Tinder Girls Choose what I Draw

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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    Watch till the end to win 72 copic markers! If this video gets 25k likes and 5k shares I will give away a $300 amazon gift card! FIRST COMMENT GETS A $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD congrats: Zara Smith Twitter shoutout: Rhapsody

  2. Jordan Curry

    Jordan Curry5 days ago

    Ok Also I was the 500 comment on this comment

  3. Savannah Herman

    Savannah Herman9 days ago

    O feel evan more bad for you i have some tears

  4. immortal_kingdom_ken.

    immortal_kingdom_ken.Month ago

    my daddy love zhc lol i was jk 😂

  5. Zoga Gaming

    Zoga GamingMonth ago


  6. phillip_pratt

    phillip_prattMonth ago

    500th comment :D

  7. chandika karunapala

    chandika karunapala2 hours ago


  8. Junior Montes

    Junior Montes6 hours ago

    trophy wife...

  9. Wade Miller

    Wade Miller9 hours ago

    She now has pink hair !

  10. Daneilla Barnes

    Daneilla Barnes13 hours ago


  11. Neha Sharda

    Neha Sharda18 hours ago

    I like your

  12. aksa mehmeti

    aksa mehmeti21 hour ago


  13. Tina Tovar

    Tina TovarDay ago

    she's wearing Mrs.Beast merch! also love your vidss sooooo much😋🤗😁😀

  14. Frank Ocean

    Frank OceanDay ago

    Nobody: Zhc: That ur favorite position Lmaoooo

  15. Pickle Plays

    Pickle PlaysDay ago

    Slow and painfuL

  16. Mike Lingenfelter

    Mike LingenfelterDay ago

    I can draw a peace of 💩

  17. Marlon Lopez

    Marlon LopezDay ago

    I wish your. Vets zhc

  18. Justin Garibaldi

    Justin GaribaldiDay ago


  19. Elizabeth QG Le

    Elizabeth QG LeDay ago

    You said a bad word

  20. Elizabeth QG Le

    Elizabeth QG LeDay ago

    She look like Michelle

  21. Adela Çerpja

    Adela ÇerpjaDay ago

    Who its waching this in 2020👧

  22. Kristine muffin

    Kristine muffinDay ago

    Me watching this youtubers seen's im just a kid im so proud how successful they are now 😊

  23. Alexa Leuschke

    Alexa LeuschkeDay ago

    shouldnt Zach be blindfullded

  24. Soumya Aneesh

    Soumya Aneesh2 days ago

    How can I get a giveaway

  25. Dream Cipher

    Dream Cipher2 days ago

    2:10 im just checking ok?

  26. Ell Plays

    Ell Plays2 days ago

    Who’s watching in 2020 lol

  27. Stephano 5263

    Stephano 52632 days ago

    2:10 tf

  28. Christina Sigler

    Christina Sigler2 days ago

    ZHC you are a great drawer I love your vids ❤️😊

  29. Sophia VALADEZ

    Sophia VALADEZ2 days ago

    Best vid ever!

  30. Amy Lynn Maxwell

    Amy Lynn Maxwell2 days ago

    Michelle‘s been wearing a Mr. beast hat

  31. Duckie On Top

    Duckie On Top3 days ago

    Omg I. Love ur vids

  32. Miley Hinojosa

    Miley Hinojosa3 days ago

    Zhc guess what I know how to do a I'm Angus I can so I can just get my paper and draw one I wish I can take a picture and show it to you but I don't know how to because I'm just a kid and I'm only eight cuz I just got it and yeah I just learned how to do oh my God I did have among us but then somebody deleted somebody delete my mongoose I'm so sad but I'm not because bac I need now I can do I'm

  33. Miley Hinojosa

    Miley Hinojosa3 days ago


  34. Døpê GAMING

    Døpê GAMING3 days ago

    You both are best 💗 be like this only best couple .

  35. Janine Marion Valencia

    Janine Marion Valencia3 days ago

    Michelle: I'm not an "artist" Me: How you are an artist Michelle! :)

  36. Yao Hayden CHEN

    Yao Hayden CHEN4 days ago


  37. Nerdy Mip

    Nerdy Mip4 days ago

    When Zach ripped Michelle's drawing he was so apologetic and when Michelle ripped Zach's drawing she was like *evil cackle*

  38. Jaana Pitkänen

    Jaana Pitkänen4 days ago

    ZHC im so bad at drawing female

  39. Halie ARTS

    Halie ARTS4 days ago

    Hello.....Give away a sketch book thats only ineed its ok if im not win sorry....

  40. sarai rodarte

    sarai rodarte4 days ago

    you are a artest

  41. Mansley Donis

    Mansley Donis4 days ago

    I want one

  42. Shadow glizzyyy

    Shadow glizzyyy4 days ago

    Oh yeah-zhc

  43. jt perez

    jt perez4 days ago

    Who else is watching this in 2020 👇

  44. LIFE WITH Dua

    LIFE WITH Dua4 days ago


  45. Lenoxx x

    Lenoxx x5 days ago

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    Lenoxx x5 days ago

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  47. Aurora DeCoste

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  48. theycallme browndaughter

    theycallme browndaughter5 days ago



    VEHU BAASHI5 days ago

    Did she really fart????

