This Video Was Uploaded 365 Days Ago

This Video Was Uploaded 365 Days Ago
Every day I will update the title and thumbnail of this video to however long ago this video was uploaded. I will be doing this once a day for the rest of my life


  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    If this video hits 1 million likes I will literally give away 30 custom iPad Pros to you guys! I am going to be working on 50 iphone 11s next month! Stay safe and stay healthy everyone! 🥺👉👈 Also THANK YOU FOR 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! I love all of you more than you will ever know❤️❤️ I love seeing you and other people smile 😊😊 Thank you for supporting me🥺🥺 Never gonna stop making the craziest content and giveaways for you guys❤️❤️ First comment: Mann Second comment: CAMAE999

  2. SIDENO Gaming

    SIDENO Gaming2 days ago


  3. Fern Catandijan

    Fern Catandijan8 days ago

    @zhc I’m ur biggest fan!!!!

  4. Rainbow_Playz-Roblox

    Rainbow_Playz-RobloxMonth ago

    9 million views POG

  5. Zia & Zuhayr Ibraheem

    Zia & Zuhayr IbraheemMonth ago


  6. Abigail Pape

    Abigail PapeMonth ago

    I love people like you who dedicate your life to help others

  7. Puppy Lover

    Puppy Lover3 hours ago

    1:03 Dat meme tho lol

  8. Naazneen Hafsa

    Naazneen Hafsa4 hours ago

    What it's litary been a year

  9. Jully Alsheshakly

    Jully Alsheshakly7 hours ago

    Please I want the giveaway

  10. ᴍʏᴋᴀ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    ᴍʏᴋᴀ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ7 hours ago

    I found this when it was one year and one month.

  11. BrickProductions

    BrickProductions7 hours ago

    Just showed up in my recommended called "this video was uploaded 365 days ago" as of recently it is

  12. Topher Gaming

    Topher Gaming7 hours ago

    Sorry not *365* Days Ago, Actually *380* Days Ago.

  13. Fathan Hayesify

    Fathan Hayesify8 hours ago


  14. Rishit Playz

    Rishit Playz9 hours ago


  15. The Dude

    The Dude11 hours ago

    every zch vid be like ohHhhHhHhhH SADISFYING

  16. Smacking my butt gamer Lol

    Smacking my butt gamer Lol12 hours ago

    It’s been a year your right

  17. 8 Years

    8 Years13 hours ago

    Howd what huh? How???

  18. Wakanda Gaming

    Wakanda Gaming14 hours ago

    Sorry ZHC but you haven't been changing the thumbnail every day...

  19. Wakanda Gaming

    Wakanda Gaming14 hours ago

    Who else got this on their recommended a year later...

  20. CJ K

    CJ K14 hours ago

    Zach hey so um my partner really needs a computer so can you help me?? They want a customized one.

  21. Sukitha Elangovan

    Sukitha Elangovan14 hours ago

    Anyone watching this after 5 yrs, remember me

  22. ꧁Skylar Playz꧂

    ꧁Skylar Playz꧂14 hours ago

    It was- 1 year-

  23. ShadowGT

    ShadowGT18 hours ago

    What the....

  24. it's Adrita's WORLD

    it's Adrita's WORLDDay ago

    Title:this video was made 365 days ago Me: OH MA GAD

  25. RolePlayingTime!

    RolePlayingTime!Day ago


  26. Alan Misyats

    Alan MisyatsDay ago

    What how do you know wtf😱😱😱 your a time reader😱

  27. Lucien Ninfo

    Lucien NinfoDay ago

    more then 265 days ago

  28. Andres Arias

    Andres AriasDay ago

    it said 365 days but its 379 days

  29. Danita Harper

    Danita HarperDay ago

    I will never get something from you I live Canada in ontario

  30. Orange Blossom

    Orange BlossomDay ago

    Ahhhhhhh! It is One year ago!

