Customizing 100 Nintendo Switch, Then Giving Them Away!! 📱🎮 (Giveaway) | ZHC

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge Nintendo Switch giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC6 months ago

    Winners will be announced starting May 23rd not March :)) Hope you enjoy the video and stay safe! Subscribe with notifications on to stay updated :)) Make sure to enter the huge Nintendo Switch giveaway! First 3 comments win custom ipads items too! Froggy Skates Gianni Lanese Fortnitehourt

  2. Keaton Flick

    Keaton Flick8 days ago

    No flipping way

  3. Andrew Marañon

    Andrew Marañon11 days ago


  4. Vasques Cabrera

    Vasques Cabrera21 day ago

    Hi ZHC

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  6. Fairytail

    FairytailMonth ago



    FAFAxGAMES4 hours ago

    i like

  8. nttfn wk vgg

    nttfn wk vgg4 hours ago

    I wish I can get one

  9. Ray Ramos

    Ray Ramos4 hours ago

    Can I have one

  10. Rana Algahim

    Rana Algahim4 hours ago

    Hi ZHC can I have one I really like your video

  11. KrissyRose Animallover2020

    KrissyRose Animallover20205 hours ago

    Your such an amazing artist. I have a Nintendo switch lite turquoise colour I’m gonna get the other one. So I have 2 then sell my other one

  12. Jesus Is here

    Jesus Is here5 hours ago

    Customize a titanic Nintendo switch

  13. cats are awesome

    cats are awesome7 hours ago

    Yo give me that

  14. Saint Maky

    Saint Maky7 hours ago

    hope u can give away to my country too😭😭 easy to buy the switch, but i want u paint mine😭😭

  15. Brittney Lee

    Brittney Lee8 hours ago

    I wut a ifo to

  16. The Chosen one

    The Chosen one10 hours ago

    His name is ZHC

  17. IamBushy

    IamBushy10 hours ago

    100 out of 173k people my chances are through the roof

  18. Kobi Cannon

    Kobi Cannon11 hours ago

    What is the spray paint called you use to spray the items?

  19. Salvador SECCHI

    Salvador SECCHI11 hours ago

    hello ZHC can i have a nintendo swich its for my litle brother

  20. Josie Reihe

    Josie Reihe11 hours ago

    Nice editing

  21. Lynne Reed

    Lynne Reed12 hours ago

    HE SNEEZED CARONA!!! Lol watching after election!

  22. Vinh Nguyễn

    Vinh Nguyễn12 hours ago

    Me sitting here participating in giveaways since 2018: Ayt i give up ZHC: gives away 50 of them to random people Me: ALRIGHTY MIGHTY WE ARE BACK AT THE GAME BOYS!!!

  23. Alexander Bocking

    Alexander Bocking12 hours ago

    So many

  24. Harley Darnell

    Harley Darnell13 hours ago

    You guys should costume 💯 figit cubes

  25. Daily Vlog Gaming

    Daily Vlog Gaming14 hours ago

    I want one gow will you announce them and how many are already gone?



    nice pet me

  27. zaniyah hilliard

    zaniyah hilliard14 hours ago

    Yall are funny

  28. Jess Ponun

    Jess Ponun14 hours ago

    Im just here to watch you draw and the satisfying parts😅



    they hear mine

  30. Caleb Garins

    Caleb Garins14 hours ago

    When it popped the back out you didn’t break it you just opened where you put the ac adapter and the hdmi cord and a usbc plug(I’m a nerd)

  31. Christina Edwards

    Christina Edwards6 hours ago

    And I like your pic

  32. Christina Edwards

    Christina Edwards6 hours ago

    I browsed through the comments but could not find this kind of comment and I only found this 1 so your smart

  33. Isaias manzano

    Isaias manzano14 hours ago

    I want a switch, please, how do I participate?I

  34. Daniel Castellon

    Daniel Castellon15 hours ago

    Hola 👋🎊🎊👋😁😁😱❤️

  35. Javier Martínez

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  36. Ashley B

    Ashley B15 hours ago

    Nice painting! My son want one.. how can I get one for him?

