This $1000 Pencil CHANGED MY LIFE??? | ZHC

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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    I have some insane videos coming for 1 million subscribers ;) subscribe or I will be mad Congrats on first comment: Dana Vladmir (you win $100 for being first comment today)

  2. Suhas Alavala

    Suhas Alavala6 days ago

    I bet he definitely returned that pencil after making that video

  3. Cartoon Galaxy 3D

    Cartoon Galaxy 3D10 days ago

    Omg that pencil should be $4 lol

  4. Yasin Gaming

    Yasin GamingMonth ago


  5. ʜᴀʀɪ ɢᴏᴠɪɴᴅ ᴋ

    ʜᴀʀɪ ɢᴏᴠɪɴᴅ ᴋMonth ago

    @Vibez_ Wolfzz hi

  6. waz Gamer

    waz GamerMonth ago

    340 reply

  7. dark void

    dark void7 hours ago

    Bro u lied

  8. Robby Roast

    Robby Roast11 hours ago

    These type of pencils in India cost a less than a dollar and u spended 1000$ on it 😂😂

  9. Mario Garcia

    Mario Garcia11 hours ago

    So I’m guessing the pen was good?

  10. Nick

    Nick17 hours ago

    ب مولا سرکوچمون همینو ۱۰تومن می فروشه:/

  11. Lilli Emma Pernisova

    Lilli Emma Pernisova23 hours ago

    Don't worry your not chubby or ugly

  12. Shiny Chandy

    Shiny ChandyDay ago

    I have this pencil but its unicorn and its 50 qr because i M in Qatar

  13. Quang Huy Đặng

    Quang Huy ĐặngDay ago

    this pen in viet nam cost haft a dolar

  14. Speak Evanese

    Speak EvaneseDay ago

    O yea? You really bought it? Then show us your credit card number, ssn and home address

  15. Marshall Marshall

    Marshall Marshall3 days ago

    Watching you for five years

  16. savage boy Ramos

    savage boy Ramos3 days ago


  17. 22Kiddo

    22Kiddo3 days ago

    would you buy my pencil, im selling only 1000$ ❤

  18. Hotchoco pusheen Yummy

    Hotchoco pusheen Yummy4 days ago

    -_- bruh how did it change- WAIT CLICK BATE!?

  19. Moises Moises

    Moises Moises4 days ago

    There turkey

  20. Strechycafe

    Strechycafe4 days ago

    Me looking at this in 2020 and you having 17 million or 18 million subs

  21. Erin Bohrer

    Erin Bohrer5 days ago

    It's me, but older also a guy. 😅😂😅😂😅😂 I have ADHD. I also love listening to music when I draw. I'm kind of getting in the books.

  22. Fahad Pro

    Fahad Pro5 days ago


  23. Richa Rathi

    Richa Rathi6 days ago

    In India u get such mechanical pencils for 50 rupees, that's not even a dollar!!! u got robbed! u can come to India for good quality and cheap stationeries!!!!!!!!!

  24. Sachin Agrawal

    Sachin Agrawal5 days ago


  25. veer Loorkhoor

    veer Loorkhoor6 days ago

    I pay 1 dollars for that

  26. Omega Blood

    Omega Blood6 days ago

    This pen is 8 dollars where I live this is a scam lol

  27. Suhas Alavala

    Suhas Alavala6 days ago

    I bet he returned that pencil after making this video

  28. Davidmon Riji

    Davidmon Riji7 days ago


  29. Ryan Baum

    Ryan Baum9 days ago

    good joob

  30. Jenny McGraw

    Jenny McGraw9 days ago

    Batman is dc and swamp thing is dc to

  31. sisters irsh

    sisters irsh10 days ago

    if u like this im sure u will be a rich person one day 💰💰

  32. الطباخ الي جلده باري ʕ ́• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

    الطباخ الي جلده باري ʕ ́• ᴥ•̥`ʔ11 days ago

    1$ pencil user💔🙃 👇

  33. Luke Lundgren

    Luke Lundgren12 days ago

    Not saying ur dumb but ur dumb

  34. Derrick Martin

    Derrick Martin13 days ago

    I’m own this pencil I got it from target for like 7 to 12 dollars

  35. Jill Young

    Jill Young16 days ago


  36. Dylan Brinson

    Dylan Brinson18 days ago

    Little did zhc know that those pencils are about 3 dollars now

  37. MR Doge

    MR Doge18 days ago

    Bruv my mom bought me the same pencil at tesco for like 5$

  38. SavageKJ Jean-Marie

    SavageKJ Jean-Marie18 days ago

    He draw green lantern but when he stayed draw Batman be said it was DC there in the same universe

