Drawing Miles Morales in One Breath - World Record! (No Breath Challenge)

Watch me draw for 10 hours: uslikes.info/house/c3V-qs-ZtX-xlJk/video.html
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC2 years ago

    WHO IS GONNA TAKE PART IN THE #nobreathchallenge LETSGOOO ARTIST ARMY!!! Love you guys

  2. Customizing with Karel

    Customizing with Karel3 months ago


  3. Shane Mark Ermino

    Shane Mark Ermino5 months ago

    Can you really do that HAHAHAHAHA

  4. Calvin Dsouza

    Calvin Dsouza5 months ago


  5. Lucy Armas

    Lucy Armas5 months ago


  6. Calvin Dsouza

    Calvin Dsouza6 months ago


  7. Justin Baldwin

    Justin BaldwinDay ago

    First I need to know how to draw

  8. Mara Crespo

    Mara Crespo12 days ago

    That’s cool

  9. doodle xvc

    doodle xvc12 days ago

    I think in this video he are triying to show us how to draw miles morales

  10. Sajith Shanmugaraj

    Sajith Shanmugaraj13 days ago


  11. Anna Mary Tangert

    Anna Mary Tangert13 days ago

    So good 👍 👏 👌

  12. Alex Tessy Jose

    Alex Tessy Jose15 days ago

    You are amazing 😉

  13. Joseph Lozano

    Joseph Lozano15 days ago


  14. XxBagel fam Xx

    XxBagel fam Xx16 days ago

    Yea I’m not doing that 😂

  15. Jinulal

    JinulalMonth ago

    In my sight of view it didn't look like Miles Morales

  16. Jinulal

    JinulalMonth ago

    I can't hold my breath for even a 30 seconds.

  17. Jinulal

    JinulalMonth ago

    I subbed gimme' all your copic markers.

  18. Mike Jordan

    Mike JordanMonth ago

    Dude do not risk your life for us man

  19. Mike Jordan

    Mike JordanMonth ago

    You break the world record man

  20. Katie Hughes

    Katie HughesMonth ago

    Holy shwip dude i can only hold my breath for a second

  21. Anonymous User

    Anonymous UserMonth ago

    Zhc could be an amaizing swimmer With the anount of time he can hold his breath People wont stand a chance😂😂

  22. Jasper Jacobs

    Jasper JacobsMonth ago

    What's wrong whit you

  23. Hamna Shafiq

    Hamna ShafiqMonth ago

    Oi I’m suing where are my comic markers

  24. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon JungkookMonth ago

    Can you give me copic markers

  25. Emilia Yada

    Emilia YadaMonth ago

    isans am i right ._.

  26. KA comic art

    KA comic art2 months ago

    Are you lyin bro

  27. DouK B

    DouK B2 months ago


  28. Joseph Acker

    Joseph Acker2 months ago

    how do we know hes not breathing threw his nose

  29. DuRHam

    DuRHam2 months ago

    But im 12

  30. chotu carryminanti

    chotu carryminanti2 months ago

    4min lol

  31. sandhya rani

    sandhya rani2 months ago

    Awesome, Amazing drawing

  32. Dancing Banana

    Dancing Banana2 months ago

    I held my breathe for 1 minute

  33. Trenton Masi

    Trenton Masi2 months ago

    he is still a good artist....even when he is not breathing

  34. titin suharsih

    titin suharsih2 months ago


  35. Brooklyn Salazar

    Brooklyn Salazar3 months ago

    dumdums i am not doing that

  36. Connor Lindbom

    Connor Lindbom3 months ago


  37. that guy

    that guy3 months ago

    That drawing is amazing

  38. Hera Jaimee

    Hera Jaimee3 months ago

    I used to not to breath also 😂😂😅 LOL

  39. Parthib Parthib

    Parthib Parthib3 months ago

    Very challenging

  40. FaZeSnake

    FaZeSnake3 months ago

    How is this age restricted

  41. Cactus !

    Cactus !3 months ago


  42. Deepa Thapa

    Deepa Thapa3 months ago

    I also did like you ,But I can't take that much longer because I am just 11 years old and it took me 44 second

  43. Xis Playz

    Xis Playz3 months ago

    That was lit zhc you are the best

  44. Giorno Giovanna is here

    Giorno Giovanna is here4 months ago

    Drawing miles morales in one breath **THUMBNAIL CLOSING EYES**

  45. Javiii

    Javiii4 months ago

    I did 2 minutes 🤣 hell yeah

  46. MR Playzzz

    MR Playzzz4 months ago

    Where is the proof that hes not breathing

  47. LAZY AJ !

    LAZY AJ !5 months ago

    ZHC: nearly dead. No one: ZHC: LETS GO IT LOOKS GOOD!

  48. Daniel Farfoud

    Daniel Farfoud5 months ago

    Love it

  49. Foxy Freddy YT

    Foxy Freddy YT5 months ago

    Me trying it: I CANT BREATH!

  50. latha raj

    latha raj5 months ago


  51. potato _ person331

    potato _ person3315 months ago

    I only made it to 1 minute

  52. 5 Bros

    5 Bros5 months ago


  53. Mentor reading

    Mentor reading5 months ago

    I already subbed and i have been waiting for the copics but they have not came

  54. impoloz yt

    impoloz yt5 months ago

    I can't even hold my breath for 1 minutes...

