I Cant Believe The Sounds My Pencil Made... ( ASMR )
Hey Artist Army! In todays video I will be trying ASMR for the first time! This is a huge trend right now so I figured why not try it out and see if you guys like it. Honestly I don't get it but let me know if you find this satisfying! No good clickbait today sorry.
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I find it very fun and relaxing to listen to all the drawing sounds and art is somewhere I can go to forget about all my troubles and relax in the busy world around me! Hopefully this is satisfying or somewhat close to an ASMR video!
kids family friendly pg clean
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    Sometimes you gotta heart your own comment to get it started.. I had a lot of fun filming this honestly cuz I just got to do what I love without having to worry about challenges and talking much...Do you guys find this stuff satisfying??? LOOOL Love you artist armyyyyy

  2. Mifzal Davood

    Mifzal Davood2 months ago


  3. Glitcher Lag

    Glitcher Lag2 months ago

    How do I type?

  4. Landen Latendress

    Landen Latendress10 months ago

    You shuld have a challenge whare you get a car then let all your frends and family desin it then who ever dos the best gets the car?

  5. Landen Latendress

    Landen Latendress10 months ago

    I no im rilly late but i think you shuld do more asmr

  6. Dev Motwani

    Dev Motwani11 months ago

    i need anything which is customised by you i need it 😇😘

  7. Padma Gopal Rao

    Padma Gopal Rao2 days ago

    What kind of paper do you use

  8. jonnysimmonsdrumming

    jonnysimmonsdrumming6 days ago

    Me: In bed vibing ZHC: Doing his thing Out of no where . . . . . DOWNLOAD A FREE AUDIOBOOK WITH YOUR 30 DAY TRIAL thanks audible 😑

  9. Amy Clark

    Amy Clark9 days ago


  10. SARvFall x

    SARvFall x9 days ago

    ASMR always gives me a headache but I wanted to hear those pencil scratchies-

  11. TheGoatCheeser ?

    TheGoatCheeser ?10 days ago

    Are you venom sir

  12. D4rk-kun

    D4rk-kun10 days ago

    Please do this again 🙏🙏🙏

  13. not zillakami

    not zillakami11 days ago

    had to draw the gucci buckle💀💀

  14. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad15 days ago


  15. ManyDiffer Here:-

    ManyDiffer Here:-19 days ago

    Woww, this feel is always great and I can totally take it as I am also used to do this

  16. Black Elvis Presley

    Black Elvis Presley21 day ago

    How about we invert the camera bruh... we need to see the drawing from YER Perspex

  17. Past spinel

    Past spinel23 days ago

    i love asmr

  18. Umair Ahmad

    Umair Ahmad29 days ago

    Really nice asmr voices i enjoyed it 😁👏

  19. KA comic art

    KA comic art29 days ago

    You don't know how to spell pencil

  20. Jack Shellard

    Jack ShellardMonth ago

    Not gonna lie I don’t get satisfied by ASMR but this was more like a really really helpful body character tutorial so thanks Zach. I guess

  21. YT cp9912

    YT cp9912Month ago

    Just *Flip Your Phone Upside Down And You Will Get A Perfect View Of Hes Drawing*

  22. Kacper Syska

    Kacper SyskaMonth ago

    Loved ur vids zhc i wached u since 200 k u got like a growth spurt with subs or something like this

  23. Prehiztoric Playz

    Prehiztoric PlayzMonth ago

    Whoever watched the entire video they must have goosebumps right now! !lol!

