Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A Custom Tesla

You won't believe what car we got him!
He ended up wanting a model S instead so in one of the future videos we got him a model S instead of this model 3
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  1. Emma Pochic

    Emma Pochic2 hours ago

    Can we be friends ? 😂😂😂

  2. The G

    The G7 hours ago

    Give props to the editor which I think is ZHC

  3. Jennifer Pierce

    Jennifer Pierce9 hours ago

    6:30 does Leo know that it is electric car and that is the Trunk 😂😂😂

  4. Jennifer Pierce

    Jennifer Pierce9 hours ago

    I love how that Leo’s side is all colorful and happy and zach’s side is black and white and angry looking

  5. Jenny Celine Næss

    Jenny Celine NæssDay ago

    I can’t believe dat they did this with a marker And also check out my USlikes channel I’m an artist too

  6. Griselda Bermudez

    Griselda Bermudez3 days ago


  7. Ellie Meike

    Ellie Meike3 days ago

    His arms were shaking!

  8. Sufyan Khan

    Sufyan Khan4 days ago

    He’s gonna be takin out his Tesla keycard when he is grocery shopping😂😂

  9. tbg shlime

    tbg shlime4 days ago

    But what happens when he washes the car

  10. Asha Sharma

    Asha Sharma6 days ago

    o my god is a good car

  11. Irene Tiburcio

    Irene Tiburcio6 days ago

    I like call of duty 😀

  12. • Parallel Gacha •

    • Parallel Gacha •7 days ago

    You know what, Dex deserves a car too.

  13. Christian Balin

    Christian Balin8 days ago

    But i like your arts

  14. Joker 47

    Joker 479 days ago

    The only thing I pay attention to is his letter in the background that says ZHC is chubby

  15. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad10 days ago

    How many USlikes amazing man

  16. {•Life Chan•}

    {•Life Chan•}11 days ago

    This man has painted a car even for Jimmy, can we give him an aupplause?

  17. Mariel Felipe

    Mariel Felipe11 days ago

    Those people who is disliking they don't know art

  18. MD Anas

    MD Anas11 days ago

    MY dream car!!😭😭😭😭😩😩!!!!!

  19. Ivan Flores

    Ivan Flores13 days ago

    Ivan Flores zhc Juan Flores zhc Rene to mama

  20. Ivan Flores

    Ivan Flores13 days ago

    Ivan. Flores she

  21. Ivan Flores

    Ivan Flores13 days ago

    Ivan flores

  22. Ivan Flores

    Ivan Flores13 days ago

    Ivan Flores .

  23. Masolt

    Masolt14 days ago


  24. Callum is da Bomb

    Callum is da Bomb15 days ago

    A Tesla’s my dream carr

  25. Emilie's life

    Emilie's life16 days ago

    "Michelle drawing a heart or a smiley face on every amazing piece of art" Edit: wow this is the most likes I've ever gotten

  26. tired human

    tired human14 days ago

    @Emilie's life youre welcome???

  27. Emilie's life

    Emilie's life14 days ago

    @tired human awww ty

  28. tired human

    tired human14 days ago

    @Emilie's life major oof. put an f in the chat for this sadness. everyone should atleast get 2 likes

  29. Emilie's life

    Emilie's life14 days ago

    @tired human ik but I've never even gotten one😂

  30. tired human

    tired human15 days ago

    you.. have one?


    JESSICA HERRERA16 days ago

    here's a challenge 1,0000,0000 hours of customizing a tesla

  32. Hackergaming 767

    Hackergaming 76716 days ago

    zhc:just shade it like this very ez me:cant draw a face can only do :)

  33. Taste of Takeisha

    Taste of Takeisha17 days ago

    Awww this was so sweet

  34. Taste of Takeisha

    Taste of Takeisha17 days ago

    You definitely have to have a lot of patience for this. That was very sweet though

  35. Taste of Takeisha

    Taste of Takeisha17 days ago

    Are these water proof marker?

  36. Rohaidah Napiah

    Rohaidah Napiah18 days ago

    bro thats revenen from apex lagen

  37. Shafayet Ahmed

    Shafayet Ahmed18 days ago

    ZHC said oil leek on the red tesla

  38. StormyTheStormycloud

    StormyTheStormycloud19 days ago

    So we’re not gonna talk about how this was sponsored by twitch?

