Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race, Winner Keeps Car!

I can't believe we customized a Lamborghini and a Tesla then gave one away!
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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    @KPOP fancam Yes good great 👍

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  4. Ava Mills

    Ava Mills2 months ago

    I am here in 2021 (February) I knew Brian was gonna win

  5. Adi Patil

    Adi Patil2 months ago

    ZHC I love your youtub ZHC

  6. Jorge Rodriguez

    Jorge Rodriguez2 months ago

    Did you know rug suck

  7. Cinta Benny

    Cinta Benny10 hours ago

    I wanted her to win :)

  8. Frag Guajardo

    Frag GuajardoDay ago

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  12. Eralb Hyselli

    Eralb Hyselli2 days ago

    ‘The lambo is just a faster car’ The tesla should smoke the lambo through the instant torque and acceleration of an electric motor

  13. Mason Jones

    Mason Jones3 days ago

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  14. Mehnaz Harshad

    Mehnaz Harshad3 days ago

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  17. Hanz Gabriel Emer3enciana

    Hanz Gabriel Emer3enciana4 days ago

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  18. David Bunea

    David Bunea5 days ago

    Tesla win

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    Watch my video 😁

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    Nice vid bro

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    I like the lambo and Tesla

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  28. Mariel Dahuya

    Mariel Dahuya7 days ago

    Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 👍🔥 keep safe

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    George Watrin8 days ago

    Can you guys all together paint and draw on a Mac book pro with a Eiffel tower holding a baguette

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  34. Red Hunter

    Red Hunter10 days ago

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  35. Jan Andrie C Dejesus

    Jan Andrie C Dejesus11 days ago

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    Winston Layman12 days ago

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  41. Jack Arias

    Jack Arias17 days ago

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    I unsubscribed to faze rug 😆😆😆

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    i want machel to win goooooooooooooooooooooooo ZHC

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    Libin Joy19 days ago

    i need a tesla to noooooooo

  45. Mabi The Gaming Master

    Mabi The Gaming Master19 days ago

    The Lamborghini will well when it’s gonna win I sold a different video of tesla versus Lamborghini race

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    ACCAS Net20 days ago

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  47. Miriam Rarumu

    Miriam Rarumu20 days ago

    Wow that was insaine

  48. Meme Robban

    Meme Robban21 day ago

    pls do volvo vs tesla volvo gonna win ohh ehhhh do volvo 740

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  55. coolex vloger

    coolex vloger26 days ago

    Only if FaZe rug would have won he wrote of broken in the safe I mean I'm just saying that's wrong for him to win

  56. Njikam Amadou

    Njikam Amadou26 days ago

    You are so awesome

  57. Hiddensky

    Hiddensky26 days ago

    0:47 yo it’s faze rug

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    Sam Vandecasteele26 days ago

    Its a copie of mr beast vid

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  63. Kashmira Patel

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    No rug lost

  64. Kashmira Patel

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    Faze rug

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    hi zhc.i love this video so much.thanks

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    i want a free tesla

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    How I would LOVE TO WIN

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    Faze rug : do you know the address 😂

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    Wow can't believe FaZe Rug is in this XD

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    Kiss Michelle that would be there

  71. Ethan Jones

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    Kiss Michelle that would be there

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    This is video is made on my birthday

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    LeoMahalo And Zach Are Awsome

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    You guys are so kid friendly

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    bet i can make a better house lol

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    Microwaved water...

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    Fast and furious 🎉

  83. FuuidGT

    FuuidGT29 days ago

    Fun fact, the lamborghini can't outrun the tesla. The tesla is a electric car, and has a way faster 1/4 mile time than a lamborghini. She just didn't press down the throttle enough..

  84. FuuidGT

    FuuidGT5 days ago

    @Aadi Kalra exactly! :D

  85. Aadi Kalra

    Aadi Kalra5 days ago

    You are right FuuidGT It can't outrun the Tesla

  86. FuuidGT

    FuuidGT24 days ago

    @TheProPat no car Can reach that speed within 1/4 mile, or 400 m. Tesla has 0-60 of 2,4 and kam I has 2,9. 0-100 Tesla does 4,2. Lambo does 4,5.. sooo, nice try bud

  87. TheProPat

    TheProPat24 days ago

    the tesla goes 155 mph max the lambo goes 217 mph so no the lambo is faster

  88. dipti janorkar

    dipti janorkar29 days ago

    I love you Michelle your so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Ohh my gosh that is just so good l love you ZHC (Zack) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    KALPITA NAYAK29 days ago

    I want 10000 Dollars

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    Ramon Galloway Jr29 days ago

    Bro I want a Tesla so BADLY I swear !!! I love the art ZHC do

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