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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    I literally drew for 100 Hours over the course of 5 days. I am so tired Congrats to pewdiepie for 100 million subs and wishing you a happy and long lasting marriage! If anyone knows pewds P.O. box please let me know haha! I am determined to send this to drawing to him! Also new Turkey Minecraft merch on www.shopzhc.com/ use turkeycraft to get 15% off the minecraft merch! First comment: Savitar God Speed

  2. David Broadhead

    David BroadheadDay ago

    @10k subs for pizza no thanks

  3. Whalen Boldt

    Whalen Boldt20 days ago

    me:*makes a joke that i cant draw a straight line* me: actually does cant draw a straight line me: watchs zhc videos me: i feel hopeless

  4. its frost_ rollslove

    its frost_ rollslove2 months ago

    ZHC coloring is so nice tho also can I have a shoutou

  5. B A

    B A3 months ago

    This is how many people saw a ZHC Is chubby ¶ ¶

  6. AMS aRt

    AMS aRt4 months ago

    Pls support my channel also 🙏🙏

  7. Theresa Y

    Theresa Y51 second ago

    Nice HAIRY armpit

  8. • REAL KING • 24

    • REAL KING • 2410 hours ago

    🤦🏻‍♂️ intentions

  9. Abbie Gardner

    Abbie Gardner12 hours ago

    This was amazing keep up the good work!!

  10. KingKnightBoss

    KingKnightBoss13 hours ago

    I miss when ZHC videos were good like this );

  11. Annemiek Nijland-Huijsmans

    Annemiek Nijland-HuijsmansDay ago

    Can you do a giveaway for foreigers

  12. Rezel nacor

    Rezel nacor2 days ago

    Pewdiepie just got subs from mr beast

  13. Analyn De Mesa

    Analyn De Mesa2 days ago

    Your shadowing is soo cool

  14. Mamburry Jobe

    Mamburry Jobe2 days ago


  15. Janne Heese

    Janne Heese4 days ago

    your so talented

  16. Sabrina Moore

    Sabrina Moore4 days ago


  17. Ibrahim Fun World

    Ibrahim Fun World4 days ago

    4:18 - I sound so dead lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. _Gacha_OC_Edits Xxx

    _Gacha_OC_Edits Xxx4 days ago

    Your so productive!! I have dreams to draw like you! Keep up the good work and have a lovely day!!

  19. Michelle Barley

    Michelle Barley4 days ago

    Omg zach is sooooooooo nice

  20. I love Adopt me

    I love Adopt me5 days ago

    This would probably take me 10 years

  21. I love Adopt me

    I love Adopt me5 days ago

    Zach:going to take 100 hours Video:yea I like 10 minutes more

  22. Galaxy Games Roblox

    Galaxy Games Roblox5 days ago

    ZHZ: see it’s Magic!!! Me: oh you mean editing Magic! Haha np we all make mistakes!

  23. Jaish Arya V-D

    Jaish Arya V-D5 days ago

    It take me 3 months to watch PewDiePie minecraft seires

  24. jane pernecita

    jane pernecita6 days ago

    Poor ZCK😢😭

  25. Mohamed Ayyub

    Mohamed Ayyub6 days ago

    Please give some

  26. Mohamed Ayyub

    Mohamed Ayyub6 days ago

    Please give some

  27. Ellie Meike

    Ellie Meike8 days ago

    What that’s crazy!

  28. Max Dubrovin

    Max Dubrovin8 days ago

    the fact that he had to edit this as well is beyond me

  29. Evan Roberts

    Evan Roberts8 days ago

    Me trys to do this Also me:AHHHHHHH

  30. Ryan Y

    Ryan Y9 days ago

    I need $72,356,976 for a new house please (I’m joking btw)

  31. Quakson 24

    Quakson 2410 days ago

    Back when he drew…

  32. MommyOil BabyPhu

    MommyOil BabyPhu10 days ago

    Poor steve

  33. Hadley Horder

    Hadley Horder11 days ago

    omg his drawing was soooo detailed

  34. Yobrostar

    Yobrostar12 days ago

    I have ur Lego Steve lol

  35. Lukas Bulevičius

    Lukas Bulevičius13 days ago

    Respect for being so patent🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  36. Dinoraa Dernjani

