I Bought The World's MOST EXPENSIVE PEN ($10,000) | ZHC

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I'm a 20 year old kid that loves art, making videos, and using money to help others/entertain. I have a best friend named Turkey and an original character named Dax. Also known as Artist Mrbeast.
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    Subscribe and I'll take you shopping :) I literally paid a total of $23,000 on these pens! Hope you guys enjoy the vid! You can create your own website using Wix: www.wix.com/go/zhc Thanks Wix! First comment: Kracked

  2. Rishad Ahmed

    Rishad Ahmed18 days ago

    @iam abi I love sssniper wolf and ZHC

  3. affandi mohammad

    affandi mohammadMonth ago


  4. Mason R2011

    Mason R20112 months ago

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  5. _Kiper_

    _Kiper_5 months ago

    Я русский и вот сижу смотрю и нихуя не понимаю но сука интересно

  6. Kara Hand

    Kara Hand5 months ago



    GWEN LEE SZE WEI5 minutes ago

    its not chinese words its japanese


    MEDHAVI SUNEJA3 hours ago

    Hindi letters wre written on the pen😂not chinese


    Jharkhandi KHATOON's KITCHEN-E–LAZEEZ4 hours ago

    Oooooooofffff I only used 3rs (approx 0.041$) pen in india *saino softek* my entire time 😂😂

  10. ZianneGirl914

    ZianneGirl9147 hours ago

    Plz watch my video on my channel just press my profile then press view channel and subcribe and like my video Plz

  11. TT YL

    TT YL7 hours ago

    if someone actually brought that to school that'd be lost in a couple of seconds

  12. justine canales

    justine canales8 hours ago

    That is so expensive 😳

  13. justine canales

    justine canales8 hours ago


  14. Connor Yancy

    Connor Yancy9 hours ago

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  15. Vince Jude Cabaltera

    Vince Jude Cabaltera10 hours ago


  16. oddly satisfying

    oddly satisfying11 hours ago

    me: watches this and relizes i debate on buying $5 pens XD

  17. Jordyn Bower

    Jordyn Bower11 hours ago

    I just did subscribe

  18. ItzZ_Gacha_ Ynah

    ItzZ_Gacha_ Ynah11 hours ago


  19. Ally rose!!

    Ally rose!!12 hours ago

    I’ll buy the plastic because you touched it!LOL

  20. Kxwxii Fox YxuTxbe

    Kxwxii Fox YxuTxbe13 hours ago

    Boi I don’t think that’s Chinese. Chinese has like no circles. Here, it’s random Chinese letters:我是一个人的人生态度和态度混为一谈。。。我们都已经看到了哟我们都已经看到了吗、不会说再见

  21. Shelly Chan

    Shelly Chan13 hours ago

  22. The Winnie Fam

    The Winnie Fam15 hours ago

    Bro, it is Japanese This is Chinese 你好 (hello)

  23. Ayşegül Savran

    Ayşegül Savran16 hours ago


  24. Caleb Plays

    Caleb Plays16 hours ago

    Me: mom can I get my a backpack Mom: NO BACKPACKS ARE USELESS OBJECTS JUST USE A BAG *also my mom*

  25. Joshua 04 Daniels

    Joshua 04 Daniels16 hours ago


  26. EmeraldAnnabelle

    EmeraldAnnabelle16 hours ago

    Him holding the pen: this was $10,300. So much money right. Also him: Wearing Balenciaga, buys a $1,000,000 House, and has millions of dollars worth of stuff

  27. mazin siddiqi

    mazin siddiqi20 hours ago

    ZHC: I bought an 10 thousand dollar pen. Me: I bought an 20 rupees dollar pointer instead

