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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    for the people that say im giving to homeless people for views and subs, its more than just that. I genuinely love giving away and I have even before I started youtube! It just so happens doing something I love can also help me grow so I can give even more away so I think its a win win for everyone! and I thought why not have the loser do some nice things too? I just wanna do more positive things! Love you guys and thanks for supporting me❀️ SUBSCRIBE AND CLICK ANOTHER ONE OF MY VIDEOS IN RECOMMENDATIONS AND ILL GIVE YOU A PAIR! Go to and use code zhc to get 75% off a 3-year plan and an extra month for free if you want online protection! congrats on first comment: - SOFTPILLOW 6523 -

  2. Lauren Pearson

    Lauren Pearson2 days ago


  3. Ahkir Cordell

    Ahkir Cordell19 days ago

    @sang awr thats really good

  4. Damla Acar 2

    Damla Acar 2Month ago

    You arş great

  5. Ricco Naxx

    Ricco Naxx2 months ago

    Nice work bro!!!

  6. Ricco Naxx

    Ricco Naxx2 months ago

    Nice work bro!!!

  7. Ismael Albarran

    Ismael AlbarranDay ago

    ZHZ I dare you to give me 3 pairs of Balenciaga’s

  8. Lauren Pearson

    Lauren Pearson2 days ago


  9. eee e

    eee e2 days ago

    Nordvpn more like NERDVPN

  10. Ella Lister

    Ella Lister2 days ago

    how much money did the Posca Pens cost?

  11. Ellie Meike

    Ellie Meike3 days ago

    Wow nice

  12. Joyce essam

    Joyce essam5 days ago

    Can i have $30 T_T T_T

  13. Don’t call me a sneaker head

    Don’t call me a sneaker head6 days ago

    Nobody: All the sneaker heads watching this: πŸ‘ BOI

  14. prodbyspaffy

    prodbyspaffy6 days ago

    β€œworlds most expensive shoes” lol

  15. Pipsqueak Fishing Bro’s

    Pipsqueak Fishing Bro’s7 days ago

    Can I have $3000

  16. Frances Quintanilla

    Frances Quintanilla9 days ago

    Next could I get 5000


    DIGITAL LEGEND9 days ago

    Bro I know a place inside the pic the wall

  18. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad10 days ago


  19. dococ 007

    dococ 00710 days ago

    Like the comment if you wish you had copics

  20. Dominika Onufryjuk

    Dominika Onufryjuk12 days ago

    Plz customize a plane

  21. FSJF Games

    FSJF Games14 days ago


  22. Happy_Melon08

    Happy_Melon0814 days ago

    I think this is the first costumizing video

  23. cooper

    cooper15 days ago

    Hi zhc your my favirate youtube.

  24. Dan45

    Dan4517 days ago

    Hi ZHC

  25. Tweety Bird

    Tweety Bird17 days ago

    Wow u can afford Ballinciago

  26. Zavier Lotenfoe

    Zavier Lotenfoe18 days ago


  27. Pim Reuver

    Pim Reuver20 days ago

    Incoming customice a World

  28. Kristy Beams

    Kristy Beams20 days ago


  29. ALIF _HADY

    ALIF _HADY20 days ago

    The thumbnail thoe

  30. Sumaya Gelle

    Sumaya Gelle21 day ago

    I love you ZHC

  31. Becky Miller

    Becky Miller21 day ago

    You suck at keeping your eyes open

  32. Nothing

    Nothing21 day ago

    17m subs! Congrats!

  33. kai _le0

    kai _le021 day ago

    Can I please have 2000 so me and my family can get food please

  34. LENNY sommer

    LENNY sommer21 day ago

    Hello im from Germany

  35. Imran Shaik

    Imran Shaik22 days ago

    Hello bro iam india following u from a very long period❀❀

  36. Landen Loftis

    Landen Loftis22 days ago

    I don’t know what zhc means my sis said it stands for Zach hates crafts

  37. ivan14tp

    ivan14tp22 days ago

    Dam he is costuming shoes I cant efford

  38. Jake142 Yt

    Jake142 Yt22 days ago

    Do a helicopter

  39. Maryam Kasim

    Maryam Kasim23 days ago

    What you do to the world is amazing and so inspiring I’m a huge fan and honestly I think you do all this and get nothing back my family loves you and, you inspired me so much that I won my school art contest

