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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    SUBMIT YOUR FANART Roasting Me (Most savage artist wins a muffin) - Include "ROAST" in the submission title www.reddit.com/r/ZHCSubmissions/ Twitter shoutout: Akiara Congrats on first comment: Itachi Uchiha

  2. Wan Mohd Shahrulnizam Wan Mohamed

    Wan Mohd Shahrulnizam Wan Mohamed6 days ago

    love girl tete

  3. mrlavaplayz Ismael

    mrlavaplayz Ismael7 days ago

    Yeah do meme reviews

  4. Jay

    Jay8 days ago

    Sorry i cant cause i will never roast you i am a huge fan for maybe 1 year already

  5. Unica Hija

    Unica Hija12 days ago

    ZHC hello LOL

  6. Jeimy Camila Z

    Jeimy Camila Z14 days ago

    My drawing is bad ): there art is better Soo I’m not gonna put my art in there

  7. Shadowplayss

    Shadowplayss9 hours ago

    I don’t know what to say.

  8. @littleladychloe

    @littleladychloe10 hours ago

    USlikes: let's put this on her recommended 2 years later

  9. Samurai Kota

    Samurai Kota7 hours ago


  10. Amanda Doclo

    Amanda Doclo11 hours ago

    the black spider man is from the spider verse one i literally just watched it

  11. Kep maxheimer

    Kep maxheimer15 hours ago

    make a fantasy picture of a forest with lots of shades of purple brown and green

  12. the enby potato

    the enby potato23 hours ago


  13. DiamondInferno

    DiamondInfernoDay ago

    This is they best I can do O /|\ | |

  14. Silvia Sego

    Silvia SegoDay ago

    You crept on saying god damit

  15. Shaun Beukes

    Shaun BeukesDay ago


  16. FMR gaming

    FMR gamingDay ago

    There like all spidermans

  17. FMR gaming

    FMR gamingDay ago

    Most of them are marvel superheros

  18. The Sci-fi Guy

    The Sci-fi Guy2 days ago

    Check out my drawings I just started Thank you all

  19. Hazrat Moin Raza

    Hazrat Moin Raza2 days ago

    When I see the second ghost rider I was ddddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggg

  20. English song lyrics

    English song lyrics2 days ago

    That dragon is in bay blade

  21. Luigi Mario

    Luigi Mario2 days ago

    Other People: being proud of their selfes after finishing a 50h drawing Me: being proud of my self that I draw the square right

  22. Wolf king Wolfy

    Wolf king Wolfy2 days ago

    I’m y yrs old

  23. Cris Dustin Comia

    Cris Dustin Comia4 days ago


  24. Alexander Pena

    Alexander Pena4 days ago

    OMG YOUR DEKU!!!?????

  25. XD_NUB for 1

    XD_NUB for 14 days ago

    All of them are marvel stuff

  26. Abigail Crum

    Abigail Crum4 days ago

    You should make a discord for everyone, that way you could see even more artwork of everyones

  27. adventus chilion

    adventus chilion4 days ago

    Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahahaaaaaaahhahaaahhahahahahahahah you really look like deku

  28. boring lyrics videos

    boring lyrics videos4 days ago


  29. EvenEvan Studios

    EvenEvan Studios5 days ago

    Yes u heart ALL the comments cause ALL a the comments are hearted P.s lease bring this back customization is cool but I miss finish my art and art review

  30. Shiloh AS

    Shiloh AS5 days ago


  31. LAGG Spyke

    LAGG Spyke5 days ago

    One I heard the music at the start of the video it reminded me of Morgan the click baiter

  32. BengaliBoyPlayzOfficial YT

    BengaliBoyPlayzOfficial YT5 days ago

    I did a great drawing too I’m going to make a video

  33. Doha Essadqui

    Doha Essadqui6 days ago

    Hey,i am a big fan of you.And i have 9 years old. I am talentend to drawing,how i can send you my drawing? (Sory,bad english)😊