  55. latha raj

    latha raj5 months ago

    Me too

  56. Lara Taylor

    Lara Taylor5 months ago

    I just sub

  57. Zei n Art

    Zei n Art5 months ago

    Oh it is age restricted darn it

  58. EAT THAT PUSSY 445

    EAT THAT PUSSY 4455 months ago

    Zhc: *draws miles in one breath* Oxygen: am I a joke to you?!

  59. Lucy Armas

    Lucy Armas5 months ago

    I drew this Spider-Man,I slowed down the vid

  60. Yael R

    Yael R5 months ago

    That hyperventilation doe😂

  61. Isaiah Yoro

    Isaiah Yoro5 months ago


  62. BrettTheMemeGod

    BrettTheMemeGod5 months ago

    I miss the actually good zhc vids aka ones like this one

  63. Dehquan Burke

    Dehquan Burke5 months ago

    What the fuke

  64. Isaac Deveney

    Isaac Deveney5 months ago


  65. Saloni Naruka

    Saloni Naruka6 months ago

    You are really amazing 🙌

  66. NouxX8

    NouxX86 months ago

    I held it the holeway


    MICHAELA SERVETA6 months ago

    Why can't Is this video age restricted oof

  68. No Life

    No Life6 months ago

    No sense

  69. Christopher Spaulding

    Christopher Spaulding6 months ago

    I practiced holding my breath a lot and Right now at may 28 ( or 27 idk ) 2020 i can hold my breath for 1:34 seconds Edit: 1 minute and 34 seconds if i do it like that it doesn't seem like I'm trying to show you 1:34 in the video lol

  70. Timotheos Kouklinos

    Timotheos Kouklinos6 months ago

    I subscribed

  71. truson nguyen

    truson nguyen6 months ago

    Hi zhc

  72. Gaara

    Gaara6 months ago

    I hold my breath with him for 2 min I black out

  73. Melissa Castillo

    Melissa Castillo6 months ago


  74. Noah Chiam

    Noah Chiam6 months ago

    It’s age restricted

  75. skpdktnj

    skpdktnj6 months ago

    Can u just draw tom Holland

  76. Summer Hall

    Summer Hall6 months ago

    Who else can only hold their breath for like 15 seconds?!

  77. _BTS4life_

    _BTS4life_6 months ago

    I got to 3 minutes and around 23 seconds before I started to black out.

  78. Shosho Shosho

    Shosho Shosho7 months ago

    Y this age restricted 4 me?

  79. sakar qader

    sakar qader7 months ago


  80. Ludwik Fostiak

    Ludwik Fostiak7 months ago


  81. Ludwik Fostiak

    Ludwik Fostiak7 months ago


  82. Ludwik Fostiak

    Ludwik Fostiak7 months ago


  83. KaiKeFiu

    KaiKeFiu7 months ago

    I tried and only made it till like 32 seconds 😂

  84. Mandy Ryan

    Mandy Ryan7 months ago

    What is the paint pens that you use for their iPhones 11

  85. Kimberly Klingbeil

    Kimberly Klingbeil7 months ago

    Who else is watching this while being quarantined

  86. Steven macdonald

    Steven macdonald7 months ago


  87. Steven macdonald

    Steven macdonald7 months ago


  88. RosalynLin

    RosalynLin7 months ago

    This is insane.

  89. Plz help me get 1k subs with no vids Jett

    Plz help me get 1k subs with no vids Jett7 months ago

    This challenge is confusing as heck

  90. Myka Joy

    Myka Joy7 months ago

    Excuse me... I’m sorry but why......... this is age restricted?

  91. Damon Carden

    Damon Carden7 months ago

    It's not too good

  92. Super Ghoul

    Super Ghoul7 months ago

    Duyovkg Yju

  93. Jessarey Garrido

    Jessarey Garrido7 months ago

    Amma hold my breath and draw a dot .

  94. Mzz

    Mzz7 months ago

    Y is dis age restricted

  95. azman borhan

    azman borhan7 months ago

    Hey Zhc I want a iron man action figure mark 50

  96. chrismayhew50

    chrismayhew507 months ago

    Ur so cool

  97. Angelica Camila

    Angelica Camila8 months ago

    And the outcome is pretty good, bravo 👏

  98. muhammad

    muhammad8 months ago


  99. Fernanda Ponce

    Fernanda Ponce8 months ago

    No puedo creerlo todo esto es una mentira

  100. Raveendra Reddy

    Raveendra Reddy8 months ago

    Superb sir

  101. Shervon Ibeziako

    Shervon Ibeziako8 months ago


  102. Amber Fiesta

    Amber Fiesta9 months ago

    Iam only 50 sec.

  103. Anupama Singh

    Anupama Singh9 months ago

    Wwwooooooooaaaaaaaawwwwww dude 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️ RESPECT..

  104. Jaiden Louis

    Jaiden Louis9 months ago

    I only can hold my breath for 37 seconds

  105. Todor Todorov

    Todor Todorov9 months ago

    I literally love how Michelle is incouraging him

  106. Bereket Evans

    Bereket Evans9 months ago

    03:39.00 oh my goodness bro that was long

  107. Jhamaica Namata

    Jhamaica Namata9 months ago

    It's my first time visiting your channel... Your so talented sir😇

  108. None None

    None None10 months ago

    Nice draw but..........your not breathing :(