I Taught My Best Friend How To Draw And This Happened...

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What did you guys think about the spiderverse movie? I thought Miles Morales and Spider Gwen were really cool. Loved the humor and childish comedy in the movie and the relationship between Miles and Spiderman was super sweet too!
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    GRAB YOUR ART SUPPLIES AND JOIN STEVE AND I in this realtime in depth tutorial on how to draw Miles Morales! You can always use other art supplies if you do not have what we are using! If you do draw it submit it to my reddit so I can see! www.reddit.com/r/ZHCSubmissions/ Congrats on first comment: ThatOneLunchBox

  2. Lane Jones-Roper

    Lane Jones-Roper14 hours ago

    Bold of u to assume I can draw

  3. RPLAYS 1023

    RPLAYS 10232 days ago

    @Bonnie G you suck 💩💩💩 looser

  4. GGGTV & GamerJandreb

    GGGTV & GamerJandreb12 days ago

    @Dirk Ybanez lol practice makes perfects

  5. Dirk Ybanez

    Dirk Ybanez12 days ago

    Give up zhc your drawing tutorials are difficult your so difficult with your vids

  6. GGGTV & GamerJandreb

    GGGTV & GamerJandreb21 day ago

    When i don't really have money to buy some of pens or markers or even papers :( i am literaly not joking because i am born poor

  7. Төгөлдөр А

    Төгөлдөр А2 hours ago

    Ok zhc is better than me My draw power 76% Zhc draw power 10000000000%

  8. Brendan Passarell

    Brendan Passarell12 hours ago

    Are we going to talk about the shoes Steve drew on miles merales🔥

  9. Aaron Tignor

    Aaron Tignor12 hours ago


  10. Dio _YT

    Dio _YT13 hours ago

    I saw this 1 year later

  11. Sophia Vega

    Sophia Vega13 hours ago

    The point when you realize it’s 2 hours long🤣

  12. MIA B

    MIA B22 hours ago

    When he said “ my viewers are awesome at art “ Me : yaaaas queen you saying me good at art but me good still ;)

  13. Rylan Rawls

    Rylan RawlsDay ago


  14. Insta Gram

    Insta GramDay ago

    I’m not great at drawing

  15. Xxxsavegas .

    Xxxsavegas .2 days ago

    Who else is watching this in 2020

  16. Nadia Vasquez

    Nadia Vasquez2 days ago


  17. Vraj Patel

    Vraj Patel2 days ago

    I cant even draw

  18. Ajthebeast 233

    Ajthebeast 2333 days ago

    i comment

  19. The Epic Gamer

    The Epic Gamer3 days ago


  20. yuvraj singh

    yuvraj singh3 days ago

    I wish I also have a friend who teaches me to draw like this😭😭❤️😅❤️

  21. Annabelle Millwood

    Annabelle Millwood3 days ago


  22. B02 Alicante Liam Gabriel

    B02 Alicante Liam Gabriel3 days ago

    h e l l o

  23. B02 Alicante Liam Gabriel

    B02 Alicante Liam Gabriel3 days ago

    fun fact this is 1hr

  24. Abraham reyes moran

    Abraham reyes moran3 days ago

    1:47:38 Just click on it 1:47:38 Just click on it

  25. Abraham reyes moran

    Abraham reyes moran3 days ago

    Just click on it bro

  26. Abraham reyes moran

    Abraham reyes moran3 days ago

    Click on the timer. 00:00

  27. Zane Barrick

    Zane Barrick4 days ago

    I love your vidos so much I watch you every day

  28. Ruban Cousins

    Ruban Cousins5 days ago

    I want

  29. Ruban Cousins

    Ruban Cousins5 days ago


  30. Hayden Reynolds

    Hayden Reynolds6 days ago

    ZHC: my viewers are great at art Me: MEHHHHH Also me: I couldn’t draw a miles morales that good in 10 years Also my mind: How Also also my mind: hello darkness my old friend I just finished my miles morales at age 158

  31. Malissa Winget

    Malissa Winget6 days ago


  32. Stacie Ryan

    Stacie Ryan6 days ago

    Is it just me or does the video keep blacking out

  33. denki kamanari

    denki kamanari8 days ago

    holy shis did not realse this vid waw an 1 47 mins long until i was like 20 mins

  34. KRamz

    KRamz8 days ago

    I miss this old content :(

  35. Tom Pritchard

    Tom Pritchard9 days ago

    K cool... I just have a pencil...

