Surprising MrBeast With 50 Custom iPhone 11s!! πŸ“±πŸ“ž ft. MrBeast (Giveaway)

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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    I literally surprised MrBeast and the crew with custom iPhone 11s! Gonna be giving more away on my IG and Twitter! Follow me on IG and Twitter to keep up with updates! IG: @zhcomicart Twitter: @hsieh_zachary Giveaway ends on 12/10 Thanks again lords mobile for sponsoring the vid!

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    Hi im

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    Magenta Pola3 months ago

    I love your art it’s so amazing. U are a blessing

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    Trinh Ngugen4 months ago

    ZHC is

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    @Blinq is not Original because he's famous

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  8. Reg A

    Reg A4 hours ago

    ZHC is Chubby

  9. SxmplyNooby

    SxmplyNooby5 hours ago

    2023 = Customizing the whole earth.

  10. Mark bayato

    Mark bayato5 hours ago

    4:40 what's the song

  11. Kara's Art

    Kara's Art8 hours ago

    *karl has left the chat*

  12. Liam Andrew Santos

    Liam Andrew Santos8 hours ago

    ZHC Your A Awesome drawerr

  13. The galaxys orb

    The galaxys orb10 hours ago

    Chandler really needed this tho lel

  14. Ayush Ayush

    Ayush Ayush14 hours ago

    Miss the Karl lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. SSSniper Wolf

    SSSniper Wolf15 hours ago

    Crew? Are we playing among us? LOL

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    Wither SnΓΈw19 hours ago

    poor karl XD

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  19. Brian Gonzales

    Brian Gonzales21 hour ago

    alternate title : giving mrbeast 50 iphones while he can already buy 50000 iphones

  20. CHER YIK WEN Moe

    CHER YIK WEN Moe21 hour ago

    How about Karl?

  21. Amudhan Udayappan VFX

    Amudhan Udayappan VFX23 hours ago

    alternate title : giving mrbeast 50 iphones while he can already buy 50000 iphones

  22. Kshitij Mishra

    Kshitij MishraDay ago

    I didnt know that MrBeasts name is Jimmy

  23. Brooklyn Klaassen

    Brooklyn KlaassenDay ago

    yea! i was so exited to watch this video! its my two favorite youtubers in one

  24. Lucky Chan UwU

    Lucky Chan UwUDay ago

    All I care about is Chris wearing that hero academy shirt because I’m a fan of that anime

  25. Brian Gonzales

    Brian Gonzales21 hour ago

    alternate title : giving mrbeast 50 iphones while he can already buy 50000 iphones

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    Wow I. Want one

  30. Julianne Bassler

    Julianne BasslerDay ago

    Does garret have a Preston plays hoodie πŸ₯Έ

  31. Komala Murari

    Komala MurariDay ago

    ASMR at the beginning

  32. Watermelon Sundae Legend

    Watermelon Sundae LegendDay ago

    u should customize the cases coz dees people have like 50,0000000 phones from u

  33. Kenneth STEPHEN Manait

    Kenneth STEPHEN ManaitDay ago

    The guy said wut the oooof

  34. Linus Persson

    Linus PerssonDay ago

    what type of sandpaper do you use pls answeae.

  35. Erdem Erdem

    Erdem ErdemDay ago

    Karl ???????

  36. Jodi David

    Jodi DavidDay ago

    Hey zach you forgot karl

  37. I love Adopt me

    I love Adopt me2 days ago

    Effect way to spend money buy phones and iPads and MacBooks to customize

  38. Alan West

    Alan West2 days ago

    This video shows how genares he is... Him giving away 50 I phones

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  40. Julianne Bassler

    Julianne Bassler2 days ago

    Put a ostrich on chandlers

  41. T GAMER14

    T GAMER142 days ago

    *sad karl noses*

  42. TBNR Nonno

    TBNR Nonno2 days ago

    Do u see garret in the back of Chandler's car and he's wearing Preston playz merch??

  43. taylor harris

    taylor harris2 days ago

    hi my name is taylor i never won a giveaway and i do not have intagram or snapchat

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    Yaris Toredjo2 days ago

    What about karl

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    Melissa Blair2 days ago

    what about karal

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    Guys did u realize he forgot Karl

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    What about karl?