  24. Prehiztoric Playz

    Prehiztoric PlayzMonth ago

    This vid was soooo satisfying!!! 😍😍😍

  25. Parthib Parthib

    Parthib ParthibMonth ago

    It is not a spider Sona it is a Venom Sona

  26. Starboy_ji

    Starboy_jiMonth ago

    "My fav pensle" ah yes... *pensle*

  27. Rishika Raman

    Rishika Raman2 months ago

  28. Skyzic Ellena

    Skyzic Ellena2 months ago

    Sharpener kinda hurted tho

  29. Heather Castagno

    Heather Castagno2 months ago

    0:26 (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  30. ETN 1009

    ETN 10092 months ago

    The part with the lead pointer and the kneaded eraser sounded satisfying to me

  31. Coleman Milligan

    Coleman Milligan2 months ago

    I was awoken to the sound of a giant Minecraft spider at 4:00

  32. Sharry,s Vlog

    Sharry,s Vlog3 months ago


  33. jho _urnaling

    jho _urnaling3 months ago

    I like this a lot omg

  34. Yu Zhe

    Yu Zhe3 months ago

    Im not that into asmr but that was gud! 🌸

  35. Roberta Standish

    Roberta Standish3 months ago

    I don’t like same but the art 😀 I love it

  36. FerieMay ASMR

    FerieMay ASMR4 months ago

    Love for the ASMR & the art you do ^-^

  37. Mel's martinez

    Mel's martinez4 months ago

    Scrolling through comments while listening gang?

  38. wash meat

    wash meat4 months ago

    LOVE this it’s not just the same I’m listening to I’m looking at the art

  39. Tina Gulan

    Tina Gulan4 months ago

    Dude thats so satisfyng

  40. Justin Green

    Justin Green4 months ago

    I deserve an award?!

  41. Cielo Balolong

    Cielo Balolong4 months ago

    What kind of paper is he using?

  42. Крися Gamer

    Крися Gamer4 months ago


  43. no comment

    no comment4 months ago

    Anybody just amazed for some reason about the sharpener.... just me ok . Sucks to suck

  44. la galaxia de reny

    la galaxia de reny4 months ago

    Desde cuando escribes español ?? You speaking spanish ?

  45. Ravindra Machale

    Ravindra Machale4 months ago

    You are the best

  46. Reslie Belarmino

    Reslie Belarmino5 months ago

    So satisfying

  47. zenitsu _is_here

    zenitsu _is_here5 months ago

    Soo satisfayingg🤩🤩🤩😍

  48. Melyana Irwan

    Melyana Irwan5 months ago

    Such an underrated video

  49. Melyana Irwan

    Melyana Irwan5 months ago

    I love drawing zhc not costumize :,)

  50. Shanice Richardson

    Shanice Richardson5 months ago

    It makes me go so sleep 😂😴😴😴🤤🤤

  51. butters stotch

    butters stotch5 months ago


  52. Landon_the_drummer _boi

    Landon_the_drummer _boi5 months ago


  53. Vladimir Ivanovski

    Vladimir Ivanovski5 months ago

    I love you're videos

  54. Handy Mandy

    Handy Mandy5 months ago

    Your drawing is awesome i want to be an artist like you i am your big fan sir

  55. Grayson Schlabach

    Grayson Schlabach5 months ago

    There are a total of 338k views on this video and like 8k likes imagine how much more money USlikesrs would make if everyone that watched there videos would click the like button! It’s sad to me that so many ppl have watched the video and not shown there appreciation! And I know how much it helps them out. If you are trying to make a living off of USlikes u don’t make a lot of money of of a single video. The ratio of likes to money is tiny so plz like the video. It’s sad to me that so many ppl don’t! 😕

  56. Venn Heffley

    Venn Heffley5 months ago



    HYENA ANIMZ5 months ago

    I like this kind of zhc

  58. Andy Zelinsky

    Andy Zelinsky5 months ago

    I wish he still did drawing videos.😫😥

  59. papyrus116 taylor

    papyrus116 taylor5 months ago

    i watched it fully

  60. Emma Violet Brucato

    Emma Violet Brucato6 months ago

    Love it!❤️😌❤️

  61. Han-nimations

    Han-nimations6 months ago


  62. James Norling

    James Norling6 months ago

    I like trains

  63. Lugchu Fam

    Lugchu Fam6 months ago

    Thank you! For this good sound cuz I’m drawing

  64. Adam Dominguez

    Adam Dominguez6 months ago

    What materials do u use

  65. Iara Pires Costa

    Iara Pires Costa6 months ago


  66. TH Chua

    TH Chua6 months ago

    I fell this is like a drawing tutorial or something like that

  67. Rajesh Chauhan

    Rajesh Chauhan6 months ago


  68. Aminanan

    Aminanan6 months ago


  69. iEhmanuel

    iEhmanuel6 months ago

    Why didn’t you put the camera up so we can take a better look maybe we’d like to draw the same thing with you

  70. Kevin Isaac

    Kevin Isaac6 months ago

    i miss this zhc

  71. Carlos Cruz

    Carlos Cruz6 months ago

    Me watching this at 3 am 👁👄👁

  72. Charmaine Cortez

    Charmaine Cortez6 months ago

    are you a boy or girl?

