Customizing Everything In A Store, Then Giving It To People!! - Challenge (Giveaway)

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  1. ZHC

    ZHC11 months ago

    Please subscribe if you're new! :) I want to be able to give more back to other people and make the world a happier place by doing nice things for others! First comment on the next video will win another custom iPhone 11!! Follow me on IG and Twitter for updates! 1st comment winner: D M Garcia (custom iPhone 11 Pro Max) 2nd comment winner: William Zhu (custom airpods) 3rd comment winner: Jaron Schneider (custom shoes)

  2. Hanifa Mansurova

    Hanifa MansurovaMonth ago

    My mom has the Balenciaga shoes but from the store

  3. Faith Kahuure

    Faith Kahuure2 months ago

    ZHC please can I have some

  4. Yhessica Surec

    Yhessica Surec2 months ago

    Ajedvf dog Dkdksvys bsjss as

  5. Princess Maq

    Princess Maq3 months ago


  6. Princess Maq

    Princess Maq3 months ago

    I love you so much

  7. Jack Donnellan

    Jack Donnellan22 hours ago

    Go Dodgers I sub I love you zucchini

  8. Victoria Bishop

    Victoria Bishop3 days ago


  9. Sylwia Satterly

    Sylwia Satterly4 days ago

    Sup I really like your vids and I allwase whatch them

  10. Rachelle Richardson

    Rachelle Richardson4 days ago

    What's the song at 6:13 I really want to know! :D

  11. Daisy Kett

    Daisy Kett5 days ago

    Does anyone remember Steve where’s Steve gone. U guys still friends ?

  12. Johannas Mohd Yusof

    Johannas Mohd Yusof5 days ago

    Zach you must go to Malaysia in Negeri Sembilan

  13. Croc Cake

    Croc Cake5 days ago

    Homeless guy-has entered the chat

  14. Crazy Maisey

    Crazy Maisey5 days ago

    Let’s take a moment to say rip bank acount

  15. Nawaf Alsaid

    Nawaf Alsaid5 days ago

    thank you for my choose

  16. Elizabeth Mcpherson

    Elizabeth Mcpherson6 days ago

    Send size 2s

  17. Elizabeth Mcpherson

    Elizabeth Mcpherson6 days ago

    Send nike airs customized

  18. TheDerpless

    TheDerpless6 days ago

    ZHC is like a mii mr beast still growing

  19. Philippine Revolutionary Army Channel

    Philippine Revolutionary Army Channel7 days ago

    What part did he customize?

  20. Philippine Revolutionary Army Channel

    Philippine Revolutionary Army Channel7 days ago

    Btw its a joke dont be serious :p

  21. Nihal Rissane

    Nihal Rissane7 days ago

    You customized AF1 so much Others would ve also been nicee

  22. ????????

    ????????7 days ago

    3050. customising the solar system.

  23. more hazard

    more hazard8 days ago

    I like those

  24. Ellie Meike

    Ellie Meike8 days ago

    The montage is cool!

  25. taylor harris

    taylor harris8 days ago

    i do not have instagram but i want to be in a giveaway

  26. Christian Espinosa

    Christian Espinosa8 days ago

    @t click the link for free hypebeast clothing

  27. Electric Blue

    Electric Blue11 days ago


  28. Travis Wirth

    Travis Wirth11 days ago

    i honestly thought those key machine things were rigged but i guess im just bad lol

  29. Don’t call me a sneaker head

    Don’t call me a sneaker head11 days ago

    Nobody: All the sneaker heads watching this: 👏 BOI

  30. Toufik B

    Toufik B11 days ago

    I want the nike sacai waffle size 7......................

  31. Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum12 days ago

    Me: just now getting here Them: using markers to customize the shoes😐

  32. Natalie Duek

    Natalie Duek13 days ago

    I watch all your guys vids when I'm bored and it really entertains me!

  33. deacon bacalia

    deacon bacalia14 days ago

    make murch

  34. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad15 days ago

    Are you nice 👍🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🥺


    Raoul LORMAND ALCERRECA16 days ago


  36. Jovens Occeus

    Jovens Occeus16 days ago

    I want a shoes plz

  37. Kimberly Hester

    Kimberly Hester16 days ago

    I love that they used Chandler when Michelle said "poop"

  38. Helen arevalo

    Helen arevalo16 days ago

    what type of markers are these?