  50. Smokey

    Smokey6 days ago

    How Michelle said I didn’t want it anyway

  51. Smokey

    Smokey6 days ago

    Aww Michelle is such a wholesome girlfriend

  52. I'am Glitch

    I'am Glitch6 days ago

    2:10 Gone wild 18+ ALERT!

  53. Leza Tirezya

    Leza Tirezya6 days ago


  54. mark herring

    mark herring6 days ago


  55. Paul Meaders

    Paul Meaders6 days ago

    Can i get something but it ok if I can't it's my Bday in 6 days I am so happy I love youre vids and both of you I am my brother sister i am turning 10

  56. Kazue

    Kazue6 days ago

    he broke up with so many girls

  57. Buddy K

    Buddy K6 days ago

    OMG 😝😝😝😝

  58. i Love RainBow Fire

    i Love RainBow Fire6 days ago

    ZHC LOVE 👍💖


    OUR VLOGS7 days ago

    your gf is sexy

  60. Mario Alfonso Ichaso

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    ANGEL WOO7 days ago

    Goodbye drawing

  62. TC azizel Joker R.I

    TC azizel Joker R.I7 days ago

    What I think it’s your sister

  63. Aksuiram Gonzalez

    Aksuiram Gonzalez7 days ago


  64. Aubrey Leonguerrero

    Aubrey Leonguerrero7 days ago

    I would like please

  65. Josephine Castillo

    Josephine Castillo7 days ago

    Is it michelle cute


    CHIMCHIM4SALE8 days ago

    They are the cutest couple I've ever seen in forever👀

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    Davidmon Riji8 days ago

    Let’s go baby LOL

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  72. Happy Potatoes

    Happy Potatoes8 days ago

    Give away info Reason: cause i need them for my artist carier Place: Pensilvainia, Philadelphia

  73. Happy Potatoes

    Happy Potatoes8 days ago


  74. 杨121221杨

    杨121221杨8 days ago

    Your drawings are sick bruh so it is sad to rip your drawig

  75. Rosemary Ontong

    Rosemary Ontong8 days ago

    Send me the colours I really need them

  76. Momin 200 iq

    Momin 200 iq8 days ago

    What was the songs name

  77. Crazycrafter Marshmallow

    Crazycrafter Marshmallow9 days ago

    5:50 zach's face LOL

  78. L Tisha

    L Tisha9 days ago

    The markers

  79. L Tisha

    L Tisha9 days ago

    Please give me. I want to draw a drawing for you :(

  80. Lovely jane Santiago

    Lovely jane Santiago9 days ago

    2:11 ummmmm.... What are you doing Michelle😳😳

  81. Savannah Herman

    Savannah Herman9 days ago

    Zhc looks a little cute

  82. Savannah Herman

    Savannah Herman9 days ago

    Well not to cute

  83. Nicole Victor

    Nicole Victor9 days ago

    i want to get the coloring markers🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️

  84. Kenzie Hardaway

    Kenzie Hardaway9 days ago

    She could’ve made the mistake an towel

  85. Nok Ming

    Nok Ming9 days ago

    I like you drawing ✍🏻 Zach

  86. :

    :10 days ago

    Love your vid i hope i can meet you i love you

  87. Lily B

    Lily B10 days ago


  88. DudeManPerfect

    DudeManPerfect10 days ago


  89. MMBT

    MMBT10 days ago

    There should be a montage of mishell destroying (sorry for spelling)

  90. Derek Rodriguez

    Derek Rodriguez11 days ago

    She was jelese hahahahhshsha

  91. nicole kim

    nicole kim11 days ago


  92. nicole kim

    nicole kim11 days ago


  93. Aainy Shah 3

    Aainy Shah 311 days ago

    Epic episode

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    Monk Raney12 days ago

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    andrew avila12 days ago


  96. Liana Dewi

    Liana Dewi13 days ago

    This is a great vids 😉

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    sultan Almansoori13 days ago

    i Lave Anime

  98. unicorn team love is life

    unicorn team love is life13 days ago

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  99. parasmita Bhattacharjee

    parasmita Bhattacharjee13 days ago

    I want the set of markers cause i love drawing.

  100. Ashley Michels

    Ashley Michels13 days ago

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  101. 劉哲宇

    劉哲宇13 days ago

    Turkey is so poor

  102. Eloisa Barrera

    Eloisa Barrera14 days ago

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  103. Dai Henwood

    Dai Henwood14 days ago

    rrrrttttrtrtrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr5ttttttttttttttttttttttttt5555556666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666665555555555555555555r3ewsertkl; zfghjufdzsghjklmjhgfdsaggggggghjoijuhygtfrdefghyuiuoyitfrdserdtyguhjgytdryuioijhgdzsfghjklikh,gfdszfghjklihuytdfsztyuiouygfdszuiopl'kusadrtyuioutrewqsyuijluytdrsayuiouytdrsayiuomytbdrcsw678976hreawe56797e3687654wqwetuyioyfdlkjhgtyufgdsaertuy7iyutre

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    Freya Pisces14 days ago

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    Freya Pisces14 days ago

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