My Drawings On A Custom Shoe

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  1. ZHC

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  2. - uwu.

    - uwu.Year ago

    I subscribe.Please read me a bedtime Story •^•

  3. Guy

    GuyYear ago

    ZHC your awesome I really wish I could draw as go as you.

  4. Patrick Dela Cruz

    Patrick Dela CruzYear ago

    ZHC love your vid I want to learn how to draw

  5. Time ends in

    Time ends inYear ago

    Y click bait

  6. Tara Pryor

    Tara PryorYear ago

    Ohhh yeah

  7. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad10 days ago


  8. Teno

    Teno10 days ago

    5:01 THAT KARREN

  9. Bartosz Jasiorski

    Bartosz Jasiorski18 days ago

    Congratz 17M

  10. Wahata brasio

    Wahata brasio29 days ago


  11. Rishika Raman

    Rishika Raman2 months ago


  12. LBJ

    LBJ4 months ago

    Bro, the Curry 5s look sick

  13. Kittycatdiaz03

    Kittycatdiaz035 months ago


  14. Sabbar Murad

    Sabbar Murad5 months ago

    In 2025: welcome to Zach fashion show

  15. hameedullah ghafori

    hameedullah ghafori5 months ago

    Nice drawing

  16. Mockin

    Mockin5 months ago

    Zach 2018 : that i dont use paint stuff (posca) Zach now : use posca every time

  17. Dory Housman

    Dory Housman6 months ago

    I want the card

  18. BridgeEnabled

    BridgeEnabled7 months ago

    i want the amazon giftcard

  19. Reyner Renoblas

    Reyner Renoblas7 months ago

    He has both curry 4 and 5

  20. Jessarey Garrido

    Jessarey Garrido7 months ago

    Like I said I'll absolutely practice drawing

  21. Jeena Sivanandan

    Jeena Sivanandan7 months ago

    Where you to tryin to do the hype It's alright bro ;)

  22. Gabriel Yung

    Gabriel Yung7 months ago

    I am a artist too

  23. Direk Ricablanca

    Direk Ricablanca7 months ago

    Its look cool men when you wear it, i like the draw on the shoes and its pretty awesome, that shoe exactly right for you

  24. gaming beast

    gaming beast8 months ago

    I have followed you in Instagram also

  25. gaming beast

    gaming beast8 months ago

    I want to win it

  26. ginger taylor

    ginger taylor8 months ago

    I want to win

  27. Jen Leveson

    Jen Leveson8 months ago

    I want it

  28. HyperBlast

    HyperBlast8 months ago

    I want it but this is way too late

  29. John Eric Cardona Esquea

    John Eric Cardona Esquea8 months ago

    6:26 When your girl switches bodys with you and trys it out 😂

  30. John Eric Cardona Esquea

    John Eric Cardona Esquea8 months ago

    Ok flexing on us poor men

  31. 86Evil Alt

    86Evil Alt8 months ago



    REHAN AHMED9 months ago

    I want it

  33. icey 123

    icey 1239 months ago

    I win

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  35. Бг Издънка

    Бг Издънка9 months ago

    I lil come to your house and give you my cookies🍘

  36. #mini Soloflow

    #mini Soloflow9 months ago

    I want to win it

  37. Thicc Nicc

    Thicc Nicc10 months ago

    90% flexing 10% doing actuall stuff

  38. Felix Reid

    Felix Reid10 months ago

    2018 ZHC- *doesn't use paint pens* 2019 ZHC- *only uses paint pens*

  39. Ghadir Haidar

    Ghadir Haidar15 days ago

    Ikr lol😂🤣🤣🤣

  40. Bill Kotsiopoulos

    Bill Kotsiopoulos10 months ago

    What pencil do you use?

  41. Janson Jiang

    Janson Jiang10 months ago

    I want roblox gift card

  42. Lucian comic Art

    Lucian comic Art10 months ago

    Total flex

  43. YoungKemba 418

    YoungKemba 41811 months ago

    Oh, those are the Curry 5’s. He, you trolled us!!!! You didn’t draw on anything

  44. Oluwajomiloju Thomas

    Oluwajomiloju Thomas11 months ago

    I want to win it

  45. Affan and gyro

    Affan and gyro11 months ago

    Go and draw anime boy zhc I'm your fan plz!!!