  39. Ry And Olivia

    Ry And Olivia17 days ago

    I am your biggest top fan

  40. danger Obtidex

    danger Obtidex18 days ago

    I love zhc

  41. Nyasha Ngandu

    Nyasha Ngandu19 days ago

    Zach and Michelle r so cuteee😍😍

  42. Salvador Fernandez

    Salvador Fernandez20 days ago

    ma ne es lio

  43. joshua henry

    joshua henry20 days ago

    Don't you send it to difference country's

  44. Coolin Brooklyn

    Coolin Brooklyn21 day ago

    What if we don’t have instagram

  45. Toxic

    Toxic22 days ago

    8:28 Boy it got diese Air force Skeleton.

  46. BXW Jonesy

    BXW Jonesy22 days ago

    I wish I could get one of ur iphones but I live in the UK

  47. Foxy- Chan

    Foxy- Chan22 days ago

    I want one now

  48. Gacha McDonals

    Gacha McDonals23 days ago

    Do you like Anime?

  49. Gacha McDonals

    Gacha McDonals23 days ago

    Do you likie Anime?

  50. MrKrispie

    MrKrispie23 days ago

    Who the hell dislikes these vids I’m just confused

  51. Angel Rodriguez

    Angel Rodriguez23 days ago

    I need cool Shos n I subscribe

  52. ภัทรธิดา ผูกทอง

    ภัทรธิดา ผูกทอง25 days ago

    Can you do a black pink but i am in thailand

  53. Daniel Lerma Jr.

    Daniel Lerma Jr.25 days ago

    hi im a huge fan I want to be like you omg! oh and im also a boy.

  54. zkarmaismy Bitch.

    zkarmaismy Bitch.26 days ago

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the red octobers im criyng

  55. Lissette Bautista

    Lissette Bautista27 days ago

    I like how you paint

  56. Jacob Barton

    Jacob Barton27 days ago

    The pain of when he puts th paint on a $3000 shoe ouch

  57. Kuban Naidoo

    Kuban Naidoo29 days ago

    I never ever win a give away because I stay in SA

  58. The randomzz

    The randomzz29 days ago

    I like the way ur just giving out free custom shoes and I am not allowed get shoes that are over 100 euro

  59. George Liddle

    George Liddle29 days ago

    I wish I was their and got the air Jordan's the gold per

  60. Rees Curtis TV

    Rees Curtis TVMonth ago

    Really love what your doin for all these people your the best person I love you

  61. Georgina Guerrero

    Georgina GuerreroMonth ago

    Imma pull out that satisfied form when im in bed

  62. Jude Boakyi

    Jude BoakyiMonth ago

    I'm Jude, your number one fun in Africa

  63. small nonesense

    small nonesenseMonth ago

    Does he use special pencils?

  64. Carter Bouldman

    Carter BouldmanMonth ago

    very much disliked this cool customes but nottt the sneeeks

  65. John Lemon

    John LemonMonth ago

    Hi I’m John Lemmon

  66. Ahasteen Fam

    Ahasteen FamMonth ago


  67. MrOmgilman

    MrOmgilmanMonth ago

    he's ruining perfectly good shoes!!!!

  68. Angel Angel Angel

    Angel Angel AngelMonth ago

    "Phone" "Subbed" "Philippines" Reason: For my online class. I hope you choose me. Thank you!😊

  69. Leona Marie Hernandez

    Leona Marie HernandezMonth ago


  70. Victor Belotto Labrano

    Victor Belotto LabranoMonth ago


  71. Mint Paws

    Mint PawsMonth ago

    When they shook hands No one: Not even Donald trump Me:cOrNaViRuS

  72. S A M S O N N D A Y I S H I M I Y E

    S A M S O N N D A Y I S H I M I Y EMonth ago

    Give me one I live in cactus

  73. Geek Squad

    Geek SquadMonth ago

    Do a world tour of going to places and customizing shoes

  74. Geek Squad

    Geek SquadMonth ago

    I want to make custom shoes. So inspiring

  75. Bguy7 \ Vht6

    Bguy7 \ Vht6Month ago

    كما ايضا أيها الصيني في تاريخ 17/05/2019 اكتشفت الخلل في كرة القدم وإصلاحه على مر تاريخها وأعلنت ذالك عبر حساب قديم في تويتر وفيس بوك اتحاد الفيفا واستغربت اني لم أجد أي دعم لي شخصيا بل وجدت الاعتداء والضرر إلى درجه حتى تاريخه حتى الصبح العالم ماهو عليه الان إذا أنا إنسان اختلف عن باقي البشر وسبب ما انا به واعتبر نفسي منتصر حتى تاريخه ذالك بسب أن رؤساء العالم وسكانهم متفقون على هذا سبب حالتي والنقص المادي الذي انا به المهم المشكله في كرة القدم بسبب ان لها بلف واحد يمليها بالهواء وهذا البلف يسبب خلل في كتلة الكره مهما حشرة الكره بالجلد وما شابه اما الحل هو يجب أن يكون في كرة القدم خاصة أكثر من ثلاثة بلف متوازي المسافه في مساحة الكره وتستطيع أن تعبي الكره من أي بلف يقع في نظرك ختام العِلمُ يرفع صاحبه ويقطع رأس سارقه

