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Kevin MacLeod ~ Carefree
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC2 years ago

    ENTER IN MY HUGE ART SUPPLY GIVEAWAY: uslikes.info/house/foKvsJulxYuahJk/video.html These are my 10 most detailed drawings every and I did them all in the span of a year! I have hundreds of super detailed drawings so if you like them I might show more!! Tomorrows livestream will be even better!! I just want to remind you that the road to the top is hard & rough...it’s not about how you’re attitude is during success...it’s about your attitude when you face challenges and when things are at its lowest...Next time you feel like giving up, remember this and give yourself that extra push cuz you’re stronger than you think...MUCH stronger than you think...after the storm there is always a beautiful rainbow...LOVE YOU ARTIST ARMY!! KEEP THOSE PENCILS MOVINGGGG!!❤️💛💚💙💜 Congrats on first comment: Raymond Tunnat

  2. Mishal Mohammad

    Mishal Mohammad4 months ago


  3. Charmaine Mentor

    Charmaine Mentor7 months ago

    You should make you're own comics

  4. Zerg Zerg

    Zerg ZergYear ago

    I'd like to see him challenge Kim Jung gi

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    Wizard EngieYear ago

    You need Help... With energy wasting! Love your art

  6. DeadIsland XOX

    DeadIsland XOXYear ago

    I would love you to do drawing for a week!And the comic pens are AMAZING!!!!

  7. Rylee Helveston

    Rylee Helveston6 days ago

    # Artist Army

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    Dai Henwood12 days ago

    how are you so good at drawing

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    Bindu Sudhir16 days ago

    Dude your imagination is dark in the first one

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    Liam Vik17 days ago

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    TheFASTCuber.19 days ago

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    Brute Art27 days ago

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    Almaz MekonnenMonth ago

    yelling 🤣😂🤪 and good gob for drawings😎

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    _.branxvo._Month ago

    this was just one year ago... damn

  17. YS Team

    YS Team2 months ago

    Ur drawings r like dadvid finch did u just

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    Rishika Raman2 months ago

    So graceful

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    ARTIST SANKET GUPTA2 months ago

    And now he just makes donuts on iPads and iphones

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    poopie mcscoopie2 months ago

    Oooooo xenoginos my favorite song

  24. Babuni Muduli

    Babuni Muduli3 months ago

    I will draw like u

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    Hera Jaimee3 months ago

    My drawings are also more on black and white. I loved shading cuz' I'm lazy too

  26. Hera Jaimee

    Hera Jaimee3 months ago

    I really loved your every single detail of your arts 😱😍

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    Life Hacks3 months ago

    Dude you are an inspiration to me and I so much want to be like you in art


    KEIKO CLARENCE3 months ago

    Zch i am a really big fan of you! And your art is just amazing! every single art is just amazing! :) the bad ones for me is really good! :D i am not as good as you!


    KEIKO CLARENCE3 months ago

    How do i live chat??

  32. SAP doodle Art

    SAP doodle Art3 months ago

    Sir please see my channel after few days and review for a 13 years boy.

  33. KOsprings

    KOsprings3 months ago

    I use shadows to shorten my drawing time too.

  34. Deadline

    Deadline3 months ago

    Colour it!


    HYENA ANIMZ4 months ago

    Who's here just watching these old Vids cuz you don't like the new content?

  36. David Migineishvili

    David Migineishvili4 months ago

    this is amazing

  37. Louis Wolfe

    Louis Wolfe4 months ago

    MMM. YEAH. I love that. Funny.

  38. Ice-Mas

    Ice-Mas4 months ago

    Who’s still watching in 2020?

  39. slunawat

    slunawat4 months ago

    Pls do an art tutorial

  40. Alexander Wang

    Alexander Wang4 months ago

    How do you avoid smearing when doing huge projects like this?!!?

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    k c5 months ago

    THEYRE ALL ACTUALLY INSANE!! When i do my drawings, i get bored so easily! The only way i carry on is by watching your videos whilst drawing which is what im doing right now!🤣🤣🤣

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    You da man

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    Hamsini Padavala5 months ago

    (2:30) are you serious

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    hameedullah ghafori5 months ago

    That's a nice drawing and you're my favorite USlikes

  49. dance vali

    dance vali5 months ago

    bro i dont know how you call youre self lazy after doing this much work youve inspired me to do detailed drawings also 2020 ??? only me.. XD

  50. Tim_DuncanArt13

    Tim_DuncanArt136 months ago

    Right when ZHC was gonna reveal the final drawing... Jeep ad!!! Wait, what?:)

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    Rokas bounce6 months ago

    Reupload this . People need to see

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    irishchikn6 months ago

    Little does he know a bit later he drew for 50 hours straight

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    Вадим Харин6 months ago

    ZHC, are you a god?

  55. Gennaro Mure

    Gennaro Mure6 months ago

    In my opinion, I think these have a little too much detail and your less detailed drawings look better. But you are still very talented, great job!👏



    Damn wish I have absorbing powers to absorb your ability 😅😅😅

  57. Rahmat New Art

    Rahmat New Art7 months ago

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    Mystery Station7 months ago

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    DRAWT!ME7 months ago

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    5:16 fly shark?!?!?! edit : sorry its a sea


    LAST PAGE ARTIST8 months ago

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    Can you draw a detailed spaceship in space

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    Jean Marc9 months ago

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    David Finch sketch style

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    Somanath Sahu10 months ago

    Hey zhc I am a big fan of yours I am from India .you are my inspiration but i am not good on drawing

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    He Hu11 months ago

    Who is the fat guy hu zHc is way to fat

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    Champagne Loopie11 months ago

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