  40. Andrea Carnozza

    Andrea Carnozza24 days ago


  41. Harold Andres crespo ortiz

    Harold Andres crespo ortiz24 days ago

    You are the best youtuber and drower

  42. Boring Bosco

    Boring Bosco25 days ago

    BTW where is Steve now

  43. Danielstaats YT B

    Danielstaats YT B25 days ago

    Balenciaga’s are kinda ugly

  44. Callie Silas

    Callie Silas25 days ago

    They do you look like socks I can’t believe you customize them those are so expensive

  45. Claire Owen

    Claire Owen25 days ago

    Can I have 10,000 dollars? Lol! I'm trying to start a business.

  46. Antoine Gedeon

    Antoine Gedeon25 days ago

    I am poor

  47. Rebecca Gilligan

    Rebecca Gilligan25 days ago

    I have a pear off them the red pear

  48. Molly Taylor-Stephens

    Molly Taylor-Stephens25 days ago

    Can I have some shoes πŸ˜‚

  49. Itz_Henry YT

    Itz_Henry YT26 days ago

    Can I have Β£4,000 because my parents have lost there job and were running low on money πŸ’΄

  50. p.

    p.26 days ago

    my mom has thoes blenciages

  51. Brownie Suka

    Brownie Suka26 days ago

    Am I still eligible for this?

  52. Lenny Steele

    Lenny Steele26 days ago

    Shut up ally the king

  53. SmileForMySony

    SmileForMySony27 days ago

    I want to compete for money this looks like something I’d love to do instead of considering onlyfans which I would never do it’s crazy how I live in a society where a full time job can’t help me support myself and go to college at the same time and I can’t receive financial aid cus I’m a daca recipient and trump just announced we have to renew our work permit now every single year for $500 so really I just keep getting robbed by the government crazy how I couldn’t even have 2 jobs if I wanted to cus I already work full time my only hope rn is USlikes so maybe one day I’ll make it I would love to give to homeless ppl and ppl in need one day I will have accomplished the American dream and buy my parents a house wish me luck

  54. Christen_Hanekom

    Christen_Hanekom27 days ago

    Hi ZHC can I please get $2000 I don’t get alot of money at all I live in SA and in SA I get R500 a month which is $31 a month and I can’t live with that little money

  55. fortnite gamer

    fortnite gamer27 days ago

    Please doneit me 5000 dollars please

  56. - z7ell

    - z7ell27 days ago

    Mr ZHC can u give me a showtout please

  57. Eric Branger

    Eric Branger28 days ago

    I can’t draw something that good with a pencil and Zack did it with a shoe

  58. leoler 11

    leoler 1128 days ago

    What ever happened to Steve?

  59. BIPLOB 666

    BIPLOB 66628 days ago

    Watch after 1 year πŸ˜‚

  60. Ashanti Adams

    Ashanti Adams28 days ago

    can you give me 100 dollars

  61. Warped lucid

    Warped lucid28 days ago

    Steve’s face at 7:22 πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  62. YT Mafallaquash

    YT Mafallaquash28 days ago

    All of the dislikes are accounts Steve made

  63. BHMekk

    BHMekk28 days ago

    Steve:I won! ZHC:Awww man

  64. Rukundo Samson

    Rukundo Samson28 days ago

    These are balenciaga the one that look like socks πŸ˜‚

  65. Roh Zd

    Roh Zd29 days ago

    Hi can i have $200 because me and my mom doesn't have much money to live through this lockdown

  66. Joshua Lewis

    Joshua Lewis29 days ago

    Zach the first guys to ever smack a dinosaur πŸ¦•πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  67. Chocolate Milk

    Chocolate Milk29 days ago

    You are the master of Drawing (I LOVE YOU)

  68. Chocolate Milk

    Chocolate Milk29 days ago


  69. β€’ Isaac Playz β€’

