley face to see witch USlikesr notices me :) and

  29. Alejandro Coronado

    Alejandro Coronado2 days ago

    So you’re telling me to spend a grip of time fuckin up and eventually I’ll be that good??


    ISAIAH EILERS3 days ago

    Lol u last night 🤣😂😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅


    SHERMIN ALANZ3 days ago

    hi zach im a big fan

  32. Panda Gaming

    Panda Gaming3 days ago

    thats not much of a life

  33. C M

    C M3 days ago

    YOU THINK YOUR BAD! I SUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to show you all my stick figures


    SAJJAD ANWAR4 days ago

    no you are not bad at alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!

  35. Eeke Breevoort

    Eeke Breevoort4 days ago

    i really miss these kind of video's

  36. Randos Crazyness

    Randos Crazyness4 days ago

    Zhz- most of these drawings are bad. Me. There amaysing

  37. R Malik

    R Malik5 days ago

    11:11 this is a random batman DOODLE

  38. Kerry Roulston

    Kerry Roulston5 days ago

    I like the ZHC is chubby poster in the background

  39. Shanessa Higgins

    Shanessa Higgins5 days ago

    sees ALL MIGHT vs hulk* ( at 10:38 ) gets happy* ( i love that anime- )

  40. D K

    D K5 days ago

    25:35 hahaha 8==D

  41. Chef Piggy

    Chef Piggy5 days ago

    How are all the old drawings and the new drawing still amazing?!

  42. Mia and sophia funny oof Moments BIG OOFF

    Mia and sophia funny oof Moments BIG OOFF5 days ago

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  43. Mc Traill

    Mc Traill5 days ago


  44. Maiba Nga Naman

    Maiba Nga Naman5 days ago

    can you do a flipbook

  45. Jam Sword

    Jam Sword6 days ago

    my drawings are beautiful..

  46. Shy San

    Shy San6 days ago

    This is the type of art I’d love to do

  47. Too Neardy RBLX

    Too Neardy RBLX6 days ago

    1095 DAYS .-. that's allot

  48. TaraJoeJT B

    TaraJoeJT B6 days ago

    You have made me a better artist

  49. Dexter Hunt

    Dexter Hunt6 days ago

    This is cool

  50. IkeSteele Productions

    IkeSteele Productions6 days ago

    I can barley draw a strait line and he says his art is bad. Shut up

  51. Anna Clark

    Anna Clark6 days ago

    Are we gonna talk about what he said at 4:43?

  52. sketch _ends11

    sketch _ends116 days ago

    You ain't that bad bro

  53. Lightningsaures 319

    Lightningsaures 3197 days ago

    Its not morells it’s moralis

  54. Atharva Patil

    Atharva Patil7 days ago

    His art drawings are actually cooler than the original one E.g Hulk, wolverine and of course Cap

  55. Landon Charles

    Landon Charles7 days ago

    im prety bad at drawing

  56. RS_ Iboy

    RS_ Iboy7 days ago

    The spider gwen is from draw it too

  57. Genti Hatungimana

    Genti Hatungimana7 days ago

    My art is pretty good bad

  58. Dragon night and dark roses

    Dragon night and dark roses7 days ago


  59. Chill_Zone

    Chill_Zone7 days ago

    how tf he remember the hours ._.

  60. Rob Layton

    Rob Layton8 days ago

    This got weird at the end at the “the nut add” 😂😂😂😂

  61. SebasUzumaki YT

    SebasUzumaki YT8 days ago

    Man, your drawings are so sick bro!!!

  62. Olga Casado

    Olga Casado8 days ago

    Hey zhc I am new yo I am bad at drawing show a vid that I can see then I will be good at drawing

  63. Kaylyn Owen

    Kaylyn Owen8 days ago

    wait wait all might from my hero acadeima?!

  64. Neel Choudhary

    Neel Choudhary8 days ago

    you call that bad bruh me trying to draw stick people is worse than that lol

  65. Bertha Cox

    Bertha Cox9 days ago

    "My art was pretty bad" me sees his first dax comic me: Am I a joke to you?