  36. GummyBear Gamer

    GummyBear Gamer10 days ago

    How did you learn to draw

  37. Aiden James

    Aiden James10 days ago

    I’m not very good But are you in your fan😎

  38. Yutong Diao

    Yutong Diao11 days ago

    zhc can some girl drawings

  39. Kath Ridley

    Kath Ridley11 days ago

    His supplies: 1:01 Mine: A scrap paper and a pencil

  40. Renee Phillips

    Renee Phillips12 days ago

    > help the cat escape by getting the 🔑 to the □ (door) | move as if your were in 1st person point of view. ••••••••••••••••••••••• 🐱 | ••••••••••••• •••••• 🔑 | | ••••• •••••• •••••• | | •••••••□••••••••

  41. Astro_Gamer2.o

    Astro_Gamer2.o12 days ago

    I was like oh maybe this video will be cool🤔 then I see how long the video is im like f#$& this

  42. Insufficient Penguins

    Insufficient Penguins12 days ago

    ZHC: my viewers are good at drawing Me: uhhh... draws buff furry oc

  43. Jagz

    Jagz13 days ago

    Okay frfr- How is Steve actually so good bro?! I know he is basically following Zach from doing this but damn! He's sick! :0

  44. Nelofar Mirzada

    Nelofar Mirzada13 days ago

    46:49 looks great!

  45. ozair ozair

    ozair ozair14 days ago

    Which one comment

  46. ozair ozair

    ozair ozair14 days ago

    The masucalar and the skinny one

  47. Agt H20

    Agt H2014 days ago

    You’re the best you tuber in the world

  48. Camron Bruh girl

    Camron Bruh girl14 days ago


  49. Red

    Red14 days ago

    7:47 chunk

  50. Brax ‘Plays

    Brax ‘Plays14 days ago

    I love this video you should make another

  51. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad15 days ago


  52. Plushie Boy Huertas Boy

    Plushie Boy Huertas Boy16 days ago

    I did scribe to you

  53. Vertix

    Vertix16 days ago

    Can you do a 1 sec 1minute 10 minute 1 hour

  54. Sorens World

    Sorens World18 days ago

    Hi zhc

  55. Holly Taylor

    Holly Taylor18 days ago

    His friend was SO good at drawing shoes

  56. Sally Melissa Peña

    Sally Melissa Peña18 days ago

    I coment

  57. Mohsin Maghrabi

    Mohsin Maghrabi19 days ago

    Hey zhc this was the most fun tutorial on earth

  58. Roxie Simmons

    Roxie Simmons19 days ago

    This is awesome I actully learned somthing your videos are so amazing I love the content

  59. Summer Sausage

    Summer Sausage19 days ago

    Looks like venommised miles cause of all the shade

  60. Summer Sausage

    Summer Sausage19 days ago

    Sakura is trash in naruto

  61. BassiePlayz

    BassiePlayz20 days ago

    injuring I commented

  62. Shadow_Brxdy

    Shadow_Brxdy20 days ago


  63. Denz Plays

    Denz Plays20 days ago


  64. My last 4 Brain cells

    My last 4 Brain cells20 days ago

    What happened to Steve

  65. Autumn Harget

    Autumn Harget22 days ago

    I’m not that good but I’m ok at drawling but I have a question, how do you know what you want to draw??