    β€’ Isaac Playz β€’Month ago

    ZHC: the balenciagas are one of the most expensive shoes . Air Mags: R U SURE BOUT THAT

  70. Roman

    RomanMonth ago

    He's father millioner

  71. YOur mUM iS A PiDgiN

    YOur mUM iS A PiDgiNMonth ago

    I'm not a hater

  72. ayesha gull

    ayesha gullMonth ago

    Zack is so kind and caring anyone will be happy to subscribe SO EVERYONE DO IT NOW AND HIT THE BELL TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN HE POSTSED A NEW VIDEO

  73. Aviendha Vanous

    Aviendha VanousMonth ago

    Me watching while already using NordVPN....

  74. Sherri Sadler

    Sherri SadlerMonth ago

    Can I have the money

  75. Pur3_ L3gend

    Pur3_ L3gendMonth ago

    Song name at 7:38 is byrd your welcome

  76. Josue Amiguitos

    Josue AmiguitosMonth ago


  77. Sophie Rush

    Sophie RushMonth ago

    Hi ZHC my family would love if you gave us some money is you are willing to give us some i would love you to give us Β£10,000 i live in England i love your videos xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  78. pro Minecrafter 193

    pro Minecrafter 193Month ago

    can i get 5000 dollars for my family

  79. Defyx

    DefyxMonth ago

    He did better painting with a shoe than I could have with a paint brush

  80. Luke Robson

    Luke RobsonMonth ago

    Your so kind

  81. Endless pain

    Endless painMonth ago

    Flexing be like

  82. bowser jr

    bowser jrMonth ago

    I remember when Steve was there

  83. Max Games

    Max GamesMonth ago

    My man says its one of the worlds most expensive shoe .my guy knows nothing about sneakers

  84. Mohammad Alo

    Mohammad AloMonth ago

    God bless you ZHC



    Btw I fink zhc found the stuf fist but he took longer to draw

  86. Baby Shark

    Baby SharkMonth ago

    14:30 I like the cut g

  87. Is water wet 2.0 Reid

    Is water wet 2.0 ReidMonth ago

    That twerk was the best twerk ever

  88. Bauer Thoreson

    Bauer ThoresonMonth ago

    Your Mr. Beast jr.β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

  89. Ronnie C

    Ronnie CMonth ago

    Mr beast is the best than you

  90. star _wars

    star _warsMonth ago

    0:51:CREPPY AND 0:57-0:58:LIKE A KID πŸ˜‚

  91. Jade

    JadeMonth ago

    Love that sumikko gurashi design!

  92. Unicorn Rain

    Unicorn RainMonth ago

    I think Zack needs dance lessons

  93. Fawzia Rashad

    Fawzia RashadMonth ago

    Where is mine 😭😭😭

  94. Leah Mram Elkahil

    Leah Mram ElkahilMonth ago

    Love uou

  95. Filip Cetkovic

    Filip CetkovicMonth ago

    It hurts to watch them destroy it and trash it

  96. Wahata brasio

    Wahata brasioMonth ago


  97. R Malik

    R MalikMonth ago

    What's the music in the video I've been trying to find it and can't find it

  98. Mark Burchfield

    Mark BurchfieldMonth ago

    Your so cool

  99. Mark Burchfield

    Mark BurchfieldMonth ago

    Your not the artist mr beast your the artist pewdiepie your awesome

  100. Super Lexi

    Super LexiMonth ago

    I love your art i d o n t have copic markers tho i realy wanted these markers. I also subscribe to u can u do something f o r me. Can u draw my foto of my chanell i will be greatfull thx ZHC.

  101. Rishika Raman

    Rishika Raman2 months ago

    It's so cool

  102. Having fun I’s all it matters

    Having fun I’s all it matters2 months ago

    Can I get 1000 plz so I can buy a new car on cash app $lilcruz58

  103. Deepinder AHIR

    Deepinder AHIR2 months ago

    Customize a plane please!!!

  104. Anas Rajput IX - C

    Anas Rajput IX - C2 months ago

    Please send me one of these shoes 😒

  105. Limakumer Kichu

    Limakumer Kichu2 months ago

    Zhc and Mr beast should collab