Drawing For 100 Hours Straight Challenge | ZHC

I held the previous record of longest drawing on youtube when I drew for 10 hours straight and broke it again when I drew for 24 hours straight. Today we are going to attempt something that has never been done before
My challenges were originally inspired by mrbeast but this time I want to take it to the next level
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If you read all the way down here I LOVE YOU!
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  1. ZHC

    ZHCYear ago

    SUBSCRIBE OR...plz just subscribe.. I have no energy left... Shoutout to my fans who were on the livestream to witness the world record! Also I did end up doing 100 hours so hope you guys enjoy the vid! Congrats first comment: Chuck Cards email me for a giftcard since u are first :D

  2. Keegan Bowing

    Keegan BowingDay ago

    I’m baby u litterly baby artist

  3. Keegan Bowing

    Keegan BowingDay ago


  4. Kaitlyn Heath

    Kaitlyn Heath4 days ago

    My fav the first picture i love ur joy u give to o5her people

  5. Vang Family

    Vang Family19 days ago

    @jake pool i love your Drawing XHC

  6. Vang Family

    Vang Family19 days ago

    i did SUBSCRIBE to you hi all of youuuuuu to your Drawing a amazing cool and good i hope you are SUBSCRIBE to the video plsss and SUBSCRIBE to ZHC

  7. Undestined Artist

    Undestined Artist14 hours ago

    Hardwork pays off

  8. Kim Parr

    Kim Parr21 hour ago


  9. Lightning Cloud

    Lightning Cloud2 days ago

    My man is ADDICTED TO RED BULL, but no shoutout

  10. Mr Smile S

    Mr Smile S2 days ago

    From the tunnel I don’t know if you know that 100 hours is four weeks

  11. Chanel Arelliano

    Chanel Arelliano2 days ago

    Bad idea ZHC without sleeping HOW

  12. SARvFall x

    SARvFall x3 days ago

    ok but who was recording when he was in the bathrooms

  13. Whats not to love

    Whats not to love3 days ago

    Hi sir you do awesome work and giveaway all apple product You are my roll model Zhc is great in all USlikes channel

  14. Alexandru Stan

    Alexandru Stan3 days ago

    This is nothing for architecture students

  15. Xime Lpz

    Xime Lpz3 days ago

    Dude I would pass out honestly.

  16. Joseph Thawn

    Joseph Thawn5 days ago

    You better take a long deep sleep after the video zach

  17. Kennedy Ryder

    Kennedy Ryder5 days ago

    Stop get rest

  18. Mitchell Beckmann

    Mitchell Beckmann6 days ago

    Do a 3 hour challenge

  19. Chu Chiang

    Chu Chiang6 days ago

    how can u keep this up?!

  20. Kim Blackler

    Kim Blackler6 days ago

    Hey I'm homeless I don't I only have a tablet that's it soupley's pretty please I'm near Centennial candy

  21. mysterious maxifiy

    mysterious maxifiy7 days ago


  22. mysterious maxifiy

    mysterious maxifiy7 days ago

    Can you draw Naruto

  23. mysterious maxifiy

    mysterious maxifiy7 days ago

    You're crazy there also also

  24. Donovan animated

    Donovan animated7 days ago

    2:57 da faq bruh those back clicks are inhuman, you should go see an osteopath. take care of you're self

  25. Eshaal Zahid

    Eshaal Zahid7 days ago

    This guy is amazing 😍 🤩🤩 he does this all for us just to make our goof balls giggle 🤭 i love zhc and stay safe at home

  26. cook kids 2

    cook kids 29 days ago


  27. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad10 days ago


  28. Tara Bradley

    Tara Bradley11 days ago

    I have adhd to

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  31. Marelin Torres-Pena

    Marelin Torres-Pena12 days ago

    hi omg

  32. Tony Gomez

    Tony Gomez13 days ago

    Imagine if this vid was 100 hours long.......

  33. Retrex O

    Retrex O13 days ago

    Man ZHC I feel bad for you and I think that you shouldn't do these kind of challenges for which you have to stay up for a long time until the end. but that's good that you got some sleep in the middle

  34. Vivi 8101

    Vivi 810114 days ago

    So you’re going to draw for 4.17 days in nonstop

  35. Tina Dang

    Tina Dang15 days ago

    Poor ZHC

  36. Raphael Preval

    Raphael Preval15 days ago

    Warning Do not try this at home!!

  37. Jacob Bautista

    Jacob Bautista16 days ago

    😯 wow

  38. Cesar Gómez

    Cesar Gómez16 days ago

    🤩 wow

  39. TJ Popp

    TJ Popp16 days ago


  40. Blue

    Blue16 days ago

    Next time draw on 3am

  41. Jayme Stenger

    Jayme Stenger16 days ago

    :0 icy hot 🔥❄️

  42. Junior Pierre

    Junior Pierre16 days ago

    What you have ADHD

  43. zainudheen keepoyil

    zainudheen keepoyil16 days ago

    Imagine he didn’t record and drawing another 100 hours🥴

  44. ghost. ana

    ghost. ana16 days ago


  45. raza sultan

    raza sultan16 days ago


  46. Jaqsania Ochoa

    Jaqsania Ochoa17 days ago


  47. Jaqsania Ochoa

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  48. Jaqsania Ochoa

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  49. big hank

    big hank17 days ago


  50. Wade And Kayne Sandoval

    Wade And Kayne Sandoval17 days ago

    Zhc pls send me some of your best drawing picture pls respond its ok if you don't do it