  76. Bguy7 \ Vht6

    Bguy7 \ Vht6Month ago

    أيها الصيني قبل سنة ونصف من تاريخه ارسلت عبر الفيس بوك في حساب قديم أيضا في تلك الايام وأيضا على اليوتيوب هو تصميم حذاء راحته عبارة عن تعبئته في الهواء مثل التيوبلس لاطارات السياره لكن ليست راحة القدم كبيره ولها ساعة انبير توزن الهواء المناسب في النفخ ويكون الهواء محاط في الجزمه الرياضيه والعاديه بعيث انك تمشي على الهواء كالسياره واطاراتها ختام العِلمُ يرفع صاحبه ويقطع رأس سارقه

  77. JR. Tafim

    JR. TafimMonth ago


  78. John walker

    John walkerMonth ago

    Can you give me some shoes to

  79. Sandy Gomez

    Sandy GomezMonth ago

    That is cool

  80. Vivian Cui

    Vivian CuiMonth ago

    Well business was booming that day.

  81. Dimitri Kambourelis

    Dimitri KambourelisMonth ago

    Poach makers aren’t for leather

  82. sweet world

    sweet worldMonth ago

    I love the custom converse 😍 they are so sick i would go crazy for one

  83. Selina Coughlin

    Selina CoughlinMonth ago

    Your channel is sick as

  84. Elizabeth Lopez

    Elizabeth LopezMonth ago

    Our size 7 1/2 and I’m in Buckeye peace out

  85. ED Family 3 kids

    ED Family 3 kidsMonth ago

    The baby:WOw (later) gimme .me:boi you really want that shoe BOI

  86. Areeba Khan

    Areeba KhanMonth ago

    I love those painting pens

  87. Alexia Chloe Mallo

    Alexia Chloe MalloMonth ago

    I LOVE the talent!!! What a wonderful talent to share and the generosity as well!! Hope to meet you someday!! Good job....

  88. Makaylaマケイラ

    MakaylaマケイラMonth ago

    What happens if you give someone a shoe that doesn't fit? Here take this shoe even though it doesn't fit?


    EKKEL GAMINGMonth ago

    Iam from indonesia and iam realy like your vidios,can you help me?i want sneakers you this is vidios,can you give 1 sneakers for me?,please give me 1,your my idol:)

  90. CT Clumsy

    CT ClumsyMonth ago

    I love your videos I wish I could get a pair or an I phone with Turkey

  91. Just go Do it

    Just go Do itMonth ago

    Nice vid I such a sneaker head

  92. Frosty Clan on top

    Frosty Clan on topMonth ago

    Bro if I new my favorite USlikesr was there I would go there

  93. Gusti Wawan

    Gusti WawanMonth ago

    I hope i can get that giveaway too. But its hopeless i'm from Indonesia. It too far

  94. GC9 ChiChi

    GC9 ChiChiMonth ago

    What pens do you use⁉️

  95. Nout Schenk

    Nout SchenkMonth ago

    Je bent dom je geeft gewoon schoenen telefoons en ipads weg dat is zonde van je geld🤑

  96. Flacko Sings

    Flacko SingsMonth ago

    Need a laptop for my art work 😭😭😭😭😭

  97. URdogsToeNail 69

    URdogsToeNail 69Month ago

    It annoys me that no one picked yeezy 350s


    ESTIF KINGMonth ago

    You'll be glad you rewarded me one day too😊

  99. Marshall Kirumira

    Marshall KirumiraMonth ago

    Your my favourite. USlikes ever I watch your videos

  100. Itz Juju Gacha

    Itz Juju GachaMonth ago

    Just to suffer 😂

  101. Joo pRo

    Joo pRoMonth ago

    You can only like if you love that dog in the background

  102. Ciaran Courtney

    Ciaran CourtneyMonth ago

    Amazing keep up the good work

  103. Diyar Hussein

    Diyar HusseinMonth ago

    yooo bro ur suck a big heart boy omg I swear I never saw someone like you I mean I saw people giving earpords or like shoes or maybe phones but wtf not as much as you can

  104. Jerry Ramos

    Jerry RamosMonth ago


  105. rizal rd

    rizal rdMonth ago

    That is billie eilish shoes accept its neon red i think,im sorry if its not neon red btw its on 7:03

  106. Leialoha Fam

    Leialoha FamMonth ago

    " Time's you didn't need to where a mask in public!!!:🤣🤣🤣✌