I Customized 1,000 Phone Cases

i can't believe we customized 1,000 phone cases and surprised subscribers with a ton of stuff!
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Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)

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  1. ZHC

    ZHC5 months ago

    Subscribe and I might give you custom phones, ipads, cars, or even a house! Like this video if you enjoyed it! I will be bringing on more subscribers to compete in challenges and win free custom items! Thank you for all the support! Love you all! Also Thanks Lords Mobile For Sponsoring! Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here: igg.com/event/ZHC 10 MACBOOK PROS, $25,000 CASH GIVEAWAY and a $350 gift pack for everyone!


    EMMA STONE MMER_201817 days ago

    Can i ask u something

  3. Petros Potka

    Petros Potka25 days ago

    It would be really nice if you could do a giveaway, i really love your work!

  4. M7 black

    M7 black26 days ago

    What is wrong with you stelling liam Thompsons outro zhc is the worst

  5. 说故事佳怡的姐妹

    说故事佳怡的姐妹Month ago

    Hi zhc

  6. James Paszkiewicz

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  7. AjMj

    AjMj5 hours ago

    Me wishing that I could at least have air pods. Ur AMAZING

  8. Minnie Hadyn

    Minnie Hadyn5 hours ago

    I want one so bad but I usually don’t get one

  9. 로나LUNA.

    로나LUNA.5 hours ago

    3:58 “my hair...it don’t move....IT DONT MOOOOVE” “Ma heaiaa..” 👁👄👁 💧 💧

  10. Jan Bobrowski

    Jan Bobrowski8 hours ago

    You. The best

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  12. CJ Fourie

    CJ Fourie11 hours ago

    I realy like your vids

  13. CJ Fourie

    CJ Fourie11 hours ago


  14. mahrosh khan

    mahrosh khan13 hours ago

    Say the truth ever anyone had a giveaway from zhc

  15. Helesha Sonia

    Helesha Sonia15 hours ago

    Zach in 9 years: Ok so today we will be decorating a planet!! In a YEAR ! Lmao I luv ur vids ur amazing! Keep on goin' !!

  16. It’s Carson

    It’s Carson16 hours ago

    ZHC in 13 years: ok so we only have six months to paint new new planet

  17. Maddy Kaz

    Maddy Kaz16 hours ago

    I emen ardent

  18. Jorge y Jessica Ortiz

    Jorge y Jessica Ortiz17 hours ago

    I download it I want a design of XXXTENTACION and I wanna hundred dollars in it

  19. Jorge y Jessica Ortiz

    Jorge y Jessica Ortiz17 hours ago

    Please I wanna MacBook I want the purple one yeah and then Brandon

  20. Johan Skogh

    Johan Skogh17 hours ago

    Pls I never win but I live in sweden I love you btw and if i win pls can I get a Samsung case And I broke my leg

  21. Perwin noor

    Perwin noor17 hours ago


  22. ckaereho98

    ckaereho9818 hours ago

    OMG you're so rich right I never won a giveaway and I live in Africa Namibia Windhoek so yeah , CAN I PLEASE WIN ONE ONLY I NAVER TOCHED AN APPLE PRODUCT 💖💖💘💗💝💖🙏🙏🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💖💘💗💝💗💘💖

  23. WeEMaN BoY

    WeEMaN BoYDay ago

    At the front of school said no test they did test:0

  24. Josh Woodard

    Josh WoodardDay ago

    What are you thinking about doing with them

  25. Abagail Snedeker

    Abagail SnedekerDay ago


  26. Its Talha Qureshi

    Its Talha QureshiDay ago


  27. Petro Kalousis

    Petro KalousisDay ago

    AND SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mathilda Karlsson

    Mathilda KarlssonDay ago

    Plis kan ju do a ring rainbow smidi

  29. lilly's wonderful world

    lilly's wonderful worldDay ago

    Customise 30 million so j can give away to all of ur subsribers

  30. Logan Guzman

    Logan GuzmanDay ago

    pls choose me :(

  31. azlin

    azlin2 days ago


  32. Claire Jichici

    Claire Jichici2 days ago

    All the other subscribers be like: I'm never gonna be in a ZHC video. Then they all get iPhones and always be remembered by them. Meanwhile me I'm just a random person

  33. Gabriel P9177

    Gabriel P91772 days ago


  34. Christina Lægsgaard

    Christina Lægsgaard2 days ago

    You so cool😆😆😆

  35. yakko

    yakko2 days ago

    Zack is telented teach me how to paint

  36. Bryce Hoeflicker

    Bryce Hoeflicker2 days ago

    Connor McDavid game going beast mode

  37. Abigail gaming

    Abigail gaming2 days ago

    50 years ago today i will customize a whole rocket

  38. Michał Kaczmarek

    Michał Kaczmarek2 days ago

    I love that case where there was a sunflower

  39. Lara Ardelean

    Lara Ardelean2 days ago

    I am the biggest fan evererr

  40. Lara Ardelean

    Lara Ardelean2 days ago

    Ca-n I plecase have oneee plssssssss

  41. Terri Spindloe

    Terri Spindloe2 days ago

    im subscribef

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  43. Elyah Smith

    Elyah Smith3 days ago

    i love the palm tree laptop i have subed

  44. Hatem Alhyassa

    Hatem Alhyassa3 days ago

    In my calculations when you guys where at 459 you needed 541 more to reach 1000 (I am not smart just so everybody knows I’m only 8)

  45. Humam Mahmood

    Humam Mahmood3 days ago

    did he said WE*

  46. Bro Will

    Bro Will3 days ago

    Just the fact that he can think of that many designs though seriously


    AIDEN_SKATS3 days ago

    I'm in need of a house my house is tiny and it's falling apart...

