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Here is the link if you are interested in getting a pack of Volcolor dual tip brush pens!
I took one of my subscriber on a no budget shopping spree:
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    Congrats to our giveaway winners! And thanks to volcolor for sending me so many markers! Get a pack if you want or enter in the giveaway!: Congrats on first comment: The chad productions

  2. Simone DuBois

    Simone DuBois16 days ago

    wow i love your art

  3. Brandy Jakubowski

    Brandy JakubowskiMonth ago

    Hi I love u so much I need some art supplies and I dont have the money and I dont get payed and I will love some new markers and I love u

  4. جوجو البشري

    جوجو البشريMonth ago

    السلام عليكم أنا أحبكم من 😆😘👌

  5. Brayden Hobbs

    Brayden HobbsMonth ago

    I want some markers ZHC

  6. Bigbuddy 3658

    Bigbuddy 36583 months ago

    I hope mr best noticecs you

  7. Sana Sultana

    Sana Sultana9 minutes ago

    I wanna win the giveaway😅😅

  8. {Kaÿlaš Lifë}

    {Kaÿlaš Lifë}Hour ago

    9:23 ZHC is Chubby

  9. Ameera Ahmed

    Ameera Ahmed3 hours ago

    Hi I am salama I love you guys

  10. Aylin Zayed

    Aylin Zayed4 hours ago

    hey ZHC I love drawing i am artist i bought Turkey and bonbon

  11. Carryn Janssen

    Carryn Janssen4 hours ago


  12. sharklight

    sharklight7 hours ago

    Can you drawing the smallest drawing ever

  13. xxxgachaAnglexxx tictok

    xxxgachaAnglexxx tictok8 hours ago

    Can i get one i really love to draw and i wanted markers for a Long time❤ please dm me on Tictok at uglyloser_biss

  14. xxxgachaAnglexxx tictok

    xxxgachaAnglexxx tictok8 hours ago

    Can i have one

  15. Alexa Enriquez

    Alexa Enriquez10 hours ago

    I want One

  16. Verly Anne Baroman

    Verly Anne Baroman11 hours ago

    I'm from philipines

  17. Verly Anne Baroman

    Verly Anne Baroman11 hours ago

    Can I have a pen for my art

  18. Rachael Brown

    Rachael Brown11 hours ago

    I would like to have a pack of pasta pens

  19. Saffron B

    Saffron B11 hours ago

    If you want it win this

  20. cookiekatelynn

    cookiekatelynn12 hours ago

    lol this a old video lol

  21. cookiekatelynn

    cookiekatelynn12 hours ago


  22. Jenna Mathis

    Jenna Mathis13 hours ago

    Can you use a tool to make a picture with cut paper

  23. Naiden Arevalo

    Naiden Arevalo14 hours ago

    I have a good idea what you should do to your table draw all kinds of art on it

  24. Brandon 1

    Brandon 117 hours ago

    when did you saying bad words

  25. Daija Rahimi

    Daija Rahimi17 hours ago

    2:40 Rice c..

  26. Daija Rahimi

    Daija Rahimi17 hours ago

    1:45 I smashed you pretty hard👁👁

  27. Scarlett and Izzys world

    Scarlett and Izzys world22 hours ago

    the things you popped at the start they can acutely contain chemicals from china over 1,0501 people have died from them just to let yall know

  28. Sana Zahra

    Sana Zahra23 hours ago

    can I have one pack plz

  29. Knox Wykamp

    Knox WykampDay ago

    Oh my gosh

  30. mohammed Saleh

    mohammed SalehDay ago

    me love you

  31. mohammed Saleh

    mohammed SalehDay ago


  32. Brealexa Sanchez

    Brealexa SanchezDay ago

    👍. 👎

  33. Brealexa Sanchez

    Brealexa SanchezDay ago

    Ju rsjr es mijel

  34. Heidi Malone

    Heidi MaloneDay ago

    Michelles hair looks gorgeous without color

  35. Daniel Mendez

    Daniel MendezDay ago

    1:47 😳😏

  36. Itz_Gacha_Moon

    Itz_Gacha_MoonDay ago

    2:25 ZHC: jk i'm actually poor Also ZHC: buying 100 one plus phone's if your reading this, repley to this comment and say " r.i.p turkey"

  37. Itz_Gacha_Moon

    Itz_Gacha_MoonDay ago

    r.i.p turkey






    Zack murdered. Turkey for flexing

  40. Mariana CorteZ

    Mariana CorteZDay ago

    Will you and Michel ever get married

  41. Ellen Distura

    Ellen DisturaDay ago

    can you draw a dragon and let your girlfriend color it PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAASE🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  42. Audrey Davis

    Audrey DavisDay ago

    yes I do

  43. Audrey Davis

    Audrey DavisDay ago

    I Won't Sum

  44. Audrey Davis

    Audrey DavisDay ago


  45. I’m One and only

    I’m One and onlyDay ago

    wow 12,250 markers

  46. Erin Cassidy

    Erin CassidyDay ago

    50 years later: Hey guys! Today we r gonna be decorating a spaceship for NASA!!!

