Last To Stop Customizing Gets Tesla!! 🚘🚗 (Challenge)

YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHO WINS THE COMPETITION AND HOW THEY DO IT! Hope you enjoyed! Subscribe if you're new! Thanks for watching:)
The cheapest Tesla we could find online at the time was around $15,000 so the contestants split that as the prize money!
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC9 months ago

    Before the challenge we found a cheap tesla online for around $15,000 so the winner would have the option of getting it or taking $15,000 as the winning prize! We did this video with no sponsor so if you want us to do more crazy stuff for you, please subscribe, spread the word and watch more of my videos! Thanks for allowing me to do crazy things like this!

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    Dominic Farrant25 days ago

    I've never heard of a cheap tesla

  4. Jessie Browning

    Jessie BrowningMonth ago

    Michele I think vex likes you

  5. Sophia Sulayao

    Sophia Sulayao3 months ago

    This is a first time a saw you with a black t-shirt HAHAHHA

  6. Bryce Bess

    Bryce Bess3 months ago

    please give me a vr set vhc

  7. SSSniper Wolf

    SSSniper Wolf6 minutes ago

    Also you are very rich. How did you get all this money? Leave a like if you wanna ask that too😀🥰😉😄😜

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    Can you come to greece? Im a big fan but cant subscribe to you

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    I wanna house 😂

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    i love it i am only 8

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    vexx made the coolest art in my opinion

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    *mR bEaSt*

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    Josh Boo2 days ago

    give me airpode

  17. Tyler Brown

    Tyler Brown2 days ago

    Hi Zach , i have already commented on your puzzle video and i loved it , i love Teslas they’re my favourite car. Thank you

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    Cold people. sorry everyone

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    I Love you vicos i Love your Chanel

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    I Love you ZHC

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    Can you giv mi gran doter somting het Birth day is 21 of desember

  22. Misty Winterlis

    Misty Winterlis3 days ago

    I think that Rae had a really good strategy... But I'm shocked that ANYONE made it through the pool.

  23. Jonoboiboi Shin

    Jonoboiboi Shin3 days ago

    whats the piano music at 2:51

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    oh wow

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    can you draw me a t rex plase can you do it

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    Maddog Lovly4 days ago

    I never relized how much Vexx cussed

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    Bro put costmising100 apple pencil

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    Love this Making ❤️❤️❤️ really impressive 💓

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    Vexx grew a beard

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    Anyone realized that ZHC had 6milion subs ?

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    Quede así 👁👄👁 cuando vi a Sandra

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    ZHC cursed

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    its kimberly loaiza , kimberly and me were from mexico

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    He only had 6.8 mil subs when I am watching it 9 months later he has 17 mil

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    Can u get that Tesla u customized

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    يرجال في سلف تسلى ارجعها لا تخاف

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    You guys with Tesla’s and Lambos

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  49. Bryan Bong

    Bryan Bong9 days ago

    Was that car Infiniti that Michelle drived?

  50. King Sonic

    King Sonic9 days ago

    2:45 Michelle: Here you go!! Stay hydrated! Zach: Oki! I LUV THEM

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    I’m not a boy :D

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    Such a good guy he splits his money to the people who did not even win

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    They always says that rich people dont care about others Me: ohh really , i guess they never seen or met zch

  59. Elle Rose

    Elle Rose12 days ago

    People being excited about a Tesla and me just looking at all those posca pens

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    Michelle: (Gently passing everyone water) ZHC: (Peacefully drawing) Michelle: (yEeT)

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    Who won tho

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    Zhc in 3020: Last to stop drawing on a planet win it

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    Rae: I’m gonna lay down and conserve my energy and block myself from the sun. Me: does she not know that black absorbs the sun very quickly like she should’ve worn white

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    Thank you so much for making me part of this! You are awesome bro! ❤️❤️❤️

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    you could of split it 33% 33% 34% you would reach 100% and its mostly fair with only one person with one percent extra

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    I hope I get BUT NEVER😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  87. Stacee Jerald

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    ZHC in 2060: Last one to custom the Statue of Liberty gets it.

  88. darin

    darin18 days ago

    You guys failed the challenge to me

  89. Chocolate Bunny gaming

    Chocolate Bunny gaming19 days ago

    has anyone relized that they use that paint brush color and brush in a lot of there thumnails edit:sorry about my spelling

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