I Surprised Addison Rae With A Custom Car!

I surprised Addison Rae with her dream custom car!
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC10 months ago

    Please subscribe cuz I want to do nice things for other people and my subscribers! I am also teaming up with a local children's hospital soon for an event so profits will be used to fund it❤️ So thankful for all of you! Love each and every one of you so so much! First comment: Brian Thornley

  2. Amal Draz

    Amal DrazMonth ago

    I love you guys even adison i love you

  3. Elizabeth Soto

    Elizabeth Soto2 months ago

    I love fruit especially dragon fruit I would love that car

  4. James Mccall

    James Mccall3 months ago

    I love zhc

  5. Mihailo Musikic

    Mihailo Musikic4 months ago


  6. Mihailo Musikic

    Mihailo Musikic4 months ago


  7. Khloe Cannady

    Khloe Cannady44 minutes ago

    Addison: “ omg y’all are so nice “ Me: as if this doesn’t always happen

  8. Jaxson Britton

    Jaxson BrittonHour ago

    Zach likes addison no cap

  9. Magdalene Minerich

    Magdalene Minerich2 hours ago

    That is my dream care too

  10. Zac Fryer

    Zac Fryer3 hours ago

    How are you guys so good at drawing

  11. Glow Hello

    Glow Hello4 hours ago

    ZHC does all of this work for the community. The least everyone can do is subscribe. He deserves all of the subscribers ever. Love you ZHC 💖💖

  12. Simplymocha I luv mocha and cookies

    Simplymocha I luv mocha and cookies4 hours ago

    I really love addison 💕 her scream made my day

  13. Emily Causey

    Emily Causey5 hours ago

    Addison: ZHC whispering to Addison:HAVE A REACTION Addison:OMGGGG

  14. Adysen Eller

    Adysen Eller5 hours ago

    my name is also Adysen

  15. Khloe Cannady

    Khloe Cannady5 hours ago

    You know instead of a racing it you could’ve just went over it with another color

  16. Ella Umberger

    Ella Umberger6 hours ago

    Can you paint a tree

  17. Tj Long

    Tj Long6 hours ago

    Y’all need a frog cause you use frog tape

  18. Tea Samuels

    Tea Samuels9 hours ago

    I subscribe

  19. yxnexy

    yxnexy9 hours ago

    my mom says she wants a car lol

  20. Zesheng Jin

    Zesheng Jin11 hours ago


  21. Briana Carethers

    Briana Carethers11 hours ago

    Zach: This is you thick and pink Michele: giggles Me: laughs so hard

  22. Amana Rahman

    Amana Rahman12 hours ago

    If this car was for Charli the wheel at the back would be a donut 😂😂

  23. maria julia lima martins

    maria julia lima martins12 hours ago


  24. Aleen Omar

    Aleen Omar12 hours ago


  25. Aleen Omar

    Aleen Omar12 hours ago


  26. Rosie’s channel of fun! :D : D

    Rosie’s channel of fun! :D : D13 hours ago

    I love how Zach spent 10 hours of his own time buying a car for Addison and then spending ages hand customizing it. He never cares about himself he just enjoys surprising other people. He is one of the nicest people on USlikes ngl. I love you Zach ❤️😊💖