  34. ona conrad

    ona conrad6 days ago

    teach me how to draw

  35. Live Birkeland

    Live Birkeland6 days ago

    Hey sister can draw something in like five or more seconds but not that long but she’s good at drawing Anime characters

  36. Konastasia The Lynx

    Konastasia The Lynx7 days ago

    I am *one* inch closer to this talent- (Im not bragging btw)

  37. Ghost Boy66

    Ghost Boy667 days ago

    Hey zhc I’m a huge fan please go see my art on my channel I’m 11 😁


    THE FOX KIDS7 days ago

    ⠀ (\__/) (•ㅅ•) *add text here* _ノ ヽ ノ\ __ / `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ ( (三ヽ人 / | | ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ ノ ヽ___>、___/ |( 王 ノ〈 (\__/) /ミ`ー―彡\ (•ㅅ•) me


    THE FOX KIDS7 days ago

    ⊂_ヽ \\ \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) > ⌒ヽ / へ\ / / \\ レ ノ ヽ_つ / / / /| ( (ヽ | |、\ | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / ノ ) Lノ (_/

  40. Kaashif Rahman

    Kaashif Rahman7 days ago

    I'm having a real good drawing skills pls

  41. Kaashif Rahman

    Kaashif Rahman7 days ago

    Pls tell how to submit

  42. Reynaldo Rayco

    Reynaldo Rayco8 days ago

    I think the thumbnail the kid who draw was just took a picture of spider man ps5

  43. halyza halim

    halyza halim8 days ago

    I can’t even eat with my left hand

  44. AstroBoyZabir

    AstroBoyZabir8 days ago

    0:51 most realistic art in the world

  45. Fantastic bots

    Fantastic bots8 days ago

    At 1:25 wow

  46. beyblade batlles

    beyblade batlles8 days ago

    you do look like deku

  47. beyblade batlles

    beyblade batlles8 days ago


  48. emmanuel goodluck

    emmanuel goodluck8 days ago

    Who’s watching in 2020

  49. Aido Perme

    Aido Perme8 days ago

    I can draw all these it is easy for me and I m 12 years old\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ but I draw most anime and semi realistic XD

  50. Luz Salvacion Magdaluyo

    Luz Salvacion Magdaluyo8 days ago

    Hey I can't draw like that I'm only 7 years old

  51. arty shambi Fun corner

    arty shambi Fun corner8 days ago

    I draw more nice than them

  52. nirvan parasar

    nirvan parasar9 days ago

    He also drew the bas guys u know

  53. Everett Thompson

    Everett Thompson9 days ago


  54. The Devilish Shark

    The Devilish Shark9 days ago

    oml How do ppl draw dis stuff???(i wish i could draw like dat)

  55. James

    James9 days ago

    This is actually super sick I’m an artist too so I have SO much respect for these people

  56. Angelo Roque

    Angelo Roque9 days ago

    Aia lets draw who not knows and knows how to draw live a comment and like

  57. dylan dylan

    dylan dylan10 days ago

    Go get to iphone12 lol 😂😆🤣 bc you so poor XD lol 😂😆🤣

  58. Alice Yuk

    Alice Yuk10 days ago

    How do i send though?

  59. Jesse Sanchez

    Jesse Sanchez10 days ago

    my dad has prisma colors buy thos you can find thos at michels

  60. MrKrcklez

    MrKrcklez10 days ago

    I’m immune to being impressed by art

  61. sad vibes

    sad vibes10 days ago

    Can we just be thankful that this video has no ads

  62. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad10 days ago


  63. Michael Troyan

    Michael Troyan10 days ago

    Can I submit my art pls

  64. Zackary Mercado

    Zackary Mercado10 days ago

    It’s fat zhc for me

  65. The boys on wheels

    The boys on wheels10 days ago

    what do you use for marker what brand

  66. The boys on wheels

    The boys on wheels10 days ago

    this vid was 1 day after my b day




  68. Dark Flame 600

    Dark Flame 60010 days ago

    O /||\

  69. Haroon Khan

    Haroon Khan11 days ago

    He doesn't do these anymore

  70. Dino Rafael Estrada

    Dino Rafael Estrada11 days ago

    im very good at art also im 7 years old

  71. Saiful Selihin

    Saiful Selihin11 days ago

    Zhc i dare you to draw a godzilla

  72. Mohammed Alsahybi

    Mohammed Alsahybi11 days ago

    How do you spell Mashell your girlfriends name

  73. Mohammed Alsahybi

    Mohammed Alsahybi11 days ago

    Well you are also such a good artist so there is no reason for you to act like you are not good at artist

