I Bought the World's Most Expensive Pencil ($10,000) | ZHC

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  1. ZHC

    ZHC10 months ago

    I spent more than $10,000 on a pencil! Right after I bought it I found a used one for around $3,500 lol :(( Hope you guys enjoyed! Can't wait to show you guys what I have planned for 2020! This is going to be the biggest year for the channel! Love you guys!



    He is jealous

  3. OctoCat

    OctoCat10 days ago

    Yes this is the biggest year 😒

  4. Gjulbear Destanoski

    Gjulbear DestanoskiMonth ago


  5. Warren Cross

    Warren CrossMonth ago


  6. taskin ydtd

    taskin ydtd3 months ago


  7. Kayla Cannon

    Kayla Cannon15 hours ago

    Weird flex but okay

  8. Kayla Cannon

    Kayla Cannon15 hours ago

    If it's just me he kept on saying $10,000 pencil but it was 11000

  9. Kole Scharff

    Kole Scharff23 hours ago

    Steve. Throwing the pencil around Zach suffering in pain

  10. Krishna Sidharth

    Krishna Sidharth2 days ago

    10000$ pencil but no sharpener and eraser 😒😒🙄

  11. •ᴥ• Hi !

    •ᴥ• Hi !2 days ago

    Who cares if you bought the most expensive pen or pencil in the world? All you do is waste and waste money

  12. Sara nagarkoti

    Sara nagarkoti2 days ago

    Please give me heart I am your fan 9, years old please

  13. Isaiah Contreras Monroy

    Isaiah Contreras Monroy3 days ago

    steve is dom

  14. Yousaf Ali

    Yousaf Ali4 days ago


  15. TP Drawing

    TP Drawing4 days ago


  16. nooncakes

    nooncakes5 days ago

    Title: *I bought the worlds most expensive pencil!* The thumbnail: *dollar tree pencil*

  17. veronica tera

    veronica tera6 days ago

    Im tired of this typing tomorrow i be back

  18. Minaal Rao

    Minaal Rao6 days ago

    3:25 go to it

  19. Minaal Rao

    Minaal Rao6 days ago

    That like the most perfect pencil ever!

  20. The power of nature

    The power of nature8 days ago

    Wow nice bro


    NLE VUČKO9 days ago

    0:00 music name plz

  22. Pichu5271

    Pichu527110 days ago

    zhc when he drops a normal pencil: its fine zhc when he drops a $10000 pen: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO me : what is it made out of? GOLD???!??

  23. Maya Iliasova

    Maya Iliasova10 days ago


  24. Cristian Cruz

    Cristian Cruz11 days ago

    If I told my mom that I bought a 10,000 she would get soooooo mad and maybe get the belt

  25. Cristian Cruz

    Cristian Cruz11 days ago

    Cooking with Steve 😂

  26. Cristian Cruz

    Cristian Cruz11 days ago

    Expensive pencil, Steve- Yeet, punch, treats it like a 1 dollar pencil

  27. Hopper Ocean Orange

    Hopper Ocean Orange11 days ago

    The world's most expensive pen is the "Aurora Diamante" at $1.4 million.

  28. Ellie Meike

    Ellie Meike13 days ago

    Hahahaha! You are amazing!

  29. Sheilou Tecia Herrera

    Sheilou Tecia Herrera14 days ago

    Wow you are so amazing. I LIKE YOUR VIDEOS so much. I'm from the Philippines by the way and I'm just a normal person who has a big fun of yours 😃 😄 how i wish i could receive one of your artwork. 😔

  30. Wahata brasio

    Wahata brasio15 days ago


  31. Hadley Horder

    Hadley Horder16 days ago

    imagine if he got scammed

  32. Mavryc Monc

    Mavryc Monc18 days ago

    Hi, the Word "Meisterstück" is a german word and means that the pencil is a very special one and has a veeeeeery good qualitiy. If you translate it word for word it would mean "Masterthing" or sth like that. Love ur Videos and "alles Gute" a german guy...

