Customizing An iPad In 10 Hours, 1 Hour, 10 Minutes, 1 Minute & 10 Seconds - Challenge | ZHC

Can I Customize An iPad In 10 Hours, 1 Hour, 10 Minutes, 1 Minute & 10 Seconds?
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC6 months ago

    Who do you think won? Please subscribe if you are new :)) My goal is to spread positivity and give back as much as I can! First comment: Johnson Wang

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  7. Me and the Bun Bun

    Me and the Bun Bun37 seconds ago

    Leo:29.. Leo:40! Me:Can u count ;-; Also me:90... 100! 9edit:not making fun of em and I can count lol)

  8. KiNg AFG bADsHah

    KiNg AFG bADsHahHour ago

    This is my first time watching you ZHC and I really love ur art can I have one of your tablets I want the dragon one

  9. Teagan Plummer

    Teagan PlummerHour ago

    can i pls get one of your giveaways

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    I wish i could get these customized 😿 Anyway Yup love u the best Love from Pakistan❤️

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    Witton AlexanderHour ago

    Cool 😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎


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    what if we do not have intagram and cant get it but i can sub tou

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    huge iPads giveaway!

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    Love ❤you

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    Can I have please for my schooling

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    Mohd Noman5 hours ago

    I love food

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    ShiyafRocker5 hours ago

    dragon is not a food but super

  19. Maseeha Adnan

    Maseeha Adnan6 hours ago

    Zach: shrek is that you ? Leo:oh donkey is that you Public : roast🤟


    JENNIFER WU6 hours ago

    that was the coolest vid ever

  21. Lazha Ismail

    Lazha Ismail7 hours ago

    2056 he customises the whole world

  22. Mimmyl

    Mimmyl8 hours ago

    I think it looked better if he dind't outline the sprinkles🍩

  23. Bukurie Sula

    Bukurie Sula8 hours ago

    im love ju

  24. DieDo on Android

    DieDo on Android8 hours ago

    Fun fact: they have 10ipads

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  26. I am a person

    I am a person9 hours ago

    I need one of those ipads in my life xD

  27. I am a person

    I am a person9 hours ago

    Hey can you customise apple pens?

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    i’m broke 😫😫😫😫😫😫☹️☹️☹️☹️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭

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    can i have one plz

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    I want one so bad

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    I'm always in the giveaways i never win nothing ive been depresed since that day

  33. Jei Connolly

    Jei Connolly13 hours ago

    Are these people are artist

  34. We Can All Relate Relate

    We Can All Relate Relate13 hours ago

    Michelle and ZHC are so cute together 👉👈💅

  35. Frisk Cookie

    Frisk Cookie15 hours ago

    Hey!!! I’ve got a question. Do u take request for what picture to draw on something? If you do, can you do Deku? Or someone from Mha? (Anime theme) I bet a lot of people that are weebs would like it.

  36. Kathryn Croninger

    Kathryn Croninger15 hours ago

    I love your videos

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  38. Laci King

    Laci King16 hours ago

    25 years later:surprises Michelle with a custom Disney world

  39. Jaydalyn Tegan Orlando

    Jaydalyn Tegan Orlando16 hours ago

    Michelle: pokes ZHC's noise ZHC: Michelle I am trying to focus o om omf omfg omfg l omfg lm omfg lmf omfg lmfa omfg lmfao omfg lmfa omfg lmf omfg lm omfg l omfg omf om o don't look i I told you not to

  40. Nuriddin Akhmadjonov

    Nuriddin Akhmadjonov17 hours ago

    OMGGG ending is so satisfying had I had to click off :P

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    Wella Safwat18 hours ago

    Really i want a laptop but iam in egybt but iam very big fan for you

  42. Wojciech Sekman

    Wojciech Sekman19 hours ago

    Earth : I'm more beatiful Alien planet : NO, I'm more beatiful ZHC planet : hold my beer


    AUSTIN HARTMAN19 hours ago

    Boo boo!to you!

  44. ZyPro Boom

    ZyPro Boom19 hours ago

    This must’ve been an extremely expensive vid like look at all those iPads

  45. Retro Rawley

    Retro Rawley21 hour ago

    50 years later “ today I’m going to retire and customize only one more plant”

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  47. Len Len Tagavilla

    Len Len Tagavilla22 hours ago

    I can beat yall in one minute

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  49. Alejandra Hollingsworth

    Alejandra Hollingsworth22 hours ago

    But how did they afford so many ipads?!?

  50. MJ Lawan

    MJ Lawan22 hours ago

    His 20 second drawing is better then my 24 hour drawing

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  52. Parinika Kaushik

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  53. it's study time

    it's study time23 hours ago

    Zack go to stationery shop Buying markers and tape Shopkeeper not again

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  56. adopt me roblox ?

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    20 years later : Zhc will be costomizing an island

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    dude thats so cool ZHC/Zack


    LIMETIMEDay ago

    please me

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    You now I give you a thumbs down.



    Zach and Michelle should be married

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    Your great zack

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    I painted my I pad it was not great ...AT ALL

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    Oh my God Joe crazy oh yes oh yeah okay

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    Give me one my dream 😭😭

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    Hay i'm new here to zhc chann and this us super cool and amazing... I'm still learning gaffiti and doodle art😋😋i hope i could join zhc in a painting🙂😉😀😅

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    Never mind of spelling mistakes😅😅😋

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    Well fruit one was kinda easy **APPLE**

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    no win

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    Me: draw a donut Him I will draw a dragon donut Me: woopeee

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    LOL when they showed infinite

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    Kol drawing zhc

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    sir plz give me one I pad plz I sent email in your account

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    Loser Of The Challenge: Leo Winner Of The Challenge: ZHC ( Zach ) ( Zack )

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