  39. Luke Guetig

    Luke Guetig22 days ago

    I was watching your USlikes videos for so long you got 17 million subscribers

  40. Marc Villegoureix

    Marc Villegoureix22 days ago

    Stop Michelle stop putting pink on every single time when people are customizing on electric stuff or whatever you're guys doing Not funny

  41. Marc Villegoureix

    Marc Villegoureix22 days ago

    You kind of cheated when Michelle came in get the beanbag and you're laying down on your tummy And Leo we're still customizing on the Tesla So technically You did not win Zach Leo won

  42. Sam Steffens

    Sam Steffens24 days ago

    I love 💖 you’re videos

  43. Jude Boakyi

    Jude Boakyi25 days ago

    I love your panting

  44. Chase Ritchey

    Chase Ritchey25 days ago

    How much would it cost for you to design my phone case for me?

  45. Legends Rising Official TCG

    Legends Rising Official TCG25 days ago

    Has he thought of the fact that not everyone wants drawings on a super expensive car

  46. The Muy Family

    The Muy Family26 days ago

    Me, i can't even draw a straight line! I could NEVER do this without messing the whole thing up!

  47. Felicja Li

    Felicja Li27 days ago

    I love you soooooooo much you're SUCH A TALENTED ARTIST and if michelle did that to me I would cry I love your patience with her.

  48. Evan Le

    Evan Le28 days ago

    should of used the T from the tesla for the t in twitch.

  49. Lachlan Whitfield

    Lachlan Whitfield28 days ago

    i saw that zhc when you where shaking the marker

  50. eli leap

    eli leap29 days ago

    you should customize a laptop next

  51. Zay

    Zay29 days ago

    I don't like Michelle

  52. Vasudha / Akshadha Singh

    Vasudha / Akshadha SinghMonth ago

    you and michelle looks so cute

  53. Naya M

    Naya MMonth ago

    Lokey nobody gives the camera man enough credit. They stay up late with them 😅😅😅

  54. Sheep Gaming

    Sheep GamingMonth ago

    6:29 teslas are electric homie



    What happens when he gets a car wash

  56. István Kalmár

    István KalmárMonth ago

    9:04 what is the song name?

  57. Krystal Cat

    Krystal CatMonth ago

    how many teslas u got XD

  58. Capoy Sulit

    Capoy SulitMonth ago

    Lol ididnt know that i can destroy my friends car with a tape and a dot. of white marker 🤣🤣

  59. dpr33470

    dpr33470Month ago

    can you please get my mom or dad a tesla because my mom has been looking and deciding what car to get and i want to surprize her with a tesla so please

  60. Johnryle Escanilla

    Johnryle EscanillaMonth ago

    Can you draw Naruto ang minato

  61. Ida Aryani

    Ida AryaniMonth ago

    Tesla wow what you test ZHC

  62. Rosi Burns

    Rosi BurnsMonth ago


  63. Emmanuel anime

    Emmanuel animeMonth ago

    To be honest I can bearly draw but I love cooking which is also Art

  64. Shay and Lennon

    Shay and LennonMonth ago

    U did revenant for apex

  65. Tenzin Woeser

    Tenzin WoeserMonth ago

    Need a laptop for my art work 😭😭😭😭😭

  66. jada S life hacks

    jada S life hacksMonth ago


  67. Wishclouds

    WishcloudsMonth ago

    11:32 🤣

  68. Alex Ruben Smith

    Alex Ruben SmithMonth ago

    I whish i were his assistant I wnt a tesla lol 😂

  69. Paul Bain

    Paul BainMonth ago

    There is this game called dark souls it’s were you have to defeat lots of monsters they say it’s the hardest game ever but it’s very easy you should play it

  70. YH H

    YH HMonth ago


  71. Team Empower Rodan & Fields

    Team Empower Rodan & FieldsMonth ago

    M. M.

  72. youngjo choi

    youngjo choiMonth ago

    I want a Tesla

  73. uncultured_swine goofer

    uncultured_swine gooferMonth ago

    at this point he really is just mr beast

  74. Moosa Shahab

    Moosa ShahabMonth ago

    Haha! U were playing nice

  75. Jethro Marco

    Jethro MarcoMonth ago

    Please pick me next time but i dont think so...🥺

  76. Wolfy Grace

    Wolfy GraceMonth ago

    Wow I have the same favourite colour as zhc

  77. MrPlayz

    MrPlayzMonth ago

    Dude Perfect Soundtrack...