  33. Eresha Perera

    Eresha Perera18 days ago

    COOL 😉😉😉

  34. Hector Jaime

    Hector Jaime18 days ago

    That's not a genius world record clickbaiter

  35. Larry Otte

    Larry Otte18 days ago

    I love your artwork so much hope you get better and better and live your life I just would love a shout out for my brothers and my sisters

  36. Edagar Camacho

    Edagar Camacho19 days ago

    When ZHC Drew the picture (all the music and tranishans and such) And the Other guy just the picture with no music nothing Me:the heck is it just ZHC how is cool the Other guy was funny

  37. Stringbean

    Stringbean21 day ago

    I wish i could spend a whole day with you and go shopping😭😔

  38. Fuzion Mohammed

    Fuzion Mohammed23 days ago


  39. Sahida Akter

    Sahida Akter29 days ago

    What is the name of backgtound music pls tel me

  40. Run Sarun

    Run SarunMonth ago

    Most expensive pen is about 2000000 dollars

  41. Thijs Schra

    Thijs SchraMonth ago

    Zack:”I looks like a book wow The makers:”woooow the first one that is thinking it’s a book woow serious are u blind lol Blind person:”it feels like a idk I think a dollar or something oh no it’s a book woow I am not blind anymore Zack:”oh men I am suck

  42. Evan Wilson

    Evan WilsonMonth ago

    Lol the only reason it’s so expensive is because the packaging

  43. Richa Tripathi

    Richa TripathiMonth ago

    There is no moment in this video in which I didn't laughed

  44. knowledge center

    knowledge centerMonth ago

    The thumbnail is just aathooooo

  45. Potato soup Man

    Potato soup ManMonth ago

    I am liking every video that this guy hase

  46. Caroline Ullrich

    Caroline UllrichMonth ago


  47. flower town888

    flower town888Month ago

    Can you buy the aurora diamante pen it the world most expensive pen

  48. Kartikeya Singh

    Kartikeya SinghMonth ago

    Isn't the most expensive pencil is Graf von Faber-Castell 13400$.

  49. Lenis Eboni

    Lenis EboniMonth ago

    I Miss steve

  50. Chezzy Games

    Chezzy GamesMonth ago

    Zach: dont break it Steve: *Break*

  51. The Sparkle Squad

    The Sparkle SquadMonth ago

    Wow.....I am freakin out!❤️

  52. M y r a z e v a n a

    M y r a z e v a n aMonth ago

    I do rather buy a laptop with that much money TvT

  53. project red x lappland

    project red x lapplandMonth ago

    My pencil:laughs in $1

  54. Rifat and Athar

    Rifat and AtharMonth ago

    Imperial dragon is actually a name for a beyblade in beyblade burst gt, if you guys know what I'm talking about

  55. Drin Meme

    Drin MemeMonth ago

    This was the last video filmed with Steve

  56. Ultra_Instinct Shaggy

    Ultra_Instinct ShaggyMonth ago

    I like how happy these ppl are I've been watching for about 4 years now

  57. Nicole Kim

    Nicole KimMonth ago

    Who came for the thumbnail

  58. Flacko Sings

    Flacko SingsMonth ago

    Need a laptop for my art work 😭😭😭😭😭

  59. Hayden Young

    Hayden YoungMonth ago

    there is a pen that is 33,000 dollars (search up most expensive feather pen and click on shopping)

  60. Pio Rosell

    Pio RosellMonth ago

    That pen is legit jewelry lol

  61. UniqueYuki

    UniqueYukiMonth ago

    Me with my dollar store pencil: 👁👄👁 ✏️

  62. Frida Nthiga

    Frida NthigaMonth ago

    Yoo that pen 🔥🔥🔥

  63. Buster Playz

    Buster PlayzMonth ago

    1:32 wtf is enchante

  64. Breslyn Lassiter

    Breslyn LassiterMonth ago

    I’m too poor to watch this

  65. CaringAngie

    CaringAngieMonth ago

    Hi 🅩🅐🅒🅚 thats all i have to say O.o

  66. Mr. Nuke

    Mr. NukeMonth ago

    Anybody can make a ten thousand dollar pencil draw like garbage, but only Zach can make 10 cent pencil drawing look like a 10000$ one

  67. Strine YT

    Strine YTMonth ago

    Cut your hair man so long

  68. Jowelyne Esteves

    Jowelyne EstevesMonth ago


  69. astronautjuegos 21

    astronautjuegos 21Month ago


  70. itsReuben

    itsReubenMonth ago

    is zhc your enishles

  71. Edith Dela Cruz

    Edith Dela CruzMonth ago

    I did it... But what cost 11k What did u gain 5 mil views

  72. LeoncitoC123hgl Modern

    LeoncitoC123hgl ModernMonth ago

    imagin if u became a SSJ in ur school

  73. muirfahaplayz334

    muirfahaplayz334Month ago

    more like imperial dragon bryblade

  74. Art It

    Art ItMonth ago

    I know that no one will see or pay attention to my comment 🥺 but if it happened and you saw it! Please help me and subscribe to my channel 🙏

  75. M Z

    M ZMonth ago

    New Leonardo da Vinci.