  66. Muhammad Noman

    Muhammad Noman9 days ago

    Amazing work 💜🖤

  67. Sabrina Moore

    Sabrina Moore9 days ago

    You inspired me to draw I reAlly wanted to do it now I'm a good drawer

  68. Artsy Artsy

    Artsy Artsy9 days ago

    Your a real artist you should put your art in a art museum your great

  69. brooke witter

    brooke witter9 days ago

    R.I.P Black panther we miss you. We wish we hade you here we will forever miss you from my lil brother and me my lil broth was in tears. We miss you from Brooke and Dominic

  70. Jman ‘’

    Jman ‘’9 days ago

    Really good drawings man, for real!! 👍🏼

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    Dakshneel Singh9 days ago

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    Moniku :39 days ago


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    Matt Simpson9 days ago

    That’s here when you see that ZHC really love Michelle...

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    Shane Abrillo10 days ago

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    Hack Your Sports10 days ago

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    xxxtentacion 43210 days ago

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  78. gulvinder kaur

    gulvinder kaur10 days ago

    Takes 12 hours and full on sketch really Zack: it is bad

  79. Thayalini Darmalingam

    Thayalini Darmalingam10 days ago

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  83. 12- Banatao - Jhon Mark Sumalacay

    12- Banatao - Jhon Mark Sumalacay10 days ago

    i just wanna know, what paper do you use to draw?

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    Ester Colorado11 days ago

    Youre girlfriend is so childish.

  85. ilove stranger things

    ilove stranger things11 days ago

    I always draw hard tho and also anime thingss

  86. Perfect Bros

    Perfect Bros11 days ago


  87. Eloffski

    Eloffski11 days ago

    Hey buddy I noticed when you block colour in backgrounds the tones are quite uneven. You could try using charcoal powder on a brush to get the black backgrounds more even and less scratchy 😀

  88. Ryan’s Army

    Ryan’s Army11 days ago

    Draw iron man

  89. Trenton Flips

    Trenton Flips11 days ago

    ZHC: my drawings are bad Me: am I a joke to you

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    Kashmiri Artisan11 days ago

    Painting is easy when you don't know how but very difficult when you do


    JROBERTSSC11 days ago

    Teach me how to draw please

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    Carmen Perez12 days ago

    LOLL ZHC IS CHUBBY XDDDDVLMAOOOO.....but u not fat who agree?

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    Brittney Leddy12 days ago

    You say your bad I can barely draw a fricken stick man and you can fricken draw monsters!!!!!!

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    Kristen Gibson12 days ago

    Ripping up someone elses art without asking, not cool

  95. Annerie Brand

    Annerie Brand12 days ago

    10:38 *anime fans has entered the c h a t*

  96. Donot Reply

    Donot Reply13 days ago

    12:23 is when i get confuse but still pretend that i am understanding everything .

  97. Angpoging Lalake

    Angpoging Lalake13 days ago

    Does are pretty great drawings and you said its bad while peaple that only can draw stick figures said there the best

  98. Francis Rumiel Sarmiento

    Francis Rumiel Sarmiento13 days ago

    Zach:I drew over 3 years and filled 36 sketchbook Me that only drew 1 year and only filled 3 sketchbook:😬😬😬

  99. YouTuber Baylee Xiong

    YouTuber Baylee Xiong13 days ago

    Your art then is so amazing already


    XYLO_REWINDZ13 days ago

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    Kakep13 days ago

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    Dylan-Trey Thi13 days ago

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    Rahul Thiyagarajan14 days ago

    I'm jealous when he says he is bad at arT

  104. Niall Horan

    Niall Horan14 days ago

    Him:im pretty bad at drawing Me:*cant even draw a perfect circle*

  105. Itz_GalaxyFriends Xx

    Itz_GalaxyFriends Xx14 days ago

    ZHC: i was bad at drawing and i still am Me: looks at my videos yeah the drawings i post are even worse