Surprising MrBeast With A Custom Tesla!! 🚘🚗 (Satisfying)

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    theoppositewayer gmail,com2 months ago

    @Che Ima i love

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    Sunny Loves Games2 months ago

    ZHC you are the best USlikesr in the world

  4. Epicgamer3000

    Epicgamer30003 months ago

    Hola como Estas

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    Lexi Martinez6 months ago

    I LOVVEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUU😭❤️❤️😭❤️❤️❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️❤️😭❤️😭❤️❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭

  6. Jase Kelley

    Jase Kelley7 months ago

    Hi hi hi

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  8. Berta Aek

    Berta Aek56 minutes ago

    I like your art

  9. Niko NeighbourNew

    Niko NeighbourNewHour ago

    For us 10 m for Him 2 days

  10. Niko NeighbourNew

    Niko NeighbourNewHour ago

    Nice house btw like if you agree

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    Lance Raymund VlogHour ago

    9:16 er er er means for join the giveaway

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    JUN YI Jun Yi2 hours ago

    mark kind3

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  14. Insane Monkey 661

    Insane Monkey 6613 hours ago

    Hi ZHC you are the best USlikesr ever

  15. Insane Monkey 661

    Insane Monkey 6613 hours ago

    ZHC is the best USlikesr ever in the world

  16. Jacob Keith Hustawan

    Jacob Keith Hustawan3 hours ago

    This guy is the asian version of MrBeast

  17. Rawinia Koopu

    Rawinia Koopu3 hours ago

    Zhc and in 10 years suprising Nasa with a custom rocket

  18. Srini

    Srini4 hours ago

    ZHC in the first: 123 Me: ZHC! DOESN’T THAT RHYME?!? No? Ok... :DDDDDDDDDDD

  19. natalynna2002

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  20. bridgette garrison

    bridgette garrison4 hours ago

    I just when on twitter and you know what people are doing to this man. they are begging for money like WTF. I am so sorry people are like that

  21. Axel Arstingstall

    Axel Arstingstall4 hours ago

    So weird

  22. Kaiyen Yco

    Kaiyen Yco4 hours ago

    Pls make a house for mr.beast lol

  23. zairene acierto

    zairene acierto4 hours ago

    Giving tesla to mr beast is like pouring a cup of water on the sea 🌊

  24. zairene acierto

    zairene acierto4 hours ago

    Hahha just kidding

  25. Liezel Diane

    Liezel Diane5 hours ago

    jimmy(mrbeast) is so nice even tho likes it hes giving it to one of hes team

  26. Armien Akhtar

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  27. Køala YT

    Køala YT6 hours ago

    ZHC:give tesla to Mr beast Mr beast:give tesla to Chris (did i spell it wrong?) chris and mr beast give away it on would you rather video. ohghhsgegwhsj

  28. Fl00fi Q

    Fl00fi Q6 hours ago

    There’s something so satisfying to me about painting on a Tesla, probably because I don’t have to worry about spending this amount of money.

  29. Hyre 9

    Hyre 97 hours ago

    1:47. I can’t believe that line was a really cool ZHC x BEAST design

  30. Emily Melba

    Emily Melba8 hours ago

    Thank you so much! I really loved the car!


    Z3DR1CK GAMING8 hours ago

    check my yt

  32. alex hebert

    alex hebert9 hours ago

    I cant stop laughing at 0:30 becuase of Caylus/Infinite saying "Satisfying".

  33. AJ Murphy

    AJ Murphy9 hours ago

    I love how the beast gang was in the supermarket when they were FaceTimed

  34. clarke rivera

    clarke rivera10 hours ago

    Ahoy ther

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    Marina Danzi12 hours ago

    Mi regali una tesla

  38. •Milky _Games•

    •Milky _Games•12 hours ago

    Wait a dam* second was youre wallet with Deku from Hero Academia boiiii i love him to just daying 😅ohhh and youre hodie 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  39. Zayyan Mir

    Zayyan Mir13 hours ago

    MrBeast Is My Friend

  40. papa lucas

    papa lucas15 hours ago

    Poor chandler..

  41. sharkTail

    sharkTail15 hours ago

    I just when on twitter and you know what people are doing to this man. they are begging for money like WTF. I am so sorry people are like that

  42. Vivian James Boring

    Vivian James Boring15 hours ago

    nice wallet and shirt dude i love my hero acadamea

  43. Salman 734

    Salman 73416 hours ago

    10:28 Legend meets Legend

  44. Mini

    Mini16 hours ago

    Thats one way to get Mr. Beast to notice you-

  45. lyrics corner

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  46. Sebas V W

    Sebas V W17 hours ago

    First he destroyed like 1000000 Apple gadgets and then is careful about a Tesla worth way less

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  48. lily day

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  49. Oswaldo Kandace

    Oswaldo Kandace20 hours ago

    The fact MrBeast just gave away the Tesla,I Feel bad for ZHC

  50. The G

    The G20 hours ago

    Who still watch these videos in 2020 just to be Satisfied

  51. I LOVE PIZZA27

    I LOVE PIZZA2720 hours ago

    Mr Beast in 2025. “Destroying the Statue of Liberty and buying a new one!” Lmao

  52. Lei Lei

    Lei Lei21 hour ago

    Wait you watch hero accdemia ?M I watch to

  53. Aryl08

    Aryl08Day ago

    I really love your videos give away

  54. ᒪITTᒪᗴ ᖴᑌᑎ ᗩᑎᗪ ᑕᖇᗴᗩTIᐯITY

    ᒪITTᒪᗴ ᖴᑌᑎ ᗩᑎᗪ ᑕᖇᗴᗩTIᐯITYDay ago

    Anyone gonna notice his izuku midoriya (AKA Deku) sweather?