  27. Joe Mooney

    Joe Mooney13 hours ago

    the amount of times addison said oh my god and yall

  28. Adisson Rae

    Adisson Rae17 hours ago

    it was one of the good times in my life, with my best friends, i love you all

  29. RandomVids4u

    RandomVids4u8 hours ago

    You spelled "your" own name wrong 😂 your obviously not her soooo

  30. mirali mazaree

    mirali mazaree16 hours ago

    high addi son big fan

  31. Haider Abbas Vines

    Haider Abbas Vines17 hours ago

    By seeing the fruits i think the car was made for LOSERFRUIT

  32. Haider Abbas Vines

    Haider Abbas Vines17 hours ago

    Hats off to your editor he does a very great job lets all appreciate

  33. Armita Nabhani

    Armita Nabhani19 hours ago

    How many times did Addison Rae say y’all and her mom

  34. Steph Preece

    Steph Preece19 hours ago

    Oh hello :] :》

  35. Alison White

    Alison White21 hour ago

    Yall so kind

  36. CraZzinesS OveRloadEd

    CraZzinesS OveRloadEd21 hour ago

    In future ZHC will customize monuments......great

  37. Hiba Sajid

    Hiba Sajid21 hour ago


  38. Ahana Paliya

    Ahana Paliya21 hour ago

    Do you know Taj Mahal

  39. vijayalakshmi mathan

    vijayalakshmi mathan21 hour ago

    0:08 to 0:29 they advertise better than the original one lol

  40. Cobra Mor

    Cobra Mor21 hour ago

    Hi your so cool and I want to win the giveaway so bad

  41. Its Bens World

    Its Bens World22 hours ago


  42. Rozelle diva

    Rozelle diva23 hours ago

    Hi I luv how u make people happy I luv to see I give people expensive things and i also sub to u

  43. Cold Vibxz

    Cold VibxzDay ago

    How many times did she say Omg

  44. Beetroot Bug

    Beetroot BugDay ago

    Did anyone else notice that he didn’t blur up the number plate

  45. Ryland Richter

    Ryland RichterDay ago

    Wow. This was really nice of him! I would love to be surprised with a custom car

  46. Leish

    LeishDay ago

    Meeeeee pls

  47. kristoff jervie bustamante

    kristoff jervie bustamanteDay ago

    13:13 lol the kid says banana but proceeds to give addison a pineapple

  48. Megan Stone

    Megan StoneDay ago

    Ok but Zach owns like 2 houses LOL!!!!!

  49. Aixa eden Vallejo sanchez

    Aixa eden Vallejo sanchezDay ago


  50. Hailey Smith

    Hailey SmithDay ago

    is she your girl

  51. Josh Gonzales

    Josh GonzalesDay ago

    That’s loserfruits car lol

  52. Darcey Davies

    Darcey DaviesDay ago

    i was cry laghing when he said thicc and pink

  53. Cora Pink Cow

    Cora Pink CowDay ago




    is anybody going to ignore how many times addison said yall

  55. ZtarX

    ZtarXDay ago

    Adison rae vs summer rae in a art battle

  56. I play roblox&gachalife WuW Kayla

    I play roblox&gachalife WuW KaylaDay ago

    Til tock

  57. Antonia Pace

    Antonia PaceDay ago

    i realy love your customizing

  58. Antonia Pace

    Antonia PaceDay ago

    hi i realy love your customizing

  59. K&A Channel

    K&A ChannelDay ago

    This is how much Addison said ya’ll

  60. Tempero e Prosa USA Gomes

    Tempero e Prosa USA GomesDay ago

    You’re 22 years old

  61. norh ahmed

    norh ahmedDay ago

    مين عرب

  62. jordyn summers

    jordyn summersDay ago

    This is how many times Addison said oh my gosh

  63. matt gladieux

    matt gladieuxDay ago

    Every time Addison said y’all you have Like ZHC’s videos

  64. Megan Moore

    Megan MooreDay ago

    The high-pitched detective prenatally repeat because waterfall probably exercise on a handsome north america. penitent, aromatic cinema

  65. 11Fchris

    11FchrisDay ago

    WOW ZHC 🙀🙀😱😱

  66. Pia Marie Lerseth

    Pia Marie LersethDay ago


  67. Cadan Mulligan

    Cadan MulliganDay ago

    She was going

  68. Isaac Vang

    Isaac VangDay ago

    Tysm for doing Addison Rae she is my idol😘💋

  69. Will young

    Will youngDay ago


  70. harley tan

    harley tanDay ago


  71. Non-Toxic

    Non-ToxicDay ago

    I have to subscribe.

