How To Draw (Official Music Video)

How To Draw Official Music Video
How to Draw! - Share this with an Artist! By ZHC & Kid Kuza
Listen to this song on soundcloud:
Thanks to Kid Kuza for doing this song with me (Go subscribe to him he is so talented and I really want to work with him again!)
Thanks to Gabe Wilson for the special animated effects: _gabewilson?hl=en
Thanks to Nick Burry for helping me shoot the video: nickjburry?hl=en
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    How to Draw! - Share this with an Artist! By ZHC & Kid Kuza Listen to this song on soundcloud: Thanks to Kid Kuza for doing this song with me (Go subscribe to him he is so talented and I really want to work with him again!) Thanks to Gabe Wilson for the special animated effects: Thanks to Nick Burry for helping me shoot the video:

  2. Gianelly Ramos Valle

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    @ZHC what

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    he just love he own comment

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    张珊珊2 days ago

    @ZHC nice

  5. Megan C

    Megan C3 days ago

    I love your video

  6. Maddie Martinez

    Maddie Martinez6 days ago

    Teaching how to draw 00 ayyyy

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    Stephanie Frutschi4 hours ago

    Omg this is so good !!

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    Me seeing this song she n they have 17 milll

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    You are my favorite youtuber

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    Tryna make abs on thumbnail hah! Never

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  13. Jillian Young

    Jillian Young9 hours ago

    i am a big fan of drawing i would always give up but now i wont

  14. Alyssa Harris

    Alyssa Harris11 hours ago

    anyone here at 2020

  15. Cora Hodgkinson

    Cora Hodgkinson11 hours ago

    love this it so funny

  16. Makayla B

    Makayla B12 hours ago

    It’s crazy how just 1 year ago he has one mil and now he has over 17 mil!

  17. Kylee Martinez

    Kylee Martinez13 hours ago

    Me after watching the video: Then going back noticing the rainbow in the thumbnail

  18. Karoline Evans

    Karoline Evans13 hours ago

    This helped me draw so much

  19. Kinsley Addison

    Kinsley Addison14 hours ago

    I learned more in 5 minutes and 17 seconds than I did 6 years in art school kinda like Rae :)

  20. Belinda Matias

    Belinda Matias16 hours ago

    This song is good I can hear it all day ☺️

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    Zhc a long time ago: We hit 1k! Me when he has 17M! YASSSS

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    are u saying u had just one million in 2019?! and just ONE YEAR later u have 17 MILLION?!?! what the heeeeck u are just fantastic wooooow

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    16mil in a year...

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    I am a big fan I want to get like a Nintendo switch or something because I’m only a kid I am eight years old

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    Love it!!

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    What kind of beach is that?

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    In 1 year you get 16 mill bro your blasting

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    yo theses bars are fire

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    Cool drawing

  36. Little e

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    ZHC is just casually drawing in the background lmao

  37. Luke Dominguez

    Luke DominguezDay ago

    me in december 2020 when you have 17.6 million. Keep up the good work

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    You look so cut you are so lucky

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    Wow song and art

  40. Gianelly Ramos Valle

    Gianelly Ramos ValleDay ago

    That’s wild they hit 17 million in one year wow

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    Keep up the good work on getting millions of subscribers

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    Wait didn’t they say they were trying to get to 2 mil and that was only a year ago so in one year it went from 1 mil to 17 mil 🤯

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    Wow 1 year old when you listening this song you are legend

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    Look at ZHC a year and a half later with 17.6M subs.......

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    Just hit 1 million ! Welp you are about to hit 18 mil next soooo

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    thanks iv been drawing like a nub thanks for the help

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    Emmanuel Sinajon2 days ago

    I know how to draw a among us human version 😊

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    How his vlogs are higher views than his song😳😳

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    2020 anyone?

  53. Celly N

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    No one: The subtitles: “Hey fartist army”

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    Who’s je lol I love song

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    Rachel Manley2 days ago

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    Who is here a year later and he has 17 million. Congrats u really deserve this and you are very talented

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    Willow Downs2 days ago

    lol this was last year now ZHC has 17.6 m

  58. Mrbeast7698

    Mrbeast76982 days ago

    I know how to draw Btw (you ain't thanos)

  59. Ellie Younger

    Ellie Younger2 days ago

    How is it that all the youtubers i like have music videos

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