Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New Custom Tesla

We "destroyed" my friend's car and bought him a new custom tesla!
You won't believe what car we got him!
He ended up wanting a model S instead so in one of the future videos we got him a model S instead of this model 3
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  1. dyangchicago

    dyangchicagoDay ago

    This guy is art mrbeast

  2. Farvez Vlogs

    Farvez Vlogs2 days ago

    His head look like my bathroom cleaner brush

  3. Alessandro Manalo

    Alessandro Manalo4 days ago

    your so talented

  4. Anais Hasert

    Anais Hasert5 days ago

    Can I pls get a normal nintendo switch with a sunset on it

  5. Mariel Dahuya

    Mariel Dahuya7 days ago

    Congratulations to 20 million subscribers πŸ‘πŸ”₯ keep safe o

  6. Mariel Dahuya

    Mariel Dahuya7 days ago

    Congratulations to 20 million subscribers πŸ‘πŸ”₯ keep safe U

  7. Louis Jack

    Louis Jack8 days ago


  8. Mayibongwe Pasiya

    Mayibongwe Pasiya8 days ago


  9. Amelie Naumann

    Amelie Naumann8 days ago

    ZHC you have a same

  10. Sea Bunnies

    Sea Bunnies8 days ago

    Leo won 4,000 in the video :O

  11. Χ’Χ“ΧŸ Χ Χ–Χ¨Χ™

    Χ’Χ“ΧŸ Χ Χ–Χ¨Χ™9 days ago


  12. Aabhas Nagpurkar

    Aabhas Nagpurkar14 days ago

    Zach is so poor that he can't even afford a drawing book or canvas so he bought a car

  13. Bertram Ronnow

    Bertram Ronnow15 days ago

    Hej er i dansker?

  14. Shakthivel

    Shakthivel16 days ago

    What app do you use to make that lightning effects in all your videos?

  15. Pedrinho

    Pedrinho17 days ago

    Hello ZHC, I'm better than this guy, I can work for you if you want

  16. Eianne Magdadaro

    Eianne Magdadaro19 days ago

    Im enjoy watching your vid A big fan from PH πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  17. ACCAS Net

    ACCAS Net20 days ago

    electric car❀️

  18. Ali Baba

    Ali Baba20 days ago

    your reale cool and good Artists

  19. Aaron Eischen

    Aaron Eischen22 days ago

    6:21 yeah we got some oil leaking what type of tesla has oil

  20. Nika Strode

    Nika Strode23 days ago

    maybe for a video u could custom a home for dex

  21. Buck Taveapont

    Buck Taveapont23 days ago

    I love when ZHC draw Revenant so dope

  22. R.T.A Zone

    R.T.A Zone24 days ago

    I like when he say 'mom I'm sorry but #####'

  23. Tobias Rosen

    Tobias Rosen25 days ago

    β€œI think we have some oil leaking” Me: β€œ........” Noone: Me: β€œIT’S A ELECTRIC CAR”

  24. Fuzzy Lie

    Fuzzy Lie26 days ago

    i fliping love teslas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. shermit

    shermit26 days ago


  26. kirykat

    kirykat26 days ago

    ZHC in 2025: customizing my mom

  27. Nikkiplays

    Nikkiplays27 days ago

    I bet that in 2030 Zach will make a video: Customizing the worlds largest rocket ship and sending it to space with 1 million dollars inside for future astronauts

  28. TurtleBoy Gaming2000

    TurtleBoy Gaming200028 days ago

    Zhc in 2050 be like were gonna custimize the world

  29. DIY World

    DIY World28 days ago

    Zack and his team is so hard working Keep it up guys❀️

  30. Jieyi Deng

    Jieyi Deng29 days ago

    what pens are you using to customize stuff

  31. Ruby plays

    Ruby playsMonth ago

    Zhc in 2040: in today's video we will be customizing the apple shot and a plane and maybe the earth

  32. Abha Lour

    Abha LourMonth ago

    Zhc 2040 : destroy my friends bones and surprise him with a wheel chair

  33. Aishwarya Surabathula

    Aishwarya SurabathulaMonth ago

    you guys posted this vid on my birthday!!