  28. K R Sujith Belsi

    K R Sujith Belsi20 hours ago

    I buyedvsame pen for 20

  29. Adwaith Balakrishna

    Adwaith Balakrishna20 hours ago

    The box is expensive not the fountain pen

  30. MY P

    MY P23 hours ago

    bro it is sick


    NEETU PANDEY23 hours ago

    There's also hindi written on (Indian national language) I saw अ

  32. TENG YI WEN Moe

    TENG YI WEN MoeDay ago

    There is chinese and Japanese but i know chinese only

  33. hayalperest

    hayalperestDay ago

    Does not it have been very good songs and Turkey

  34. Ali Mahdi the Twinz

    Ali Mahdi the TwinzDay ago

    i think the language is urdhu

  35. deadchannel

    deadchannelDay ago

    search up Aurora Diamante. its worth 1.4 million dollars u liar

  36. Nils Bourgonje

    Nils BourgonjeDay ago

    Most expensive is 6,5 miljon



    2:50 that was Hindi language that symbol of आ I am Indian so I know hindi

  38. Giuseppe Musarella

    Giuseppe MusarellaDay ago

    Name of video: Flexing that I have more money than you

  39. sanjay Babu

    sanjay BabuDay ago

    Bro it's a Indian pen the pen have a letter

  40. BronBron

    BronBronDay ago

    I thought he was pointing a gun at 2:22 lmao

  41. Kat Katerina

    Kat KaterinaDay ago

    Wtf 10,000$ pen ??

  42. Wright Girlss

    Wright GirlssDay ago

    Can I have a iPhone12 please

  43. Miriam Black

    Miriam BlackDay ago

    I would expect a $10,000 pen to write my exams for me. Itself.

  44. XXFox521

    XXFox521Day ago

    You click baited us it was 10,300 not 10,000

  45. Eden Wong

    Eden WongDay ago

    He said it in the video bruhhh

  46. Relamix 0

    Relamix 0Day ago

    Maybe its our country legendary pen that our Czech republic prezident stolled it from USA prezident

  47. pizzlizzzdaa2s0n instant ramen

    pizzlizzzdaa2s0n instant ramenDay ago

    My grandpa had a mont blac pen but it feels so smooth and good and it looks so cute!

  48. XxMessange GachaxX

    XxMessange GachaxXDay ago

    Some of the writing is Hindi

  49. Alex Goldston

    Alex GoldstonDay ago


  50. Alex Goldston

    Alex GoldstonDay ago

    plz i will give you my turky drawing

  51. Alex Goldston

    Alex GoldstonDay ago

    can you give it o me

  52. Doodle

    DoodleDay ago

    you’re gonna be broke in a few years. until then, i’ll watch your videos.

  53. Fnaf Plushies adventures

    Fnaf Plushies adventuresDay ago


  54. Nepali Gamer

    Nepali GamerDay ago

    Bro this is not Chinese it Nepali and Hindi word

  55. Joy Ou

    Joy OuDay ago


  56. ꧁ coco_hella_loves_you ꧂

    ꧁ coco_hella_loves_you ꧂2 days ago

    R.i.p your life savings 👌🏻

  57. Aaisha Khan

    Aaisha Khan2 days ago

    I have this 2

  58. Sejal Waghmare

    Sejal Waghmare2 days ago


  59. kids play yh

    kids play yh2 days ago

    I think thats japanese

  60. Peter Alob

    Peter Alob2 days ago

    I now

  61. ultimateanime lover

    ultimateanime lover2 days ago

    I don't think anyone except a master calligrapher deserves that masterpiece

  62. devil enamy

    devil enamy2 days ago

    Bro give me 100k subs


    GEORGE ZEIGLER2 days ago

    And my dad has this pen. He didnt buy it he is doctor and a customer gave it to my dad for thx

  64. Granth Kumar

    Granth Kumar2 days ago

    10000 thousand pen is Indian pen here 1 dollar in india

  65. Gray Shadow

    Gray Shadow2 days ago

    Can I have the pen for free please

  66. Anthony Luessow

    Anthony Luessow2 days ago

    I like your hair, but your hair when it’s blue looks better!