  66. Henry Gaughan

    Henry Gaughan23 days ago


  67. Jameer Bryce Domingo

    Jameer Bryce Domingo25 days ago

    it realy help me alot still in progress

  68. Quinten Games

    Quinten Games25 days ago


  69. NewUrbanForestry

    NewUrbanForestry26 days ago

    Yo your vids are sick you should upload more

  70. Chase Butler

    Chase Butler26 days ago

    Arm looks a bit long tho but it's still really good

  71. •Itz_Crazy•

    •Itz_Crazy•27 days ago

    U is God at drawing

  72. •Itz_Crazy•

    •Itz_Crazy•27 days ago

    GOT IT PENCIL ERASER PAPER AND A LIL SHARPIE!! Lol I ain't got that stuff (Ur expensive stuffz) me mum no lemme buy 🤣

  73. will brown

    will brown27 days ago


  74. Roman Games

    Roman Games27 days ago

    ?.lllnbgtfcxfgbcvbmm, vjomloko0l mjh l, mjjjk mn no look jikkk,like mmjhhgkkool mkopppbv qaax m.l

  75. liam oostuizen

    liam oostuizen28 days ago


  76. Its Josh

    Its Josh28 days ago

    I did bad

  77. Eduard Andrei

    Eduard Andrei28 days ago

    ZHC știe română?

  78. Pedro A Fraga III

    Pedro A Fraga III28 days ago

    Dude 17 mil!! Holy crap I remember when he had 50k man. Where have the years gone!

  79. Head Productions

    Head Productions29 days ago


  80. Mary Jones

    Mary Jones29 days ago

    But not my eg

  81. Mary Jones

    Mary Jones29 days ago

    I am line about the nems

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    Mary Jones29 days ago

    I yous my nans acownt for USlikes Her nem is Mary jones

  83. Mary Jones

    Mary Jones29 days ago

    I am millie Jones and I am 9

  84. Mary Jones

    Mary Jones29 days ago

    You ar rile good at droreng and rile good youtuber

  85. Suleman Ganchi

    Suleman GanchiMonth ago


  86. Rochelle Villafuerte

    Rochelle VillafuerteMonth ago

    His best friends drawing is like venom and mile's spider man at the same timr

  87. Neerav Kapuganti

    Neerav KapugantiMonth ago

    This is the first youtube video that I saw is 1hr 40 min +

  88. Ehra Gumabon

    Ehra GumabonMonth ago

    This take me like all night and morning😂😭

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    Maria BellaMonth ago


  90. Bobby Rathore

    Bobby RathoreMonth ago


  91. Frankoiz Barairo

    Frankoiz BarairoMonth ago

    Good for him.

  92. Maria Keating

    Maria KeatingMonth ago

    can you make a how to draw channel please I'd love it. I'm begging you.

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    Karoleen AtwiMonth ago

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    Jibjib filmsMonth ago


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    Rimi .RMonth ago

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  96. WhatIsMyName ?

    WhatIsMyName ?Month ago

    The sketch of Steve’s one looks like a shorter version of hulk lol

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    Tlhalefo BankoesMonth ago

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    حسن احمدMonth ago

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  99. _co.ok.ies_

    _co.ok.ies_Month ago

    OM- I wish i could draw like that 😂

  100. Adriana Olivo

    Adriana OlivoMonth ago

    Hi ZHC have a good day😊😊😊

  101. aliwardi Khan

    aliwardi KhanMonth ago

    dude this is more than an hour long

  102. Jewelia Cox

    Jewelia CoxMonth ago

    are we just not gonna talk about how those vertical eyes look like sum else 23:35

  103. candy del rey

    candy del reyMonth ago

    I love your vidoe's because you do wonderful masterpiece If you agree like the video and the comment

  104. candy del rey

    candy del reyMonth ago

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  105. psx_dexr

    psx_dexrMonth ago

    Are we going to talk about the shoes Steve drew on miles merales🔥

  106. If your an Artist pls give me some tips

    If your an Artist pls give me some tipsMonth ago

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  107. The Dog Plays

    The Dog PlaysMonth ago

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