  34. Vaishnavi Kohad

    Vaishnavi KohadMonth ago

    In 2080 ZHC will be customising Statue of Liberty Lmao 🀣🀣🀣

  35. Xitlaly Cruz

    Xitlaly CruzMonth ago

    That cool

  36. Sophia Reichert

    Sophia ReichertMonth ago

    that was epic

  37. Richard Gutierrez

    Richard GutierrezMonth ago

    Can I put a PS4 online never out of control Demi Moore that I also love your videos CHD

  38. C4Kirby_Anna

    C4Kirby_AnnaMonth ago

    Dont worry if ZHC destroys your @#)@?. He'll give you a customized one!

  39. Ashlesha Kulkarni

    Ashlesha KulkarniMonth ago

    Breaking my friend's bone and Surprising him with a wheelchair!

  40. Kajetan Ε kaler

    Kajetan Ε kalerMonth ago

    ZHC is so lucky to have chameleon. I always wanted to have one

  41. Millie Schnieder

    Millie SchniederMonth ago

    Do they have a dog?? i be the dog😁😁😁

  42. Vihaan Patel

    Vihaan PatelMonth ago

    When your drawing and you accidentally make one spot darker when your filling something so you have to color everything else darker I lost 4000 patience

  43. Gameing Kid

    Gameing KidMonth ago

    Best part mama iam sorry what the f

  44. Jadi Smock

    Jadi SmockMonth ago

    Nice that you gave him a new car even better than his old car

  45. claire lavador

    claire lavadorMonth ago

    Wow thats fantastic😢🀯🀯😱😱😱😱

  46. the FULLER fam

    the FULLER famMonth ago

    ZHC: I just spent hours on this drawing. Michelle: so you want me to...Destroy?

  47. Ivy Buraglio

    Ivy BuraglioMonth ago

    What is that awesome music at 1:10 through 1:20 in the video?

  48. Joshua Mathew

    Joshua MathewMonth ago

    Yours and Leo's art is phenomenal I love it I wish I could be an artist like you two

  49. Lucina Lewin

    Lucina LewinMonth ago

    Bad telesa car

  50. Adiar Kaytoli

    Adiar KaytoliMonth ago

    who wants a wrap when you have ZHC

  51. Roblox-Beast

    Roblox-BeastMonth ago

    give something to leo if you havent already

  52. Lucilla Esquibel

    Lucilla EsquibelMonth ago

    Zhc in 2036. I am going to customize a hole air plane

  53. Lucilla Esquibel

    Lucilla EsquibelMonth ago

    My parents don't draw on the wall ZHC draw on a Tesla

  54. Hayden_Jones

    Hayden_JonesMonth ago

    dax: "can i have the car it look nice"

  55. Santosh Mahajan

    Santosh MahajanMonth ago

    i really like your videos bro superb work

  56. alejandra rodriguez

    alejandra rodriguezMonth ago

    Can anyone tell me the song of the montage

  57. Ahmad Saber

    Ahmad SaberMonth ago

    7020 customizing hevean 😳

  58. Badeaa salman

    Badeaa salmanMonth ago


  59. Juvy Don

    Juvy DonMonth ago

    the hero is from mlbb bruh

  60. Abby Yvonne

    Abby YvonneMonth ago

    U look like Decker with the lightning Affect

  61. Commander Rex

    Commander RexMonth ago

    Dax: can I have the car? Me: πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  62. bts army blackpink blink

    bts army blackpink blinkMonth ago

    His assistant was still using his car

  63. Deku MHA

    Deku MHAMonth ago

    Can I be his assistant? Lol

  64. Deku Midoriya

    Deku MidoriyaMonth ago

    Hi ZHC pls notice me

  65. Garett Miles

    Garett Miles2 months ago

    2050 customising the hole universe in 24 hours

  66. Nic Morrison

    Nic Morrison2 months ago

    i wonder what happened between him and leo?

