Designing and Drawing My Spidersona - WHY IS THIS EVEN TRENDING?!

I saw a ton of artists creating their Spidersonas so I decided why not try it out for myself and design my own...
If you try it out for yourself submit it to my reddit page and title it spidersona for a chance to appear on my art review!
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    like this video or I'll be mad Send me memes in the disquad server!! If you try it out for yourself submit it to my reddit page and title it spidersona for a chance to appear on my art review! First comment legend: Kiare Leon

  2. Manjeet Rana

    Manjeet RanaMonth ago

    My name sona 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Wander ann

    Wander annMonth ago

    Im the 600th like

  4. Brandon Lopez

    Brandon LopezMonth ago

    What’s the link for the pencil?

  5. Singh Taukoor

    Singh Taukoor6 months ago

    How to share my spidersona with you

  6. Sufyaan Iqbal

    Sufyaan Iqbal8 months ago

    Its the 5 th of march 2020 and he has 8.3mill subs wow his channel is really growing

  7. Weird Weels663

    Weird Weels663Hour ago

    try an ironsona

  8. JSN Gaming

    JSN Gaming6 hours ago

    Zach: *rips* Me:NO

  9. TNT Tran

    TNT Tran7 hours ago

    Hey, I’m an artist but how do you draw all those poses

  10. Satan

    Satan8 hours ago

    100,000 subscribers around 2 years ago, now has 17 m. What the-

  11. osi funmilayo

    osi funmilayo2 days ago

    Stop doing thet

  12. Lil _Kidflash

    Lil _Kidflash4 days ago

    Me:ooo that looks good ZHC:Riiiiiiiiip

  13. Fire And fun

    Fire And fun4 days ago

    Spider soner 2020

  14. Cxpture YT

    Cxpture YT5 days ago

    ZHC: rips master piece Me: jumps through screen and smacks the copics out of him 🤦🏾‍♂️😭🙏🏾😂

  15. SARvFall x

    SARvFall x6 days ago

    Call me a furry, but I miss spidersonas and thus I can't wait for 2021 for the new Spiderverse to be introduced.

  16. Mohit Vallurupalli

    Mohit Vallurupalli6 days ago

    2020 anyone

  17. Fine tip Art

    Fine tip Art6 days ago

    I almost died at 6:40

  18. Philon Dyer-Drakes

    Philon Dyer-Drakes6 days ago

    wtf that is cooli can draw that.

  19. Abdallah

    Abdallah7 days ago


  20. Kwale Handpumps

    Kwale Handpumps7 days ago

    Broo y did you rip a master piece im struggling trying to learn draw and you ripped your painting

  21. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad10 days ago


  22. V CUBER gm

    V CUBER gm10 days ago

    17:57 as an pro artist,I can say that it isn't looking right,...his hip is been hyper sized or something

  23. Pencil and Scissor Art

    Pencil and Scissor Art11 days ago


  24. Joimarie Beaver

    Joimarie Beaver14 days ago

    Hi Make a shout out for me

  25. NervousMoose

    NervousMoose14 days ago

    bbp = B I G B LA C K P E N

  26. Olti Bytiqy

    Olti Bytiqy14 days ago


  27. stefanie gamble

    stefanie gamble16 days ago


  28. Logan Lewis

    Logan Lewis17 days ago

    Man I don’t want to stock you. We cool 😎

  29. Not AdrianJhay

    Not AdrianJhay19 days ago

    Could’ve made him hanging from a building like venoms pose and make the face like venoms but daxs

  30. Shut Ice

    Shut Ice20 days ago

    Wait a minute we're u a BTS army (fan)? 🤔😧

  31. Offline Skateboarding

    Offline Skateboarding21 day ago

    ZHC Introducing.... The Duct Tape PENCIL!

  32. Cloud 9

    Cloud 923 days ago

    your spidersona looks like spiderman noir

  33. Deni Best

    Deni Best25 days ago

    mans got 16 million subs in 2 years

  34. Dark King

    Dark King26 days ago

    New sona ironsona!!!