  67. Gikuhi Kamau

    Gikuhi Kamau2 days ago

    V e r y . B o u gi e . P e n. I thought for a 10k pen, it would have to be charged like them b o u g i e teslas-

  68. dark_hobby892

    dark_hobby8922 days ago

    Well actually the most expensive pen in the world is 1.4 million 😭😂🌍😂😂

  69. Elizabeth Dusack

    Elizabeth Dusack2 days ago


  70. Ruthie Ontiveros

    Ruthie Ontiveros2 days ago

    Omg it's so pretty 😍

  71. Albani Santana

    Albani Santana2 days ago

    When you have a lot of money but don’t know what to spend it on lol

  72. cp lin

    cp lin2 days ago

    what so cool

  73. Johanna Dammose Rasmussen 2B Hedelyskolen

    Johanna Dammose Rasmussen 2B Hedelyskolen2 days ago

    Jeg spørger lige har du lavet din bil Please farve din bil

  74. E.O.G

    E.O.G2 days ago

    The most expensive pen is the montegrappa from 200$ to 100.300$

  75. david troy navarro

    david troy navarro3 days ago

    goku pls

  76. Chimmy Mochi

    Chimmy Mochi3 days ago

    There is one pen too try it out please it costs 59,000 dollars . You find the pen in Amazon . That is most expensive pen and please reply

  77. Tinotenda Gotosa

    Tinotenda Gotosa3 days ago

    Me: bringing this pen to test Teacher: u are supposed to bring two pens My head: 🤯


    JAVI CRIS3 days ago

    Plot twist: the $10,000 pen was a never ending boxes

  79. Zeynep akbaş

    Zeynep akbaş3 days ago

    And my dad has this pen. He didnt buy it he is doctor and a customer gave it to my dad for thx

  80. Elijah Gloria

    Elijah Gloria3 days ago

    Heyyy thought he was a Chinese lol

  81. Hema Tidke

    Hema Tidke3 days ago

    Can you send me 10 $ on google pay

  82. Trevor Samons

    Trevor Samons3 days ago

    Wow you guys are so cool! Keep making more videos like this!hope you make more money since those pens are so expensive

  83. Nr. Riena

    Nr. Riena3 days ago


  84. NIB

    NIB3 days ago

    Hey guys did you noticed there is a Indian letter written on it

  85. Nicholas Nitendo

    Nicholas Nitendo3 days ago

    Rip ZHC wallet xD

  86. Evelyn Figueroa

    Evelyn Figueroa3 days ago


  87. William Borski

    William Borski3 days ago

    Bet I’ll buy it

  88. Michael Hany

    Michael Hany3 days ago

    i can remember that one time i whent to school with a 10$ pen and i would not talk to my frinds for an entier week thinking there are not ritch as me

  89. nico viernesp I

    nico viernesp I3 days ago

    My dream is getting heart by zhc

  90. Hotchoco pusheen Yummy

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  92. Ilovecats Aaron

    Ilovecats Aaron4 days ago

    You're cool But Aaron Which is I love cats Aaron So you should really check out his channel

  93. Ilovecats Aaron

    Ilovecats Aaron4 days ago

    ? You're so cool I believing you

  94. Lukas Perez

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  95. My profile describes my Life

    My profile describes my Life4 days ago

    His reaction when he saw the price must have been priceless

  96. okay koru

    okay koru4 days ago

    Ben Türküm

  97. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando4 days ago


  98. Robert Mazur

    Robert Mazur4 days ago

    Poor Turkey you don’t deserve this Turkey 🥺🥺😭☹️☹️☹️

  99. The life as Abby Lee

    The life as Abby Lee4 days ago

    How did you became so rich

  100. The life as Abby Lee

    The life as Abby Lee4 days ago

    How rich are you

  101. Gioortz

    Gioortz4 days ago

    6:20 LOL

  102. Laser Cycler

    Laser Cycler4 days ago

    I really want that I love drawing but i cant buy it RIP

  103. Anita Jain

    Anita Jain4 days ago

    I have watched this video more than 100 times but I till like to watch

  104. Anai Garcia

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  105. Garrick Heyes

    Garrick Heyes4 days ago

    They sell the most expensive pen in the world in IMG theme park in dubai irs marvel themed made out of gold

  106. sykkelfamilie sommer 2020

    sykkelfamilie sommer 20204 days ago

    A normal pen, but the box cost you 10 000$

  107. Rida Binth Abubakar Al-Hasnoon

    Rida Binth Abubakar Al-Hasnoon5 days ago

    Indian cournecy = 7,39,624.50