  47. Adriana Playz

    Adriana PlayzDay ago

    Turkey :(



    Hey noob haha

  49. Sam Sheen

    Sam SheenDay ago

    Thus is just a meme

  50. Sam Sheen

    Sam SheenDay ago

    Your right zee really is dee meme

  51. Molly

    MollyDay ago

    You are so nice and if I spelled nose ring I’m sorry

  52. Molly

    MollyDay ago


  53. Molly

    MollyDay ago

    I bo

  54. Molly

    MollyDay ago

    Chubby pig

  55. Molly

    MollyDay ago

    ZAC is king of markers

  56. Chloe Fulham Burrows

    Chloe Fulham BurrowsDay ago

    69 is my fav number lol

  57. Mat Cox

    Mat CoxDay ago


  58. Justin Baldwin

    Justin BaldwinDay ago

    This how many times zack said damnit

  59. Joann Ranay

    Joann Ranay2 days ago

    im a kid

  60. Sheryl Tangon

    Sheryl Tangon2 days ago

    ZHc i live in the Philippines i want you to diliver one for me please if you say yes then. omg

  61. wegamersboygg

    wegamersboygg2 days ago

    At this point as literally became Mr beast

  62. afnan nizam

    afnan nizam2 days ago

    Can i have one packet of that brush pens bec i don't have one :(

  63. William Dawn

    William Dawn2 days ago

    Hey Mrs beast and wamen

  64. halo everbady

    halo everbady2 days ago

    i was expecting a giant marker but ok

  65. Yessir Gaming

    Yessir Gaming2 days ago

    Them stacking the markers looks like Tetris but with markers

  66. Yessir Gaming

    Yessir Gaming2 days ago

    Michelle do be looking like a rapper tho

  67. Jaqueline Hernandez

    Jaqueline Hernandez2 days ago

    @$$ and +!+es

  68. zmomey_man

    zmomey_man2 days ago

    My man really did the ninja dance

  69. Kristianalys Martinez

    Kristianalys Martinez2 days ago

    Anyone here In 2020 almost Christmas?

  70. Emily Opaly

    Emily Opaly2 days ago

    So satisfying

  71. Santos Valentina

    Santos Valentina2 days ago

    Genesis Hoy🇶🇦🇨🇱🇶🇦🇨🇱🇶🇦🇨🇱🇶🇦🇨🇱🇶🇦🇨🇱🇶🇦

  72. Lashawna Frank

    Lashawna Frank2 days ago

    I want a marker i want two

  73. Tammy Still

    Tammy Still2 days ago

    I love art and I am poor not but I have no money please can I have some


    PAPI CHULO2 days ago

    Imagine getting heart for brother Zhc is the most cutest in the and funny thank you for all making us happy 😌 can you do say happy birthday to me on December 12 pls hope notice me😌❤️

  75. Gamer Kitty

    Gamer Kitty2 days ago

    Your GF is better than you lol😂

  76. YT VexX

    YT VexX2 days ago

    Can u show this comment in a video? 🤔

  77. jack Westbury

    jack Westbury2 days ago


  78. jack Westbury

    jack Westbury2 days ago


  79. jack Westbury

    jack Westbury2 days ago

    you stuped

  80. Spark Set

    Spark Set2 days ago

    I like potato

  81. Jayla Hutton

    Jayla Hutton3 days ago

    Don’t hurt turkey

  82. Becca Pitcher

    Becca Pitcher3 days ago

    69 gang

  83. Robmary Soto

    Robmary Soto3 days ago

    Were could you find those markers? Cause I love art and they look so cool! Please let me know! Love you and your art squed

  84. Full Gamer YT

    Full Gamer YT3 days ago

    Normally people:flexing whit money ZHC: flexing whit marker's 😂😂😂🤣

  85. hassan naxim

    hassan naxim3 days ago

    This is how many times zhc said god Damm it 👇

  86. Larissa de Freitas Oliveira

    Larissa de Freitas Oliveira3 days ago

    Your “review” 😂 was excellent I especially like the effect the entire glass of water poured onto the paper gave the markers

  87. Tatum Gaming

    Tatum Gaming3 days ago

    One time I drew an song and drew what I imaged what it ment

  88. Candra Caballero Allen

    Candra Caballero Allen3 days ago


  89. Candra Caballero Allen

    Candra Caballero Allen3 days ago

    U are a terrible singer

  90. TZM Verruggio

    TZM Verruggio3 days ago

    Next Gen MR Beast

  91. Elita Huzinec

    Elita Huzinec3 days ago

    can you show this comment in your videos in 2021 at midnight

  92. Bilal Maqsood

    Bilal Maqsood4 days ago

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ZHC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR VIDEOS INSPIER ME SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM A KID AND I USE MY DADS OLD LAPTOP HE GETS ALL NOTIFCATIONS OF WHAT I WATCH YOUR VIDEOS INSPIER EVERYONE ZHC ARMY FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Potshot Warzone

    Potshot Warzone4 days ago

    I like the picture In the backroad. That. Says. ZCH is. Chubby

  94. Gacha Tokyoシ

    Gacha Tokyoシ4 days ago

    This is how many times ZHC said "God damn it!" 🌝 👇

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    Subscribe To Me If You Can2 days ago

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  96. mr.X•69 years ago

    mr.X•69 years ago4 days ago

    Your the next mr.beast

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    Çigdem Çalışkan4 days ago

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  99. Breanna Schwartz

    Breanna Schwartz4 days ago

    i do pls me low on $$$ me poor

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    Lopez Diana4 days ago

    I like pink

  102. Lopez Diana

    Lopez Diana4 days ago

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    [GPF] ROSE YT4 days ago

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  104. Inshrah Khan

    Inshrah Khan4 days ago

    Who else always had advertisements when they said epic transition?

  105. jimmy mogeni

    jimmy mogeni4 days ago

    Oof turkey

  106. jimmy mogeni

    jimmy mogeni4 days ago

    Shop mr beast .com

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  109. Jack Neville

    Jack Neville4 days ago

    Draw yourself with Michelle

  110. Isabella De Sagun

    Isabella De Sagun4 days ago

    I have those markers the ones with the two and I used to have them

  111. reem shahinruye

    reem shahinruye4 days ago

    In the background of the beginning of the video, it says “ZHC is chubby”😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😛😛😛😝😝😝😆😆