  31. Parsa.D. Gamer

    Parsa.D. GamerDay ago

    My name in pubg is parsa aiy doctor

  32. Parsa.D. Gamer

    Parsa.D. GamerDay ago

    Wanna play pubg it’s so fun

  33. Richard Hather

    Richard HatherDay ago


  34. Tyjote 1

    Tyjote 1Day ago

    Wait how does he actullay know that

  35. Quinten Wien

    Quinten WienDay ago

    Wait what

  36. Lemzn

    LemznDay ago

    Its actually true-

  37. waffles

    wafflesDay ago

    no, because then you would say published April 11, 2020

  38. Shrimp

    ShrimpDay ago

    he gave up after a day

  39. -Panda Girl-

    -Panda Girl-Day ago

    LOL it has beeen a year for me since this has beeen uploaded

  40. waffles

    wafflesDay ago

    no, because then you would say published April 11, 2020

  41. Gamer Manny

    Gamer Manny2 days ago

    Wait a sec it was made year ago NANI?!

  42. waffles

    wafflesDay ago

    no, because then you would say published April 11, 2020

  43. Surupan Nandi

    Surupan Nandi2 days ago

    365 days, nice. This comment was posted 365 days ago if your watching it today. Lol

  44. Mylife isweird

    Mylife isweird2 days ago

    Did u notice that the the thumbnail says 336 ant the title says 365

  45. Emma Whitney

    Emma Whitney2 days ago

    Hi zhc I just I love ur vids also how u customize so many things ur amazing

  46. Rhombo Gaming

    Rhombo Gaming2 days ago

    I am so confused by this who else agrees

  47. Cotton candy Sisters

    Cotton candy Sisters2 days ago

    Ummm yes your right

  48. mary bea :D

    mary bea :D2 days ago

    leo: now lets do something pink! no one: zach: *OWW*

  49. Teddys Shenanigans

    Teddys Shenanigans2 days ago


  50. Carolina Sinurat

    Carolina Sinurat2 days ago

    But How!?

  51. Noel Serena

    Noel Serena2 days ago

    OMG a year for me u right ZHC what

  52. waffles

    wafflesDay ago

    no, because then you would say published April 11, 2020

  53. Spyder Ammar

    Spyder Ammar2 days ago

    It’s actually a year for me biggest bruh


    KING ASSAIN3 days ago

    100% satisfaction

  55. dimitri spasic

    dimitri spasic3 days ago

    True wt heck ???

  56. Malia Fooladi

    Malia Fooladi3 days ago

    It’s April not may 2021

  57. Queen Muslimah

    Queen Muslimah3 days ago

    Fun fact: caption says 365 days but thumbnail says 336 days ago 😏

  58. Alaia Wright

    Alaia Wright3 days ago

    its close to 1 year but well this was uploaded on march 28 2020 but rn its april 9 2021

  59. IcyPanda1

    IcyPanda13 days ago

    No joke thus video is exactly one year old for me

  60. Mr Wow

    Mr Wow3 days ago

    its been 377 days lol

  61. Gab_Titanium

    Gab_Titanium3 days ago

    This was updated EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO TO THIS DAY BUT IF it truly was it would be more days bc if it really was one exact year it would have been posted on April 9th :) lol

