Spending $5,000 On Art Supplies In 15 Minutes - Challenge

Spending $5,000 In 15 Minutes - Challenge (Amazon Edition)
Mr. Beast has done videos in the Past Like : "Spending $40,000 In One Hour Challenge" So it inspired me to do a crazy video of my own where I spend $5000 in just 15 minutes!
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  1. ZHC

    ZHC2 years ago

    What would you buy with $5,000? Thanks for all the support I couldnt have done it without you guys! LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Also you may now call me asian mrbeast ;) Congrats on first comment:

  2. Maja Horvat

    Maja HorvatMonth ago


  3. Ajibike Mosuro

    Ajibike Mosuro3 months ago

    zhc please i want your world"s weirdest pencil and other art supplies too please

  4. Lego Builder

    Lego Builder6 months ago


  5. ضحى خالد

    ضحى خالد7 months ago


  6. Reynaldo Salcedo

    Reynaldo Salcedo7 months ago

    I think iwill buy that for my drawing too ilike it!

  7. Nav ruto

    Nav ruto5 days ago

    I'm hungry

  8. alex wang

    alex wang5 days ago

    If you do this challenge again you would be a little stupid!!!

  9. Tough Harley

    Tough Harley9 days ago

    I would have loved to have seen the unboxing 😐☹️

  10. Laura Martinez

    Laura Martinez13 days ago

    I'm just saying that if I could spend $5,000 on amazon I would get the cheapest, best reviewed stuff, so I could buy as many things as possible:)

  11. Joseph Lozano

    Joseph Lozano15 days ago


  12. Faatima Kim

    Faatima Kim17 days ago

    I have olny 84 comics

  13. Kookie

    Kookie17 days ago

    This called me poor in 20 different languages!!

  14. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad20 days ago


  15. oishik 1M views big people video

    oishik 1M views big people videoMonth ago

    Spend 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 rupees

  16. Margarita Perez

    Margarita PerezMonth ago

    Your like i dont cear just art i love art tooo🦄😆😘😘😘😘😘

  17. Margarita Perez

    Margarita PerezMonth ago

    Thats so much money that my famaliy can not get sooo thats cool

  18. Margarita Perez

    Margarita PerezMonth ago

    Welll i will buy eriting

  19. Paint with Passion

    Paint with PassionMonth ago

    5000 dollars

  20. Paint with Passion

    Paint with PassionMonth ago

    In just15 min

  21. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon JungkookMonth ago

    Can you give me copic markers

  22. Rishika Raman

    Rishika Raman2 months ago

    How can simple things be so expensive

  23. Hera Jaimee

    Hera Jaimee3 months ago

    I will support all your videos, even your pastsss videos. I'm gonna watch them all 😉😍

  24. Rimi Alshami

    Rimi Alshami3 months ago

    Can you please give me one tacky. ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Waiyuan teoh

    Waiyuan teoh3 months ago

    Zhc spell gouache wrong it Gucci 😂

  26. Amelias art

    Amelias art3 months ago

    Omg now you are posacas bigness costmier

  27. Sketches and hedgies

    Sketches and hedgies3 months ago

    If only I could afford this, lol

  28. Zoya Khan

    Zoya Khan3 months ago

    Chameleon sketch pens are very costly should buy them

  29. Rifatplays 100 - react me

    Rifatplays 100 - react me3 months ago

    0:56 it’s ,,...Gucci not gouache

  30. MOEs Coloring Sierra

    MOEs Coloring Sierra4 months ago


  31. MOEs Coloring Sierra

    MOEs Coloring Sierra4 months ago

    20th century fox 2004

  32. Lemonaza

    Lemonaza4 months ago

    "What is Posca pen?"

  33. Ramy Hassan

    Ramy Hassan4 months ago

    man 600 page sketchbook thats a thick im talking big thick sketchbook who cares

  34. Rifatplays 100 - react me

    Rifatplays 100 - react me4 months ago

    I was seeing the price of Copic markers it was 2000 riyals money I am what !! Na normal markers are way better

  35. Rifatplays 100 - react me

    Rifatplays 100 - react me4 months ago

    Copics markers are too expensive

  36. C-Dray Mañebo

    C-Dray Mañebo4 months ago

    notice me senpai

  37. Sanjay Medhi

    Sanjay Medhi5 months ago

    I know that you have shown this only in USlikes for veiws u will be cancelling the orders after the vedio finishes. Fraud

  38. Kuroyukihime6

    Kuroyukihime65 months ago

    Oh my.