  35. Lã Mai Quỳnh Chi

    Lã Mai Quỳnh Chi26 days ago

    I usually spin the paper when I draw too

  36. Jinulal

    Jinulal26 days ago

    To be Frank, I am not a good artist but I want to say that it was epic draw. You just tore it for writing 2018. (Maybe) By the way, good luck next time.

  37. IWolfWolfie

    IWolfWolfie27 days ago

    😏😏😏 😏 😏😏😏 😏 😏😏😏

  38. thushani premarathne

    thushani premarathne27 days ago

    is this the art version of ceeday?

  39. Art Xhema

    Art Xhema29 days ago

    How did this man gain millions of subscribers in 1 year also if he could make a black hole the planet would be destroyed almost instantly (if you put something like a coin sized black hole on a planet the planet would collapse.) You did know this right

  40. Dave Stew

    Dave Stew29 days ago

    Shouldn't have ripped it I would've taken it

  41. Family Sehmbi

    Family SehmbiMonth ago

    whos watching this during quaritine if i even spelled that write


    PHILIP NEOMonth ago

    Nice art, 10000000000000/10

  43. viji mangalam

    viji mangalamMonth ago

    Who is watching this wich he have 16.6m subscribe we are proud of u zack

  44. Chris Lasserra

    Chris LasserraMonth ago

    It’s crazy how he got to 100k to 16 million in one year I can’t believe it

  45. Floor Gang

    Floor GangMonth ago

    Started from the top?

  46. Sadie Rain

    Sadie RainMonth ago


  47. Roxana Roman

    Roxana RomanMonth ago


  48. DrMythe

    DrMytheMonth ago

    so u saying in like a year and a little more he got 16.2m subs

  49. robtobbos 01

    robtobbos 01Month ago

    Your video's are good BUT ther to Many memes

  50. Hikki Pes

    Hikki PesMonth ago

    Wait, has his channel got 16 million subs in a year?

  51. natalie huynh

    natalie huynhMonth ago


  52. Blue Jay

    Blue JayMonth ago

    F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F

  53. Blue Jay

    Blue JayMonth ago

    So his story is Peter Parker’s but a little dumb and just jr jr jr jr jr jr.

  54. Primary Gamers

    Primary GamersMonth ago

    It's 16 million now 😐😑😑

  55. Jonathan Munleon

    Jonathan MunleonMonth ago

    I like his new content, but I miss this content so much

  56. Chase Draws

    Chase DrawsMonth ago

    DUDE I KNOW RIGHT?? what happened to the good ole days when he drew something not on a phone, tablet, car, or house

  57. Wahata brasio

    Wahata brasioMonth ago


  58. jam mMG

    jam mMGMonth ago

    He at 16mill subs in 2020

  59. Isaac Wegner

    Isaac WegnerMonth ago

    Are you saying just one year ago he had 100 k

  60. Ehrentomate

    EhrentomateMonth ago


  61. Omer Mairaj

    Omer MairajMonth ago

    dude you shouldnt have ripped that man it was looking sooo goood

  62. Anne Nastassja Santos

    Anne Nastassja SantosMonth ago

    I did’t know your in love with copics

  63. DivineRights

    DivineRightsMonth ago

    good name would be spiderswag

  64. Panda Boy

    Panda BoyMonth ago

    SUCK Yeah



    Still can’t believe you got 15 min in 1 year and 10 months congratulations man

  66. Bobking

    BobkingMonth ago


  67. Choni Lover

    Choni LoverMonth ago

    3:09 yeahhhhhh❤️❤️❤️

  68. That1 thing

    That1 thingMonth ago

    You got 15mil in one year cuz that’s crazy



    Zhc a want $ 700 plz IT is ?????

  70. Fatema Laher

    Fatema LaherMonth ago

    He should make a thanosona

  71. Vladislav Cazoni

    Vladislav CazoniMonth ago

    Is funny and is education

  72. Rishika Raman

    Rishika Raman2 months ago


  73. Halime Sketch's

    Halime Sketch's2 months ago

    15.6 subs in just a year?!?!? now that's a record!

