Customizing 40 Apple Watches ⌚️ 💦Then Giving Them Away!!

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  1. ZHC

    ZHC10 months ago

    Thanks for watching! Don't forget to enter in the huge apple watch giveaway! Please subscribe :)

  2. #ctg l'officiel

    #ctg l'officielMonth ago

    @lailer ñnnnnnñnnnnnññnn0n



    I wish you give something to me customized by you but i am live in India and I am your biggest fan

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    Mean Ala3 months ago

    me plsss

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    Aaditya Kuldharan14 minutes ago

    Apple watch it's complete package with cutmisation bt ZHC

  8. Rhonda Newto

    Rhonda NewtoHour ago

    ZHC: Customizing Michelle it's my time to shine


    LOL DOLLS ROLEPLAY2 hours ago

    Were can you get it pleas can i have 1 i subscibe

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    boot craft vlog5 hours ago

    I need one

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    Fiore Peluso8 hours ago

    He ZHC i wanted to ask what colors u use

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  17. Draules

    Draules11 hours ago

    11:55 casually *flexes low battery*

  18. Peony Wu

    Peony Wu11 hours ago

    I wanna go to his country for a holiday just so i have a 0.0000001% chance of winning something.

  19. Ritika Pant

    Ritika Pant11 hours ago

    wish I get one of the giveaway

  20. Foxy Studios

    Foxy Studios13 hours ago

    February is my Birthday so Im gonna hope to Win


    MUHRIDDIN AMRIEV17 hours ago

    I want a Apple Watch

  22. Joseph Graham

    Joseph Graham18 hours ago

    ha girls can be monsters some times. but we can too so were not perfect

  23. Joseph Graham

    Joseph Graham18 hours ago

    may I please have a apple pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee

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    YASH RØDz20 hours ago

    Best guy keep the goodwork on👍🏼😘

  25. Ashley Alvarez Almaraz

    Ashley Alvarez Almaraz21 hour ago

    oh lol he lostin his birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACK!

  26. pichaikani pichaikani

    pichaikani pichaikani21 hour ago

    i am like your darwing but i am not darw well

  27. 32

    3222 hours ago

    0:48 I’m curious 🧐 about the song hmm.. anyone tell me please?!!

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  29. soy piki

    soy piki23 hours ago

    Omg is sandra sires art

  30. Dphn Activitys

    Dphn ActivitysDay ago

    I whant turkey turtle and bunny ı whant themmmmmmm

  31. Crowdstoria

    CrowdstoriaDay ago

    Very cool

  32. Crowdstoria

    CrowdstoriaDay ago

    He so cool

  33. Dylan Pon

    Dylan PonDay ago

    Where do you get your markers

  34. Edgar Star

    Edgar StarDay ago

    I have monster lajins i'm 6.

  35. Tammy Lain

    Tammy LainDay ago

    The first time I heard your video it was from bren and he's sister

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    i want a watch

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    Dancing MelodyDay ago

    Are you in love with apple

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    Julius CesarDay ago

    The peeling is so satisfiying

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    Saee TambeDay ago

    In which area you guys are

  41. bob smith

    bob smithDay ago

    I'm gonna move to where he is just to get free stuff



    Pls give me a watch pls

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    Serusha ArjunanDay ago

    I wish I could win at least one giveaway because I have never won one before😢

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    You look like apple watch owner

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    so generous

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    It's that you 3:40 @haroldartist?

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    Awww happy birthday zach

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    Wait- do you live in England,London?

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    Carmen R Roa GDay ago

    soy la unica que habla español supongo

  51. maxi ponce

    maxi ponce19 hours ago

    no xd

  52. Danae Varela

    Danae VarelaDay ago

    Zhc : goes to Apple store Employee: what item can I get you today? Zhc: yes

  53. شما المازمي

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  54. Eduardo Alario

    Eduardo AlarioDay ago

    great ship one apple watch to uruguay

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    Can I have a apple watch

  56. Gamer with some Tips

    Gamer with some Tips2 days ago

    There’s Rea Her channel Superraedizzel

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    3.00 haha

  59. Saturday’s are for The bois

    Saturday’s are for The bois2 days ago

    What happened to Steve

  60. Victor Zamora

    Victor Zamora2 days ago

    I want A Apple Watch zhc pleas two for me and my mom pleas

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    Please give me a apple watch

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    I want one plz☺😁😁

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    You guys are so kind!

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    i sub i nead a wach


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    Yo también quisiera que me regalen un así pero yo soy de Perú

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    Everyone says shut up when they are suprised

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    Ken I hav 1

  69. Michael Schneider

    Michael Schneider2 days ago

    You should give some more of your friends apple stuff

  70. Christyann Carter-Brown

    Christyann Carter-Brown2 days ago

    These is all of the people who haven't won yet.

  71. Aniza Brady Hudson

    Aniza Brady Hudson2 days ago

    can i get one for my mom

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    Bilal Maqsood2 days ago

    what are the channel names

  73. Madelyne Arreaga.

    Madelyne Arreaga.3 days ago

    Like si viste a Sandra cirest art y a Harold art

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    Mik a fairmworks bideo

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    All people who never got give away hit like 👇👇👇 Me also never got

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    Alaina Linto3 days ago

    Zhc:Goes to Apple store Employee:Dear sir what do you want?! Zhc:40 Apple watches Employee:F...........fourty Apple watches:o Zhc:yea!:D Employee:Do you have enough money?! Zhc:yup:) Employee:O...................ok

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    Hoy can i win an Apple watch😔😅

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    @ZHC Can I friend you on Snapchat?

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    I never win

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    Zhc: Walks in Apple store. Apple store manger: What does this guy want now!?

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    Emily drummond3 days ago

    I mmd a new plushy u can make its xalled mushy its a mushroom

  84. Emily drummond

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    onkarabile bontle3 days ago

    I love you ZHC

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    ZHC I need one because I need to known what time is in school please give me one

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    Sono l'unica italiana?😅

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    صديق اعطيني واحد😂😂😂😂

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    I don’t have Instagram

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    I also want one but live in india

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    I want this watch,!

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    he i am telling you guys to not subscribe because if i subscribe i will not get an aplle watch beacuse i live in lahor so guys do not subscribe

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    can give me one apple watch

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    I love you guys and I hope one day a have a giveaway

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    My boy ZHC I suck at drawing

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    You just customise????

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    Did no one notice the girl playing socccer is chandler sister from mr beasts