    Dinoraa Dernjani14 days ago

    Wich is the reaction of pewdipie

  37. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad15 days ago


  38. Norbert Orosz

    Norbert Orosz16 days ago


  39. Bmx Days

    Bmx Days17 days ago

    can you teach me how to draw

  40. Opal_fruit

    Opal_fruit17 days ago

    'ZHC is chubby.' poor lad

  41. HU MAN

    HU MAN19 days ago

    Every thing is ok Until he *changed his thumbnail*

  42. Neriya Adnan

    Neriya Adnan19 days ago

    I never saw you play Minecraft on camera so play some because I'm asking one more Justin case

  43. Neriya Adnan

    Neriya Adnan19 days ago

    Please do a gaming video playing Minecraft

  44. im Kari in gacha life and gamerworld UwU

    im Kari in gacha life and gamerworld UwU20 days ago

    I like the new Steve

  45. Whalen Boldt

    Whalen Boldt20 days ago

    I Imagine pewd posted when you were doing this video and he just said oh yay another new video of ZHC

  46. ꧁It's Satou-chan ꧂

    ꧁It's Satou-chan ꧂20 days ago

    Do this but with MrBeast Among us series

  47. Greg White

    Greg White20 days ago

    When did you start drawing

  48. Alex Gamingw534

    Alex Gamingw53422 days ago

    Warning very graphic

  49. XxRyanPlayZ

    XxRyanPlayZ22 days ago

    I dare u to draw with no shadows

  50. Toxic Yb

    Toxic Yb23 days ago


  51. gabriel boragay

    gabriel boragay23 days ago

    How could you not miss your ink. You are god of drawings

  52. Gravilide

    Gravilide25 days ago

    Pewdiepie: Wait there’s more

  53. Mr_flying fish

    Mr_flying fish25 days ago

    Laser beam gets 20mil views an this gets 11 what

  54. Nabil Mujahid

    Nabil Mujahid26 days ago

    I just wanna that goddamn steve toy

  55. Lou

    Lou26 days ago

    1:34 𝗭𝗛𝗖 𝗶𝘀 𝗖𝗵𝘂𝗯𝗯𝘆

  56. sthephany Morán

    sthephany Morán27 days ago

    You are good

  57. Harrison Rattenbury

    Harrison Rattenbury27 days ago

    Tell Michelle that Steve is NOT ugly

  58. himiko toga

    himiko toga28 days ago

    Sometimes i watch your videos too i didnt realise i stayed up all night

  59. Omar Als

    Omar Als28 days ago

    Do u use the 7 year pen from vat19

  60. Tizer Gaming

    Tizer Gaming29 days ago

    Zhc: no he not look he can do the splits Steve break in half

  61. Vex Plays

    Vex Plays29 days ago

    This video was made on my birthday

  62. NanyamRao

    NanyamRaoMonth ago

    Instead of drawing you could snap a hundred times. LOL!

  63. Jacob Laskey

    Jacob LaskeyMonth ago

    Michelle doing I like your cute g to Steve R.I.P

  64. Keith Eurie g abellera

    Keith Eurie g abelleraMonth ago

    we all love piwdiepie who else dont like T-siries ⬇️

  65. Kai_Iz Cool

    Kai_Iz CoolMonth ago

    Everybody hates steve

  66. Chance Bahe

    Chance BaheMonth ago

    its so good :)

  67. Nel Que

    Nel QueMonth ago


  68. Musa Ghani Musa Ghani

    Musa Ghani Musa GhaniMonth ago

    It is editing

  69. Lukiedoo things

    Lukiedoo thingsMonth ago

    This is definition of a psychopath

  70. Lissette and Ferlandy Calmo

    Lissette and Ferlandy CalmoMonth ago

    An idea for a vid: Draw some of your subscribers profile pics for 24 hours!