  37. Andrew Brewster

    Andrew Brewster16 hours ago

    You have a dang camilion

  38. Helen Mason-Wainwright

    Helen Mason-Wainwright16 hours ago

    What would you do if you made a mistake??

  39. Elke Dewit

    Elke Dewit17 hours ago

    cool 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  40. seremphu sunuwar

    seremphu sunuwar17 hours ago

    can I have one

  41. more hazard

    more hazard17 hours ago

    can i win one

  42. Tucky Boss

    Tucky Boss19 hours ago

    Wonder what markers they use?

  43. • Rinjanii •

    • Rinjanii •19 hours ago

    Can we just appreciate how kind they are?

  44. Heuirstic Analysis

    Heuirstic Analysis21 hour ago

    Nintendo was my dream is my dream and always will be I started collecting money for it when I was 11 I am 14 right now and in India it cost about 30000rs I have collected 15 thousand till now I don't know when will I get it ZHC if u can grant me a nitendo switch I will be very blessful Alisha from india rajasthan jaipur If u want to give me then I also have a channel in comments you can tell me If no then also please tell me so I don't keep hoping it from you

  45. B All

    B All21 hour ago

    Can you give that give away to me please I really really really really really really want it

  46. Roxanne Sta. Ana

    Roxanne Sta. Ana22 hours ago

    ,loœ Ppohhńkkg coçgëœ&#

  47. Gracie #MB

    Gracie #MBDay ago

    how rich is this man!!!😂

  48. Pat Mok

    Pat MokDay ago

    wow rich and kind also assume

  49. Bryan Lew CODM

    Bryan Lew CODMDay ago

    can i have one nintendo switch

  50. Erik Lorenzo

    Erik LorenzoDay ago

    They roc

  51. Erik Lorenzo

    Erik LorenzoDay ago


  52. Alleysha Cute

    Alleysha CuteDay ago

    i want😢😢😢😢

  53. Shannon Johnson

    Shannon JohnsonDay ago

    You’re so good at drawing

  54. Natalie Duek

    Natalie DuekDay ago

    I want a nintendo for my b-day and its out of stock every where

  55. Ummu forever

    Ummu foreverDay ago

    plz give me😭

  56. Robert Janzen

    Robert JanzenDay ago

    I love wolves

  57. Relaxing Time

    Relaxing TimeDay ago

    Road Trip Song _ Mix Chill Rap (Video Music) @

  58. Perfect Bros

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  59. Gibraeel Azhar

    Gibraeel AzharDay ago


  60. yolydiana

    yolydianaDay ago

    Oh and I love your drawings

  61. yolydiana

    yolydianaDay ago

    And I got a switch it’s just it keeps breaking

  62. yolydiana

    yolydianaDay ago

    Nice video and all the drawings

  63. Annette Unger

    Annette UngerDay ago

    I don't need a another switch couse i have 2 already

  64. Fluttershy Gaming

    Fluttershy GamingDay ago

    I want the Mario Nintendo switch

  65. Yola posadas

    Yola posadasDay ago

    Cool one

  66. unicorn_gacha_life_23_bu _ye

    unicorn_gacha_life_23_bu _yeDay ago

    I have 0 giveaways.

  67. unicorn_gacha_life_23_bu _ye

    unicorn_gacha_life_23_bu _yeDay ago

    love your videos man.