  76. Vidyuth B.C

    Vidyuth B.C2 months ago

    Bro just how will you make the tip or point of the pencil sharp ???????????????

  77. Shaimah Vp

    Shaimah Vp2 months ago


  78. Shaimah Vp

    Shaimah Vp2 months ago


  79. AvocadoGirl

    AvocadoGirl2 months ago


  80. Tyler Le Pey

    Tyler Le Pey2 months ago

    where did you learn to do art like that

  81. carl chime

    carl chime2 months ago

    Can you make more of drawing videos? We really miss your amazing drawings

  82. Akshatha R

    Akshatha R2 months ago

    I laughed so much when the pencil was spinned 😂🤣🤣👌

  83. Mena Sadat

    Mena Sadat2 months ago

    I like the 10 300 more

  84. Soul Hunter Gaming

    Soul Hunter Gaming2 months ago

    ZHC: *Buys a 1994 Limited Edition Mont Blanc Pencil* Pawn Stars: I wish he came into our pawn shop

  85. Matvey Frolov

    Matvey Frolov2 months ago


  86. Matvey Frolov

    Matvey Frolov2 months ago


  87. Sensei BoomEr

    Sensei BoomEr2 months ago

    Zhc:worlds expensive pencil Me:*Strugles in chosing a 10 cents pencil or 20😅😅*

  88. A T

    A T2 months ago

    I love your drawing and I want to be just like you when I grow up.

  89. Cassie playzLife

    Cassie playzLife2 months ago

    Is he still friends with steve?

  90. Tottalynotalex

    Tottalynotalex2 months ago

    Hey you should do a big ass giveaway wof all of the pens

  91. Iblola Pratics

    Iblola Pratics2 months ago

    If I lost a pencil like that in school, I'd search the entire building...if I don't find the pencil, then I'm going crazy

  92. Grace Abad

    Grace Abad2 months ago

    ZHC has money beacuse y’all are awesome people

  93. kristalikesalien

    kristalikesalien2 months ago

    Pov me when I realized I have one :0 oop

  94. Inferno The Bear

    Inferno The Bear2 months ago

    Don't mind this comment im just here to delete my old comment

  95. EndGameBobert

    EndGameBobert2 months ago

    I remember when you only had like 500k subbs xd

  96. Trisha P

    Trisha P2 months ago

    2:50 laughed soo much

  97. Rise in Thunder

    Rise in Thunder3 months ago

    Zhc my heart is racing Steve I don’t give a damn yeet

  98. Rise in Thunder

    Rise in Thunder3 months ago

    I bought the worlds most expensive pen yesss cil nooooooo r u nuts

  99. XxGalaxyWolf_PlayzxX

    XxGalaxyWolf_PlayzxX3 months ago

    When you take it to school and somebody asks for a pencil

  100. Artverse

    Artverse3 months ago

    my 5 rs pen is best

  101. Harsel Riel Gutierrez

    Harsel Riel Gutierrez3 months ago

    hey zach i really really hope you’ll see this cause im having a really big trouble😭 my phone was bought 3 years ago and im having a trouble with my online class cause i cant hear my teacher properly neither they can’t hear me too i really hope you can help me😭 Thankyou and wish you all the best!♥️✊

  102. Gerald Lai

    Gerald Lai3 months ago

    lol?real red ruby???

  103. Katrina Lagman

    Katrina Lagman3 months ago

    When like its so Expensive you can't ever play it like a regular pencil

  104. Raaya and her friends!

    Raaya and her friends!3 months ago

    Omg 11,000 $ and 11,000 coments Can't believe hit that the goal to 20,000 Want a giveaway ( but in Bangladesh)

  105. Taha H11

    Taha H113 months ago

    This is the last video we saw Steve in it