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    Hi zhc I am a big fan of you so if I subscribe can you make two for infinite and his wife love Ashley Tie

  50. Syarikat Helios Bestari

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    hi zhc i am a big fan so

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    Louise Loft Zangenberg3 days ago

    en to me i Pink yas ok bye

  52. Jasmine Abat

    Jasmine Abat3 days ago

    Me realizing that this was made exactly a year ago

  53. Ellie Meike

    Ellie Meike3 days ago

    Their faces

  54. Belinda Cowell

    Belinda Cowell3 days ago

    poor Karl he doesnt get one

  55. Unicorn Queen

    Unicorn Queen3 days ago

    Good Video

  56. princess suki

    princess suki3 days ago

    I want plsβ™₯️β™₯️😭😭

  57. β€’β€’Ρ”lΞΉzΞ±Π²Ρ”Ρ‚Π½ Ξ±fΡ‚ΟƒΠΈβ€’β€’

    β€’β€’Ρ”lΞΉzΞ±Π²Ρ”Ρ‚Π½ Ξ±fΡ‚ΟƒΠΈβ€’β€’3 days ago

    Awwwww their faces were so happy your so sweet for making these for mr.beast and the crew and also ofc other random or famous people!

  58. Kim Oats

    Kim Oats3 days ago

    Which is your favorite from mrbeast

  59. Natty Rainbow

    Natty Rainbow3 days ago

    The end where jimmy asked what did his thing do to diserve to be in space

  60. Becker Fambam

    Becker Fambam3 days ago

    Karl were are you

  61. Becker Fambam

    Becker Fambam3 days ago

    Never mind

  62. Becker Fambam

    Becker Fambam3 days ago

    Where is chandler

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    i knew that this guy isnt subscribe to mr.beast

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    What about KARL ?

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  67. Tristian Simon

    Tristian Simon4 days ago

    The person that was behind chandler was we’re in Preston merch

  68. William Luna Porto

    William Luna Porto4 days ago

    You are a lier

  69. William Luna Porto

    William Luna Porto4 days ago

    Your giveaway is not true

  70. King Aden

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    TOPE ADEKOYA5 days ago

    Nanalo lang ako ng isang Mac book πŸ’» sa tulong ng *d3fhacker* sa Instagram ... chat siya sa Instagram para sa iyo.

  72. Moiz Rizwan

    Moiz Rizwan5 days ago

    Burh I love it ur so amazing and subscribe to ZHC and MrBeast!! I love ur panting wow

  73. joshua coyle

    joshua coyle5 days ago

    Who else noticed that the title says 50 iPhones

  74. Little Carolina Rednecks

    Little Carolina Rednecks5 days ago

    0:08 me:i thought this was mr.Beast and ZHC not prestonplayz lol

  75. Dark Hacker Gaming

    Dark Hacker Gaming5 days ago

    9:46 garett wearing fire logo on preston merch

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  77. Jaycie Rivera

    Jaycie Rivera6 days ago

    OMG I've been playing lords mobile since last year it's Very fun and time taken If your bored

  78. Clenixx FN

    Clenixx FN6 days ago

    It's funny on the back where Zhcwas sitting it said Zhou is chubby

  79. Rosan parraga

    Rosan parraga6 days ago

    I downloaded lords mobil

  80. Jake Provo

    Jake Provo6 days ago

    I swear everyone who's Mrbeast's friends has like 4 phones

  81. Blixir

    Blixir4 days ago

    *Very original comment man....*

  82. Jordyn Musgrave

    Jordyn Musgrave6 days ago

    who loves all the phones he make because i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Addison Cyphers

    Addison Cyphers6 days ago

    Did anyone notice the Preston Merch being worn?

  84. Suparna Chakraborty

    Suparna Chakraborty6 days ago

    ZHC is the best

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    Lee575eccentric6 days ago

    Where is Karl ?

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    Zhc najbolji. Si jutjuber pratim te iz srbije l from serbia

  87. Aisha Althani

    Aisha Althani6 days ago

    when you said mr beasts real name I was shocked bc I watched both of you guys for years and I still didn't hear his name

  88. gerson ambes

    gerson ambes6 days ago

    garret is wearing preston styles merch

  89. Kritarth Chaudhary

    Kritarth Chaudhary7 days ago

    Buttttt what about Jimmy β€˜ s girl friend

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    You forgot Chris.

  92. ROD Shubham

    ROD Shubham7 days ago

    @UClQubH2NeMmGLTLgNdLBwXg can i get one am from India and am watching u from 3 years please 😢😐πŸ₯Ί

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    When you see Jake the Viking. IT HURTS MAN

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    I sub this vid

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    1 billion years later:ZHC customize the whole universe with a custom planet

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    He would be ded.

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  100. Chrisette kae Acero Dango

    Chrisette kae Acero Dango8 days ago

    It will no happen becouse I'm Filipino and I'm just a kid

  101. Chrisette kae Acero Dango

    Chrisette kae Acero Dango8 days ago

    What about to Carl his my crush

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    Omg lol😯😯😯😯

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    Luis Veronezzi8 days ago

    What about Carl? Nevermind I think he is new to the Mr.Beast Channel... It is ok.

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    They dont say thank you ugly

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    My name is jake

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    β€œIs this for real?” A second later”Di*k”