I Spent 100 Hours Locked In My Art Room

This was insane
I Locked Myself In My Art Room For 100 Hours
Hope you enjoyed
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC8 months ago

    Subscribe if you want me to give you one of the iPads or iPhones I customized in the video :) Choosing 5 winners on August 17th on my instagram! Also the place I spray painted was the balcony of my art room!

  2. Warrior Gaming

    Warrior Gaming2 months ago

    Press my profile and enjoy 😉

  3. Frozan Jafari

    Frozan Jafari2 months ago

    I form it allredy

  4. Xxxhyena&rabbit _YTxxX

    Xxxhyena&rabbit _YTxxX2 months ago

    @Joe Skillzz Me to

  5. Adi Patel

    Adi Patel4 months ago

    Please give me

  6. scftsmiley

    scftsmiley5 months ago

    hey.....i loveur art :)

  7. Elliot Mendonsa

    Elliot Mendonsa6 minutes ago

    This is literally the mr. beast solitary convinment LOL 😂

  8. Marian Danice Camacho

    Marian Danice CamachoHour ago

    Your is Awesome

  9. Bos Marcel

    Bos MarcelHour ago

    i love durian

  10. Amanda Tate

    Amanda Tate2 hours ago

    I really want to have the snake it is so cute


    YEET_GAMER2 hours ago

    Omg you did that

  12. Øuter Spacer

    Øuter Spacer2 hours ago

    6:25 did he leave the room?

  13. Gauge Green

    Gauge Green2 hours ago

    I love snakes are adordl save snakes not cill

  14. rhea lynn reyes

    rhea lynn reyes2 hours ago

    U guys good at art and editing omg

  15. Scott Schelp

    Scott Schelp6 hours ago

    YO you went out to spray paint the RC car


    ESTHER RANKIN6 hours ago

    no sir you were outside the room? nobody can chag my mind if you try too explain how he got outside rn

  17. Rubén Vicente Egido

    Rubén Vicente Egido7 hours ago

    134 Aifons ZHC

  18. Dustin & Emily Lafferty

    Dustin & Emily Lafferty7 hours ago

    he left

  19. Joe Shomo

    Joe Shomo7 hours ago

    Shut up

  20. Amanda Sy

    Amanda Sy8 hours ago

    do you guys have necklace from zhc

  21. AgentMill24

    AgentMill248 hours ago

    It would be a dream to be in a ZHC video. Love you and your team!

  22. MoonGacha Lindsay

    MoonGacha Lindsay9 hours ago

    Its not stinky its yummy:3

  23. funny bone

    funny bone9 hours ago

    Bro your good at painting


    YEIKA FLORES9 hours ago



    SHADOW _YT_OFFICAL11 hours ago



    NUTTY GAMING11 hours ago

    At 6:35 He left his art room to spray paint

  27. Ishi Patel

    Ishi Patel11 hours ago

    Did anyone notice he went out of his art room to spray paint...?

  28. Fun baking Molllie Maskall

    Fun baking Molllie Maskall13 hours ago

    He left his art room lol


    KHOR XIONG YEAN Moe13 hours ago

    I like that he is right hand and I'm left hand

  30. Ava Roberts

    Ava Roberts14 hours ago

    U should customise androids not just apple coz when u give out stuff some people would rather android than apple, sorry if that sounded rude 😘

  31. Abdulaziz Nasser

    Abdulaziz Nasser15 hours ago

    See you when you can thanks for the smile and also keep a secret works نجوى Hc I hope I hope you get the best price

  32. Abdulaziz Nasser

    Abdulaziz Nasser15 hours ago

    Zhc you’re the best

  33. jose alonso sanchez

    jose alonso sanchez16 hours ago

    I wish I could paint like you😢😢😢😢😢😢

  34. Zap Solina Dela Cruz

    Zap Solina Dela Cruz16 hours ago

    dude i didn't remember i ate some durian

  35. Tiny 08

    Tiny 0817 hours ago

    You got some good editing skills

  36. Perwin noor

    Perwin noor17 hours ago


  37. saifaldin hossam

    saifaldin hossam17 hours ago

    machel:i think the worst thing to hear is a baby crying me talking in my brain:what if you have a baby and then it keeps crying O_o

  38. Aryan Verma

    Aryan Verma18 hours ago

    I also want please 😭


    KEANNE CHEAH KA YAN Moe18 hours ago

    i thought u say u cannot go out but go out of the room at 6: 26

  40. Charmaine Lam

    Charmaine Lam18 hours ago

    99 hours !! are kiding me I think mr beat can even beat that!!!

  41. morgan shertz

    morgan shertz19 hours ago

    as opposed to house one, house two, store, store, house one, salem, hotel, house two, store, house three, store (didnt go in), two main roads, house two, salem, rainy driving....

  42. Jacob Rangitahataha

    Jacob Rangitahataha19 hours ago

    I Like the customise

  43. Noora Alsaffar

    Noora Alsaffar19 hours ago


  44. Toby One kenobi

    Toby One kenobi19 hours ago

    Can you customise your art room please

  45. cat wood10

    cat wood1020 hours ago


  46. Mikey Hudson

    Mikey Hudson21 hour ago

    The bebys a sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  47. Gamer troy Thompson

    Gamer troy Thompson21 hour ago

    I’m going

  48. Gamer troy Thompson

    Gamer troy Thompson21 hour ago


  49. Annie’s family

    Annie’s family23 hours ago

    My brother is a artist too

  50. Evan Zupo

    Evan Zupo23 hours ago

    Zach went outside to spray paint the RC car he broke the challenge

  51. A Potato guy

    A Potato guy23 hours ago

    Am I the only person that sor that he was out side spray painting the RC car !!!!