  51. Autumn Dickerson

    Autumn Dickerson18 days ago

    OMFG I have ADHD

  52. Leo Avila

    Leo Avila19 days ago


  53. michael nelson

    michael nelson19 days ago

    That’s a longggggggggg time

  54. SHREE Gamer

    SHREE Gamer20 days ago

    All The Stars lyrics of Excel all enoughjjejejejej

  55. Abdul Kareem

    Abdul Kareem20 days ago

    Epic vedieo ZA CK

  56. Naty Fernando

    Naty Fernando20 days ago

    I love your videos

  57. Dibio Werdio

    Dibio Werdio20 days ago

    You are so good at drawing you are an inspiration to many people and you give money to homeless people you are a very good person ZHC

  58. Vanita Pertabsingh

    Vanita Pertabsingh20 days ago


  59. Linux Beresford

    Linux Beresford20 days ago

    sore for you being so tired

  60. bardia behkish

    bardia behkish21 day ago


  61. Angel Gamez

    Angel Gamez21 day ago

    I will subscribe I'm a big fan

  62. Maxplaysbest 900

    Maxplaysbest 90021 day ago

    Wow 😳

  63. shanmugam sargunam

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  64. ming li

    ming li22 days ago

    I’m so sorry for you 😐

  65. Pravin Tv

    Pravin Tv22 days ago

    Hey am I first comment

  66. Adzuira Lopez

    Adzuira Lopez22 days ago

    Love it

  67. Adzuira Lopez

    Adzuira Lopez22 days ago

    I love your work 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  68. Frank Lodeserto

    Frank Lodeserto22 days ago

    you turned a 100 hour stream into a 9 minute video good job

  69. Roblox Ninja

    Roblox Ninja22 days ago

    Hey draw me a picture cause I have to do account at school and I’m not that good

  70. Lily Bug

    Lily Bug22 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2020?... Nope just me?

  71. karen H

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  73. Renato Oliveira

    Renato Oliveira23 days ago

    A 1,000 hOutra

  74. Petalos Jardines

    Petalos Jardines23 days ago

    You did ok

  75. Swati Singh

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  76. camila bell

    camila bell24 days ago

    again in the toilet!

  77. Lida Galdavadze

    Lida Galdavadze24 days ago

    I love art and l can

  78. Khwaish Malhotra

    Khwaish Malhotra24 days ago

    Or try to make a sculpture using 3d pen

  79. Khwaish Malhotra

    Khwaish Malhotra24 days ago

    Can you make the stranger things poster in your way . plsss

  80. Khwaish Malhotra

    Khwaish Malhotra24 days ago


  81. Siti Sahirah MK

    Siti Sahirah MK24 days ago

    Rest in peace man

  82. Anh Minh

    Anh Minh25 days ago

    You are crazy but interesting

  83. Glxtch

    Glxtch25 days ago

    Yo.. This guy is Mr.Drawing jr XD or Mr drawing

  84. Abigail Nason

    Abigail Nason25 days ago

    I love your videos

  85. Maxwell Fowler

    Maxwell Fowler25 days ago


  86. Goku Black art

    Goku Black art25 days ago


  87. Paula Dott

    Paula Dott25 days ago

    You're not the only one with ADHD

  88. Devil game

    Devil game25 days ago

    You are real stupid

  89. chhanasingson

    chhanasingson26 days ago

    All the best

  90. Kurt Provez

    Kurt Provez26 days ago

    You are the best of the hole world


    MULTIPLECHOICES26 days ago

    Thank you so much for helping others You are helping change life Those who appreciate like here 👇🏻

  92. Anita Levai

    Anita Levai26 days ago

    Wow you are good at art

  93. TomatoPlayz

    TomatoPlayz27 days ago

    ZHC's old videos: has cursing ZHC's now videos: has not cursing

  94. Jefferey James

    Jefferey James27 days ago

    Tried to steer a try to get out sorry to bother you but can you teach people how to color and draw

  95. Jefferey James

    Jefferey James27 days ago

    Can you teach people how to draw and color

  96. Slashinstinct

    Slashinstinct27 days ago

    Holy I can't stand school 7 hrs ZHC out here no sleep for 4 days and half drawing straight

  97. Charlotte Jones

    Charlotte Jones27 days ago

    ZHC you should draw as meny fortnight caress in 100 hous

  98. Yuanxie Xie

    Yuanxie Xie27 days ago

    Hi zhc your going to do it

  99. Markjayson Cinco

    Markjayson Cinco28 days ago


  100. vo hanhnguyen

    vo hanhnguyen28 days ago

    I saw Dax so many times he is actually cring now

  101. Juho Ikonen

    Juho Ikonen28 days ago

    Can you du 1000h tream

  102. Kirshna Sailor

    Kirshna Sailor28 days ago


  103. Sharkman57 GD

    Sharkman57 GD28 days ago

    I think you almost died…

  104. A tribute to Stephen Heilburg. Makor of spongebob

    A tribute to Stephen Heilburg. Makor of spongebob28 days ago

    I wonder how much coffee he drank🤔

  105. nidaa Hayat

    nidaa Hayat28 days ago

    Oh god it is damm beautiful if I draw this whole year I cant even draw the hulk🤣

  106. sankeerth manjunath

    sankeerth manjunath29 days ago

    That's soooo stressful 😭...love u bro❤️