  39. Paige Y

    Paige Y5 months ago

    Is it just me or did that sponsorship remind you of Nigahiga? 😂

  40. Massimo Cesario

    Massimo Cesario5 months ago

    I subscribed, does that mean I get copics :)

  41. hameedullah ghafori

    hameedullah ghafori5 months ago

    That's a lot of markers

  42. RMS Alt

    RMS Alt6 months ago

    3:00 can I get the tissue

  43. Xiaolin Wu

    Xiaolin Wu6 months ago


  44. xLeMoNaDe hI

    xLeMoNaDe hI6 months ago


  45. CosmicYolder24

    CosmicYolder246 months ago

    One thing 6:00 you fooled me

  46. CosmicYolder24

    CosmicYolder246 months ago

    5:02 you can also get use to Crayola drawing just don't shade too hard

  47. CosmicYolder24

    CosmicYolder246 months ago

    0:18 that's a lot of money and kinda looks like poker cards or shuffling it

  48. Samera Shamzaden

    Samera Shamzaden6 months ago

    plz ZHCcan I have a shout out plz

  49. Lal tanpuii

    Lal tanpuii6 months ago


  50. Alex Fuentes

    Alex Fuentes7 months ago

    the links to the markers?

  51. B-Dog

    B-Dog7 months ago

    Really is no one gonna talk about the disclaimer I’m cracking up

  52. Mickey Bourgeois

    Mickey Bourgeois7 months ago


  53. Mickey Bourgeois

    Mickey Bourgeois7 months ago


  54. Rin Hayami

    Rin Hayami7 months ago

    let's buy all copics marker at amazon 🙃.

  55. JL-kun Arts

    JL-kun Arts7 months ago

    can you give some?😭 i dont have money to buy i using the most cheap items in my country😭 i know this is rude by im desperate but i dont have that money to buy thinks that can help on my arts😭

  56. Deniz Al

    Deniz Al7 months ago

    Buy your book

  57. DOoM gaming

    DOoM gaming7 months ago

    And weee love you allll

  58. ezipern

    ezipern7 months ago

    Zhc: what are Posca paint pens??? Now: oh how times have changed

  59. Safouane Bahi

    Safouane Bahi7 months ago


  60. Ngoc Phuong Nguyen

    Ngoc Phuong Nguyen7 months ago

    Please do a tour to your art supplies

  61. takenote. fhia

    takenote. fhia7 months ago

    He didn't know what posca pens are before... But now, 2020, he like owns the company AHHAHA Who's watching this in April 2020?

  62. Mike Galindez

    Mike Galindez7 months ago

    Hmmmmmm...... iphone 11 pro max and air pods,i mac pro and copic markers

  63. Jessarey Garrido

    Jessarey Garrido7 months ago

    I'd probably save that $5000 for future purposes since I'll be going broke soon

  64. madwelshbiatch

    madwelshbiatch8 months ago

    K 2 is key stage 2 or 2nd grade

  65. Jake Drogin

    Jake Drogin8 months ago

    give away tons of copics

  66. berta aldaco

    berta aldaco8 months ago

    Zhc can you seend me copic makers cuase i subrsib

  67. Tim Chen

    Tim Chen8 months ago


  68. elodie walmsley

    elodie walmsley8 months ago

    hes a catfish he didnt buy any of the sfuff he would of showed us and for 93 items there arent many boxes

  69. ezipern

    ezipern8 months ago

    What I would buy: 72 copic pack A, 72 pack B, 36 copic ciao, prismacolor colored pencils 115 set, 12 staedler pencils, 3 strathmore sketchbooks, one sketchbook by moleskine, and a figure.

  70. Aisling Muffin

    Aisling Muffin8 months ago

    Wait he dropped out of school?

  71. Nero

    Nero8 months ago

    Subscribers has expensive tastes Zach: Buys a $800 lense

  72. stella’s life

    stella’s life8 months ago

    Baby Zach:what the hell is posca

  73. `KIM SOYONG`

    `KIM SOYONG`8 months ago

    do you know BTS? ?