  72. Vito Jurjević

    Vito JurjevićDay ago

    you gived trash her dream car

  73. Awesh Wickramarathne

    Awesh WickramarathneDay ago

    Addisons little brother chasing her to see the banana

  74. Besso Pixel

    Besso PixelDay ago

    So Neis

  75. Lucia Bonini

    Lucia BoniniDay ago

    And I can't see ZHC

  76. Lucia Bonini

    Lucia BoniniDay ago

    I am sad because I liv in Scotland

  77. Yvette Cardinoza

    Yvette CardinozaDay ago

    I'm a painter to and I paint an eye and add some more designs but my drawings is not realistic I put shadows on it than color it.

  78. Świat Maji

    Świat MajiDay ago

    Charli D'amelio vs. Chase Hudson - Guess The Post..

  79. What’s Ruby Doing Now ?

    What’s Ruby Doing Now ?Day ago


  80. What’s Ruby Doing Now ?

    What’s Ruby Doing Now ?Day ago

    Addison Rae is so rude off cam

  81. Anna Bridges

    Anna BridgesDay ago

    Thank u sleeerp ahhhhh

  82. bluedi zenchi

    bluedi zenchiDay ago

    ZHC & MrBeast Could Buy The Whole World If They Wanted To.

  83. Prime Time

    Prime TimeDay ago

    all do respect but u guys r SIMPS

  84. Carmen Mia Skyler

    Carmen Mia Skyler2 days ago

    Lovn’ it

  85. V1B3 R0M4N

    V1B3 R0M4N2 days ago

    The kid LAROI watching this: 😓

  86. Mikel Njoku

    Mikel Njoku2 days ago

    I feel like zhc would be in prison due to graffiti

  87. Zaman Malik

    Zaman Malik2 days ago

    The satisfaction 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  88. Harmony Woods

    Harmony Woods2 days ago

    Zach you should have a satisfying channel

  89. Harmony Woods

    Harmony WoodsDay ago

    We’re you put satisfying stuff in it

  90. Manjola Forbes

    Manjola Forbes2 days ago

    And l followed youuu

  91. Manjola Forbes

    Manjola Forbes2 days ago

    I subeedddddddd

  92. Manjola Forbes

    Manjola Forbes2 days ago

    Your like the best USlikesr ever

  93. Brian McManus

    Brian McManus2 days ago

    You make everything so satisfying 😀

  94. Brian McManus

    Brian McManus2 days ago

    You are such a good painter

  95. Emma Glover

    Emma Glover2 days ago

    You are soooooo good at drawing and painting

  96. Daniella Lopez

    Daniella Lopez2 days ago

    ship ship ship

  97. Osborne Kids

    Osborne Kids2 days ago

    Did you do the prank where you fake no cap

  98. Eddy El-Khouri

    Eddy El-Khouri2 days ago


  99. Robert Sundic

    Robert Sundic2 days ago


  100. Linus Feng

    Linus Feng2 days ago

    thats funny

  101. Linus Feng

    Linus Feng2 days ago

    i just want to flex on the haters ahahhahahahahahah!

  102. Kristyn Robertson

    Kristyn Robertson2 days ago

    you do awesome art work idk how you do it

  103. Ultronhuman

    Ultronhuman2 days ago

    zhc - hits him with a pen and they pen fight 2 minutes later - SpOnGE bOb SqUArE PanTS

  104. cleo hens

    cleo hens2 days ago

    Ai wil the bannana aipet its my dream ai wil a aipet

  105. Katrina Lawson

    Katrina Lawson2 days ago

    *addison trying to drive* Lucas: "look at the banana!"

  106. Rosalie Dunn

    Rosalie Dunn2 days ago

    Damn his editor is insane

  107. tom fitzpatrick

    tom fitzpatrick2 days ago

    Who's in 2021

  108. Jessica Williams

    Jessica Williams2 days ago

    I don’t have insagram