  67. Fathimath Rahuma

    Fathimath Rahuma2 months ago

    I wish i was like ZHC 1:17

  68. Fathimath Rahuma

    Fathimath Rahuma2 months ago

    ZHC in 3040: i am going to mars planet just to customize it

  69. Kosovo Salihu

    Kosovo Salihu2 months ago

    Can you customize my car

  70. Star Night

    Star Night2 months ago

    vould u give me a custom airpod pro (free)?

  71. Dominiks Zvirbulis

    Dominiks Zvirbulis2 months ago

    Can you do teching lesson how to draw soo good bicause im trying to draw like you but i dosnt look enything like yours drawings

  72. millqii_bunii

    millqii_bunii2 months ago

    Take all Michelle's pink pens and hide them so she doesn't scribble all over your work unu

  73. Depresed Gieco lizard β€’1 year ago

    Depresed Gieco lizard β€’1 year ago2 months ago

    𝘑𝘏𝘊 π˜ͺ𝘯 60 𝘺𝘦𝘒𝘳𝘴: π˜‹π˜Œπ˜šπ˜›π˜™π˜–π˜ π˜π˜•π˜Ž π˜›π˜π˜Œ π˜”π˜–π˜–π˜• π˜ˆπ˜•π˜‹ π˜šπ˜œπ˜™π˜—π˜™π˜π˜šπ˜π˜•π˜Ž π˜•π˜ˆπ˜šπ˜ˆ π˜žπ˜π˜›π˜ 𝘈 π˜Šπ˜œπ˜šπ˜›π˜–π˜”π˜π˜‘π˜Œπ˜‹ π˜”π˜–π˜–π˜•

  74. Owen Doody

    Owen Doody2 months ago

    If He actually wants to destroy the car just get a sledge hammer and then destroy the car.

  75. Hi

    Hi2 months ago

    You are so good at drawing

  76. Sydney Johnston

    Sydney Johnston2 months ago

    I feel like he’s the best custom

  77. Neelam Ali

    Neelam Ali2 months ago

    Its customISE a car... no offence

  78. Bogdan Scutelnic

    Bogdan Scutelnic2 months ago

    Moi aussi j' ai un lezard.

  79. Adam Goldstein

    Adam Goldstein2 months ago

    Zhc putting water and saying he destroyed the car. Me:wow thanks, you washed it for me!

  80. John Smith

    John Smith2 months ago

    i love all ur videos :) im subscribe ❀️

  81. cool dude 7071 CooI

    cool dude 7071 CooI2 months ago

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  82. Candy

    Candy2 months ago

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    amal madrek2 months ago


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    ashraf Burhan2 months ago

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    Roxanne Crovador2 months ago

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    Christian Pritchard2 months ago

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    Raizel Grossman2 months ago

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    Angelina Twinkle MSP2 months ago

    2073: Surprising my girlfriend with a costumised planet!


    TASHFIN AHMED2 months ago

    6:27 Electric car leaks oil??!!

  90. SaltyBeachHair

    SaltyBeachHair2 months ago

    ZHC you are such a great friend actually a great person

  91. Purple grape

    Purple grape2 months ago

    6:26 Leo said oil leaking Tesla’s are electric

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    Andrzej Pieczuro2 months ago

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  93. Makaila Hegwood

    Makaila Hegwood2 months ago

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  94. JustARandomPearson lol

    JustARandomPearson lol2 months ago

    I'm doing my art assignment while i watch this, if you didn't try watching a video of ZHC's while drawing, well, i acn tell you it's pure masochism-


    THU YING YONG Moe3 months ago

    mom i'm sorry but what the (oof)

  96. pie man

    pie man3 months ago

    Everyone:wow he customised tesla Me: wow is sponsor by twitch

  97. Reuben Vinil George

    Reuben Vinil George3 months ago

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    Jamain Smith3 months ago

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    Twitch. ryzegn_3 months ago

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    Twitch. ryzegn_3 months ago

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