  55. Samsung Gede

    Samsung GedeDay ago

    Owww nice car mrbeast the color is amazing to😆

  56. Epy Castro

    Epy CastroDay ago

    You are really rich buy three tesla no one buy three tesla before

  57. Kahaan Doshi

    Kahaan DoshiDay ago

    Let’s just take a moment and admire his art skills

  58. CHER YIK WEN Moe

    CHER YIK WEN MoeDay ago

    A youtuber is surprising a youtuber

  59. Kai Is Here

    Kai Is HereDay ago

    This man is a legend

  60. Riaz Husain

    Riaz HusainDay ago

    is that model s or 3

  61. SonnyYaGamer Roblox

    SonnyYaGamer RobloxDay ago

    Bro you put water back in the ocean

  62. Lovely Endozo

    Lovely EndozoDay ago

    Mrbeast in 2060 destroying all humans and buying 7 b humans

  63. DiamondInferno

    DiamondInfernoDay ago

    you inspired me to draw but i cant draw as goof as you

  64. DiamondInferno

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  65. Lil Nas X

    Lil Nas XDay ago

    Lil nas X✔: cool

  66. Jurgen Catin

    Jurgen CatinDay ago

    Shout out to caylus

  67. Quinncy Evangeline Sinaga

    Quinncy Evangeline SinagaDay ago

    hey ZHC are you wearing Izuku midoriya i mean deku



    Did u see that? ZHC's t-shirt is deku or izuku midoriya!!!!

  69. Dabs Pop

    Dabs PopDay ago


  70. Maria Cardiel

    Maria CardielDay ago

    Yes meneaste blow world

  71. Monica Escobedo

    Monica EscobedoDay ago

    Michelle stupid



    ZHC in 2050 :giveaway on 10 Lamborghinis

  73. Liza Tagaban

    Liza TagabanDay ago

    Who never see that ZHC wear midoriya shirt-

  74. Tia Stramel

    Tia StramelDay ago

    I feel bad for turkey they always beat him up It hurts me plz stop

  75. Amy Wyman

    Amy WymanDay ago

    You’re a real artist

  76. Amy Wyman

    Amy WymanDay ago

    I love your videos

  77. Klarika Davydov

    Klarika DavydovDay ago

    ZHC in 2080:surprising solar system with a custom planet

  78. cale Miller

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  79. Tiểu Long Nữ

    Tiểu Long NữDay ago

    Nobody: Nobody at all: ZHC: gets Blue marker even though the Tesla is Blue

  80. Santino Cagigal

    Santino CagigalDay ago

    The deku Walet though

  81. Anthony927

    Anthony927Day ago

    Mr best y the year 3000 exploting the universe and buying a new one

  82. Atif Rezai

    Atif RezaiDay ago

    How about u bought 1M Teslas

  83. Alex Boecking

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  84. Alex Boecking

    Alex BoeckingDay ago

    What does zhc

  85. Alex Watts

    Alex WattsDay ago

    I what you to customize a car for unspeakable

  86. Nandi Reacting & Gaming

    Nandi Reacting & GamingDay ago

    Mr Beast in 2050: Blowing up the whole milky way galaxy and surprising god with a new one ..

  87. Westside 6

    Westside 6Day ago

    Can you make a tesla for preston playz

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    I scribe

  91. Jessica Stewart

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    I I did

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    I love you mrbeast

  93. Mohamed ABIAN

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    Haha @infinite

  94. EJ Buddy

    EJ BuddyDay ago

    Is he a fan of my hero academia he has merch well if he is I’m a fan to

  95. love you to Batish

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  96. Eric Stefan

    Eric StefanDay ago

    Your such a good drawer


    FAKE SMILERDay ago

    Zhc got shocked

  98. Shaila Vazquez

    Shaila VazquezDay ago

    So you’re giving the car to him🤔 🚘 🚗

  99. H of the Sky

    H of the SkyDay ago

    I like ur shirt

  100. Super Troopa Hunter

    Super Troopa HunterDay ago

    ZHC in 3030: surprising mr beast with a custom cat

  101. DiamondInferno

    DiamondInfernoDay ago

    I dont think he would live 1010 years

  102. Greydon A

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  103. Alexandria helwa El Safira

    Alexandria helwa El SafiraDay ago

    hi Zhc i just wanna tell you how about you play Minecraft please

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    😔 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Like what is he’s budget

  106. Beydtu Roblox

    Beydtu Roblox2 days ago

    1:51 whats the song

  107. Md Shamim

    Md Shamim2 days ago

    Gta v Michele house same

  108. Marx Cleone Adriano

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    Lmao infinite