    GAMING WORLD8 months ago

    Hiiii van ú make á vid of buying every copic marker in art store

  75. Gabriela Azanes

    Gabriela Azanes8 months ago

    buy colores pencils

  76. Yana Shalko

    Yana Shalko8 months ago

    I’d buy all the copics, chameleon markers, posca pens, paint, sketch books, muji pens, multiliners, canvases, washy tape, resin.....and more?

  77. Local Hobo

    Local Hobo8 months ago

    Now that it’s the Corona in 2020 can I have the tissues bc I’ve already subscribed

  78. Ayla Eneberg

    Ayla Eneberg8 months ago

    My bank account could never

  79. Alondra Gonzalez

    Alondra Gonzalez8 months ago

    Hi i am good rayed. Cool my best friend

  80. eBay Art shopper

    eBay Art shopper8 months ago

    T^T i wish i had money for copics all i have is ohuhu

  81. XmanPlayZ

    XmanPlayZ8 months ago

    Whats wrong with Jazza?

  82. Jaiki

    Jaiki8 months ago

    Stadler led Holder

  83. Can Aybar

    Can Aybar8 months ago

    On the side Cdon you can by 42 pack och copics for $100

  84. Boris

    Boris8 months ago

    Can I have a 72 pack of copics?

  85. ConxeptWasTaken

    ConxeptWasTaken8 months ago

    I dream of copics

  86. Sean ————————————————

    Sean ————————————————8 months ago

    randolf at 2:35

  87. Mari a

    Mari a8 months ago

    Jeffrey star's first word was Gucci

  88. Kendra Thorson

    Kendra Thorson8 months ago

    It was still

  89. s.m Alameri

    s.m Alameri8 months ago

    Your so awesome I really love your videos I really want a give a way

  90. yuhhh Meee

    yuhhh Meee8 months ago

    What is that song 4:55

  91. Penny Alksnis

    Penny Alksnis8 months ago

    ZHC: *buys coped markers for 3 hundred dollars* wow, this is a great deal! Me: *cant afford washable crayons markers* ok then...

  92. Sheila Counihan

    Sheila Counihan9 months ago

    I really liked your video zhc

  93. Notaku

    Notaku9 months ago

    he has an incredible facility to buy a fukin huion, four or three (idk) sets of 72 copic markers, 30 copic multiliners WTF I can even afford a bic pen ;-;

  94. Nicholas Flores

    Nicholas Flores9 months ago

    No unboxing?...

  95. softii_blxssxm :3

    softii_blxssxm :39 months ago

    “Posca pens what are they” 2020 zach using Posca pens so much

  96. •madsタ

    •madsタ4 months ago

    Now: only poscas

  97. It’s. Paityn

    It’s. Paityn9 months ago

    Aesthetic _Eve ikr

  98. wei huang

    wei huang9 months ago

    Can I have 1Get

  99. Bell .v

    Bell .v9 months ago

    And can you give me color pencils

  100. Bell .v

    Bell .v9 months ago

    And some paint brushes also sketchbooks or water paint book

  101. Bell .v

    Bell .v9 months ago

    Can I have some of your markers

  102. Manzo Morales

    Manzo Morales9 months ago

    Zhc:who would buy a copic for 130k? Me: :| MR BEAST

  103. CRONUS

    CRONUS9 months ago

    I wonder what Michelle I thinking right now lol him shouting 9:00 to 10:40

  104. CRONUS

    CRONUS9 months ago

    Why spend 5 thousand dollars on some art supplies you are probably not going to use just saying but if ZHC has the money he can do I guess...

  105. gameing slime

    gameing slime9 months ago

    I live in Ohio

  106. gameing slime

    gameing slime9 months ago

    Hi zch I won't to have cobrice marcr

  107. Arsl malik

    Arsl malik9 months ago


  108. bunny_wild

    bunny_wild9 months ago

    Zhc:what the hell are these pasco markers And zhc now uses those pasco markers for customizing and praises them

  109. Girish Menon

    Girish Menon9 months ago

    Could you give away some copic markers to me as I am also into art and I also followed you on Instagram and Twitter