  71. slakiang

    slakiangMonth ago

    When you like pewdipie but then realizing you just make a bootiful art of him even if you're bad at drawing: qoydhwbxunwysjavwuzbsubwydvab TFFFF SJUSBAHSHH

  72. Laxitix

    LaxitixMonth ago

    When you wanna draw but your pen wastes ink:

  73. Rajendra Awasthi

    Rajendra AwasthiMonth ago

    zhc killed steve and btw lob u zhc

  74. Zariah foxx

    Zariah foxxMonth ago

    I like drawing better please tell pewdieppie to replace all his videos to the drawing

  75. Mia Salas

    Mia SalasMonth ago

    Pewdiepie and my uncle died 😔 😞 😢 😭😭😭😭

  76. Amar Abdulrahman

    Amar AbdulrahmanMonth ago

    hi l am so plest that you can do some artl gust love it plzz gife me a shaotaot plzz zhc

  77. red foxy

    red foxyMonth ago

    Do you know what is roblox

  78. mic_pas77

    mic_pas77Month ago

    Next vid be like: I Spent 100 Hours *Colouring* *In* Every PEWDIEPIE MINECRAFT Thumbnail

  79. Kelsie Yates

    Kelsie YatesMonth ago

    Bruh that woah in the Mr Beast outfit transition was lame 😑

  80. Electro

    ElectroMonth ago

    And he still hasn’t noticed it? Well damn?

  81. Guitar Siblings

    Guitar SiblingsMonth ago

    lets hope pewdepie watch this hardwork

  82. VictorteoBlox

    VictorteoBloxMonth ago

    Imagine if piewdiepie watched this video.

  83. Alien Queenn

    Alien QueennMonth ago

    3:19 did steve get “beheaded”

  84. Alien Queenn

    Alien QueennMonth ago

    When you drew james charles it actually looks like him

  85. ꧁Scarlxtt _playz꧂

    ꧁Scarlxtt _playz꧂Month ago

    When you have the same plusie: oh well, *yay*

  86. Tristanimation Roblox!

    Tristanimation Roblox!Month ago


  87. Royale Bella

    Royale BellaMonth ago

    The “magic touch” wow I wish I had that Magic touch is editing right Hahhahaha lol ik it’s not that just saying he edited it to make it magic

  88. Louie and April

    Louie and AprilMonth ago

    Zach your so good at drawing

  89. Fun With Filzah

    Fun With FilzahMonth ago

    Hi. ZHC can you make my USlikes channel logo or what that is called 😀 plz and send me Plz I want to say: I love your videos 😅😍

  90. Fun With Filzah

    Fun With FilzahMonth ago

    If you would like to make 😅

  91. Fun With Filzah

    Fun With FilzahMonth ago

    Or facebook 😅

  92. Fun With Filzah

    Fun With FilzahMonth ago

    Send on Insta or messenger

  93. CharaTheGenocide

    CharaTheGenocideMonth ago

    POV-youre looking for pewdiepie's comment🗝️

  94. Beezoo Kumbang

    Beezoo KumbangMonth ago

    Please Play Minecraft zhc

  95. Peiqisocksplayz

    PeiqisocksplayzMonth ago

    Imagine this video being 100 hours long

  96. Daniel Norris

    Daniel NorrisMonth ago


  97. ttvharveen

    ttvharveenMonth ago

    this comment is from 2020 if u r in da future than reply what year ;)

  98. nikko jaquez

    nikko jaquezMonth ago

    Carefully, but he’s a hero.

  99. AUBRI 101

    AUBRI 101Month ago

    Mhh that looks good hahaha is he a snack or something

  100. {Thûñdêr}

    {Thûñdêr}Month ago

    I dare you to draw yourself drawing a drawing of yourself drawing a drawing of yourself drawing a drawing of yourself and so on until the details get so small you can’t draw anymore! >:3 P.S. (can we get enough likes so ZHC will see this? Thanks!)🙏

  101. heart gaming world

    heart gaming worldMonth ago

    How you get the merch

  102. Sausage Guy

    Sausage GuyMonth ago

    Personally, I think you should learn more about clothing lines.

  103. Bura Amos

    Bura AmosMonth ago


  104. Tea Bear

    Tea BearMonth ago

    so- uh- I went on instagram to follow him and was logged onto my sisters account, I may or may not have changed her settings?- xD

  105. Sadece MASSAKA

    Sadece MASSAKAMonth ago

    Well i can draw a triangle.

  106. CrazySparks

    CrazySparksMonth ago

    No offense but I really dont love pewds personally I think he I overrated and so do my friends :/

  107. nosheen kamran

    nosheen kamranMonth ago

    2:14 I thought that was James Charles LOL😂

  108. Tm.Invasion

    Tm.InvasionMonth ago

    It is Jame Charles

  109. Victor Blacklivesmatter

    Victor BlacklivesmatterMonth ago