  78. Ruth Kavuza

    Ruth KavuzaMonth ago

    Yes, this is a really nice trend, though. Actually doing something nice instead of just faking random stuff... Don't mind me being 7 months late by the way... I am a bored, new fan.

  79. LIL J

    LIL JMonth ago

    Mr beast money 1000000 milllion pound 2019 Mr beast 2020 10000 pound Zac 1000000 pound 2019 Zac 2020 4000000 million pound

  80. Panda Gamer

    Panda GamerMonth ago

    What are those sings

  81. Panda Gamer

    Panda GamerMonth ago

    I ment songs

  82. King Rich

    King RichMonth ago

    HI ZHC i wanted to tell you i made fan art and i want to know if you have a po box and you havent seen my text in ig my user name is jayden_13th so i hope you get to see it I LOVE YOUR VIDS.😁😁😁😊😊😍

  83. markus2ND

    markus2NDMonth ago

    6:35 there is some oil leeking LEO THIS IS A TESLA WTF

  84. Lasang Lama

    Lasang LamaMonth ago

    I am see your video and you give someone gift

  85. Lasang Lama

    Lasang LamaMonth ago

    You're very good artist

  86. Blue Jay

    Blue JayMonth ago

    11:47 (gets belt out) ‘oh it’s a Tesla it’s f-ing ok son’ no offense to his mum btw

  87. Blue Jay

    Blue JayMonth ago

    3:53 “oh wow really”

  88. Jayashree pal Biswas

    Jayashree pal BiswasMonth ago

    Do you play call of duty.

  89. Ranze Pierre

    Ranze PierreMonth ago

    Destroy subscriber’s car bro

  90. iom_996

    iom_996Month ago

    give me 100$ pls

  91. Unbeatable Gaming

    Unbeatable GamingMonth ago

    Customize a house

  92. Mohit Raj

    Mohit RajMonth ago

    Does anyone know what background music is he using when he shakes the marker

  93. Art It

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    I know that no one will see or pay attention to my comment 🥺 but if it happened and you saw it! Please help me and subscribe to my channel 🙏

  94. Jonathan Erato

    Jonathan EratoMonth ago

    His assistant's car didint even got destroyed

  95. DiamondBits

    DiamondBitsMonth ago

    he lost every challenge

  96. DiamondBits

    DiamondBitsMonth ago

    poor zach

  97. Tamara Lušić

    Tamara LušićMonth ago

    I want to have you as my friend cuz you are so cool and great and I think everyone on this world wants you as a friend ;-;

  98. maddison martin

    maddison martinMonth ago

    awesome art zhc

  99. Arian playz HD

    Arian playz HDMonth ago

    What’s the best called the one that starts at 6:37

  100. Oscar-San

    Oscar-SanMonth ago

    Hey Mr beast looks so much diffrent

  101. 13 IIIB Eri Cho

    13 IIIB Eri ChoMonth ago

    Cheat mobile Legends

  102. Aldren Arcenal

    Aldren ArcenalMonth ago

    I am hoping I could win one of those phones ZHC, I really need a new device for my online class and multi tasking. Please choose me as your lucky winner in your next giveaway. It would really mean a lot, I know you won't notice my comment but please if you do so, please make me win, I just badly need a new device.😞

  103. Unhackable Unhackable

    Unhackable UnhackableMonth ago

    Imagine his assistant taking this tesla to tesla service center and can't service their car

  104. Aswin R

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  105. suvarna praveen

    suvarna praveenMonth ago

    How do you edit the vedio its very nice

  106. Kimberly Martinez

    Kimberly MartinezMonth ago

    His mom be like I thought I gave you the good gifts.