  46. 3lias12 mtz

    3lias12 mtz11 months ago

    I plz want it

  47. Peter Yang

    Peter Yang11 months ago

    He wore same shirt after the shoes came in

  48. sastroboy

    sastroboy11 months ago

    Which web did you used to make these shoes Zach ? @ZHC

  49. Nikola Cacic

    Nikola CacicYear ago

    I wanna win it. You draw soo cool

  50. Pradeepthi Kondapalli

    Pradeepthi KondapalliYear ago

    I want the giftcard bro cause I don't have money

  51. judith akonedo

    judith akonedoYear ago

    Ofkos i want to win

  52. EPIC Gamer

    EPIC GamerYear ago

    #artist army

  53. TheVilius :D

    TheVilius :DYear ago

    I realy want to win 100 amacon gift card pls !!!!!😅😜😂😍😍😍😍

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    i'd love to win something i followed you at social medias and i like and share every video i told my friends to subscribe and watch your videos

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    Alexandros PapadopoulosYear ago

    I want to win it

  57. Ashley Cornell

    Ashley CornellYear ago

    I want it

  58. Patrick Nguyen

    Patrick NguyenYear ago

    Use copic pens

  59. Ejsowavyy

    EjsowavyyYear ago

    The curry 5

  60. Xd Snip3z 69

    Xd Snip3z 69Year ago


  61. tume 図 guepard

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  62. Fishy Fishy

    Fishy FishyYear ago

    Can I have the give away

  63. ARgun Relaxed

    ARgun RelaxedYear ago

    Yezzy so cool

  64. VFSAliena

    VFSAlienaYear ago

    I like your custom things

  65. Canon Eaves

    Canon EavesYear ago

    i want it

  66. Harry Ismay

    Harry IsmayYear ago

    I won't to win

  67. Arthuro

    ArthuroYear ago

    Plz gimme copics

  68. Duke_Gdawg 2.0

    Duke_Gdawg 2.0Year ago

    And them shoes clean

  69. Duke_Gdawg 2.0

    Duke_Gdawg 2.0Year ago

    I want to win it I would love to get a prize my from my favorite USlikes

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    Lisaro ConogYear ago

    ZHC I want that Amazon give me now

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    If I could win that I could buy food 😅😢

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    minitorYear ago

    And I know from experience cuz I fell on the gravel court and my whole knee got scraped like hell

  75. minitor

    minitorYear ago

    But the court is made from gravel so ye if you fall it rlly rlly hurts

  76. minitor

    minitorYear ago

    On the school basketball court

  77. minitor

    minitorYear ago

    I play basketball at school

  78. Lunch

    LunchYear ago

    Y does zhc keep changing thumbnails and names

  79. Mithos

    MithosYear ago

    When Zach smells copics :) when Zach smells his icons :)

  80. JUSTANORMALartist

    JUSTANORMALartistYear ago

    I want to win it

  81. OwenPhotography

    OwenPhotographyYear ago

    I wanna win it. Oh ok like a year late... I wanna win it

  82. Axen

    AxenYear ago

    ZHC : *hets a new pair of shoes* * smells the shoes* Also ZHC : THEY SMELL LIKE NEW SHOES :00

  83. Caleb Hart

    Caleb HartYear ago

    I really want the $100 Amazon gift card

  84. Nathan Greenmun

    Nathan GreenmunYear ago

    100 dollar gift card? That would be nice.....

  85. Gia Bao Nguyen

    Gia Bao NguyenYear ago

    the monster looks like the monster from frozen

  86. Dane Irwin Ricafort

    Dane Irwin RicafortYear ago


  87. Keon Maclean

    Keon MacleanYear ago

    I won't the win

  88. Ryan Mani

    Ryan ManiYear ago

    With these shoes Zach is more chubby

  89. Marc Marc

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  90. Recon Rexoz

    Recon RexozYear ago

    I what to win it

  91. MrAsian

    MrAsianYear ago

    Uhh weird flex but okay..

  92. DM ComicArt

    DM ComicArtYear ago

    What does Dc comics stand for

  93. Sqnctum

    SqnctumYear ago

    I want the amazon card!!!! Pleaseee

  94. Jaydn Salmond

    Jaydn SalmondYear ago

    all of you shut up he worked hard on it.

  95. Logan7XD

    Logan7XDYear ago

    ZHC: This is actually harder than I thought... it’s not funny ME: Hahahahahahahahahaha🤣

  96. shrooken yes.

    shrooken yes.Year ago

    I want the epic gift card xD pla if not may i have 20$ :D

  97. Worfe Torfe

    Worfe TorfeYear ago

    6:43 Me trying to do hype

  98. Logans Afathomo

    Logans AfathomoYear ago

    Idk y everybody is stating this video clickbait hes talking about his drawings and putting it on the shoe

  99. Domanique Gantt TIGER289

    Domanique Gantt TIGER289Year ago

    I want it

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    look like normal white shoe 6:36

  104. Robert Schapo

    Robert SchapoYear ago

    I Hope i win the giftcart

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    dylan luaYear ago

    It smell like new shoe because it's new shoe😏😏😏😏

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