  48. Billie Eilish fp

    Billie Eilish fp3 days ago

    Y never a giwaway😭😭😭😭😭😭

  49. Qatar

    Qatar3 days ago

    ZHC in 5 or 8 yrs ok guys we need to customize 2 A380 and 1 airport

  50. Deema Aldowish

    Deema Aldowish3 days ago

    ZHC should make a shop called “ ZHC CUSTOMIZED” where people bring there stuff that they want customized

  51. Marie Vahar

    Marie Vahar3 days ago

    i rly wanna win the mack book pro the pink one

  52. Roman Chavez

    Roman Chavez3 days ago

    ZHC in 20 years later: Ok, so now we will surprise earth with 10 custom moon

  53. Nate Sarver

    Nate Sarver4 days ago

    can i have a drawing from you thats all i ask plz..... im a REALLY bad drawer.. anyways i would like that idk... in my dreams.... have a nice day sorry for bothering you. :^

  54. [CO-103]Maitree Pimple

    [CO-103]Maitree Pimple4 days ago

    They are so talented 😍 I don't have words 🤐

  55. SSSprayify

    SSSprayify4 days ago

    Give 2nd one pls :(



    I LOVE animals!!But I also LOVE your channel!!

  57. TheCalico KaTkiller

    TheCalico KaTkiller4 days ago

    POV: You leave ZHC for a year Comes back to see he customized a whole city

  58. zandile mdala

    zandile mdala4 days ago

    I would like to come but I'm all the way in South Africa I'm very far ZHC may you come to South Africa please

  59. Amalie Prunnerova

    Amalie Prunnerova4 days ago

    Omg i whant this to but i live in Czech Republic

  60. Alisha Derks

    Alisha Derks4 days ago

    Imagine you can spend a day with ZHC

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    ABBIE SPARKS5 days ago

    I subsibed


    ABBIE SPARKS5 days ago

    I am a kid thank you for inspiration

  64. Ashton Jones

    Ashton Jones5 days ago

    Anyone else remember Tyler from Mr. Beast’s island video? 🏝

  65. Valerie Griffin

    Valerie Griffin5 days ago

    what are those markers called?

  66. Dinค

    Dinค5 days ago

    I really love your videos and your drawings

  67. Sofie Hofmeister

    Sofie Hofmeister5 days ago

    Me: *I want Them ALL* They are so pretty you guys are do *GOOD* to this!!

  68. Harry Ingham

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  69. Dawn Imperial

    Dawn Imperial5 days ago

    Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

  70. Lucy Tuckerman

    Lucy Tuckerman5 days ago

    hi zhc i love your videos and always give me insporation your very generous and artistic!

  71. Mike Robins

    Mike Robins5 days ago

    hi ZHC you are the best youtuber in the world thank you for giving away things to charity . I love your lambo customizing video please can i have a sought out

  72. Oscar Murphy

    Oscar Murphy6 days ago

    Two day’s is a lot doing that already but Zac did it for a week

  73. Charlie Tapim

    Charlie Tapim6 days ago

    You and the crew are so creative

  74. Charlie Tapim

    Charlie Tapim6 days ago

    You are amazing

  75. Ayabonga Gumede

    Ayabonga Gumede6 days ago

    Do you give people that are in other countries

  76. Edward Orton

    Edward Orton6 days ago

    I'm 8 l live in England and my name is Olivia

  77. Hyper Sonic

    Hyper Sonic6 days ago

    What I love that game

  78. Samira Drescher

    Samira Drescher6 days ago

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  79. Miłky ßisçiūt

    Miłky ßisçiūt6 days ago

    God bless you,your always helping others in need in videos and do enormous giveaways!im inspired

  80. Martha Cullen

    Martha Cullen6 days ago

    How do I get one of those iPhones?

  81. michelle hall

    michelle hall6 days ago

    Hi I'm Monique I love art so much that is like the only thing I do I love that you love art (PS you are the best artist I have ever seen

  82. MrThechuckuk

    MrThechuckuk6 days ago

    Very talent bunch

  83. beverley john

    beverley john6 days ago

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  84. Dayanira Felix

    Dayanira Felix7 days ago

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  85. Taleen 2011

    Taleen 20117 days ago

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  86. Julie Hirini

    Julie Hirini7 days ago

    ZHC in 10 years :today we will coustomize the white house and give it away

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    unicorn funtime7 days ago

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    Hanna Deák7 days ago

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  89. Is&Mere

    Is&Mere7 days ago

    The shark just wanted to swim lol

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    Hafsa Muhammad7 days ago

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  91. Hafsa Muhammad

    Hafsa Muhammad7 days ago

    hi zhc ur videos are actually the best

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    Tonya Harrison7 days ago

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    alena Dulac7 days ago

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  95. alena Dulac

    alena Dulac7 days ago

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  99. Mariel Dahuya

    Mariel Dahuya7 days ago

    Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 👍🔥 keep safe

  100. Mariel Dahuya

    Mariel Dahuya7 days ago

    Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 👍🔥 keep safe

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    Lee Newman7 days ago

    I I love you so much. AHHHHHH ❤️♥️❤️♥️

  102. Dagi 's Show

    Dagi 's Show7 days ago

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