  39. indraneel Teja

    indraneel Teja19 days ago

    Wears white plaster on hand for drawing but not when reacting Like if u noticed that

  40. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad20 days ago


  41. Owen Bowers

    Owen Bowers21 day ago

    what runs through my head when he said consuming... ME: wait he ate it

  42. Cindy G

    Cindy G22 days ago

    Who is watching this in 2020

  43. Brooklyn Reviews

    Brooklyn Reviews23 days ago

    Did it but its normal

  44. RAPGOD2020 Dominguez

    RAPGOD2020 Dominguez24 days ago

    Wanna know whats funny?sense litte d and zach are twins neither of them can't draw wonder woman mine blownef right and its not that zach is chubby it's just that it doesn't work unless you know how to draw it!😮🤯

  45. Minwoo An

    Minwoo An24 days ago

    I have the exact same thing but blue

  46. zara farooq

    zara farooq24 days ago

    ur great

  47. Jailianna Johnson

    Jailianna Johnson25 days ago

    Notebook to paper anybody notice that

  48. Aleezay Syed

    Aleezay Syed26 days ago


  49. alfie

    alfie26 days ago

    Did anyone realise that its not his hand that is drawing

  50. Marie Michele

    Marie Michele27 days ago

    I have it. it is just 20 rupees or half 1euros

  51. Fortnite Fails

    Fortnite Fails27 days ago

    I’ve seen all these drawings in his videos

  52. Fortnite Fails

    Fortnite Fails27 days ago

    The thing is the pencil is really bad.


    ENDERSTONE GAMES27 days ago

    Thumbnail: clearly a pen Name: This £1000 pencil changed my life

  54. GreatGlaz

    GreatGlaz20 days ago

    It’s a mechanical pencil

  55. Sozo DentMed

    Sozo DentMed28 days ago


  56. the cubist

    the cubistMonth ago

    waht the


    DUSTIN CURTISMonth ago

    Very good waste

  58. Lucas the cat man

    Lucas the cat manMonth ago

    i got adhd to

  59. Narendra Nama

    Narendra NamaMonth ago

    I am dry fish seller

  60. Bullseye Bill

    Bullseye BillMonth ago

    I am a Yter and You are a big inspiration

  61. Banana Gamer

    Banana GamerMonth ago

    | \/

  62. austin dean

    austin deanMonth ago

    was that pencil actually 100 dollars

  63. Banana Gamer

    Banana GamerMonth ago

    Ummm I can’t answer that but I don’t care either

  64. Lost Nova

    Lost NovaMonth ago

    Oh wow 😯😧😲

  65. Krystal Cat

    Krystal CatMonth ago

    This is how many ppl lost at least one brain cell watching this 👇

  66. Josie

    JosieMonth ago

    Green lantern is DC

  67. Khanh Hồ

    Khanh HồMonth ago

    Zach I dare u to send me a grand

  68. Reaper of Death

    Reaper of DeathMonth ago

    Bruh the worst part is how you bought the 1000 dollar pencil but didn't use to actually draw something. *internal screaming*

  69. johnleoj delacruz

    johnleoj delacruzMonth ago

    can i have at least one pencil plsss!!!🙏🙏💓💔

  70. M.S_playz 559

    M.S_playz 559Month ago

    Swap thing is dc

  71. Lyn Saguil

    Lyn SaguilMonth ago

    no pencil is with bruh



    Yo I have adhd and atizem and anzidy and ocd

  73. Zaijan Jarabata

    Zaijan JarabataMonth ago

    What that pen is just one doller

  74. Sipho

    SiphoMonth ago

    Green lantern

  75. April Joy Sengco

    April Joy SengcoMonth ago

    Zhc please help us our house got destroyed by typhoon quinta here in the philippines

  76. Samara Angelica Tibayan

    Samara Angelica TibayanMonth ago

    Mrbeast: that's just a normal everyday pencil

  77. Florin Tuli

    Florin TuliMonth ago

    He says bigger and bigger in the future my dude owns a freaking apple store plus so many cars money and the pure gift of art litterly thats everyones dream im sure .