  62. 5S9

    5S93 days ago

    No it wasn’t

  63. Avery Smith

    Avery Smith3 days ago

    From my end I’m Watching at 20 mill but still congratulations 🎉🎈🎊

  64. 『 Lowsha 』

    『 Lowsha 』3 days ago

    It was

  65. tom Ledbetter

    tom Ledbetter3 days ago

    It’s been 1 year

  66. Transcendent RBLX

    Transcendent RBLX3 days ago

    My tik tok:60 views Me: :) Leo’s tik tok:626k Views Leo: :(

  67. Jeya Siva

    Jeya Siva3 days ago

    me two

  68. Gursevak Singh

    Gursevak Singh3 days ago

    you are very right

  69. S - BROS

    S - BROS3 days ago


  70. sandhya patel

    sandhya patel4 days ago


  71. Emre Onal

    Emre Onal4 days ago


  72. AdamIsAdam

    AdamIsAdam4 days ago

    1 YEAR🎉🎉

  73. Samantha Melsom

    Samantha Melsom4 days ago

    its been 1 year

  74. Elcome

    Elcome4 days ago

    Congrats 20 mil subs

  75. RhudiCHFWasHere

    RhudiCHFWasHere4 days ago

    No it wasn’t

  76. Go Zombies

    Go Zombies4 days ago

    Sorry but this was uploaded 376 days ago

  77. Kavneet Dhania

    Kavneet Dhania4 days ago

    It has been a year

  78. Saffan Hassany

    Saffan Hassany4 days ago


  79. Coco muy loco XD44 gaming

    Coco muy loco XD44 gaming4 days ago


  80. mk melian

    mk melian4 days ago

    wow 365 days ago!!!!!!

  81. LZSJ Morris

    LZSJ Morris4 days ago

    Thank you zhs I have hated art all my life until I started watching you and I started watching you 1 years ago.

  82. LiamOn1PadYT

    LiamOn1PadYT5 days ago

    The title/ thumbnail is wrong for me!

  83. Mighty on top ッ

    Mighty on top ッ5 days ago

    Bro what the heck

  84. Small artist check

    Small artist check5 days ago

    What- this was a year ago=365 days......he's a time traveler 😳😅👀



    Omg yea its true i has been i year

  86. Classical Tay Tay

    Classical Tay Tay5 days ago

    10 days delayed

  87. Towerofhelllover_91

    Towerofhelllover_915 days ago

    Ur art is amazing zack and Leo

  88. Maham Sajjad

    Maham Sajjad5 days ago

    Yes it was

  89. Anais Hasert

    Anais Hasert5 days ago

    Can i pls get a normal nintendo switch with a sunset on it

  90. TAN HAN XIAN Moe

    TAN HAN XIAN Moe5 days ago

    3:18 OW!

  91. maddog

    maddog5 days ago

    It was a year old a couple days ago

  92. Gem Eduard Edis

    Gem Eduard Edis6 days ago

    i dont have an insta :(


    JAYITHPLAYZ1826 days ago

    when i hear tiktok i hear cancer but zhc said it so i heard it normally cuz he is a good person

  94. Chaitrya Shede

    Chaitrya Shede6 days ago

    Its been 373 days and the title and thumbnail are not changed

  95. •kitten_butterfliesYT•

    •kitten_butterfliesYT•6 days ago


  96. Wimpy Shrimpy

    Wimpy Shrimpy6 days ago

    11 months but ok

  97. supercarrally im a huge fan

    supercarrally im a huge fan6 days ago

    Nice renaming

  98. supercarrally im a huge fan

    supercarrally im a huge fan6 days ago

    Mmm yes it was

  99. SnipezR

    SnipezR6 days ago


  100. Ellis Ogilvie

    Ellis Ogilvie6 days ago


  101. Chaircatdog

    Chaircatdog6 days ago

    This was so accurate

  102. GBoyMiner

    GBoyMiner6 days ago

    Is anyone else astonished on how he got 10 million more subs in 1 YEAR?

  103. Hi

    Hi6 days ago

    The thumbnail and title are different

  104. LolliPopperRblx _YT

    LolliPopperRblx _YT6 days ago

    Lol its been a year

  105. watymelon222

    watymelon2227 days ago

    this is like 1 year ago

  106. Jd_HD

    Jd_HD7 days ago


  107. Epicgamer102 E

    Epicgamer102 E7 days ago


  108. Liza Levai

    Liza Levai7 days ago

    this video was posted exactly a year ago :0

  109. Jacob Ball

    Jacob Ball7 days ago

    Eh 10,000,000 a year later 20,000,000 exactly