  73. blox y

    blox y6 months ago

    Can you please tell me which pencil you use

  74. SpiritLynx

    SpiritLynx6 months ago

    i like pencil noises

  75. Akatsuki C.

    Akatsuki C.6 months ago

    I actually enjoy asmr 😂 so this was appreciated.

  76. Lava Trial

    Lava Trial6 months ago

    1 year ago : art asmr Now : iPhone asmr Weeeww

  77. Arno art

    Arno art7 months ago

    Im not really into ASMR but this really relaxes me thx

  78. Alan studios

    Alan studios7 months ago

    I love this video

  79. Jemuel M

    Jemuel M7 months ago

    The text in the video: *If you're still watching this you deserve an award* Me: Thanks, I'll take that award now

  80. Athea Santos

    Athea Santos7 months ago

    I just saw this today and I'm gonna add his on my asmr playlist this is so good!

  81. Jeremiah Torres

    Jeremiah Torres7 months ago

    The satisfaction IS OVER 9000

  82. Ceapă productions

    Ceapă productions7 months ago


  83. Marie krystyl shyne Baybadp

    Marie krystyl shyne Baybadp7 months ago

    1901: i bet were going to have flying cars soon 2020: i win Im a filipino and im a big fan of your i wish i can have a personal talk with you zhc

  84. Carter N

    Carter N7 months ago

    My ears I don’t like asmr but but it is niceish

  85. I like you 989

    I like you 9897 months ago

    Then u u start doing ASMR S IN UR FUTURE videos

  86. Christopher Tietz

    Christopher Tietz7 months ago


  87. Jessarey Garrido

    Jessarey Garrido7 months ago

    Yow👌❤️ asmr so fine brooo

  88. William Unardi

    William Unardi8 months ago

    What the heck ZHC I love your artwork

  89. Rekha Yadav

    Rekha Yadav8 months ago

    Mesmerizing , Amazing💕😍, Fabulous, Tremendous, Magnificent

  90. Erica Quezada

    Erica Quezada8 months ago


  91. silly oof yo mama so fat

    silly oof yo mama so fat8 months ago


  92. carmelo b.david

    carmelo b.david8 months ago

    Who else is watching this in 2020 drop a like if you do👇

  93. G15 MANALOTO, Angelee

    G15 MANALOTO, Angelee8 months ago

    Ok so this actually made me sleep

  94. Vahim ahmed

    Vahim ahmed8 months ago

    Please make a separate channel for these type of video ....

  95. Allan Haze

    Allan Haze8 months ago

    Soooo satisfying 😭♥️

  96. koonbdss 2.0

    koonbdss 2.08 months ago

    Hi zhc I'm a big fan

  97. ReyLo The Creator

    ReyLo The Creator9 months ago

    ITS MY BIRTHDAY🎂TODAY MARCH 3RD 1999 🎈🎈 *Cough*Cough

  98. Elaine Saelee

    Elaine Saelee9 months ago

    I like your asmr

  99. mega Viper

    mega Viper9 months ago


  100. CrystalZ

    CrystalZ9 months ago


  101. CrystalZ

    CrystalZ9 months ago

    5:13 what is that??

  102. Arsl malik

    Arsl malik9 months ago


  103. domino bob

    domino bob9 months ago

    I forget what's ASMR? ._.

  104. Pixie Bella

    Pixie Bella10 months ago

    I love the sound of pencils, paper, and anything that happens in art class or just drawing in general. =D

  105. OkaySir

    OkaySir10 months ago

    off-white venom