  74. Mac Soma

    Mac Soma2 months ago

    How tf did he gain 15 mil in a year

  75. Your dose of Random stuff

    Your dose of Random stuff2 months ago

    Anyone else seeing this when he almost has 16 million subscribers

  76. Not uploading

    Not uploading2 months ago

    Supreme spider your name could be for your next drawing love the effort and time

  77. FlickFN

    FlickFN2 months ago

    This is when he had 100k subs, now he has 15 million and he still has that dyed hair

  78. MLH Arts

    MLH Arts2 months ago

    lol nice

  79. Isaac Vargas

    Isaac Vargas2 months ago

    Your fat


    THEMATHGEEK2 months ago

    look how far he's come in a year

  81. Thurga Shini

    Thurga Shini2 months ago

    Its me:)))))) I really enjoyed

  82. Bidith Ranjan Deb

    Bidith Ranjan Deb2 months ago

    You should not rip arts. Even though you hated it and disliked it you should've stored it somewhere. Wasting is against the law!

  83. Witherspoon Sisters

    Witherspoon Sisters2 months ago

    Whoever edits these videos is mentally disturbed

  84. 4nime_4rtist

    4nime_4rtist2 months ago

    wait 100,000? he has 15.6m now...

  85. Edward Edward

    Edward Edward2 months ago


  86. Pratik Budhathoki

    Pratik Budhathoki2 months ago

    watching this after so long, and when u said bout the black hole, i remembered one piece character having that ability (not the teleportation)

  87. YAGA Studios

    YAGA Studios2 months ago

    In only a year he went from 100k to 15mill I don’t really like his new content but that’s really impressive

  88. YAGA Studios

    YAGA Studios2 months ago

    When he was good

  89. neptrex gig

    neptrex gig2 months ago

    0:09 exact timing for a meme

  90. ApplePie

    ApplePie2 months ago

    Jesus,This man last year is just 100K S P E E D

  91. Ollie Haynes

    Ollie Haynes2 months ago

    no zach stop youtube in the futre you give stuff to ticktockers oh no he drank a copic he can't hear us

  92. Cherry Potato

    Cherry Potato2 months ago

    (20:23) I think we should start making "funny" of your English ;D

  93. Luke Davis

    Luke Davis2 months ago

    that physically pained me when he ripped teh drawing

  94. Arkin Tan

    Arkin Tan2 months ago

    Ill work hard to get the like button

  95. The Gold Boy

    The Gold Boy2 months ago

    so he got from 100k to 15.4M in a little bit over a year?

  96. KH. GaminG

    KH. GaminG2 months ago

    When he rips off his Piece of ART: damnnnn boy🤐

  97. Lucy Rea

    Lucy Rea3 months ago


  98. Limited Playz

    Limited Playz3 months ago

    Be honest who scrolled all the way down to this ?

  99. AniMazingKid

    AniMazingKid3 months ago

    ZHC makes a 20 minute video drawing his spiderSona Ends up ripping it up

  100. Benjatator

    Benjatator3 months ago

    1year ago he was only at 100,000 now look at him he is a god

  101. Catermelon Eng.

    Catermelon Eng.3 months ago

    3:14 "sexy... " ZHC what is sexy about play button?

  102. Catermelon Eng.

    Catermelon Eng.3 months ago

    Draw *Harley Quinn* .

  103. Adnaan Mohammed

    Adnaan Mohammed3 months ago

    can u give me 10$

  104. Raja Prasad

    Raja Prasad3 months ago

    Spider-hype or hipe however you spell it it should be his name Right

  105. OG_Zayn135

    OG_Zayn1353 months ago

    I know wer jou live jou live in a home

  106. FaillerGG ._.

    FaillerGG ._.3 months ago

    Logic and total legal way: *Messes up drawing a bit* instead of try to fix it *Just rip it* ( not a best way but still works )