  78. Florin Tuli

    Florin TuliMonth ago

    Dident mean it in a and way and im.not jelllioise im just really i dont know to be honest i just needed to say that so Yeah im not hating btw i did sub.

  79. Leaf The budgie

    Leaf The budgieMonth ago

    RIP $1000 pencil

  80. Harold Shepherd

    Harold ShepherdMonth ago

    bruh I got that for 2 pounds in a store in England (WHSmith)

  81. karma studios

    karma studiosMonth ago


  82. Mc Sporran

    Mc SporranMonth ago

    Dude what are the chances I just looked down at my own pencil and it is literally the same pencil! I didn’t pay $1000 for it though...

  83. CHOW WAN CHING Jolly Chow

    CHOW WAN CHING Jolly ChowMonth ago

    Me:watching the video Also me:reading the comments After the video is finished Me:never watches the video because l’m reading the comments ......

  84. Gavin Guinn

    Gavin GuinnMonth ago

    you have adhd me too!

  85. manoj sujeewa

    manoj sujeewaMonth ago

    Me: reading my books audible:👁👄👁 me: Yeets my books away audible:😎😎😎😎😎

  86. Wahata brasio

    Wahata brasioMonth ago


  87. 麵包超人

    麵包超人Month ago

    Is the pencil made by apple?

  88. Damon Nguyen

    Damon NguyenMonth ago

    I got this for like 3 dollars

  89. Beam Boys Animation

    Beam Boys AnimationMonth ago

    I have adhd as well

  90. b hsu

    b hsuMonth ago

    Can u be like draw melodious and it will draw melodious?

  91. Lyn Ortiz

    Lyn OrtizMonth ago

    Whattttt!!😱😱 that is not a thousand dollars that is only 20 pesos in the Philippines.🙄🙄 20 pesos is not even a dollar OMG so expensive don't buy that pen!! Buy that pen in the Philippines 😆😆😀😀

  92. AnimesAreInteresting

    AnimesAreInterestingMonth ago

    stop lying they just stop recoding and draw the pictur and filmed again haha gotem

  93. avi simach

    avi simachMonth ago

    So do I have 80 HD what’s your point

  94. Heba Magdy

    Heba MagdyMonth ago

    I found that pencil in wallmart for 3 dollors lol

  95. Zk Zb

    Zk ZbMonth ago


  96. Kevin Doongoor

    Kevin DoongoorMonth ago

    bro this pen in mauritius cost Rs 25 .

  97. Rohith Roshan

    Rohith RoshanMonth ago

    Sub to PewDiePie instead of his 😶

  98. Kiddori GDッ

    Kiddori GDッMonth ago

    Man u stupid I got like 3 and they cost 8$ yo ass got scammed


    FIREBOYZMonth ago

    Hey u it is available for 70 rs I equal to 1.59 dollors

  100. Hayley Morgan

    Hayley MorganMonth ago

    i have 80 hd and autisum

  101. Xue Yan Xie

    Xue Yan XieMonth ago

    Wow 🙀 it looks pretty

  102. Kenneth Bustamante

    Kenneth BustamanteMonth ago

    uhmmm i bought this with my christmas money and it arrrived a week ago and i have to say that it doesn't wanna do how you did it :( i just wasted 1000 dollars NOOOOO. my 13 year old brain is broken and broke for buying this...

  103. Eliza Danny

    Eliza DannyMonth ago

    Do you know if you really want to you can get the $10,000 pen it is exclusive

  104. Nebriz

    NebrizMonth ago

    Prob plastic as well xD

  105. Amna Hammad

    Amna HammadMonth ago

    Dude, You didn’t have to show me your history cause I know you bought this pencil. Rich kid.

  106. Joud Al-maayteh

    Joud Al-maaytehMonth ago

    2020 anyone



    “Draw.. Batman.” Pencil: **does not compute** “Oh wait that’s DC.... draw.. Swamp Thing” Pencil: **Works** Me: **visible confusion**

  108. Isabella Matthias

    Isabella MatthiasMonth ago

    the beginning tho lolol

  109. Sold Cod

    Sold CodMonth ago

    Wow the pencil even can make paper bigger