  52. Danger?Ranger

    Danger?RangerDay ago

    Oh no 666k likes shhh the 😈 devils are coming..

  53. Allie’s_ being _chessy

    Allie’s_ being _chessyDay ago

    Where you get those markers

  54. Wellinton Mallari

    Wellinton MallariDay ago

    I ma in a Australia for that Adams

  55. Frank Santamaria

    Frank SantamariaDay ago

    I love this video

  56. Wellinton Mallari

    Wellinton MallariDay ago

    Can I have a Rc car

  57. Ella May

    Ella MayDay ago

    How does he do that?? ZHC is amazing..

  58. SafePlaysRBLX

    SafePlaysRBLXDay ago


  59. Braelyn Johnson

    Braelyn JohnsonDay ago

    He was outside for the rn car

  60. Elsie Solinas

    Elsie SolinasDay ago

    He literally went outside to spray paint the rc car CHEATER

  61. BearSisters917

    BearSisters917Day ago


  62. nofomo

    nofomoDay ago

    666 likes (technically 666 thousand likes but still 666)

  63. Alexa Lamar

    Alexa LamarDay ago

    30 years Later: ZHC:Today we are customizing a rocket for NASA and we will only have 1 year to do it!

  64. Coyote Boy

    Coyote BoyDay ago

    Zhc is awesome

  65. Barney the Fish

    Barney the FishDay ago

    You know that youtuber infinite aka caylus

  66. Mariam Fathima

    Mariam FathimaDay ago

    6:26 did zhc get out of the room!!??

  67. Pastel girl playz

    Pastel girl playzDay ago

    Zach is amazing i love his vids

  68. Jacob Fajardo

    Jacob FajardoDay ago

    I love his art

  69. Kristi O’Keefe

    Kristi O’KeefeDay ago

    Fake me beast

  70. Kailee Ridgely

    Kailee RidgelyDay ago

    Good..,job UHH 666K?

  71. Setherson!

    Setherson!Day ago


  72. PandaGamer

    PandaGamerDay ago

    Hi i love your video

  73. Paul Merchant

    Paul MerchantDay ago

    When he spray paints he is outside not in the room

  74. •Pope da dope Malone•

    •Pope da dope Malone•Day ago

    Did anyone else notice that he left the room to spray paint-?

  75. Štìck & Stítčh

    Štìck & StítčhDay ago

    Who else wants Zach to do a Draw my life

  76. Annali Gonzalez

    Annali GonzalezDay ago

    Wait he. Got out of thw room when he went to spray panit the rc car

  77. Andrew diamond

    Andrew diamondDay ago

    Did ZHC use infinite

  78. Petro Kalousis

    Petro KalousisDay ago


  79. Sabryna Pedrigal

    Sabryna PedrigalDay ago

    Durian fruit is from the philippines

  80. GM MG

    GM MGDay ago

    666k likes HAUNTED HOUSE TOO OVO

  81. Sun Flower

    Sun FlowerDay ago

    You stepped out when you went to spray paint

  82. Nanon Hanphanpong

    Nanon HanphanpongDay ago

    The stinkiest fruit in this video is from my country and you also should rip it open and not with a knife

  83. Alexandertje123

    Alexandertje123Day ago

    I was here when it had 666 k likes

  84. Mrs. Walter's Class

    Mrs. Walter's ClassDay ago

    Your lucky

  85. Artur Yeet

    Artur YeetDay ago

    I love the snake

  86. islaam

    islaamDay ago

    100 hours is a long time

  87. MohammedSohel Mansuri

    MohammedSohel MansuriDay ago


  88. Natazha Jane Moya

    Natazha Jane MoyaDay ago


  89. Suzi Olliffe

    Suzi OlliffeDay ago

    I love snakes

  90. larakelsey baby

    larakelsey babyDay ago

    ZHC is michelle your wife or your gf or your future wife

  91. The Arias Bunch

    The Arias BunchDay ago


  92. Praveena Siva

    Praveena SivaDay ago

    It was so funny when zach said ' are we breaking 🤣😂


    VINZ GAMINGDay ago

    1 billion years later: today we will be customizing the whole galaxy

  94. Azizah Mj

    Azizah MjDay ago


  95. Evangeline Clara

    Evangeline ClaraDay ago

    ZHC : r u breaking up with me? Me : idk that Michelle was ZHC gf Me again : lol

  96. Zack_Turbo

    Zack_Turbo2 days ago

    I love you zhs😁😁😁😁😁😁😁💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  97. Aaron Patton

    Aaron Patton2 days ago

    My bearded dragon died

  98. Danyela Aguirre

    Danyela Aguirre2 days ago

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  99. London and jamarion

    London and jamarion2 days ago

    I like drawing because of him

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    Walter Harris2 days ago

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  101. Walter Harris

    Walter Harris2 days ago

    How much she’ll then make more USlikes videos of Minecraft because I really like Minecraft

  102. Anel Clemons

    Anel Clemons2 days ago

    The monster truck car wasn’t perfect unless it had the .u. Face u-u it looks unfinished otherwise

  103. Amy Wang

    Amy Wang2 days ago

    wait, what about the bathroom?????????

  104. Ximena Diaz

    Ximena Diaz2 days ago

    This guy needs to work in apple

  105. Thomas Srsich

    Thomas Srsich2 days ago

    The absent parsnip conclusively slap because direction tellingly wriggle between a silent community. bad, victorious size

  106. Mona Liza Pimentel

    Mona Liza Pimentel2 days ago