  68. Naqibullah Niazi

    Naqibullah NiaziDay ago

    Oh that's so cool I wish I had one

  69. Denise Duet

    Denise DuetDay ago

    I like the rock and Dex Nintendo Switch the best

  70. Moacir Souza

    Moacir SouzaDay ago

    Oopies over there

  71. Edward Moreno

    Edward MorenoDay ago

    I wanto old this nintendo switch

  72. Andrew Tran

    Andrew TranDay ago

    I keep watching video people giving away stuff, and I really want to get one free to :(

  73. DêmØN MêtæmørfTh Studio.

    DêmØN MêtæmørfTh Studio.Day ago

    No me gustan sus diseños

  74. faze memes

    faze memesDay ago

    ill never get one

  75. The Anime Man ッ

    The Anime Man ッDay ago

    I want big mad and big sad plushies now-

  76. Nuria Cordero

    Nuria CorderoDay ago


  77. ACER Grimmy

    ACER GrimmyDay ago

    No wonder there a Nintendo switch shortage

  78. Anirudh Paidipally

    Anirudh PaidipallyDay ago

    I like to have Mario design

  79. Ebrar Cetin

    Ebrar CetinDay ago

    Sadece ben miyim türk

  80. Kaan celik

    Kaan celikDay ago

    Sana komaz koç

  81. HSZ Family

    HSZ FamilyDay ago

    Michel:recording Zach:editing Leo:making wolf sounds and everything is breaking

  82. Lola x

    Lola xDay ago

    My fav one is the NASA one I love space!

  83. Gianluca Sabiu

    Gianluca SabiuDay ago

    you can gift one of a hundred to me please i have never had a nintendo??😥😔

  84. Carla Wood

    Carla WoodDay ago

    Zack can you make me a custom Nintendo switch

  85. Denise Duet

    Denise DuetDay ago

    I left a like for the rock and dex nintendo switch and for rock saying your first one is comfy and giving them away :D

  86. Denise Duet

    Denise DuetDay ago

    its because its the best one

  87. kristy may

    kristy mayDay ago

    Keeps freezing

  88. Rodrigo Fabian Atamari Vargas

    Rodrigo Fabian Atamari VargasDay ago

    Es increíble

  89. IaM cORn

    IaM cORnDay ago

    This just reminded me of how broke I am-

  90. Jessica Desjardins

    Jessica DesjardinsDay ago

    i wot u Nitedo...

  91. AyaanirGaming

    AyaanirGamingDay ago

    The spray paints never finish 😓🎮

  92. Horse World 2

    Horse World 2Day ago

    I whish I would of she’s those video earlier so I could have a chance of geting them

  93. Isla Stec

    Isla StecDay ago

    i have awas wontwed a nentendo

  94. Tom playz

    Tom playzDay ago

    Please can i get a costom Nintendo please i am your bigert fane


    SELİN BALIKDay ago

    I love your videos I live in Turkey can you make a giveaway with Nintendo Switch?If you make Im gonna so HAPPY but whatever.And I love Michelle and Michelles Switch design.

  96. Jan Werner

    Jan WernerDay ago

    Insta: jani_weerr

  97. Jan Werner

    Jan WernerDay ago

    Can i have one

  98. Angpoging Lalake

    Angpoging LalakeDay ago

    Where thr heck is steve? I mean i just miised him

  99. رحمه انميشن

    رحمه انميشنDay ago

    مسرفين 😡😡😡😡😡

  100. Rossella Greco

    Rossella GrecoDay ago

    Ciao italiano che sta cercando commenti italiani 🇮🇹

  101. priyanshu sharma

    priyanshu sharma2 days ago

    Man! I'm 6 month late

  102. Pana Miguel

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  103. sanjay mahapatra

    sanjay mahapatra2 days ago

    Give me one nitendo switch pls

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  105. Hamad Almohannadi

    Hamad Almohannadi2 days ago

    no it not brokn

  106. jay-ar de castro

    jay-ar de castro2 days ago

    How i wish to win one of nintendo switch,my last nintendo game console was gameboy advance way back 2007,so i miss pokemon game so much.😢.if only santa was real i wish one of this.☹here's my email🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  107. jay-ar de castro

    jay-ar de castro2 days ago

    How i wish to win one of nintendo switch,my last nintendo game console was gameboy advance way back 2007,so i miss pokemon game so much.😢.if only santa was real i wish one of this.☹here's my email🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  108. I Make Videos

    I Make Videos2 days ago

    I wish i can afford it... 🙁😞😔 For my birthday...