  74. Mr Beast50

    Mr Beast5011 days ago

    I’m awesome at art when I was 5

  75. Abdul Raheem

    Abdul Raheem11 days ago

    We all know that they customizes Apple products but in just a year they customized themselves a lot with those turquoise and pink hair... I'm shocked after seeing this video😂😂

  76. Dannii Macgregor

    Dannii Macgregor11 days ago


  77. Priya Khawas

    Priya Khawas12 days ago

    it's a good thing because I Don't know haha!!!

  78. Nick Carpenter

    Nick Carpenter12 days ago

    I di bes

  79. Flakes CODM

    Flakes CODM12 days ago

    5:45 thats not a AR thats a machine guns category


    KING DOGE12 days ago

    Zhc i’m really good at really good drawing of always wanted to meet up with you one day I want to be like you

  81. Muskaan Lohchab

    Muskaan Lohchab12 days ago


  82. Dave Richardson

    Dave Richardson12 days ago

    Love the vids

  83. Krispeei

    Krispeei12 days ago

    As a kid I feel useless now

  84. DIJ

    DIJ12 days ago


  85. Nurali Adilbek

    Nurali Adilbek12 days ago

    Every single comment?? Can you read this then

  86. itzben

    itzben12 days ago

    some of those are insane

  87. CrazyRBLX

    CrazyRBLX12 days ago

    You read every single comment but you barely pick people who have barely and subs Bc you make you vids before they comment

  88. Mohsin Hussain

    Mohsin Hussain12 days ago


  89. umer gaming

    umer gaming12 days ago

    How old are you zhc

  90. 786SASart

    786SASart12 days ago

    *Art is a Silent Poetry*

  91. LazyAngelSonic

    LazyAngelSonic12 days ago

    1:12 kinds looks like Shenron from dragon ball just blue-

  92. 786SASart

    786SASart13 days ago

    ***Art is a Silent Poetry***

  93. Gamerbunny_xx

    Gamerbunny_xx13 days ago

    Imagine a 1 year old drawing one of this

  94. Red Fox Animations

    Red Fox Animations13 days ago

    I draw sooooo good look O /l\ /\ A stick man

  95. ZatsuDoesVideo UWU

    ZatsuDoesVideo UWU13 days ago

    Me who started drawing anime since 8yrs old Me:I wish I could show 😭

  96. Maddy Crawford

    Maddy Crawford13 days ago

    I like how they litterally made that face for the picture

  97. YouTube Amir

    YouTube Amir13 days ago

    Hahahaha she Do a fart

  98. Adi Tya

    Adi Tya13 days ago

    I saw his video for the first time. Is not she looking like the female version of RM Don't get offended plz

  99. Danilo Rafael De Castro

    Danilo Rafael De Castro14 days ago

    try to draw naruto plz

  100. Gael Cruz

    Gael Cruz14 days ago

    wtf is that zhc about thighs with under wear in the beach

  101. Dardian Gaming

    Dardian Gaming14 days ago


  102. Cywyxl Playz

    Cywyxl Playz14 days ago

    What can i draw when im 13 I cant draw my profile pic on yt lol

  103. Ammar Shafi

    Ammar Shafi14 days ago


  104. Cediekun Gamer

    Cediekun Gamer14 days ago

    Do you really heart every comment🤨🤨🤨

  105. Vaness Christopher

    Vaness Christopher14 days ago

    You are are a youtuber art

  106. auto kiralyok

    auto kiralyok15 days ago

    Are you milkgang?